Axel Alexander

Barb Wire

Bret Steele

Buck Leeeds



Edward Rochester

Dic Blair

The Executioner

The Gladiator

Head Hunter

Hobbit Baggins

King Cut

Lil' Tokyo




Miss Bling

Olsen Alexander

Phillip Southwell

Primetime Murphy

Razor Girl

Red Dragon

Sergei Khrushchev

Silver Dragon

Smashin' Taz

Smooth T

The Spartan


Sully Blackburn


Tobias Jorum

Trailerpark Stevens

Yojimbo Matsahura

Here we are folks, the Dawn of Champions! Tonight, in this very ring a new OCW Champion will be crowned! The OCW superstars make their way into the ring…there is some jawing back and forth amongst the stars, but everyone follows the time honored tradition of not attacking until the bell rings. Uh oh, Buck Leeds has grabbed the mike form the ringside announcer. Looks like he has something to say.

Buck Leeds: “Look Jabronis! I know some of you have come from far and wide to get your tail kicked by Big Buck, so, I’m offering you all a ultimatum: Turn around, right now, and toss yourselves over that top rope, before I reach down in my trunks and pull out the second biggest item I keep there- a can of whip ass!”

The bell sounds and Mentalo, still bandaged about his head from Leeds attack earlier in the evening, hits a dropkick on Leeds and sends him over the top rope! Leeds is the first eliminated!

Eliminated at 00:00:03

Woah, bad shakes for Leeds, who’s on the ground now, cursing up a storm and gesturing at Mentalo. Looks like he’s refusing to leave ringside. Tobias Jorum, who is leaning over the ropes and making fun of the retreating Leeds, is easy pickings for Head Hunter, who comes down across his back and tosses him over the top rope.

Eliminated at 00:00:42

It’s a free for all in the ring! There are no allies here, as everyone is going after everyone else. Obviously some teams are sticking together. The Horsemen 2K7 are back to back, stomping the dog out of anyone who gets near, including the Bluebloods who make a beeline right for them. The Hellcats, Barb Wire and Razor Girl are lighting into the competition with reckless abandon. They aren’t so much trying to eliminate people as just hurt them. The monstrous Thor is screaming at the top of his lungs and throwing flying shoulder blocks into anyone who comes near. It’s total chaos! Tied up in the ropes are Miss Bling and Strucka. He’s almost got her over, both are leaning far over the top…here comes Barb Wire! With no regard for her own safety or preservation she throws herself, via a flying cross-body block, at Bling and Strucka, striking them, and all three go to the outside!! That was INSANE!

Eliminated at 00:04:22

Back in the ring, Toxic Shock are double teaming Hobbit Baggins, bloodying the poor little fellow, but he’s still fighting! What spirit! Primetime Landon Murphy is up on the second turnbuckle, and it looks like he’s going to get tossed by the Executioner…but no! He’s back in the ring, and begins unloading on the veteran with a series of right fists. King Cut and Headhunter are teaming up now…looks like they are working over The OG…Loball is busted open…Crimson Mask! Look out Baggins has gone all aggro! He’s screaming and has thrown the strap down on his wee forest green singlet! He’s eliminated Creeper!

Eliminated at 00:06:12

The Horsemen’s strategy couldn’t last forever, and now the face’s are teaming up on them. Gladiator, The Spartan, Mentalo and Lil’ Tokyo and Yojimbo, led by the Bluebloods are hitting them hard. Looks like Blair and Ax Alexander are taking the brunt of the punishment. There goes Sully Blackburn courtesy of a Lil’ Tokyo spin kick!

Eliminated at 00:08:30

Smashin’ Taz is going to work on Primetime Murphy…but here comes Sergei Khruschev! The big Russian goes across Taz’s shoulders with a double axe handle and drags him over to the ropes…but can’t quite get him over. Margharita, the crazy stripper, has laid back, taking everything in, and is now going tooth and nail with the Hobbit Baggins, who is a mess right now, but the crowd is cheering him on! She’s got a spur out! She’s going across his forehead with a boot spur! Oh my stars what carnage! The poor little fella's face looks like raw hamburger now. Crippler Brett Steele is going at it with Mentalo, looks like he’s grinding his boot against the luchadore’s throat…and now hes taken to stomping him like an anthill. Trailer Park Stevens is up on the turnbuckle, he’s going for a high maneuver…NO! Smooth-T of the OG just pushed him off and out onto the floor! Stevens is gone!

Eliminated at 00:11:41

Ah, the alliance between King Cut and Head Hunter appears short lived. Both are going at it now, tooth and nail, exchanging forearms and closed fist punches! The Super Dragons and the Horsemen are going at it, while Lil Tokyo and Yojimbo are working over the Executioner. Mentalo hits a fling dropkick on Steele! He’s eliminated Stee…No! The shrewd grappler manages to go between the ropes and to the outside…Steele’s still in it folks…he didn’t go over the top.
Edward Rochester of the Bluebloods is exchanging fisticuffs with Margharita now, and both are tied up ion the corner, seems his gentlemanly charm has worn thin as he's going all out to hurt the sassy mexican! Hobbit Baggins has crawled into a corner and is wiping the blood from his eyes. King Cut and Head Hunter are both on the ropes, and here comes Crypt of Toxic Shock to help out! King Cut and Head Hunter are certainly the bigger threats here, and now Phillip Southwell of the Bluebloods has joined in in trying to get the two big men eliminated! No playing favorites here folks! It’s all about survival and these grapplers know eliminating King Cut and Head Hunter would increase their odds of surviv- there they go! The whole group just went over! King Cut, Head Hunter and Crypt are out!

Eliminated at 00:16:02

Southwell turns in time to receive a shoulder block from Smooth T, the rapper-wrestler lands several roundhouse rights, but Southwell headbutts him over the ropes! Smooth T is gone!

Eliminated at 00:17:42

Southwell’s celebration is short lived however, as Executioner grabs the high flyer in a airplane spin and slings him out onto the floor!

Eliminated at 00:19:06

The Red Dragons are working over Gladiator in the corner- he’s receiving the bad end of several karate kicks to the chest from Red Dragon while Silver is chopping him across the back of the neck! Lil Tokyo tries to come to his aid but Dic Blair is having none of that, and dropkicks Lil’ Tokyo across the ring! Ax Alexander and his cousin Olsen are double teaming Primetime Murphy while his ally, Sergei Khrushcev, the Siberian Barrage has his hands full with Razor Girl, who's straddling the big Russian and gnawing at his forehead like a piece of raw meat. Her sharpened teeth are really doing some damage and the Russian appears blinded by his won blood. Margharita, whose been working over Baggins has him in the corner, shes backing up, measuring him, she’s running, looking to deliver a flaying shoulder block…but no! Baggins grabs her and she goes over the top!

Eliminated at 00:23:14

Yojimbo Matsahura is tied up with the Executioner, while Gladiator and Spartan are going toe to toe with the Super Dragons. Smashin’ Taz and Lil’ Tokyo are exchanging slaps, but he counters with a headbutt, sending the young girl to the mat grabbing her forehead! Blair and the Alexander’s aren’t being choosy, and are hitting whoever gets close. Looks like Hobbit Baggins is the unfortunate soul, and the Alexanders lift the poor bloodied little fellow like a sack of grain and over the top he goes!
Oh no! Magharita has been waiting at the entrance to the ramp, and as soon as Baggins hits the ground, she’s on him like white on rice…pounding him mercilessly! The poor little fellow can’t even stand someone get a stretcher! Finally, security pulls the mad Mexican off of the little brawler and we get him some medical attention. He’s a mess. That was inhuman.

Eliminated at 00:26:18

Back in the ring, The Spartan is waging a war with Smashin’ Taz while Yojimbo tries to pick up his young protégé, lil Tokyo, from the mat. She seems dazed from the Taz headbutt. Mentalo and Primetime Murphy are going tooth and nail with the Horsemen, with Ax Alexander smashing their heads tighter like ripe melons. Ow! The Executioner is on Gladiator, beating him, hammering...but wait! The Gladiator is getting his second wind! He’s pumping his fist! The crowd is behind him! He grabs the Executioner, puts his head into the turnbuckle 1…2…3…4…5 times! The last time he sends the Executioner over the top and onto the floor!

Eliminated at 00:30:56

We’re at the thirty-minute mark and it looks like we have almost half of the feild eliminated! But there are still plenty of competitors alive in this amazing battle royal! Primetime and Dic Blair are hammering away at each other while the Super Dragons and the Alexander’s are swapping chops and headbutts…looks like there may be some bad blood between these two rulebreaking teams. Maybe they have some history, who can be sure in this brand new federation?
Mentalo and Smashin’ Taz are tied up in the corner, with the Australian brawler using a ring rope to choke out the colorful luchadore.Thor and Razor Girl are exchanging punches, and while the massive Thunder God looks to be dishing out the most punishment, Razor Girl isn’t backing up one bit! Loball, who has been bouncing around the ring, has finally walked into a Red Dragon superkick and has hit the mat…he might be unconscious. Nice move by Red Dragon, but ill-timed as Sergei Khrushchev picks him up and dumps him over the top rope.

Eliminated at 00:34:09

Blair and Matsahura are going at it tooth and nail. These ring veterans aren’t giving an inch. Spartan and Smashin’ Taz are teaming up, strangely enough, and trying to get Sergei Khruchev over the top rope, but the massive wrestler is rooted like a mighty oak and he ain’t moving! Lil Tokyo seems to be back on her feet, and has started landing a series of kicks against Razor Girl. The wasteland psycho seems to be enjoying it, and after flashing her sharpened teeth, has grabbed the poor Tokyo by the hair and dragged her into a corner. Oh no, not the sharpened teeth again…Primetime Murphy is on the top! He’s up top! He comes off with a massive dropkick, catching both Matsahura and Blair who are tied up in the ropes, and over they go!

Eliminated at 00:39:33

Edward Rochester and Mentalo are double-teaming Smashin' Taz, but the ornery brawler simply won’t go over the top rope, he's hanging on like a rabid pit bull! Primetime is now paying for his high flying antics, as the Alexanders are both stomping a mud hole in him and walking it dry. Lil Tokyo and Razor Girl are still at it, with the young Japanese grappler gaining the upper hand and is kicking the tar out of Razor Girl-seems her headband rescued her from Razor Girls lethal biting maneuver!

Gladiator is still very much alive, and after getting his second wind has now focused on Silver Dragon, shoulder blocking the grappler into a turnbuckle. Thor and Sergei Khruschev are having a stare down, and Thor makes a move, and both are now gripping each other in a bear hug-with their faces going beet red! Spartan is going to the ropes, looks like he’s trying to gain momentum…but no! Loball, who was trying to get to his feet and still blinded by his own blood, has pulled the rope down at the most inopportune time and Spartan goes over the top!

Eliminated at 00:44:12

The Alexander’s are going all out and hammering on anyone they can. Primetime is a heap in the corner and they are working on Metnalo, beating the poor luchadore like a piñata! Sorry folks, I don’t write the material, I just read what they give me. Razor Girl seems to be tired of the Lil’ Tokyo onslaught, and with a mighty roar, grabs the young girl around the waist, gives her a sidewalk slam, and before she can recover, grabs her by her long black hair and tosses her over the top rope and onto he floor!

Eliminated at 00:47:27

Thor and Sergei are almost out of it. Neither willing to give up, neither willing to let go. They are mounted in the middle of the ring like an immovable object that everyone else seems to just be maneuvering around. Smashin' Taz is hammering on Loball, who is still trying to regroup. Gladiator and Silver Dagon are going at it, with the tall blonde wrestler covered in sweat and blood. Razor Girl has turned her attention on the nearest victim-which just happens to be Edward Rochester. He’s trying to fend off her wild swings and claws, but to no avail; she’s already opened a cut on his face. No! The Alexander’s have both Primetime Murphy and Mentalo up in piledrivers…and down! Primetime and Mentalo both crash hard to the mat. I think Mentalo is unconscious. The Horsemen waste no time in picking up their victims and tossing them over the top rope. I hate to say it folks, but it looks like the biggest threat in this battle royal now are the Horsemen 2k7.

Eliminated at 00:53:12

Eliminated at 00:53:14

Loball is still under the heel of Smashin Taz who refuses to let up on the younger grappler. Sergei looks like he might be loosening his grip, and Thor is roaring in his opponents face. The Alexanders are working over Edward Rochester,…they have him set up in the turnbuckle, looks like Olsen is backing up…uh oh! He just backed into Thor and Sergei, breaking their battle of wills!
The two spent combatants have turned their attention on the Alexanders and now all four are in a real slobberknocker! Rocherster is in the corner trying to get his breath. Smashin Taz, who is still hammering on Loball, doesn’t see Razor Girl hit him from the blindside…and over the top he goes!

Eliminated at 00:57:55

Rochester is unfortunate enough to be nearby and Razor Girl catches him with a standing dropkick and sends him over the top!

Eliminated at 00:58:12

Still on the mat is Loball, who, surprisingly is still in this contest without ever mounting much of an offense and spending part of it unconscious. Could he be the new champion? Could he be the one to walk away with gold around his waist? Thor and Sergei are going tooth and nail against the Horsemen.
The Alexanders are standing tall however, and taking whatever the two massive grappler throw their way. Gladiator and Silver Dragon are having a chop contest in the corner, with the slap of skin eching throughout the arena. Sergei is against the ropes- the bear hug contest seems to have worn him down…Olsen Alexander is backing up,looks like he’s measuring the big Russian…he runs…looks like he’s going to try to shoulder block Sergei over the top…but Sergei intercepts him with an underarm hook and both go over!

Eliminated at 1:02:27

Razor Girl, focusing on her next victim, decides to charge into the Gladiator-Silver Dragon brawl. She's attacking both, slashing and biting like a...well..Hellcat! Both redirect their attention and as Glaidator locks her in a bearhug, Silver Dragon lands a series of Asian Spikes into her throat (but not without a slash across his face for his effort). She's fighting though! A boot to Silver Dragons face sends him reeling, and it's all Gladiator can do to hoist her up and over the top rope!

Eliminated at 01:04:03

We are over an hour into this grueling battle royal fans and down to just a handful of competitors. You can tell this has taken the life out of everyone in the ring, but now we are down to it, we are down to a handful, and only one will be the champion! Thor and Ax Alexander are throwing sluggish, tired punches, and few are connecting. Loball has gotten to his feet, and is hanging back in the corner, measuring the remaining competition. Ax Alexander tries to get Thor up and over the ropes via a bearhug, but the Thunder God is having none of that, and drops an axehandle across his back. Loball finally decides to mount some offense, and charges Ax Alexander, catching him in his blindside and sending him over the top! Alexander is gone and that eliminates the last Horseman!

Eliminated at 01:07:41

Loball is celebrating on the ropes! His back is to the crowd he is trying to get Thor to score him a high-five. Well, never let it be said the Horsemen, especially Alexander, isn’t a sore loser. Ax reaches up and grabs Loball by his long corn-rolls and jerks him over the top rope!

Eliminated at 01:08:05

Back in the ring, Silver Dragon and Gladiator are in the corner, Gladiator has his boot up against Silver Dragons throat. Silver Dragon jabs something into Gladiators leg and the big man falls back! He hits the ground, is getting up…but wait! Silver Dragon is rubbing his own throat! He’s about to…no! Silver Dragon spits a fine green mist at Gladiator, who ducks just in time, and it hits Thor! Thor is blind! The Thunder God is roaring and swinging wild! Silver Dragon leaps over Gladiator, using his back as a springboard and catches Thor in the chest, sending the Thunder God into the ropes! Silver Dragon seizes this opportunity and grabs the big man by the waist and tries to get him over the top. Gladiator, not wasting any time, charges both with a big shoulder, and sends them both tumbling over the top rope!

Eliminated at 01:12:03

WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION! GLADIATOR IS THE NEW OCW CHAMP…but wait! What’s this? Crawling from under the ring, someone has entered the ring…it's CRIPPLER BRET STEELE! He grabs Gladiator from behind, hits a reverse stunner and as the stunned crowd watches on, gathers Gladiator from the mat and sends him over the top rope!

Eliminated at 01:13:04

What kind of chicanery is this? Where was Steele hiding all this time? Under the ring? Gladiator, and his manager Salvatore Savage are furious, and security is having to hold them both back. Salvatore is waving his cane in a rage, screaming at Steele. The officials are trying to talk to him…David Diamond is over. They are in discussion. Steele, who doesn’t even have a drop of sweat on him (not his own anyway), is leisurely lounging in the corner, a broad grin on his face. Diamond is in the ring with the belt. Say it ain't so! We go to Diamond in the ring!

David Diamond: “Well folks, rules are rules. According to the referees, Steele did NOT get thrown over the top earlier in the battle royal. Therefore, he wasn’t legally eliminated, which means, as much as it sticks in my craw to say it…say hello to your FIRST NEW OCW WORLD CHAMPION!”

Steele holds his arms out, jawing to Diamond who reluctantly places it around the new champs waist, and as we fade to black the last thing we see is Steele smirking as Gladiator, along with his manager and the stunned crowd, looks on.

That's it folks! We'll see you next month at the OCW's October PPV, GoreGames!