Xenomorph Egg

created by Ridley Scott.

Alien Egg
STR: 2D+1
Move: 0
Size: 1 m
Special Abilities:
Atmosphere Independent: The Adult Alien can survive underwater, or in space without danger of suffocation for an unknown period of time.

Hibernation: The eggs are known to be able to survive at least 60 years - and most likely much longer - without damage to the Face hugger inside.

Motion Sense: Eggs will hibernate until they detect activity nearby at which time the face hugger will awaken and, if prey comes close enough, the egg will open.

Pheromone Communication: Communicates primitively through the use of pheromones. These pheromones can be used to indicate the location of potential prey or hosts, emotional state, developmental stage, and hive affiliation.

"What's the point? I mean- By the time it takes to get there, they'll *know* if it's a warning or not, yes?" -Ash (from Alien)

The egg is the most vulnerable phase in the alien's development. Eggs are laid by the Queen, and are usually produced in large amounts. They standard size is between 2 and a half and 3 feet, although smaller versions are possible. The minimum gestation period of an egg from the time it's laid is unknown, given the rapid maturity of the other phases, it can be speculated that this time period is quite short. Eggs may lie dormant for years on end, and can be triggered to open in two ways. The growing "Face Hugger" inside may sense the presence of a potential host, and trigger the opening itself. Or, the Queen may trigger an
Egg to open by unknown means, possibly pheromones. At that time the egg opens by peeling open the four "lips" that cover its upper hemisphere.

It has been speculated that when isolated, an Adult Alien is capable of impregnating a captured victim with an embryo it somehow generates. This seems highly unlikely and these reports probably come from the fact that the Adult Alien will capture and cocoon potential hosts when isolated despite the absence of a Queen or eggs.