Here we are folks! The Tag Team Tournament to determine the New OCW World Tag Champs! I'm Scooter Sparks and I'll be calling the action tonight. The crowd is wound up and it looks like we are ready to go! According to our tournamet bracket, we start off with The OG against the Horsemen 2k7 Team 2, made up of Blair and Blackburn. Let's get to the action!

The fan favorites, The OG make their way to the ring. You know, despite their rulebreaking antics and questionable methods, the crowd really seems to like these guys for some reason. The theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey hits and fireworks signal the arrival of Dic Blair and Sully Blackburn to the arena.
Jd Dixon leads his team out to the ring and we have to endure Blair’s disrobing; but you’ve got to give him credit fans, he’s a real competitor. Loball of the OG mimics Blair, letting Smooth-T pull his leather jacket off in the same fashion. This seems to anger Blair who waves his partner on and Blackburn attacks Smooth T and the match is on!
Smooth T retaliates to the attack with an elbow smash sending Blackburn to the mat. A uquick tag to Loball and he and Blackburn lock hands in a show of strength. Looks like the wiry Loball is stronger than he appears and is getting the upper hand…but wait! Blackburn lands a kick to the midsection, breaking the hold and follows up with a double ax-handle to Loball’s back! The gangster scrambles away and makes a quick tag out to Smooth T before Blackburn can do any more damage. Blackburn backs up and tags out to Blair, who comes in…with something hidden in his hand! While Blackburn distracts the ref, Blair winds up and swings at Loballs head! But the gangster blocks it! He takes the brass knuckles away from Blair and lands his own punch sending the bleach blonde grappler to the mat!
The knucks get tossed to the outside as Loball picks up Blair and there is more back and forth, Blair rebounds and manages to whip Loball into the ropes, scoring a perfect flying dropkick that sends Loball into his own corner where he makes a tag.

Blair treats the crowd to a “WOOOOOOOOOOO!” before tagging Blackburn in, who immediately coes in and hits a rolling scissors on Smooth T, who, after trying to mount some offense and failing, tags back in Loball. A nut shot later and Blakburn is on the ground, and Loballis following up with an Eagle Split and cradle. 1…2…but Blackburn kicks out! Loball picks up Blackburn and manages a brainbuster! Blackburn didn’t seem to expect that level of prowess from the The OG and goes to the outside…he looks stunned. Conference time with JD Dixon as the H2k7 wave off the referee. He’s starting to count…Blackburn has a count of ten to get back in the ring. At right he rolls back in and kicks Loball in the midsection. The OG goes down, goes for a tag, but Blackburn won’t let him off that easy. He hits a sidewalk slam that seems to take Loball out of it. Looks like he’s got Loball up! Blair is playing to the crowd! This could be it! Blackburn is signaling for his signature move, The Metroplex! He gets Loball up! But wait! Smooth T has springboarded off the turnbuckle and landed a dropkick to Blackburn! He falls with Loball on top! The ref didn’t see it! 1…2…3!!! The OG advance to the next round and the Horsemen are pissed! Blackburn is arguing with the ref…No! He’s landed a metroplex on referee AJ Gordo! The Horsemen leave the ring, but not without making someone pay for this loss.
Winners: The OG via pinfall at 08:44

Green toxic mist brings out Toxic Shock. Wow! These guys are really offbeat, you don’t see…what’s this!?! The Hellcats have intercepted Toxic Shock in the aisle and are beating them with their chains! The Hellcats are loose! Razor Girl is using those sharp teeth and biting into the forehead of Creeper! The match hasn’t even started!
The Hellcats drag Toxic Shock into the ring and are beating them senseless with those massive chains Mr. Lucifer keeps them on. And speaking of the Devil himself…there he is at ringside, like he’s directing traffic or something! Barb Wire is kicking the dog out of Crypt, who’s huddling in the corner, bleeding from beneath his mask! Razor Girl is roaring at the crowd and pummeling Creeper like a schoolgirl!
What’s she doing? She’s dragging Creepr to the ropes, she’s screaming something at Barb Wire. The ref has had the bell rung, but I’m not sure if he’s going to…he’s warning the Hellcats, if they don’t clear out…no! Barb Wire has headbutt the ref, Lou Panera with those massive head spikes and he’s out! Old Lou, who has to be in his eighties, is on the mat and bleeding…David Diamond has just enough time to reach in and pull him to safety before the Hellcats attack again! Mr. Lucifer is smiling! Hes loving every minutes of this!
Now the Hellcats are tying creeper up in the rope…I never thought I would see the day when Toxic Shock would be manhandled in this fashion! Creeper is out of it! He’s tied in the ropes and helpless! He can’t get free, and even if he could, he’s lost a lot of blood. Crypt, who has been recuperating in the corner, charges the Hellcats screaming something unintelligible. They land a double clothesline and he goes down. What are they doing? Barb Wire has tossed him over her shoulder like he was made of feathers and is going to the top rope! Razor Girl is stepping through the ropes, Barb Wire has Crypt up! Shes thrown him off the top turnbuckle! He’s smashed through an outside table as Razor Girl punctuates the brutality by landing a flying double axehandle onto the prone Crypt on the outside. Oh my stars folks! This is insane!

Diamond has called officials in, but the Hellcats are back in the ring. They’ve pulled Creeper out of the ropes and….Razor girl has him up on her shoulders, he’s up in the air! Barb Wire is going up…up…to the top turnbuckle! NO! Not this! Someone get some help down here! There goes Barb Wire with the “Razor Wire”!!! She connects with a flying clothesline on Creeper, who flys from Razor Girls shoulders like a rag doll, crashing lifeless to the mat! He’s unconscious! He’s not moving at all!

Now they are both on all fours, sniffing around his prone body like a couple of fiends! Mr. Lucifer finally calls out to them, and they both scramble through the ropes. He reattaches his chains to their collars and leads them off! Diamond is screaming something at him, and what’s that? I can’t tell but I think Lucifer screamed something about the OCW not being big enough for TWO psycho teams! Unbelievable. Well, I’m sure the Hellcats will be fined for their brutality, not that that will do Toxic Shock any good. They’ve already got the stretchers at ringside. This makes me sick folks! I’ve never seen a team so brutalized in such a short amount of time. These Hellcats don’t have any interest in those belts..they just wanted to send amessage-and hurt somebody. Looks like they did both..
Winners: Toxic Shock via DQ at :05

We're two matches into the tournament folks and the excitement meter is already off the charts! We now go into round two!

We’ve got an interesting match between a couple of fan favorites here folks! Both teams exchange nods and smiles before the match starts. We all expect a nice clean one between two capable teams, but I guess we’ll see what happens when the action starts. These matches are to determine the new OCE tag Champs folks, I expect a lot of action. The Awesome Ones earned a bye through the first round, so they are fresh while the OG’s are coming off a brutal bout with the Horsemen Team 2 earlier in the evening that left both men drained.
Gladiator, the larger of the Awesome Ones starts out against Smooth T and lands an elbow smash that sends the young gangster reeling. Smooth T is still fresh however, and as Gladiator is striking a pose, scoop slams the young man. Gladiator bounces back up however, smiling, and shakes his head to Smooth T’s surprise. He tags out to Strucka, who comes in and locks up with Smooth T, locking him in a massive bear hug. Smooth T is able to land an elbow and get out of it, rolling into his own corner and tagging out to Loball. The older of the OG comes in and locks up with Strucka, and surprisingly locks in a full nelson.
Stricka powers out and both break, with Strucka tagging back out to Gladiator. He comes in and Loball kicks him low, sending Gladiator into the ropes. He’s on top of the tall blonde grappler, rubbing his face back and forth along the ropes. The ref is counting and finally Loball releases Gladitor, following up with a snap mare, and before Gladiator can recover, Loball leaps high into the air and lands a headbutt to Gladiators groin!
Gladiator is hurting folks and it looks like this is every team for itself, as all of the niceties have gone out the window! All four men are in the ring, and we have a pier six brawl! Strucka has clotheslined Smooth T over the top rope and the young man has crashed to the ground.

The ref finally restores order, giving the OG a much needed break from the beatdown. Smooth T is back in, and spits at Strucka! Strucka has come intot he ring and as the ref tries to get him back to his corner the OG gets Gladiator up in a brain buster and drops him to the mat! He crashes like a sack of rice and isn’t moving. Smooth T is covering him for the pin, the ref is counting…1…2…3! The OG have managed to scrape by the Awesopme Ones and are advancing in the tournament!
Winners: The OG via pinfall in 6:20

The mysterious strings of oriental instruments bring out the vile team of the Super Dragons. These two are as evil and as devious as any team out there today folks. They make their way into the ring, and are ready for action. The booing of the crowd is quickly replaced with a rousing roar of cheers as our fan favorites enter the arena. One has to wonder if this pairing and entry into the tournament of Lil Tokyo and Yojimbo Matsahura is as much to get at the Super Dragons as it is to win the seems like everyone has an agenda and these two were a late addition to the tournament and have made it no secret that they are looking forward to this match
The bell rings and Red Dragon, the younger of the Super Dragons charges Lil’ Tokyo, who greets him with a spin kick that snaps his head back and takes the grappler to the ground. Red Dragon hits hard, rolling immediately to the outside.

The ref is counting down and Red Dragon is pretending he doesn’t understand, but when the ref reaches nine the grappler get a handle on the lingo and rolls back into the ring.
Yojimbo is tagged in and as Red Dragon renters walks into an Asian Spike to his throat, doubling him over. Yojimbo puts him into the ropes and Red Dragon ducks a clothesline, countering with a flying drop kick that puts Yojimbo on his back. Tag to Silver Dragon brings in the veteran of the Super Dragons, and he hits an Eagle Split on Yojimbo, balling the grappler up into a knot as he tries to reach his corner and tag in Lil’ Tokyo.
Silver Dragon isn’t letting his prey away however, and pulls Yojimbo back into the ring, snapping his neck with a short arm clothesline that puts him back on the mat. He tries for a! Yojimbo kicks out at one. Silver Dragon starts grinding away at Yojimbo’s head with his knuckles. Lil Tokyo is arguing with the ref, which allows both Dragons to stomp Yojimbo into the mat.
The crowd is roaring for their hero, and Yojimbo manages to block a kick and make it to his corner…hot tag! Lil’ Tokyo is in the cleans house, hitting a slighshot-suplex on Silver Dragon and another spin kick that sends both Dragons to the outside to regroup.
Yojimbo and Lil Tokyo follow them out and all four are brawling on the outside!
Silver Dragon rolls back in and Lil Tokyo follows- and walks right into a kick to the head! Silver Dragon hit her hard folks! He follow swith a series of knees to the back of her neck and picks her up, and follows with a superplex! Silver Dragon covers the prone Lil’ Tokyo for the pin while Red Dragon has smashed Yojimbo with a chair on the outside and Silver Dragon gets the win…1…2…3!
Yojimbo regroups and storms the ring and unleashes a series of chops on the celebrating Silver Dragon, who bails tothe outside as Yojimbo checks on his downed partner.
Winners: The Super Dragons via pinfall at 12:39

All teams hit the ring ready to fight! It’s no secret the Allies don’t appreciate the trash talking the Horsemen have been doing and are ready to shut their traps! Ax Alexander and Sergei Khrushchev face off first, trading a series of punches and elbow smashes, with neither big man getting an edge. Sergei slaps his chest and holds his hand up. Ax complies, and both are locked in a test of strength. Both are turning beet red, powering against one another for any edge.

It looks like Ax is loosing this battle…Sergei is leaning in, overpowering his opponent…NO! Ax lands a kick to Sergei, doubling him over, and following up with an elbow smash across the big Russians back. Sergei backs up into the ropes and the ref calls a break. Ax steps back, then charges forward again…right into a Russian elbow!
Sergei tags in Primetime, who charges Ax and lands several punches and tires a! Ax kicks out and Primetime locks him in a full nelson. Ax finally powers out, and, grabbing the young grappler, pulls him into the Horsemen corner, tagging in his cousin, Olsen. Olsen whips Primetime around and sends the young grappler shoulder first into ringpost. Primetime slumps to the mat and Olsen is on him, dragging him into the middle of the ring and slapping a leglock on him.
Primetime is trying to come back, trying to get some momentum, but Olsen, the ring veteran, pulls the youngster back into the corner, and as Olsen distracts the ref Ax lands a massive forearm across Primetime’s back and tags in. Ax hits a suplex, tries a cover but Primetime kicks out and manages to duck an elbow drop and scramble into his corner where he makes a tag!
Sergei is in and Ax backs up, begging off. Sergei charges and Ax goes to the ropes, causing the ref to get involved and back Sergei away. Ax takes advantage of this and lands a thumb to the eye to Sergei over the ref’s shoulder! The stunned Russian, momentarily blinded, gets put into a brain buster, crashing to the mat-and he’s not moving folks! Ax continues to stomp and tags in Olsen. Primetime, getting his wind back, charges the ring to help his friend, but he only distracts the ref as the Horsemen get the big Russian up, and brainbuster!!! Sergei slams head first into the mat and is out as Olsen slides out of the ring, calling to the ref. Ax covers for the 1…2…3!
Winners: The Horsemen 2k7 Team 1 via pinfall at 07:14

With the premature disintegration of the Leeds-Mentalo teaming, David Diamond has a mystery team he has called in. No one is sure who it is, and Diamond has given us no indication. The light sgo down, blue and red lights begin to flash and entering the arena…The British Bluebloods! Straight from the UK! This team has racked up some impressive wins overseas and on this side of the pond folks! What a coup that Diamond was able to get this team to compete in this tournament!. Edward Rochester and Phillip Southwell are led to the ring by the beautiful Lady Jayne, who smiles and waves at the fans.
Toxic Shock are slow to get to the ring, and stop when they see who is in the ring. Both are bandaged and still suffering form the brutalization by the Hellcats. They just don’t look well and are awing with Diamond, who merely shrugs and waves them into the ring. They hesitate, they sure don’t look interested in entering, and in their condition I can’t blame them. Crypt is actually using a cane to help himself to the ring. Give them points for guts folks, I’m not sure it’s smart for them to enter, but this is for all the marbles. Reluctantly, both climb into the ring and we have a bell to start the match.
Creeper starts out and Edward Rochester hammers at him, hitting a Fireman’s Carry Ram intot the turnbuckle and arm drag right out of the gate. Both go back and forth for a few minutes, but it’s obvious Creeper can’t keep up. He tags in Crypt, who limps right into a neckbreaker from Southwell who covers for a quick pin. 1…2…3!

Creeper made an attempt to get back in to help his partner, but stumbled and fell to the mat. The Bluebloods made quick work of the injured Toxic Shock.
Winners: The British Bluebloods via Pinfall at 03:24

The OG looks tired, having had to wrestle one more match this evening than their opponents. Loball starts off against Red Dragon, hitting a body slam, but can’t follow up and gets shut down by an arm lock from Red Dragon. Eventually, Loball manages to roll out and spins behind Red Dragon, locking him in a full nelson.
Red Dragon manages to get to his feet, pulling Loball over to the Dragons corner. Silver Dragon tags in and goes to headbutt Loball, but the wiry grappler moves and manages to throw Silver Dragon into the turnbuckle and follows up with a double ax handle. Loball tosses Silver Dragon over into the OG corner, and, tagging in Smooth T, both lift the Dragon up into the air and hit a brainbuster!
All four men are in the ring, and we’ve got a brawl! Loball tackles Red Dragon to the outside and both are trading punches on the outside. Smooth T catches a superkick to his chest, and Silver Dragon whips the young man into the ropes, Smooth T ducks a kick, rebounds, and hits the Drive By! The clothesline takes Silver Dragon to the mat and Smooth T covers ..1..2…3! The OG amazingly advance to the finals!!!!!!!
Winners: The OG via pinfall at 11:53

The Horsemen come to the ring, and they have a British flag! How disgusting! Olsen is acting like he is wiping himself with it and both throw it to the ground, stomping on it. We barely hear the entrance music for the British Bluebloods and they are charging the ring! They’ve cleared house! The Horsemen, and their manager JD Dixon have recouped on the outside, and are talking strategy.
Ax is in before the ref counts the Horsemen out, and locks up with Southwell, the younger of the Bluebloods. His strength is no match for Ax, who locks the man in a bear hug and seems to be squeezing the life out of him! Southwell looks trapped, but he’s mustering his strength! He might just power out of it! Yes! He’s slipped free and cartwheels to his corner for a quick tag!
Rochester is in and Ax takes to the ropes, causing the ref to hold back the big Brit. Ax shakes it out and steps out of the ropes, locking up with Rochester. He scores an elbow smash to Rochester’s nose, but the Englishman smiles and sends Ax into the ropes, he rebounds-and straight into a flying dropkick!
Ax is in trouble and Rochester hits a kick to the midsection and gets a leg lock on the Horseman. Olsen is in and a stomp to Rochester’s head breaks the hold. Ax is back up as the ref clears out Olsen and JD Dixon shouts instructions at ringside. Lady Jayne is also shouting encouragement from the Bluebloods side of the ring and the crowd is solidly behind the fan favorites! That doesn’t help Rochester however, as Ax sets him up and lands a bone-jarring suplex! He tags in Olsen who follows it up with a backbreaker that lays Rochester out. Things are looking bad for the Bluebloods folks. These brawlers are really taking it to the polished team from England. Olsen hits a brain buster and this might be over. He covers for a 1…2…no! Rochester brings his shoulder up just in time! Southwell is stomping his feet, trying to get his partner back into it, itching for the hot tag! Rochester seems to be coming to! Olsen is hammering on him! It’s having no effect! Rochester is up! He makes a leap and hits the tag!!! The high-flying Southwell enters the ring and clears it out! The Horsemen have bailed to the outside! Rochester is out of it on the ring apron and Southwell makes chase. Olsen short arms clotheslines him and takes him out of it! Olsen and JD Dixon are stomping Southwell on the outside, and Olsen his broken off and has gone across Rochesters back with a chair! Now he’s using a microphone cord to choke out Rochester!
Whats this? Ax Alexander has Lady Jayne by the hair…she’s trying to get away…she scrambles into the ring…but not before Ax pulls her dress off! MY STARS! Lady Jayne is in her lingerie in the ring! Put the kids to sleep! Ax has followed her in and has her by the hair! She’s helpless and there’s no assistance in sight! What’s he going to do? Olsen is still outside hammering on Rochester. Oh no! Ax is gesturing as if he’s going to drop a fist on Lady Jayne! No! Someone get in there! The ref is trying to restore order…Ax is going to do it! He’s going to punch this poor defenseless woman!

But wait! Southwell is in the ring! He’s charging! Ax tosses Lady Jayne aside and hits The Jackhammer! He’s speared Southwell! Ax covers and the ref counts! 1…2…3!!! Those gosh-darn horsemen have won the macth! They won the match! They advance to the finals against The OG! Security is in the ring to keep these to teams apart as someone covers up the humiliated Lady Jayne who was stripped down to her skivvies and weeping. Oh my stars!
Winners: The Horsemen 2K7 Team 1 via pinfall at 14:03

This is it folks! The finals! The OG limp to the ring, and the be honest they look already beat. The nights matches have really taken a toll on these two. The Horsemen, by contrast, seem more refreshed than ever, and one can guess they see championship gold in their future.
Ax and Smooth T start out, and the young grappler stuns the Horseman by lighting into him with reckless abandon and scoring a number of punches. This takes Ax to the mat and Smooth T goes for a pinfall but Ax isn’t going down that easily and kicks out at one. He lands an elbow smash and pummels the young man. Smooth T tries to make a tag, but Ax pulls him back in the center of the ring and puts the boots to him. Smooth T is looking bad and Loball wants in.
Ax goes for a suplex but Smooth T worms out of it and manages to tag in his partner. Loball comes in and hits adouble axe handle on Ax, who quickly tags out. Olsen is in and goes to work on Smooth T, hitting a double axe handle of his won and shutting down Loballs offense with a hammerlock. These Alexander’s are just too tough folks, and to try to get into a contest of power is just a waste of time. Olsen continues to wear down Loball and hits a devastating backbreaker. Tag to Ax, who comes in and both just stomp Loball into the mat. Smooth T enters the ring, but gets a headbutt from Ax for his trouble and goes outside.
JD Dixon is smiling like the cat that ate the canary folks. I think he smells blood in the water. He gestures to the Horsemen to wrap it up, tapping his watch. Smooth T is back in the ring, and the ref is trying to get him back in the corner. Oh no folks, looks like the Horsemen are going to deliver a double Jackhammer spear from both sides on Loball, who is just out on his feet in the ring. But wait! There is a commotion on the outside! JD Dixon is on the ground, unconscious! Olsen bails out to see what happened and Ax tosses Loball in the corner. He’s focused folks, backing up for the Jackhammer…he’s running!
NO! Edward Rochester has come out of NOWHERE and landed a spear of his own! He’s laid out Ax Alexander! The Big man isn’t moving! He’s unconscious on the mat! Rochester grabs Loball and throws him on top of Ax as he bails out of the ring. Smoot T, who saw the whole thing, grabs the ref who is watching the drama on the outside with Dixon and points to his partner! The ref is counting..1..2…3!!!! THE OG ARE YOUR NEW OCW WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! Amazing! Ax is still out of it and Olsen has come into the ring and is cursing up a storm! The OG are celebrating with their new belts! Security is in the ring and is keeping Olsen back! That’s it folks! Tomorrow night we have a battle royal to see who the new OCW champ is, but until then, I’m Scooter Sparks saying goodnight!
Winners: The OG via pinfall in 12:58