Ch'Doth Hunters

created by John McTiernan.

Predator/Star Wars: Hunter

Character Type: Hunter

Shoulder Cannon
Twin Retractable Wrist Blades (STR+2, Difficulty 5)
Light Body Armor (+2 Physical / +1 Energy)
Wrist Mini Computer
Two Other Weapons of Choice (Combi Stick, Smart Disk, Net Launcher, Dart

Special Abilities:
Infrared Vision:
Predators see in the infrared portion of the spectrum, seeing the heat generated by the prey and their surroundings. This allows them to see without penalties in the dark, and in light smoke or haze, and gives a +2 to PER rolls in certain situations.

Heat Preference:
Predators are native to a very warm planet, and are only found in areas with similar heat. They suffer a -1D STR penalty when operating in areas of intense cold.

Climbing Claws:
Predators have short claws on each digit to aid in climbing. They add a +1D to Climbing, but are not suitable for combat.

Story Factors:
Predators cannot speak Basic, though with practice they can imitate various phrases. They communicate by a series of clicks and growls.

Honor of the Hunt:
Predators are committed to the hunt, and follow a special code when killing prey and taking trophies. They will not kill prey that is not able to defend itself with either weaponry or special abilities, and they will not knowingly kill pregnant females. They only take trophies from prey they feel has been worth the effort. The type of trophy varies between Predators and kills, they may skin their prey, take skulls and spinal columns, or even the prey's weaponry.

Secrecy of the Hunt:
Predators know that the hunt depends on secrecy. Rather than be captured or killed a Predator will trigger the destruct device in its wrist computer, detonating a small tactical nuclear device and destroying all trace of the Predator.

Move: 10

Your people have existed on the fringe of Galactic Civilization since you achieved Faster-Than-Light travel. You hunt for trophies and status. The prey isn't even aware they're being hunted. If they were, they would strike back, not at you - at your people. If necessary, you are ready to destroy yourself rather than be captured, dead or alive.You're goal is to rack up as many trophies as possible. Trophies are a sign of status among your people. It is the only way to attain status and prove your worth.

Personality: Persistent and deadly, but always honorable to the hunt.

Quote: "click ick, ick click click!"

Suggested Skills:
Blaster: Shoulder Cannon
Brawling Parry
Melee Combat
Melee Parry
First Aid