The History of the Ch'Doth Hunters in the Kilb-iverse

Stats created by Hyperspace Crossroads and the rest by Keith A. Kilburn.

Imperial records unearthed in an Imperial storage stronghold on Spater-3 have brought to light how the Emperor came to find the Ch'Doth (or the Yautja as some have some to call them) hunters. It seems that Grand Admiral Thrawn encountered them during his forays into the unknown territories of the universe. During this encounter Thrawn's landing party was decimated in their initial encounter with the race. Thrawn next sent Storm Commandos to deal with the unknown race and found that they fared no better than the landing party, if anything, things went from bad to worse.

The Emperor, hearing reports of troop failure, dispatched Lord Vader to oversee the situation and when Darth Vader arrived he took charge and personally went planet side to deal with these aliens much in the same way he did the Noghri. What was said to the Ch'doth to tame them isn't known as the official documentation ends there.

What has been speculated is that Lord Vader somehow cowed the race or at least appeased them with his skill as a warrior before giving them the ultimate prey to hunt.

The Jedi.

There are rumors that during the purge and the years that followed that those Jedi that survived were hunted by a group of mysterious assassins that appeared and disappeared as though they were shadows in the night. There seems to be some credence to these rumors as the few encounters with the Ch'Doth by the Mutt Squad have left the none Jedi party members virtually unharmed. The Ch'Doth have an unerring ability to 'sense' a force user and are immediately drawn to deal with them in the harshest manner possible. Whether this is some latent force talent or some manipulation by Darth Vader and the Emperor isn't known.

The first encounter the Mutt Squad had with the Ch'Doth took place shortly after the Battle of Hoth and took place on the backwater planet of Niealce, they were dispatched there by the Rebellion alliance to determine if the planet might be suitable for a possible base location. What they discovered was a group of natives whose hunting parties had begun to disappear from hunts they had left to go and never returned. The group ventured out into the jungle in an attempt to find the missing hunting parties and quickly ran afoul of the Ch'Doth. Stromgald Caballa and J.S. Boggins barely escaped with their lives before finally tracking the wounded creature back to it's vessel. Kryzah struck the creature down before it could use some sort of wrist mounted self-destruction device. Other hunters appeared and gave the mighty Wookie the Ch'doth's sword before taking their brother and disappearing with him back to wherever they came from.

The next encounter with them came almost eight years later when Otas Sands, Kam Solusar and J.S. Boggins were dispatched to one of Kashyyyk's moons to investigate strange happening there. As it turned out the Ch'Doth were hunting Wookies and the Mutt Squad wandered right into the middle of it. The encounter ended with both Kam Solusar and the Ch'Doth hunters dead.

The next encounter came fifteen years later during Kae' Caballa's trial to become a Jedi Knight. The Ch'doth, working with Darth Bane invaded the planet Thermyscria-2 to hunt the warriors there. The plan was actually two fold, Darth Bane would rid himself of the Thermyscrians and through their pain he would draw his nephew into a confrontation. The plan nearly fell apart when it was J.S. Boggins that was sent to deal with the invasion of Thermyscria-2 and he failed to show up to even deal with the situation. It took the combined power of both Boggins and Kae' to bring the conflict to an end and confront the evil that was behind the matter. When the battle was finally over Darth Bane and his apprentice were both killed and the Ch'Doth were routed off planet.

The last known encounter with the Ch'Doth came on the backwater planet Earth and resulted in Ash becoming a member of their hunting party before they departed from the conflict altogether. What happen to the Ch'Doth once the wormhole to that region of space closed isn't known.