The OCW has a long and varied history and dates back to 2007. However, those are “real world” years. In the realm of Imaginary Wrestling the OCW has only been in existence for about 2-3 months. However, as anyone can tell you who watches real pro wrestling, a LOT can happen in 2-3 months. This is why I created the OCW Recap page. Here you will find summaries of every Monday Night Meltdown, PPV or other significant show that gets put on. This way, instead of spending an entire day reading through previous show results you can come here and be caught up in about 15-20 minutes. This should be a significant help to those newcomers just joining us and also for those old timers who have been around but maybe forgot a few things or needed a refresher course.
The recap page will be updated after each show or PPV and kept current. As always I encourage people to read the actual shows at their leisure because a lot of time and work on many peoples part went into creating the action and excitement of the OCW. However, I understand many people want to jump right in and get started and that is where the usefulness of this page becomes apparent.
Not every match is listed in the following recaps. Instead, only the important matches and events surrounding major angles and storylines are outlined here as well as title changes. If something catches your eye and you would like to learn more about the event in question you can, of course, refer to the original write ups. Enjoy.

Short OCW History:

The OCW (Outlaw Championship Wrestling) Was begun by Texas billionaire David Diamond in an effort to get back to the popoular roots of wrestling he loved watching throughout the 80’s and early 90’s. In doing so he recruited some of the finest talent he could afford, bringing them to the river city of Lousiville, Kentucky to compete in his new wrestling organization, Outlaw Championship Wrestling.

Event: Dawn of Champions

The first event to be held was the “Dawn of Champions”, a PPV held to determine the new OCW World and Tag Team Champions. The Tag Belts were won in a tournament by “The OG” the “gangsta” team of Loball and Smooth T when they defeated the team of the Horsemen 2k7, cousins Ax and Olsen Alexader, thanks to some interference by The British Bluebloods, a team The Horsemen faced earlier in the evening. Also in the Tag Tournament, The team of the Hellcats brutalized the team of Toxic Shock and sent them to the hospital. The World Title belt was decided in an over the top rope elimination Battle Royal when “Crippler” Brett Steele used trickery to outlast all others (by hiding under the ring) and eliminating “Thor” to become the first ever OCW World Champion. This took us to the new Monday Night show OCW’s Monday Night Meltdown!

Event: MNM Week 1:

After the Dawn of Champions PPV, a tournament was held on the OCW flagship program to determine a new OCW TV Champion. The last twelve competitors in the previous night’s battle royal were entered in the tournament and the action was called by “Scooter” Sparks and veteran masked grappler Corporal Punishment. In addition to the tournament, notable matches saw insane stripper Margharita begin a feud with Henry “The Hobbit” Baggins and a rematch between The Bluebloods and the other Horsemen 2k7, Sully Blackburn and Dic Blair. In addition, Headhunter had a vicious match with King Cut that ended with Cut nailing Headhunter with a baseball bat. The tournament ended with Thor defeating Gladiator (One half of the tag team “The Awesome Ones” and taking the TV Title. Crippler Bret Steele also defended his new belt by handily defeating Dic Blair of the Horsemen 2k7.

Margharita beating down Henry “Hobbit” Baggins

The Hellcats assasulting Mentalo

Headhunter almost decaptiating King Cut

New TV Champion Thor

New OCW World Champion Crippler Bret Steele

Event: MNM Week 2:

Lil’ Tokyo faced the Ninja, a grappler brought in to substitute for Silver Dragon (one half of the Super Dragons). Lil’ Tokyo won when she almost broke The Ninja’s ankle and Silver Dragon interfered. The Super Dragons, under orders from David Diamond went on to compete for the Tag Titles and won them from the OG. After a match with the Awesome Ones Mr.Lucifer, manager of the Hellcats announced two new acquisitions to his “Army of Darkness” – Toxic Shock! Marghariata recruited Miss Bling in her battle with Hobbit Baggins. Mentalo, brutalized the previous week by Razor Girl in the TV Tournament returned and announced he would assist Hobbit Baggins in getting a measure of revenge against Margharita and Bling. “Crippler” Bret Steele once again successfully defended his World Title against TV Champion and #1 contender Thor. In a revenge match The Bluebloods and their new partners “The Allies”- Primetime Landon Murphy and Sergei Khrushchev went head to head with The Horsemen 2k7, Blair, Blackburn and the Alexanders in a Bunkhouse Brawl that ended with JD Dixon, The Horsemen’s manager, helping them get the win while also abducting Lady Jayne, The Bluebloods manager.

Lil’ Tokyo with a kick on The Ninja

New Tag Champs The Super Dragons

Miss Bling & Marghartia in the interview area with CP

The Army of Darkness

Another Baggins beatdown

The Allies & Edward Rochester on the way to the Bunkhouse Brawl

EVENT: MNM Week 3:

The Horesemen show up with Lady Jayne in tow. The Spartan faced off against The Executioner and won by submission. Afterwards another masked man dressed similar to The Excutioner arrived and both beat down Spartan. Lil Tokyo confronted David Diamond and demanded satisfaction with the Silver Dragon situation. Her ally, Yojimbo then showed up…limping. Diamond booked both in a match against The Awesome Ones. Lil Tokyo and Yokimbo won the match but The Ninja interefered and was revealed to be Silver Dragon. In the ensuing confusion Lil Tokyo was blinded and put her ankle lock on Yojimbo. In the Baggins/Mentalo-Margharita/Bling feud Baggins and Mentalo took the victory in their tag match even after Margharita tried to bribe the ref with her sex. Headhunter’s brother Kai, a tall red haired monster of a wrestler arrived in the OCW to help his little brother in his battles with King Cut, citing that headhunter was bringing shame on the family. In the following match Cut won by DQ when Headhunter went to hit him with a bat and nailed the ref. Crippler Bret Steele again successfully defended the OCW World title in a match against Razor Girl of the Hellcats when Buck Leeds, a midcard jobber, on orders from the Horsemen 2k7 interfered and took out Razor Girl (He was promisd a spot in the Horsemen who were viewing the Army of Darkness as a viable threat). The Allies/Bluebloods-Horsemen 2k7 feud reached a pitch when Primetime Murphy lost to Olsen Alexander in an Ambulance Match. As the ambulance pulled off it was revelaed British Blueblood Edward Rochester was driving the ambulance and they had abducted Horsemen manager JD Dixon!

Lady Jayne abducted!

The Hangmen beatdown The Spartan

Lil Tokyo demanding satisfaction

Brotherly love- Headhunter & Kai

Razor Girl vs Bret Steele

Primetime Murphy vs Olsen Alexander in an Ambulance Match

Event: MNM Week 4:

The Executioner and his new partner “Noose” reveal their new tag team- “The Hangmen!” Lil Tokyo announces she is in need of a partner she can trust in her battle against the Super Dragons and feels Yojimbo is untrustworthy. New grappler Roland Hard arrives and they have a match for her to determine if he is worthy to be her partner. Tokyo wins and both show mutual respect. Diamond books the Bluebloods/Allies and Horsemen 2k7 in a triple tier steel cage to settle their differences once and for all when the Horsemen annoucne they are leaving the OCW and “heading north” for more money and the British Bluebloods were being deported back to Britain due to a mix up with their paperwork. Margharita steps up the Baggins feud by coercing Baggin’s mother to give her his wrestling trophies and family valuables, then proceeds to shoot everything up. Baggins confronts Diamond about it who promptly tells Baggins he’s a ratings killer and he’s got one more match to get his revenge against Margharita, because afterwards he was being given his release from the OCW. The match ends with Margharita winning via countout thanks to help from Miss Bling. Thor defended his TV title against Razor Girl who won by DQ, allowing Thor to retain the title. Headhunter and King Cut fought again with Headhunter taking a fireball to the face and having to be carted out. In the Tower of Revenge Triple Cage match The British Bluebloods, The Allies & The Spartan faced off against The Horsemen 2k7 and Buck Leeds. The match ended with the Horsemen victorious and Primetime taking some facial damage and The Spartan being thrown from the top of the Tower and crashing through a timekeepers table.

Tower of Revenge promo poster

Event:MNM Week 5:

This four hour extravanagza kikced off with Dusty Diamond, David Diamond’s daughter arriving and taking over the OCW for her father who had left on an extended vacation and not returned. She laid it on the line that she was there to turn a profit and cut costs-and jobs- if need be. She demonstrates this by cutting loose the Awesome Ones and announces Thor left and the TV Title is vacant. The newest addition to the broadcast team, Jackie Midnight, took over interviewing duties. The announcers delivered sad news that Headhunter perished when his ambulance crashed into a tree and exploded into flames last week. The results from the Tower of Revenge match was that Primetime had to wear a protective mask and The Spartan was out with injuries. The TV Title Tournament kicks off with a match between the former “King Cut” Damien Genesis going up against Headhunter’s brother, Kai. Lil Tokyo faced off against Yojimbo who showed his true colors and tried to hurt Lil Tokyo. Margharita and Bling faced off but Margharita jumped Bling before the match and powerbombed her on the concrete, sending her to the hospital. A new wrestler called “Blood Rage” debuted, but lost to Roland Hard in the tournament. “Big Daddy” Ewing arrived in the OCW announcing his stable “Big Oil” that includes The Hangmen and a new grappler “The Outlaw” Bobby Jack Casey. Kai had a ceremony for his deceased brother and explained there was nothing left to bury of his brother. He had an urn that began to emit a green fog and a hollow laugh was heard throughout the OCW Arena. The Hellcats won the OCW Tag Titles from the Super Dragons. A woman showed up and criticized The Hellcats for attacking Corporal Punishment the previous week during an interview. We learn this is his daughter Major Punishment who challenges the Hellcats to a match next week. In the TV Tournament finale, Lil’ Tokyo who fought all the way through defeated Roland Hard for the belt, but after the match a masked woman showed up and attacked Lil’ Tokyo, beating her with her own belt. Yojimbo allied with the Super Dragons and the masked woman who we found out was called “Crimson Mask” to form the stable “Black Sun”.

Margharita powerbombs Miss Bling

Roland Hard vs Blood Rage

Big Oil

Interview with the Champ

New tag Champs The Hellcats

Lil' Tokyo brutalized by Black Sun (The Super Dragons, Yojimbo and Crimson Mask)

Event: MNM Week 6

Week 6 saw several changes, including the show moving to the new OCW Arena- a run down warehouse in the west end of Louisville due to budget cuts. In addition, Dusty hired some out of work luchadores to work security (known as Los Security). Strucka of the Awesome Ones convinced Dusty to give him a chance, she did and booked him in a “Contract on a chain” match against Smashin’ Taz. Strucka won and Taz was forced to leave the OCW. David Diamond resurfaced by way of phone call to Dusty, claiming to be in Bora Bora and that he was having nightmares. After the break Scooter Sparks, the announcer also complained of having nightmares. Roland Hard, Kai and Blood Rage had a match that saw the beginings of a brutal feud between Kai and Blood Rage. Crippler Bret Steele who thought he had the night off was told he would face Lil’ Tokyo at the next PPV but that he had a match tonight against Damien Genesis. Yojimbo and Mentalo had a match that saw Lil Tokyo help her new friend Mentalo take the win against the leader of Black Sun. Two new teams, Hass Machina and The Blue Unicorns faced off with Hass Machina winning. Steele won his World Title match against Damien Genesis. Corporal Punishment’s daughter, Major Punishment went against Barb Wire of the Hellcats. The match ended as many of the Hellcats matches do, with them attemtping to take Major Punishment out of the wrestling business. CP raced to the ring to help his daughter and challenged the Hellcats at the upcoming Resurrection PPV to a tag team match with he and his daughter.

The New OCW Arena

Champ vs Champ

Event: Resurrection PPV:

We begin OCW’s second PPV with Margharita claiming to Dusty she deserves to be in the title hunt due to some impressive victories she had been accumulating. Dusty books her in a return “falls count anywhere” match with Spartan, but because only two people speak Spanish in the OCW but Margharita, she was able to convince Los Security to interfere and they beat Spartan down sending him back onto the injured list. The Narcoleptic Assassin made his debut and took a nap in the ring. Tobais Jorum, a white bread vanilla wrestler repackaged himself as “TJ Danger” an extreme high flyer to keep his job and prove his worth to Dusty. The Balck Widows debuted along with The Live Wires and Trailer Park Stevens teamed with his wife Sally Mae as all took part in a Tag Team Battle Royal. Before the battle royal the Hangmen were attacked by a new team, “The Union Jacks” who bore a striking physcial resemblence to The British Bluebloods (but The Jacks wear masks and are managed by a punker named Black Alice). The Union Jacks went on to win the battle royal and $10,000. A helmeted figure showed up and began a reign of torment over TJ Danger. Two new wrestlers went head to head, “Angel” a white bodysuit-clad masked wrestler fighting the “good fight” faced off against “Sickbag” a demented grappler with Angel taking the win via DQ. Mentalo won a triple threat match with Roland Hard and Primetime Muprhy to battle for the TV Title. Kai defeated Blood Rage in an Inferno Match but both suffered when Blood Rage charged the ring while on fire and bearhugged Kai. Firefighters put them both out but when the smoke cleared (literally) Blood Rage had disappeared. Lil Tokyo defeated Crippler Bret Steele to win the OCW World Title via submission. In the co-main event Corporal & Major Punishment went up against the Hellcats. The Hellcats won when they locked Major in the “Devils Toybox” a cage they are brought to the ring in and brutalized Corporal Punishment in the ring. Major could do nothing but sit by and watch as her father was destroyed in the ring.

Tag Team Battle Royal pre-match interview with The Live Wires, Black Widows and The Stevens'

Angel arrives

Corporal Punishment dealing out some punishment on Razor Girl of The Hellcats

Lil' Tokyo vs Bret Steele for the World Title

Steele with a Dragon Suplex on Lil' Tokyo

Lil' Tokyo victorious

Event: MNM Week 7:

The night following the PPV, Steele is in the ring and takes exception to Mentalo throwing him back in the ring in last nights title match. Corporal Punishment, after being hospitalized was replaced at the commentating table by Trailer Park Stevens. Angel continued her winning ways while Kai went against newcomer John Crazyhorse and won by DQ when Blood Rage intereferd. Kai beat down Blood Rage and unmasked him to reveal- Buck Leeds. We learn Narcoleptic Assassin was the son of a friend of David Diamonds and has an iron clad contract to compete- a contract David Diamond lost in a poker game a while back. In a “Best of Three Falls” match, the Hangmen lost to the OCW World Tag Team Champions The Hellcats when Anarchy of the Union Jacks intereferd and cost The Hangmen the titles. Primetime and Sergei(The Allies) keep up with some singles matches giving rise to specualtion there is a rift between them. Primetime takes on The Outlaw Bobby Jack Casey and wins via DQ when Casey refused to break a submission hold when Primetime reached the ropes. Sergei was slow in making the save however. Lil Tokyo challenges Crimson Mask to a non-title Bushido match which she wins, continuing her undefeated streak. Buck Leeds, in fear for his life, reveals to Jackie Midnight he was paid to dress up like Blood Rage for a case of beer. In a match to determine the new TV Championship, vacated when Lil Tokyo won the World Title, Mentalo defeated Crippler Bret Steele. During an interview at the end of the show, Primetime Murphy turns on his tag partner Sergei Khrushchev and along with the Union Jacks (Anarchy and Revolution) , beat down the big Russian and leave him bloodied in the ring.

Cover to The OCW Insider Magazine

Event: MNM Week 8:

We begin week 8’s Monday Night Meltdown with former OCW World Champ Crippler Bret Steele arriving at the arena. He is ridiculed by Buck Leeds, Strucka and Damien Genesis for his pair of back-to-back losses. He challeneges them all to a gauntlet match. Scooter Sparks continues to complain of nightmares involving the helmeted figure. The Black Widows continue to rack up victories, proving to be real contenders. This week they defeated Hass Machina. Narcoleptic Assassin contnued his sleeping/losing ways with a defeat by Crimson Mask. Big Daddy Ewing and Big Oil complain to Dusty Diamond that the Union Jacks are really The British Bluebloods under hoods but they have no proof. They request a “Hangman’s Noose” match at the next Monday Night Meltdown Halloween Special. Dusty also books them in a non-title triple threat tag match with the Union Jacks and The Hellcats in tonights show. In the back the Hellcats beat down the Union Jacks. We cut away to a pretaped segment where Jackie Midnight tracks down Major Punishment who was visting Sergei Khrushchev in the hospital leading to speculation of a possible “New Alliance”. Lil Tokyo grants Mentalo a title match at the next Monday Night Meltdown Halloween special as he is now the #1 contender. Angel battles newcomer Constrictor but Marghartia shows up mid-match and, threatened by Angel’s perfect winning streak offers a bounty for anyone who can take out Angel. Constrictor almost breaks Angels’ leg trying to collect but Angel comes back and scores the victory. Primetime promises and interview to explain his attack on his partner from last week but literally says nothing and leaves the crowd angered. Crippler Bret Steele defeats Strucka, Leeds and Genesis in his gauntlet match. Lil Tokyo tries to get revenge on The Super Dragons when she and Mentalo take them on in a tag amtch. They win via DQ but Crimson Mask shows up and takes shears to Lil’ Tokyos long hair and cuts it off! In an interview with Jackie Midnight, Dusty reveals at the next Monday Night Meltdown Halloween Special the following matches will occur: Tokyo vs Mentalo for the OCW World Title. A non-title Heaven & Hell match between the Hellcats and Angel and a mystery partner. A Hangmans Noose match between Big Oil (Hangmen/Casey) and Primetime Murphy and The Union Jacks. A Morgue Match between Kai, Blood Rage and Sickbag. And finally they will announce details concerning the upcoming PPV. In the triple threat tag match the Hellcats once again showed their dominance of the tag division by beating the Union Jacks and The Hangmen. And finally, in a match booked by Dusty, TJ Danger and Kai went head to head in a cage. The match ended when Blood Rage appeared from beenath the ring dressed as a crew member and threw Kai off of the top of the cage to the timekeepers table below (getting him the win and likely many stitches). At the entrance to the arena the helmeted figure appeard and had a stare down with Blood Rage who was left standing in the ring.

Angel vs Constrictor

Angel mid-huricanrana

Kai climbing towards victory

Event: MNM Halloween Special:

We open showing the events of the previous week. In our first match, Narcoleptic Assassin surprised TJ Danger with a win, defeating the "Extreme Warrior". Our second match was a 4-tag team battle royal in a cage! The Black Widows took the win when Fang sacrificed herself by jumping from the top of the cage. The third match saw Genesis and Strucka going at it, and ended when Primetime Murphy's group jumped Genesis, disqualifying Strucka and giving Damien the win.
The next match saw Bret Steele defeat Roland Hard in a casket match. Afterwards, Kai entered the ring and Dusty confronted him and revealed the masked man to be someone TJ Danger hired to ensure his continued employment.
Dusty premiered a new tag team on load from Sakai All Pro Japanese Wrestling, Yin & Yang. They then defeated the Super Dragons when Silver Dragon sprayed green mist in Yin's eyes.
Margharita defeated Spartan when Miss Bling made her return and powerbombed Margharita.
In the Heaven and Hell Match The Hellcats won when Angel turned on her partner, Major Punishment and slung her into the flames. SHe then joined the Army of Darkness.
In the Hangman's Noose Match Primetime Murphy and the Union Jacks defeated Big Oil, but not before Black Alice was piledriven into the concrete by Big OIl's newest acquisition, "Wildcard" Vic Hoyle.
In the World TItle Match Mentalo defeated Lil' Tokyo and took the title when Crimson Mask interfered and laid out Lil' Tokyo, costing her the title.
In teh Morgue Match it appeared Kai had it won, but when he went to exit the morgue a massive man attacked him, drug him back inside and locked him in a body cooler, also saving Blood Rage and dragging him outside, giving Blood Rage the win.