Scooter Sparks: Greetings OCW fans! I’m Scooter Sparks and we are coming to you LIVE from the OCW Arena in the prestigious city of Louisville, Kentucky to bring you the first ever OCW pay per view, The Dawn of Champions. Tonight, three champions will be crowned to set the bar for the rest of the grapplers in the OCW! In an exciting Tag Team Tournament, we will see the new OCW tag champs crowned. And then, later that night, following EVERY grappler in the OCW will compete in a winner-take-all over the top rope battle royal to determine the NEW OCW World Champion!
It’s surely a night for excitement and a Dawn of Champions here in the OCW, and I can’t wait to get started and get to calling the matches! So! Without further ado, let’s go to my fellow announcer and all around legend, Corporal Punishment, who is standing by with the tag team, “The Hellcats”, one of the ten OCW tag teams competing in tonight’s tournament, along with their manager, Mr. Lucifer. Corporal?

(We cut to a backstage area where Corporal Punishment is standing alongside Mr. Lucifer. The Hellcats are both on massive chain “leashes” Barb Wire and Razor Girl are acting all wild and crazy, hissing and cackling and pulling on their chains. As Mr. Lucifer, with his one massive free hand, takes the mike from the Corporal.)

Mr. Lucifer: “I hope you have all made peace with your maker, 'cause my Hellcats are more than ready to do Mr. Lucifer's bidding…harvesting your very souls!”

Razor Girl: “"Rrrrrrip 'em!"

(Razor Girl flashes a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth and Barb Wire hisses and flicks her pointed tongue at the camera, causing it to shake a little- presumeably form the cameraman’s nervousness. Mr. Lucifer merely smiles at this and pulls back on the chains, tossing the mike back to the Corporal and exiting the interview area.)

Corporal Punishment: “Uh, back to you Sparks.”

Scooter: Uh…ok! Well, I also had a chance to talk to some of the OCW’s newest grapplers…The Horsemen 2k7! I was able to meet them at a local office building downtown and speak for a moment with their manager, JD Dixon. Roll the footage!

(Scooter Sparks and the OCW Crew pull up to a three story office building, and goes up to the third floor to a corner office, then knocks on the door. JD Dixion answers, dapper in the htree piece suit.)

Jd Dixon: “ Ah Scooter! Won't you come in?”
Scooter: Thank you Mr. Dixon.
He leads Scooter down the hall into the office, passing a conference room with the horsemen sitting at a table with video equipment arrayed behind them and folders sitting in front. Dixon leads Scooter past the door and into his own officer and sits down behind his desk, inviting Scooter to take a seat as well.

JD Dixon: Scooter, in a few days the greatest federation to come along in quite some time, the OCW, gets it s birth. And the moniker of its first PPV is fitting enough- the Dawn of champions. The room you just passed is full of champions-The Horsemen 2k7, a breath of fresh air into t he lungs of an old legacy.

Scooter: I noticed. They seemed focused, it appeared they were studying.

JD Dixon. You are more observant than you look Scooter. A Unit, a team, any good team studies their opponents. They know them better then they know themselves. That is what separates the Horsemen from all other wrestlers. They know how to beat an opponent inside and outside of the ring.

Scooter: They may have to Mr. Dixon, the OCW is going to be packed with competent and able grapplers from all over the world…

Dixon waves this off)

Jd Dixon: It’s of no consequence Sparks, the OCW can throw any individual or team at us, and when the smoke clears and the dust settles the H2k7 will be standing on top with all the gold. And after The Dawn of Champions on Sunday, The Horsemen will show the world why "We are the most elite group in the sport today.Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a dynasty to build.

(JD gets up from the desk and goes back into the conference room, leaving Sparks standing in the hallway.)

Scooter:” We’ve just gotten word that there is a disturbance in the back! Let’s take you there now!”

We cut to the back, where Mentalo is laid out, with a angry Buck Leeds standing over him with a lead pipe.

Buck Leeds: “You think I’m going to team with your jabroni!?! Some little half pint wetback!?! You’re nuts! I was an idiot for accepting the match and you were a fool for trying on my ring jacket!

David Diamond shows up on the scene

Diamond: “What the hey Leeds? What have you done!?!”

Leeds: “Take a look Diamond! You think this little scumbag would know better than to touch my stuff! He thought because we were taggin he could make himself at home in my locker! Wrong!”

Diamond: “You’re out of your head boy!! This man can’t wrestler in the tournament, and that means you don’t have a partner!”

Leeds: “Screw that tournament Diamond! I got my eyes on the REAL prize! The OCW title belt!”

Diamond: “But that leaves us one team short!”

Leeds: “Not my problem, Mr. Gm.”

Leeds walks away snickering, throwing the pipe onto Mentalo’s prone body. Diamond: “Dagnabbit! Now I’m going to have to find someone to fill in. But, if they are still around, if they arrived in time…” Diamond pulls out a cell phone and begins speaking

Diamond: Yes? Is she there? Excellent! Tell her her team has a match. That’s right, half an hour. Come dressed to wrestle. Oh, and tell her it’s for the COW tag Titles. Right. Bye.”

Diamond hangs up and smiles. We cut back to scooter in the studio.

Scooter: “What was that? Interesting events to be sure! It appears the Leeds-Mentalo team is out of the tournament and we have a mystery team taking their place! Things are set to roll on this Dawn of Champions PPV!”

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