Xenomorph Facehugger

created by Ridley Scott.

Alien Face hugger
DEX: 2D+2
Hide 5D
Brawling : (grab host) 5D+2
Move: 5
Size: 1.2 m long
Special Abilities
Acid Blood: see special rules (roll grenade scatter for splatter - Damage 6D)

Atmosphere Independent: The Adult Alien can survive underwater, or in space without danger of suffocation for an unknown period of time.

Pheromone Communication: While face huggers are incapable of group effort or exchange of information, they still use pheromones to make themselves known to their own species, to ignore possible targets of their own species, and to determine if potential prey is already implanted with an embryo.

Symbiotic Link with Host: Once attached the face hugger cannot be removed without killing the host. It also pumps chemicals into the host which will effectively render it unconscious, paralyze it, and wipe its short term memories.

"Hey! I know we're all in strung out shape but stay frosty and alert. We can't afford to let one of those bastards in here." -Hicks (from Aliens)

The second phase in the growth of an Alien is commonly referred to as a "Face Hugger" due to the unique way it attaches itself to a potential host. These creatures climb or spring from an Egg when a potential host is in close proximity. Face Huggers, are small in size -approximately two feet across with a 3 feet long prehensile tail- nimble, and remarkably strong. They rely heavily on surprise to attach their victims, and spend much of their time prior to attack in hiding or in the egg.

Once a Face Hugger has located a potential host for an Alien Embryo it will spring onto that individual using its powerful tail. It then wraps its muscular tail around the victim, to prevent its escape. A small ovipositor is inserted into the host's breathing orifice, and a fertile Zygote (which will grow into an Embryo) is planted. During the next 12 to 24 hours, the Face Hugger remains attached to the victim's face or breathing orifice, supplying nutrients the host requires through a remarkable chemical-conversion process. This period serves as an "incubation" time for the Zygote to grow. Once the Embryo is nearly matured the face hugger detaches itself from the host, crawls off and dies.

Face Huggers have the same "acid-blood" characteristics as adult Aliens, and use this as a defense mechanism to attack by predators before delivering the Zygote. They are too strong to remove from a host by force, and the host becomes dependent on the face hugger for nutrients while the face hugger is attached. It is impossible to remove the face hugger without killing the host. All that can be done is to wait out the incubation process.