We are live from the OCW Arena in Louisville’s scenic West End. The General Manager of the OCW, Dusty Diamond is in the ring with a microphone to start things off…

Dusty Diamond: Hello OCW fans and welcome to Resurrection! (Thunderous applause). I speak for all of the OCW talent when I tell you that we’re thrilled to have you all here tonight. We were originally going to hold the PPV at Freedom Hall, but there was a mix up with a tractor pull event and we had to change the venue. Still, I think you will agree, this offers a more intimate setting which is to your benefit!
That being said, the name of this Pay Per View has several meanings. The most obvious of course is to reflect the Resurrection of the OCW from the tired, lame company it was before I even got here. Tired feuds, tired wrestlers and a general lack of excitement was what was hoolding this company down, but no more! As many of you have seen, in just these past few weeks old wrestlers have been let go, new wrestlers have entered the fold and the OCW mainstays have realized that there are no guarantees in this world! The OCW has in fact, “risen from the grave” and I can’t be more excited about the prospects that holds for us as a company!
Now, we have an amazing show for you tonight! In addition to debuting some brand new talent I've acquired through trades and negotiations, tonight we have an OCW World Title match that promises to deliver when the new TV Champ Lil’ Tokyo goes head to head against reigning OCW World champ Crippler Bret Steele!
We have a ten-team tag battle royal with ten thousand dollars up for grabs as well as bragging rights! And to make it interesting I have signed several new teams to OCW contracts! That’s right! The Tag Team division is heating up! So for those teams that think they are a shoe-in for title shots, you better look around! The competition is getting hot and heavy!
We also have a fierce inferno match between Kai and Blood Rage that is sure to “ignite” this feud, a Nebraska Bullrope match between that ornery Texan Bobby Jack Casey and the big Russian Sergei Khrushchev and of course our main event this evening, a non-title Boot Camp match between The Punishments and The Hellcats!
All in all fans this is one heck of a way to kick off the OCW’s flagship PPV! In addition we’ve got some new faces making their debut tonight, as well as some old ones! That’s right! Tonight The Spartan is with us, making his triumphant return to the OCW!
And on a personal note, you know, it was just a few weeks ago that I stepped in to take over for my father, and I…

Margharita’s music hits and she appears at the entrance to the arena with her own microphone in one hand and a small yapping Chihuahua cradled in her arm! She makes her way down and climbs through the ropes as the music dies down. She and Dusty size each other up, with Margharita rolling her eyes.

Margharita: Hey! Jou look like jou need to…

Diamond: HEY! I don’t like to be interrupted! You ever pull this again and you’ll be back earning sweaty singles on that stripper pole, you got that chicka?


Dusty steps forward, just an inch from Margharita’s face.

Diamond: I KNOW I can talk like that to you. Now, you aren’t even booked in a match here tonight, so, what do you want?

Margharita snarls and leans forward, her dog going ballistic.

Diamond: You better keep that mutt away from me.

Margharita: Jou need to worry less about Miss Bling here and worry more about me!

Diamond: I was talking to the dog.

Margharita: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh! JOU!

Diamond: HEY! Ricky Ricardo, PPV time costs money and you’re wasting both it and my patience. What do you want?

Margharita: Jou already said it! Money lady! Jou didn’t book me in a match an I want a piece of de’ action! I made it to de second round of de TV tournament and I’m a contender! But I’ve been pushed aside like a rotten avocado!

Diamond: So that’s it? That’s why you interrupted me? You want a match tonight?

Margharita: Jou damn right! I wiped out dat brainless Bling and would have beaten dat blonde pretty boy if he hadn’t gotten lucky! I deserve to be in dat title hunt!

Diamond: Hmmm. You know, you may have a point. Okay, I’ll book you in a match tonight, and I know just the person…

Margharita: Jou do? Who is de bunny?

Diamond: Oh, I wouldn’t call six foot six of muscle that Margharita, your opponent tonight- IS THE SPARTAN!

Margharita stomps the mat, the dog goes nuts and the fans go wild!

Margharita: JOU CANT DO THIS!

Diamond: Can, and did dearest. Oh, and to make it interesting, I’m making it a “Falls Count Anywhere” match! You seem real keen on jumping people unawares in aisles, lets see if you can dish it out as good as you can take it!

Dusty smiles and looks over to the ref at ringside

Diamond: Oh, and the match? It starts RIGHT NOW! GET SPARTAN OUT HERE AND RING THE DAMN BELL!

Dusty leaves the ring and Margharita who is livid as the Spartans music hits!

Scooter: Greetings fans and welcome to the Resurrection Pay Per View! And what a way to start off the show! While we wait for Spartan let me introduce myself, I’m Scooter Sparks and to my left is the man you all love to loathe, the only person I know with a camo-colored caddy, the man with more ex-wives than real teeth in his mouth, Corporal Punishment!

Corporal Punishment: Sparks! You ready for some action tonight?

Scooter: Sure am CP! Always ready for action!

CP: Ah, I see it runs in the family, CAUSE THAT’S WHAT….

Scooter: Yeah, yeah, “My Momma Said to you last night”. Right? That is what you were going to say, right?

CP: You know, you’d take the fun out of a clown car.

Scooter: Besides all that, we’ve got Spartan heading to the ring fans! Of course regular viewers of Monday Night Meltdown will remember The Spartan has had a string of unfortunate injuries that have sidelined him since week five, but we’re happy to have him back tonight!

CP: That boy has spent more time in the hospital getting worked on than Joan Rivers Sparks! I hope he’s back to full power cause’ Margharita is crafty!

Scooter: Well, we’re about to find out as he’s climbing through the ropes and we have our first match of the PPV!

Scooter: Margharita doesn’t waste any time fans in nailing Spartan coming through the ropes! But this is a falls count anywhere, so affectively it also means it’s no disqualification! Margharita hammering with fists and oh no! She’s got one of those spurs from her boot and shes shredding Spartans forehead like a block of cheese! Spartan is furious fans and he just clotheslined Margharita right out of the ring!
Shes stunned! She’s running around the ring and he’s bailed out and following! She just grabbed a chair and swings! Misses! Spartan just managed to duck and hit the ground and the chair almost hits the ref!
Margharita is bailing fans! She’s heading back down the aisle! Spartan is following! She’s stopped long enough to grab a popcorn box and sling it in his face! No effect! Though with as many injuries as he’s had I wouldn’t be surprised if that took him out!
Margharita is hauling back through the curtains! Spartan following! Remember, this is falls count anywhere fans! That means…OH! Spartan just got nailed with a chair coming through the curtains! Margharita was waiting for him! She goes for a pin...ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Spartan just kicked out of that! Margharita isn’t trying for a second and she’s gotten up and heading backstage! Spartan is managing to get to his feet, WAIT! Margharita just rammed him with a ladder! Spartan is down again but that just bought her some time! She’s not even going for a pin! She’s heading farther to the back…what’s this?
Margharita has stopped at the craft table and is talking animatedly with someone, cameraman! Pan that camera out so we can…IT’S LOS SECURITY!
Sorry fans, I don’t speak Spanish but she’s talking and gesturing wildly! Los Security is watching her with interest, and…SHE JUST GRABBED ARCHERO’s FACE AND RUBBED IT IN HER CLEAVAGE! What is this all about fans? What was that? Uh oh! Here comes Spartan!
He’s got Margharita by the hair…CATTLEPRODS!
Oh fans, what a miscarriage of resources and justice! I don’t know what Margharita said to Los Security but they are putting the prods to him and he’s twitching and jerking on the ground! Oh, of course! Margharita now just lays across the big man like she hasn’t a care in the world and the ref makes the three count! Well sure! But you know fans, it’s all legal, it’s just a tragedy that it had to go down this way for Spartan! He’s still down and we’ve got EMT’s checking on him. Looks like Memorial Hospital is going to go ahead with the plan to name a wing after him.
Winner: Margharita via pinfall @ 6:14

Scooter: Well that just makes me sick! What could she have said to Los Security to make them turn on Spartan like that CP?

CP: She just spoke the international language Sparks! The language of Ti…

Scooter: Hey! This is a family show CP! Keep it clean!

CP: Look Scooter, the woman ran up and rubbed her funbags in a guys face, what do you want me to say?

Scooter: You know, “funbags” sounds worse than what you were originally going to say.

CP: I know! You should just sit back and let me do my magic! AT LEAST THAT’S WHAT I TELL YOUR MOMMA!

Scooter: Sigh. I hope you get all of your teeth knocked out tonight.

CP: What?

Scooter: I said these shoes just don’t make my feet feel right. Anyway fans, we’ve got our lady on the spot Jackie Midnight in the back with The Allies! Jackie, take it away!!!

We are in the interview area with Jackie Midnight and The Allies!

Jackie Midnight: Thanks Scooter! I’m here with the Allies, both of which have very important matches tonight ! Primetime, we’ll start with you since your match holds the possibility of a title shot. How do you feel about your prospects of victory tonight?

Primetime Murphy: I feel good Jackie, real good! You know, I got that bit of business with Buck Leeds taken care of last week at Monday Night Meltdown and now I can focus on the bigger picture- the championship picture! You know a few weeks ago I got within a match of the TV Title Tournament final! Well, since that time I’ve been training, working hard and spending extra time in the ring honing my skills and tonight is going to be one more step towards gaining that TV Title, and after that? Well, that nice shiny gold World Title would look oh so sweet around my waist, wouldn’t it?

Jackie Midnight: Woah, just slow yourself down there Primetime! You still need to get through Roland Hard and Mentalo first!

Primetime: No worries Jackie! Both are competent grapplers don’t get me wrong! But come on, Roland is, well, he’s just not what I would call “Championship” material and Mentalo? Really? The same guy who got a trashcan put over his head and thrown in a a dumpster by The Hellcats? Sorry, I just don’t see him as a serious threat to any title.

Jackie: Wow, strong words for you opponents tonight! Now, Sergei Khrushchev, You’ve got a match coming up with The Outlaw Bobby Jack Casey in a Nebraska Bullrope match! It’s a brutal match and only adds fuel to the hatred you two seem to have, I mean last week’s match on Monday Night Meltdown was just brutal!

Sergei: Khrushchev: Dah Miss Midnight, This Outlaw is, how you say, “Underhanded scumsucker”. I see to put an end to his actions tonight.

Jackie: Well, easier said that done Sergei! I don’t mean to touch on a sore spot, but your record right now is an abysmal 0-2! Some are saying that you are relying too much on Primetime’s success and riding his coattails! Some are saying that your union is one sided and Primetime may look to strike out on his own! And to be honest, he sounds like he’s more interested in capturing singles titles than focusing on the tag belts, I mean, he didn’t even mention the tag titles!

Sergei merely stares at Jackie and Primetime steps in…

Primetime: Woah there Jackie M! Lets not go stirring the seeds of unrest, ok? The Allies are as strong and united as we’ve always been! It’s the old saying, a chain is only as strong as each individual link! Sergei and I are both honing our skills and working hard to get better, and when we’re both better, then The Allies are better! Those Tag Titles are in our sights to be sure, it’s just that right now certain opportunities have presented themselves and it would be foolish to pass those up! But don’t you worry, The Allies are still in full effect and that’s a fact the rest of the tag teams in the OCW best remember!

Primetime slaps Sergei’s chest and walks off, Sergei remains behind staring at Jackie Midnight

Sergei: This is why we censored the news in the old country. PROPAGANDA!!

Jackie: JUST A BIT! Good luck with your match tonight Comrade. Back to you Scooter!

Scooter: Well there you have it! Both Allies look to be ready and geared up for their matches tonight!

CP: Looks like some unrest in Ally Town Sparks! Primetime can spin it any way he wants but those two got some unresolved business!

Scooter: We’ll see CP! Right now we’ve got the debut match of the Black Suns newest enforcer, Crimson Mask! Fans will recall Yojimbo brought in Crimson Mask to deal with the “Lil’ Tokyo” situation, and don’t think for a second that it’s over between these two! Tonight we get to see just what Crimson Mask is bringing to the table skill-wise as she matches up against Damien Genesis!

CP: And Genesis is looking to beef up that won-lost record Sparks! After an impressive win over Kai in the TV Title Tournament he’s floundered! Though to be honest, if you are going to lose, dropping matches to the future TV Champ and World Champ is the way to go!

Scooter: He’s a competitor to be sure and he’s in the ring with Crimson Mask and we’ve got a bell!

Scooter: A fast start by Crimson Mask fans! A bicycle kick takes down Genesis and she goes for a pin! Two count! Genesis shakes off the attack but she’s right back on him, wailing with chops and kicks! He’s trying to fight her off! Dropkick! Genesis is down again! Another pin attempt! Another two count!
Fans Genesis looks like he was totally caught off guard in this match! Looks like he made the mistake of underestimating Crimson Mask! He’s covering up, trying to block the tornado chops and kicks! NO! he nailed her with a short armed clothesline! Crimson Mask is down! Cover by Genesis! REVERSAL! Two count! Genesis kicks out just in time! He’s stunned and backing up! Crimson Mask is having none of it! She’s got Genesis up- SPINNING HEEL KICK! He’s back down! Another cover! One count! Yojimbo is at ringside, not saying a word fans! Looks like Crimson Mask needs no instruction!
Shes got Genesis up and the former King Cut is stunned! Crimson Mask sends Genesis into the ropes, rebound, DRAGON SLEEPER! That’s one of Lil’ Tokyo’s moves! Is Crimson Mask sending a message with this hold? She knows Lil’ Tokyo is watching this match with great interest! Genesis is fighting it! He makes it to the ropes! Ref calls for the break! Crimson Mask complies…
Genesis is hanging on to that rope and shaking off the cobwebs! OK, back at it, Crimson Mask closes in, and right into a gut kick! Genesis just nailed her and has her..,underhook powerbomb!!! He covers! ONE…TWO…TH..KICKOUT! Crimson Mask got caught off guard there and almost paid the price! Genesis finally has some offense going! He’s got her up- sidewalk slam! Oh shes feeling that fans! Genesis with an armbar, really working that arm, trying to cut down on its effectiveness when dealing chops to be sure!
He’s got Crimson Mask back up and hits a spinning neckbreaker! REVERSAL! Crimson Mask just turned that into a neckbreaker of her own and nailed Genesis! She’s going up top fans! Climbing that turnbuckle, looks like martial arts isn’t all this grappler knows! She’s…wait! What’s this? Noose of The Hangmen has come out of the crowd and nails Crimson Mask in the back! She’s hit the ground! Uh oh! Looks like the big man isn’t too fond of Crimson Mask’s involvement last week in the match The Hangmen had with The Super Dragons!
He’s in the ring, he’s got Crimson Mask up by the throat- WAIT! Damien Genesis just nailed Noose in the back! Noose has hit the mat and rolled out! He’s unfazed but he’s jawing at Genesis! Looks like Genesis doesn’t want this win to come cheap! Well the ref has rung the bell and it looks like Genesis won’t be getting a win here after all! He- OH! Crimson Mask just nailed Genesis from behind and is kicking the life out of him! So much for fair play and trying to help a sister out!
Winner: Crimson Mask via DQ @ 8:52

Scooter: Well that’s a fine how do you do! Now here comes Yojimbo! Looks like they are going to make an example out of Genesis! Let’s get some help out…WAIT! Here we go! Someone is coming to ringside!!! WHO IS THIS!?!? I’ve never seen this grappler before fans! He’s well, he’s in terrible shape and not moving particularly fast, but he’ll do I suppose! Dusty Diamond did say we would see some new talent here tonight! He’s hit the ring! He’s sliding under the ropes! He’s…he’s….uh, he’s not moving.

CP: What the hell is this Sparks? This fat load is just laying there! Did he have a seizure or something?

Scooter: I…I don’t know CP! He’s just laying there! Maybe we can get a shot of…is…is he asleep?

CP: I don’t know Sparks but Genesis is still getting beat down and this fat load isn’t helping! He’s down there catching Z’s while Black Sun turns Genesis into a stain on the mat!

Scooter: Well, looks like they are done CP! Yojimbo and the ref are holding Crimson Mask’s hand high in victory but who is this new arrival and what the hell is he doing, catching a nap right in the middle of the action!?!

CP: Got me Sparks. I have no idea who this joker is or what he’s doing here but I can’t for the life of me imagine how Dusty would sign some goof like this to a contract! Maybe he’s a vagrant who wandered in from outside and thought he was on the way to the snack cart to steal hot dogs?

Scooter: Not sure CP but I guess we’ll get some answers later tonight or next week. Looks like the ref is waking this new arrival up, he’s looking around, yeah buddy, the action is over with, you can…he’s waving to the fans! He’s making his exit and Genesis is still prone in the ring! What a terribly sad display!

CP: I think I saw that guy earlier Sparks, he asked me for change! Said he needed to buy a sammich.

Scooter: Oh yeah? Did you help him?

CP: Sure, I helped him to some of my Mace! Bad luck that he was at the top of a flight of stairs.

We are in the backstage area at the crafts table. Strucka and The OG are standing around enjoying the free coffee and donuts…

Strucka: Man, it’s like, if I had those kind of dreams, I would like, just have to do more J you know? You can’t let that kind of dark stuff in your mind or else it like, totally ruins your day.

Smooth T: Son, you better lay off that junk. It’s going to fry whatever brain cells you got left.

Strucka: Huh? I’m talking about Juicy Juice man, seriously. What did you think I was talking about?

Loball: Look sucka, nightmares ain’t nothing to go fooling around with. Gramma was born down in the bayou and she used to tell us nightmares were glimpses of the future. Now, that old lady was whack as hell, but one thing she wasn’t was stupid. We was little but we listened and…

Smooth T: Word to that. I don’t care how badass or hardcore some Mother claims to be, you get a bad nightmare and it just ruin ya whole day son.

TJ Danger walks by and stops

Danger: Did someone say “Hardcore”?

Loball: Yeah, but you name got nothing to do with the conversation. Nice tights by the way.

Danger: Eat it Urkel.

Loball: Why you little Mother…

Struka: Hey man, like, we were talking about the nightmares Diamond and Scooter had been having. Heavy stuff man, all dark and whatnot. That part with the bugs kept me up for like, three days straight.

Smooth T: You didn’t sleep for three whole days?

Strucka: Yeah, well, and like, AMC was running a Shirley Temple marathon, so like, that had a lot to do with it too…

Danger: Ah, you nancy-boys scared of some dreams? Son, I’m EXTREME! Dreams don’t mean nothing to a guy who can do a face-plant into a mat full of thumbtacks! I’m surprised you guys are so scared! Fear? Son, fear is for the weak and has no place in my extreme world! And Strucka, you got me in a match tonight! You better quit worrying about nightmares in your drug-fried brain and start worrying about the nightmare in the wrestling ring! Yeah! Did you hear that OG? That was like a rap, maybe we could tag again sometime soon?

Loball: Uh, yeah, no I don’t think so Holmes. See, when you went insane and had to be tazed by Los Security it made us rethink the whole six man tag idea.

Smooth T: Yeah, not Cool G, not cool at all.

Danger: Yeah, sure, whatever. Look, I got to go and get ready, Strucka, you better stop stuffing your face with jelly donuts and get ready cause tonight I’m going to be adding the first of many marks in my win column and it starts with you!

Danger walks off and the rest watch him leave

Strucka: That dude is like, totally high-strung. He could use some J.

Smooth T: He doesn’t strike me as a Juicy Juice kinda guy.

Strucka: No man, I mean weed.

We are back to Scooter and CP at the announcers table

Scooter: What do you think of that CP?

CP: I think Strucka needs to be tested weekly is what I think!

Scooter: No I mean about the nightmares!

CP: Nightmares? Scooter do I look like the kind of guy who has nightmares? When you wake up some night with your ex-wife nuzzling a blender between your legs and about to hit the “on” switch come talk to me about nightmares!!!

Scooter: Oh God, I think I’m going to be sick…

CP: Ah, go get yourself some Pepto and read “The Sun Also Rises” and you’ll feel better.

Scooter: Let’s uh, let’s just go to Jackie.

We are in the interview area with Jackie Midnight and The Outlaw, Bobby Jack Casey

Jackie Midnight: Thanks Scooter! I’m here with The Outlaw, Bobby Jack Casey! He’s set to go toe to toe with Sergei Khrushchev next in a Nebraska Bullrope Match! Welcome Outlaw!

Bobby Jack: Khrushchev, did you loose your brain when you came thru customs son??? You actually agreed to a Nebraska Bull Rope match??? Hell Son, I’m a master of this 10 ft attitude adjuster!
BJ holds up a bullrope and wraps it around his fist and forearm and smacks his other arm with it.
You’ve already got a taste of it last week boy! By the way, how’s your head? I’m gonna make you taste the bell once again tonight, then drag you and touch all four of those corners, and leave you in the middle of the ring in a pool of your own blood Son!!!

Jackie: Well! There you have it! Back to you Scooter!

Scooter: Thanks Jackie! CP, these two grapplers seem to just plain hate each other! I don’t know of any history between the two, but it seems like there might be some xenophobia going on.

CP: Huh? Scooter, say what you will about these grapplers, but I can tell you one thing about both: THE BOTH LOVE THE LADIES!

Scooter: Uh, no, xenophobia is the fear of aliens.

CP: Sparks that just makes no damn sense. Now look, I know Dusty told you to flavor your commentary with pop culture references and whatnot but trying to appeal to the X-files crowd is just stupid! They don’t watch wrestling Sparks! Never have! That’s like putting a damn wrestling show on the Scyfy Network!

Both stare at each other for a moment before exploding into laughter!


Scooter: Oh that’s hilarious CP! Can you imagine?

CP: Ah, no Scooter, no I really can’t. Someone would have to be three shades of stupid to do something like that.

Scooter: Oh that’s good. Anyway, back to the match CP. I’m sure you’ve been in one of these Nebraska Bullrope Matches before. Care to give us some insight?

CP: I have Sparks! Coincidentally, it was actually in Nebraska! These matches are a lot harder than you would think! Not only do you have to drag your opponent to all four corners of the ring to claim victory, which is difficult in and of itself, but the entire time you’ve got ten feet of heavy, coarse bullrope in that ring and a big ole’ thick metal cowbell tied in the middle that can be used as a weapon! Strangling, whipping, hanging, it’s all legal in a Nebraska Bullrope match!

Scooter: Well, the combatants are in the ring and it looks like the ref is attaching those leather wrist straps to both Casey and Khrushchev. Casey is jawing fiercely at Sergei who is just regarding the Texan with an even stare, but that looks to be riling Casey up even more! The ref hits the bell and we have a match!

Scooter: Big right hand by Sergei to start us off folks! Casey is sent reeling into the corner! Sergei wastes no time slamming Caseys head right into the turnbuckle and dragging him across the ring to the second turnbuckle!
He slams Caseys head into the second but the big Texan doesn’t go down that easy! He elbows Sergei hard to the face and wraps that bullrope around his neck! Chokeout!!! Sergei is feeling that fans and Casey is driving that big knee right into the Russians back!
Now Casey is just grinding that coarse rope into Sergei’s eyes! That bullrope can be such a violent weapon fans!
Casey is pulling Sergei back up, he sends him into the ropes and tries to smash Sergei with that cowbell as he comes off but Sergei blocks it! Both are fighting for the rope and Sergei just wrapped it around Caseys legs and tripped him up!
Big Russian boots to Casey! Casey is fighting it off, trying to get up, but Sergei is on his back and wrapping that bullrope around his neck! He’s leaning back fans, trying to break Casey like an out of control mustang!
Casey breaks free and bails to the outside of the ring! Sergei is following but Casey pulls the rope tight and Sergei’s shoulder goes right into the ringpost! Oh fans Sergei is going to wake up in the morning feeling that!
Casey drags Sergei outside and knees him in the gut! No finesse here fans! Just smash mouth brawling at its finest! Wait! Casey is wrapping that rope around Sergei and lashing him to the Venezuelan Announcers table! Sergei is tied up fans and Casey is just putting some boots to him! Oh no! Dell Monitor to the back of Sergei’s head! Casey is wailing on the Russian with that bell and Sergei is smashed open!
Sergei finally getting loose fans and the big Russian has taken it back in the ring! Casey is laughing and stomping his boots on the mat! He knows he’s got Sergei in a bad place! Casey taking his time fans! This could be a mistake! You don’t just give someone like Sergei Khrushchev the time to recoup! Casey wanders over and grabs Sergei by the hair, he drags the bleeding Russian to the first ring post, now the second, uh oh! Looks like Casey may take this home after all! Third ring- wait! Sergei just blocked Casey from touching that third turnbuckle! Casey goes for closed fist but Sergei blocks it! Kick to the gut and CHOKESLAM! The Big Russian just hauled Casey right off his feet and put him into the mat! Casey is stunned fans! Sergei wastes no time and goes up top! COWBELL TO THE TOP OF CASEYS HEAD! THE big Texan just fell over like a sack of grain and Sergei is choking him out with that rope! Now he’s grinding that hard cowbell edge right into Caseys forehead! CRIMSON MASK! No, sorry folks, just an expression, the wrestler isn’t out here, but Caseys face is awash in blood!
Don’t worry fans! We won’t go to any black and white nonsense here! This is the OCW where our blood runs red! Just like God intended! Both of these competitors are worn down and bleeding fans! This match has truly taken its toll! Sergei is backing up, and here he goes! Running cowbell smash!!!
Casey is out of it fans! Sergei has looped the bullrope beneath Casey’s arms and it dragging him to the first turnbuckle, and touches it! Now to the next…he gets that one too! Here we go to number three! There he goes! One last turnbuckle to touch fans! Sergei is going to win this thing! Wait! Big Daddy Ewing on the ring apron between Sergei and that last turnbuckle! He’s jawing at Sergei but Sergei is still moving! HEY! BIG DADDY JUST SPIT TOBACCO JUICE RIGHT IN SERGEI’S FACE! The big Russian is blinded fans!
Oh no, Big Daddy just tossed a glass of water onto Casey and that woke the Texan up! He’s dazed but not so dazed he can’t see that cowbell lying right next to Sergei! Casey up on unsteady legs, and he’s just beating Sergei like a government mule! Oh the horror! Sergei’s face is a mask of blood and brown spit! He’s out of it fans and now Casey hooks the bullrope and is just dragging Sergei around the ring like a puppet, yeah here we go…one turnbuckle, two, three and of course, yes, Casey touches the last turnbuckle but I tell you what fans! If it wasn’t for that blasted Big Daddy Ewing he wouldn’t have taken this match! Still, what do you expect from this kind of brutality fans? And at the end of the day, in a match like this, a win is a win and Casey AND his manager showed that THEY are the masters of the Nebraska Bullrope Match. I guess.
Winner: Bobby Jack Casey @ 17:49

Scooter; What a match fans! CP, Sergei really handed out a beating but I guess when it’s two against one it really doesn’t matter how hard you fight, huh?

CP: Yeah, that begs a good question Scooter: Where was Primetime during this match? Shouldn’t he have been out there with his buddy? Shouldn’t he have been at his “partners” side?

Scooter: I know what you are trying to imply CP and I don’t buy it! Primetime Murphy has his own match tonight! Him not being out here has nothing to do with Sergei’s loss.

CP: Maybe, maybe not Sparks! All I know is that the big Russian sure could have used a buddy out here to keep an eye on Big Daddy. He went at it solo and to be honest it cost him this match. I guess we’ll see how unified The Allies are later on if Sergei comes out to Primetime’s Triple Threat Match.

Scooter: CP, just because they don’t back each other up doesn’t mean they aren’t unified! Perhaps they just believe in their own abilities and feel they don’t need someone out here!

CP: Could be Scooter! To that I say this: Sergei, make sure you get a nice firm grip on those curtains when you jerk em’- nylon can get slippery when sweat gets on it- JUST LIKE I TOLD YA MOMMA SPARKS!

Scooter: Lets go to Jackie who is with some of the new tag teams that have entered the OCW, Jackie?

We are back in the OCW interview area with Jackie Midnight. She is sandwiched between three tag teams- The Live Wires, The Black Widows and Trailer Park and Sally Mae Stevens.

Jackie Midnight: Wow! What a PPV so far and so much more to come! And one of the highlights of this action packed night fans is going to be the Tag Team Battle Royal that will see ten teams battling for a cool ten grand!
And right now I’ve got three of those teams that will be competing! Of the six grapplers you see here five are brand new faces to the OCW. I’ll start with Trailer Park, the OCW vet. Trailer Park, I see you’ve brought your lovely wife with you to compete tonight, mind telling us a little about your team?

TP Stevens: Yeah, sure Jackie. We…

Sally Mae pushes Trailer Park aside and takes his place


Jackie Midnight: Oh, I’m sorry Sally Mae, I didn’t mean to…

Sally Mae: Whatev! Look girlfriend, ain’t nothing you can’t ask Trailer Park that you can’t ask me. I’m a woman! I’m a career woman and I pay my own bills and make my own decisions! I don’t need some two-timing man to answer my questions! Go ahead! Axe me whatever you want!

Jackie Midnight: Two timing..? Uh, okay. I was simply going to “axe” how your team came about and if this is going to be a permanent partnership.

Sally Mae: Permanent? Whas’ that supposed to mean, huh? Jus’ cause me and Trailer Park been divorced and re-married a few times you trying to say something? You think you all better than me cause you got a microphone and all your teeth? Huh? I see how you lookin’ at mah man! You and the rest of the skeezy weezies in the OCW best keep yo eyes sideways when he around!

Jackie stands with mouth agape for a moment, then shakes her head.

Jackie: Uh, and over past Miss Stevens is another new team, both fresh faces to the OCW, The Black Widows! Now, if I’ve got this right, we have “Fang”, and to her left we have “Spinner”. Ladies, step on over here so we can get a look at you. Interesting names, do they have a specific meaning?

Fang: You mean besides the obvious? I took the name Fang because I’ll hit you when you least expect it and leave you dazed, which opens up Spinner to come in and wrap you up in one of several dozen submission holds and make you tap out.

Jackie: Oh, I see! Well that certainly seems to encapsulate your wrestling style well, doesn’t it?

Spinner: It works for us.

Jackie: So, ladies, besides the juicy cash prize, are there any other aspirations you have here in the OCW?

Fang: Just win Jackie. Too many teams are putting the web before the silk, as we say. We want to rack up an impressive list of victories first before taking down the tag champs. We don’t want to have two wins under our belts before we win those championships. Look at the Hangmen! One is a roided’ out lump and the other is some fat over-the-hill, sausage chewing wino! All they can do is run their mouth about the belts and the gold, but they haven’t fought anyone! What if they win those belts next week? How many victories will they have on their record to really back up the claim that they are the best tag team in the OCW? Three? That’s pathetic. We aren’t here to be fly by night champs Jackie, we’re here to create a legacy-something OTHER teams in the OCW might consider doing.

Jackie: Other teams? You mean you think there are other teams that are falling short of their potential?

Spinner: Sure there are! What about The Allies? Are they even a team anymore? Not that they were that impressive when they were wrestling as a team together. Or Hass Machina? Just Eurotrash wannabe’s. No, there are few teams in the OCW that impress us Jackie. Very few.

Jackie: And that tag champs? Are they one of the few who impresses you?

Fang: Not really. Once you get past the makeup, filed teeth, and bad girl image all you have are two thugs with a thread of ability between them. You neutralize their manager and force them into a real wrestling match instead of a barroom brawl taking those titles will require only a marginal amount of work.

Jackie: Wow! Articulate and determined! These Black Widows look like they are a force to be reckoned with! GIRL POWER! And speaking of “power”, to my right is a team who has made a name for themselves all through the south- please welcome to the OCW- The Live Wires! Justin Cable and Matt Watts, gentlemen, welcome!

Live Wires: Heya Jackie!

Jackie Midnight: Now fellas, first off, love the tights. But on to the important topics! You both have entered into a developmental contract deal with the OCW, I know you want to make an impact tonight in the battle royal, but, what makes you different than other teams in the OCW?

Justin Cable: Enthusiasm Jackie! Look at the other teams here in the OCW! All are dark and brooding! Toxic Shock, The Hellcats, The Hangmen, all these guys are bitter and angry and ya know, that kind of negative vibe is the kind of thing that will do them in!

Matt Watts: Yeah! Justin’s right Jackie! I mean, to be successful, you have to be POSITIVE! And that’s exactly what the Live Wires have! POSITIVE ENERGY! Take these other two teams for example, a couple of angry women and some white trash, we don’t think…


Justin Cable: How original, a white trash hick afraid of alternative lifestyles!

Matt Watts: Don’t blame her Justin, I’d be upset too if I pawned my wedding ring for a pack of camels and a case of Schlitz!

Trailer Park and Sally Mae charge The Live Wires and The Black Widows get caught in the middle of the free for all! Jackie Midnight jumps clear as all six brawlers go tooth and nail, until we finally cut back to Scooter And CP!

Scooter: WOAH CP! New faces and they look ready to fight it out for that cool ten grand!

CP: Sure do Sparks! Looks like Diamond didn’t even need to dangle that cash in their face either! Just put these teams in the ring and let them go for it!

Scooter: Well, one things to be sure CP, that ten grand is nice but the sheer prestige of winning the battle royal will go a long way too!

CP: It’s going to show who is the most determined Sparks! You’ve never been in a battle royal but I’m here to tell you, it’s brutal! It’s not like some tag match, where you get a breather! You’re constantly on guard, watching for the next attack and trying to keep track of who’s still in and who’s coming for you! One second it’s one on one, the next you’ve got six people looking to beat you down and throw you out!

Scooter: Sounds brutal CP!

CP: It is! The only other place you see that kind of competition is outside ya mama’s bedroom!

Scooter: You know, you never get old. Anyways fans, Jackie is now in the back with what could be considered the favorites in this battle royal, The Hangmen! Hopefully this interview will go a little smoother for her, Jackie take it away!

Jackie Midnight is back in the interview area with Big Oil, she’s trying to straighten her hair when the camera comes on

Jackie Midnight: Oh, we’re on? Ok! Lets try this again! I’m here with Big Daddy Ewing and The Hangmen who are involved in this tag team battle royal tonight. Welcome Gentlemen!

Big Daddy: Hey little philly!!! Yes Yes, Tonight Big Oil takes one more step in being on top of this company. The Hangmen enter into the Tag Team battle royal as the favorite, and will leave with the cash. A blind man can see it from a mile away. Big Oil is on the rise, and since we have come to the OCW The Hangmen and The Outlaw are undefeated..

Jackie Midnight: Actually both have lost to…

Big Daddy: Whatever! Point is, nobody has come close to beating any of them and tonight will be another step up the mountain for The Hangmen! HA HA HA Big Oil getting Bigger Every Day!!!

The Executioner: This tag team battle royal will show once and for all that me and the big man will rule the tag team ranks in the OCW. As Big Daddy said, just another step up the mountain. In a few short weeks have become the #1 Contenders, and on meltdown we will get the gold, and then be on top of the mountain looking down at all the rest of the inferior teams in this company just trying to knock us off. Hell Kittens get ready! Tell em’ big man!

Noose: THATS RIGHT!!! We have ran thru every team so far, and tonight we are going to…

Suddenly, from off camera two masked wrestlers charge into frame! They are wearing black masks sporting a distressed Union Jack flag and wielding trash cans and proceed to beat down The Hangmen! Big Daddy hustles out of the way!

Jackie Midnight: AW HELL NOT AGAIN!

Jackie runs from the set while the masked team put leather biker boots to The Hangmen, then, after busting The Hangmen open, they retreat almost as quickly as they arrived, leaving The Hangmen brutalized and beaten on the ground…a moment later Bobby Jack Casey runs in to frame, bandaged around his midsection and armed with his cowbell, looking around for the attackers, who are long gone.

Scooter: OH MY WORD! Fans did you see that? Who is this new team!?! What do they want? Who…

CP: Give me that list of teams Sparks! I bet the answer is right here somewhere! Uh huh, tonight in the battle royal we got… Trailer Park and Sally Mae Stevens, The Hangmen, The Blue Unicorns, Toxic Shock, The Super Dragons, The OG, Hass Machina, The Live Wires, The Black Widows ..aha! Here we go..”The Union Jacks”! Are you crappin’ me Sparks?

Scooter: Wow, a new team from the UK?

CP: “New Team” my big butt Sparks! Says right here they come from the UK and they have a manager named “Black Alice”. Why don’t we just call them what they are! “The British Bluebloods!”

Scooter: Oh now come on CP! Why would they come back here? Aren’t you being a little paranoid?

CP: And aren’t you being a little blind? Come on Sparks! These goofs just threw on a few masks! This is a sham! Those Bluebloods weaseled their way back in to the OCW and are now in the battle royal!

Scooter: Well, there’s no guarantee they are going to win it CP! They have to fight through nine other teams who want that ten grand just as bad!

CP: Won’t matter Sparks! They crossed the line when they jumped The Hangmen! Those monsters are going to dismantle The Union Bloods or whatever their name is and send them packing back to that crappy country of theirs! They should have just stayed home and enjoyed their bangers and smash, cause now, they came back just to get “banged and smashed” themselves!

Sparks: Well, we’ll certainly see as all of the teams have made their way into the ring and we have the bell and the Battle Royal is on!!!

Scooter: Oh my fans! These teams are wasting no time in going at it! We’ve got Trailer Park mixing it up with Justin Cable of the Live Wires! Sally Mae is hammering Scorpio of Hass Machine in the corner! Loball of The OG just dropkicked Crypt into the ropes and now he and Red Dragon are trying to get him over! He’s almost over! Wait! Creeper just made the save and nailed Loball in the back! Crypt is safe for now!
The Blue Unicorns are going at it tooth and nail with The Union Jacks! The Executioner, who is still looking dazed from the beatdown just a moment ago, comes in, and now the Union Jacks and Blue Unicorns are beating down Executioner! He should have minded his own business! But here comes a groggy Noose to save his partner! I'll tell you what fans, The HAngmen must be tough to survive that beating and be in this ring just a few minutes later to compete! I guess all of that hype has some truth to it!
Wait fans! The Live wires have Trailer Parks Stevens up, AND HE’S OVER! TRAILER PARK STEVENS JUST GOT ELIMINATED!

Eliminated at 3:14

Alright fans! The first one to go out was Trailer Park! But as per the rules of the Tag Team Battle Royal, his team can still win this thing as long as Sally Mae defies the odds and comes out victorious!
Alright Fans, looks like Fang and Spinner, the two new faces to the OCW are trading blows with Hass Machina! Fang has Maximilian up in a torture rack! That's not going to get him out of the ring but it may weaken him! She’s such a powerhouse fans! She’s built like a brick…wait! Scorpio just dropkicked her in the gut and she collapsed! Now Blue Unicorn Uno is joining in and they are putting the boots to her!
Smooth T and Creeper are going at it, and Creeper just tossed Smooth T over the top!

Eliminated at 7:07

Smooth T the second to go over fans and we’re down to eighteen competitors! Wait! Noose is going ballistic and just tossed out Blue Unicorn Uno and Creeper at one time! What strength fans! This guy is a monster and that earlier attack just seemed to fuel his rage! What have the Union Jacks done!?!

Eliminated at 9:18

Eliminated at 9:18

My word fans what strength it took on Nooses part! But now he’s getting tripled teamed by Sally Mae, Fang and Anarchy! They are just stomping a mudhole in him and there looks to be no save from Executioner who has his own problems in the corner with Silver Dragon!
Matt Watts of the Live Wires is going at it with Maxmilian and The Union Jacks have turned their attention on The Executioner! Looks like they are trying to get him out but the old vet is hanging tough on those ropes for dear life! He’s saved himself with a few closed fists! Loball of The OG and Spinner are going at it! She’s kicked him in the gut and whipped him into Scorpio! They both crash to the mat!
Red Dragon is hammering Blue Unicorn Dos in the corner with karate kicks to the face!

Eliminated at 12:32

And a quarter of the competitors are gone fans! Revolution and The Executioner are really going at it! Loball and Crypt are trying to get Fang over the top but she’s hanging on! Eye gouge! This lady doesn’t pull any punches! Wait, Matt Watts and Red Dragon just tossed Sally Mae Stevens right over the top rope!

Eliminated at 14:21

What a battle royal fans! These teams are holding nothing back! Uh oh! Looks like The Super Dragons and Hass Machina are teaming up! This spells bad news for the other teams still left in that ring fans! All four men are sectioning off a quarter of the ring and just stomping Matt Watts and Crypt into the mat! Big boots! Wait! There goes Crypt courtesy of this diabolical union!

Eliminated at 16:03

They are trying to get Watts out but the young man is strong! He’s hanging on and making it hard for them! Save by Blue Unicorn Dos! Uh oh, bad move for The Blue Unicorn as The Dragons and Hass Machina have turned their attention on him and are beating him with fists and chops!
On the other side of the ring The Hangmen and Union Jacks are slugging it out! No wrestling here fans! Just a beatdown to write home about! Wait! Outside the ring it looks like Big Daddy Ewing is moving over towards Black Alice! He’s got Bobby Jack’s cowbell and he look to do some evil!
Uh oh Revolution just turned his attention to the outside and he just got tossed! Big Daddy is seizing the opportunity and beating the life out of Revolution with that cowbell!

Eliminated at 22:44

Uh oh, looks like “Dragon Machina” didn’t last long fans! The four are brawling now and Scorpio just tossed Red Dragon over the top rope! He just landed near Big Daddy who gave him a shot with the cowbell just for good measure! Revolution is being tended to by Black Alice, and he’s busted open fans! You can see blood pouring from beneath that mask!

Eliminated at 23:56

Blue Unicorn Dos and Silver Dragon are trading chops in the corner and the field has thinned out fans! A little more room to navigate in there! Scorpio comes over and gets involved, and Blue Unicorn Dos catches him with a dropkick and sends both he and Silver Dragon over the top!!!

Eliminated at 27.21

Eliminated at 27:21

The Hangmen are hammering Anarchy of the Union Jacks fans and it looks like they might have him gone- wait! No! They have no interest in tossing him over the top! They are using him like a human heavy bag and just landing bodyshot after body shot! They've just tossed him into the corner like a sack of trash! Here comes Matt Watts to the rescue! And there goes Matt Watts right over the top!

Eliminated at 31:00

Ok fans we just passed the thirty minute mark and it looks like we’ve a couple of grapplers hung up on the ropes, Loball and Maxmilian! They are tangled up, just trying to get the other one out, wait! Spinner just rebounded off the opposite ropes and landed a flying dropkick! BOTH HAVE GONE OVER!

Eliminated at 33:47
Eliminated at 33:47

What a move fans! And we’re down to the final six in this battle royal and only two full teams remain! The Hangmen and The Black Widows! This looks bad for Anarchy and Blue Unicorn Dos fans!

Noose and Fang are going at it, and she’s not backing down one bit! The Executioner is still taking shots at Anarchy and Blue Unicorn Dos is being tied up in a Boston crab by Spinner! Executioner just clotheslined Spinner! She’s out of it and he just tossed her over the top!

Eliminated at 36:18

Oh fans! Fang is now being double teamed by the Hangmen and even she can’t withstand this onslaught! She’s fighting for her life in there! Noose is doing the honors of trying to get her out over the top! Uh oh, looks like he’s got her up! Shes going over fans!
There she goes! A valiant effort by the Black Widows but ultimately they fall to The Hangmen!

Eliminated at 41:04

Oh this looks bad for The Blue Unicorn and Anarchy fans! Anarchy is in the corner trying to recover from the last beating he got and Blue Unicorn Dos is cornered! The Hangmen are laughing, moving in, Blue Unicorn Dos dives through them! He’s trying to use that quickness to stay away from them and buy himself some time! He goes again! Oh! He got caught! Heavy boots to his back and that looks to be all she wrote for Dos!
The Hangmen have him up- wait! On the outside Fang has picked up Big Daddy Ewing and PUT HIM THROUGH A TABLE! Noose is going ballistic!!! He’s leaning on the top rope screaming! WAIT! DOS JUST GRABBED NOOSE AND BOTH HAVE GONE OVER THE TOP! BLUE UNICORN DOS JUST SACRIFICED HIMSELF TO TAKE THE BIG MAN OVER!

Eliminated at 44:39

Eliminated at 44:39

What a move fans! The young grappler just grabbed a hold of Noose and they both went right over the top! Now Executioner is roaring in frustration! Big Daddy is out of it and Noose and Fang are slugging it out! Spinner is out there too! And Blue Unicorn! It’s a free for all on the outside! And inside the ring, The Executioner is zeroing in on Anarchy who is out of it on the mat!
Easy pickings for The Executioner! He’s got Anarchy up on the ropes! Here we go fans, I wish I could say this was a surpris-WAIT! Anarchy just nailed Executioner with a Scissors kick AND HE WENT RIGHT OVER THE TOP! Anarchy was playing possum fans AND THE UNION JACKS HAVE WON THIS BATTLE ROYAL!

Eliminated at 46:54

My word fans what an amazing battle royal! Anarchy spent that time recuperating and when Executioner least expected it pulled out a move that sent the big man over the top! We’ve got a pier six brawl outside the ring and………LOS SECURITY!
No one is waiting around to get hit with those cattle prods fans! All of the wrestlers are dispersing through the crowd or heading back down the aisle! But in the ring, Revolution and Black Alice have joined Anarchy in victory!

Winner: Anarchy @ 46:54

In the ring, Dusty Diamond joins The Union Jacks, and has a mic.

Dusty Diamond: Alright! Union Jacks, congratulations on winning the first ever OCW Tag Team Battle Royal! And I have a check right here for ten thousand dollars, congratulations!

Black Alice: Thanks Luv! You know the Jack’s can really use the “Bennies” as you yanks say. And Hangmen, you and that fat slimy load that follows you around better watch ya backs! The Union Jacks are looking to take you down and send you packing back to the Lone Star State!

Diamond: By the way, for those folks that are questioning the identity of the Union Jacks and their eligibility to compete in the OCW, all I have to say is this: They showed up with the appropriate paperwork to be here in the states and they work cheap- a combination I admire and am willing to take advantage of! Once again! Congratulations to Anarchy and his partner Revolution!

Scooter: Well there you have it fans! Right from Dusty Diamonds mouth! The Union Jacks look legit and here to stay and what a way to make a debut!

CP: Ah, I’m not impressed Sparks…

Scooter: Woah, clutch the pearls, you aren’t impressed?

CP: Don’t crack wise Sparks! I’m not impressed because I saw these guys before they threw those masks on! They are the same Bluebloods that were here a month ago! I’m sure they ran home, let Momma comb their hair and fix them tea, licked the wounds from the ass beating the Horsemen handed them, got some doctored passports and came on back when the time was right.

Scooter: And next you’ll be telling me you’ve got a “magic bullet” keychain and vacation at Area 51, right?

CP: You know Sparks, you’re the kind of person who thinks Superman and Clark Kent are two different people because one wears glasses.

Scooter: Oh come on. Look, lets get past the Union Jacks. What about these new faces on the tag team scene, did any impress you?

CP: Sure did Sparks. The Black Widows impressed me greatly. I would keep an eye on those two, they may give the Hellcats a run for their money!

Scooter: And The Live Wires?

CP: Are you serious?

Scooter: Well sure! They look like a fresh and invigorating team to keep an eye on!

CP: I’ll reserve judgment on those two pretty boys Sparks, lets wait to see them in a match.

Scooter: Fair enough! Well fans, our next matchup here at Resurrection is TJ Danger going against Strucka! Fans will remember Strucka won a match against Smashin’ Taz last week to keep his job while TJ Danger, formerly Tobias Jorum was allowed to keep his by virtue of, well, we’re not sure.

CP: Yeah, I’m not sure how Danger is still employed Sparks, other than Dusty’s BMW has been looking reeeeeeeeeeeal shiny lately.

Scooter: Well, Danger is in the ring and here comes Strucka and we’ve got a match fans!

Scooter: Strucka starts out by offering his hand and Danger just slaps it away fans! Strucka just shrugs and warms up in his corner, and Danger attacks! Danger all over Strucka like syrup on flapjacks! Hard right to Strucka’s jaw and the former Awesome One is dazed!
Danger into the ropes and comes off with a flying dropkick! Strucka down and Danger goes for a pin! One…Two…kickout! Strucka just managed to get a shoulder up! Danger complaining to old Lou but Old Lou just points to his ear and shakes his head.
Strucka up and he hits a kick to Dangers back! Danger down and Strucka nails him in the back of the head with one of his patented moves, “the donkey punch!” CP stop laughing over there if you aren’t going to let me in on the joke. Sorry fans, back to the action, Strucka has the upper hand and he’s got Danger on the mat and tied up! Cross-facelock and Danger isn’t going anywhere! Finally we’re seeing some of that MMA training Strucka used to brag about and it looks like he can back it up!
He’s trying to get Danger to tap, but Danger is clawing, fighting for the ropes! He’s got them! Old Lou calls for the break and Strucka complies. Danger is up fans and he’s a fist of rage! He charges Strucka and nails him in the gut with a spear! Strucka is down! He never saw it coming! Wait! Danger grabs Strucka’s ankle and is twisting for all he’s worth! Nowhere to go for Strucka! AND SRUCKA TAPS! TJ Danger just pulled a win out of nowhere and he can’t believe it! Danger celebrating in the ring as Strucka rolls out and limps his way to the back!
Winner: TJ Danger via submission @ 6:01

As Danger is celebrating the lights go out!

BOOMING VOICE OVER THE PA: TJ, you don’t control fear…fear controls you!!!

The lights come back on and a figure in a triangular helmet armed with a massive sword is standing bathed in red light and fog at the entrance to the arena! He raises his sword towards TJ and the lights go out again!


The lights cut out again and when they return the figure is halfway down the ramp, in the exact same pose.



The lights go out again and when they come back on the figure is ringside! He lowers his sword. The figure and TJ stare at one another, TJ pacing back and forth in the ring, jawing to Old Lou who is hiding behind Danger. Green smoke begins to fill the area from the ring posts till it's eventually thick and almost stopping visibility! Suddenly, zombie-like figures slowly emerge from beneath the ring apron moaning, attempting but unable to get completely out from beneath the ring! TJ Danger backs up, keeping an eye on the figure and the creatures coming from beneath the ring…

Figure: Now you shall sink into your nightmares, your greatest fears. WE shall consume you, and see how weak fear will make you, “Mr. Extreme”. MWUAHAHAHA!!!

The lights go out! A moment later they come back on and the figure, the bugs on the announcers table and the zombie-creatures are all gone, leaving only TJ Danger in the ring, spinning around in circles, trying to keep Old Lou between him and, well, everything…


CP: What?

Scooter: What do you mean, “what?” THE BUGS MAN! THE ZOMBIES!!! DID YOU NOT JUST SEE ALL OF THAT!?!

CP: Aw hell Sparks, I thought all of that was just another acid flashback. You mean that was real?

Scooter: Acid…are you kidding me CP? You seem really calm for a guy who just a second ago had a freakin’ roach motel crawling around over his coffee! Did you not see all of that?

CP: Sparks, I hate to break this to you, but before Nam’ I spent a LOT of time working roadie for the Diamond Desert Trucker Band and I put some chemicals in my body that people just shouldn’t ingest. Hell Sparks, when I sit next to you I don’t know when I look over if I’m going to see some nebbish little geek or a five-foot tall singing cactus dressed like Liberace’, you know what I’m saying? I’ve just sorta learned to roll with the punches.

Scooter: You…you astound me. Well fans, I’m not sure I can go on…I…

CP: Oh come on Sparks. Just go get some Thai stick from Strucka and calm down. There are no bugs here now, no zombies, it’s all good.

Scooter: Ok fans, uh, while we try to, I don’t know, make sure there are no undead…

CP: You mean besides the fans?

Scooter: …Jackie is in the back with, ironically, Mr.Lucifer and the Army of Darkness.

CP: Yeah, he’s going to run his mouth about how those crazy bitches of his are going to take me and Major down tonight. Tell you what Sparks, he sticks his nose in the match and I’m going to bite the damn thing off and hang it on a chain around my neck- just another addition to my collection.

Scooter: You know, who needs nightmares when I have you around CP? Jackie, take it away.

Mr. Lucifer stands in the interview area with Jackie Midnight. The Hellcats are behind them in their cage growling and hissing at Jackie and the cameraman.

Jackie Midnight: Thanks Scooter! I’m here with Mr.Lucifer and the Hellcats…

She casts a nervous glance at the Hellcats…

Mr.Lucifer: Hello Ms. Midnight. Lovely name by the way.

Jackie Midnight: Why, thank yo..

Mr. Lucifer: You see Corporal Punishment? All you have to do is ask permission beforehand and, if granted, I will allow you to ask a few questions.
He looks back to Jackie

Mr.Lucifer: Now Ms. Midnight, where were we?

Jackie Midnight: Oh! Well, uhm…

Mr.Lucifer: Ah yes, the interview. Tonight we will put an end to this ridiculous business between the Punishments and my Hellcats once and for all. It’s really all very pathetic. An old man whose glory days are well behind him and his hotheaded whelp are hardly worthy opponents to the current tag team champions. My Army of Darkness has better things to do than to waste our time with this petty nonsense, but we have deigned to humor the owner of this federation for tonight. I’m sure the baying sheep in the seats will get a kick out of it.

Mr. Lucifer smiles condescendingly.

Jackie Midnight: Okay, well I…

Mr.Lucifer: That will be all.

Mr. Lucifer snaps his fingers and instantly cloaked figures appear and cart off the dolly holding the Hellcats cage. Jackie watches them leave and shrugs.

Jackie Midnight: Wow, easiest…interview…ever. Back to you Scooter!

Scooter: Thanks Jackie! Wow, some harsh words from Mr. Lucifer CP!

CP: Huh? Oh sorry Scooter, I wasn’t paying attention. See, I’ve heard this kind of crap before from guys like Lucifer. I just decided to take the time to pay some bills online.

Scooter: Uh, right. Well right now fans we’ve got a few new faces to the OCW! In a developmental contract deal that includes the Live Wires we’ve got a wrestler simply known as “Sickbag”. Any idea who this guy is CP?

CP: None Sparks, I saw him hanging around backstage licking the bases of the toilets earlier.

Scooter: Oh, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little…

CP: Well why don’t you go down and offer it up as a welcome gift to Sickbag? I’m sure the toilet scum won’t tide him over all night.

Scooter: Woooo! Deep breaths! Okay! Okay, I’m okay! Uh, anyway, this “Sickbag” is going up against the young lady who is in the ring right now, Angel! She's a new addition to OCW, straight from the Circle City, Indianapolis, Indiana!

CP: Angel huh? The OCW is the last place I would expect to find and angel! Wow, remind me next time she has a match to bring my sunglasses! That is one bright outfit!

Scooter: Sure is CP! White silk and gold sequins it looks like! She surely does look like an Angel!

CP: Yeah, well, she won’t stay pristine for long Sparks! When you see Sickbag you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Scooter: Well, Angel has the mic fans, lets hear what she has to say!

In the ring, a white-bodysuit clad female is standing with a microphone. One single white light from above is focused on her. She is wearing a mask trimmed in gold that glitters like a halo around her head as golden trim on her bodysuit sparkles in the light. She is a shimmering picture of brilliance and beauty…

Angel: I am Angel! I have been sent to rid the OCW of the filth herein! Fear not, those pure of heart! But to evil-doers I say fear the avenging Angel!

The light then turns a sickening green and refocuses on the entrance to the arena. From beneath the giagantitron crawling on all fours, is a demented visage. The grappler known as “Sickbag” slithers for a moment on his stomach, letting his tongue drag the floor before standing up and charging the ring!

Scooter: Well there you have it fans! I don’t think you could have any two more different grapplers than what we have here tonight! Sickbag hits the ring but Angel is ready for him! Dropkick to the chest and Sickbag goes down! Angel hits him with a legdrop and picks him up by the few hairs on his head! He’s into the ropes! Monkeyflip and pin attempt by Angel! Sickbag kicks out at two!
He’s screaming fans! What a nut! Apparently this guy was shuffled around to a bunch of mental institutions for years before finally getting kicked out! Angel doesn’t seem to care though, as she’s locked in a full nelson! Sickbag with a reverse kick and Angel doubles over, breaking the hold!
Looks like this demented freak is in control now fans and, oh! He's just biting Angel’s forehead! Thank goodness shes got that mask to offer some protection! He nails her with a fist and slings her into the corner and charges in and catches her with a clothesline! Angel on the mat! Sickbag is just standing there fans, looking down at her and licking his lips. What is this sick freak thinking?
Uh oh! Looks like he’s on her back and he’s going to lock in a cobra clutch…no, wait….he’s…he’s pulling her hair free of that bun and running those long fingernails through her hair! He’s…he’s tasting her hair? What the…Angel spins around and kick-presses him off! Sickbag lands hard fans and Angel is livid!!! She backflips into a elbow drop! Sickbag is in trouble! Angel’s got him up…uh oh! Angelic Airplane Spin! Looks like Sickbag is going for a ride and yes! She turns that into a sitdown powerbomb!
She could cover him…no! Angle pulled him up and she’s locked on her finisher, the “Silent Night Sleeperhold”! Looks like Sickbag is going for a nap fans! The ref is checking his arm! It just needs to drop three times! Once….twice…I think…WAIT! Margharita just came out of the audience and nailed Angel in the back with her boot! Angel is down and Margharita is stomping a mudhole in Angel! What is she doing out here!?! Wait, now she’s pulling Angel out of the ring!
Winner: Angel via DQ @ 7:31

Scooter: Fans will remember this is exactly the same stunt Margharita pulled on Miss Bling at the TV Title Tournament! Angel is out of it fans! She’s out cold! She had this match won before Margharita got involved! Here come the EMT’s and Margharita is in the ring with the microphone!


Margharita prances around the ring while the EMT’s tend to Angel and load her on a stretcher

Margharita: Angel! Jou came to the wrong place to try to clean up! Jou wit jour shiny white suit and jour goody-goody attitude can go on back to where jou came from!

On the stretcher Angel comes alive! She tries to fight her way off but the EMT’s have a neckbrace on her and the straps are holding her tight! Shes screaming and trying to get loose! They quickly hustle her to the back!

Margharita: Jou let her go! She can come up here and I’ll give her more of the same! Angel! Jou run back to Suburbia where jou came from and worry more about making babies and cookies!

Margharita drops the mic and makes her way out of the ring!

Scooter: Well fans that went south for Angel quick! I‘m glad to see she’s got enough fight in her that Margharita’s attack didn’t seem to do too much damage!

CP: I’ll say this Sparks! That Angel must be one tough little lady to take a full-on powerbomb on the concrete and still try to get off that stretcher and fight! You saw what happened to Miss Bling and she’s still out of action!

Scooter: I agree CP! Margharita better watch her back! She’s making a lot of enemies and I think she just made a major mistake! Angel doesn’t look like the kind of competitor to just roll over and take this kind of attack!

CP: Time will tell Sparks! There are so many new faces coming into the OCW it’s hard to keep track! I know Dusty said she was going to stir things up but I didn’t imagine we would have this kind of boost to our roster so quickly! It’s like a whole different OCW!

Scooter; It’s an exciting time to be a fan of the OCW CP! While other feds are content parading out nameless grapplers with as much flavor as stale saltines or old, over-the-hill wrestlers who operate on pain killers and Geritol the OCW is bringing fans high quality, high caliber entertainment and wrestlers who are in their prime!

CP: Damn right Scooter! That’s why I’m here and not in the northeast or down south, the action is right here in the Ohio River Valley!

Scooter: Well, up next we’ve got our Triple Threat Match to determine who goes on to fight for that TV Title! Fans will recall that our three competitors were semi finalists in the TV Title Tournament! Roland Hard actually made it to the finals, finally dropping the match to current TV Champ Lil’ Tokyo. Primetime Murphy also lost to Tokyo and of course Mentalo lost his match against Roland Hard.
Ultimately, after a few weeks all of these men have a tied won/lost record of 3-1, and tonight’s match will determine who will go on to fight Lil Tokyo for her belt at the next Monday Night Meltdown or, if she manages to strip the title from current champ Steele, will go on to face Bret Steele for that vacated TV Title!

CP: Emotions are going to run high Sparks! All of these guys feel they should already have that TV Title around their waist!

Scooter: Any predictions for the match CP?

CP: Yeah, anyone but Mentalo! That guy is a joke!

Scooter: Now that’s hardly fair CP! Mentalo has a lot of ability! The fact that he made it as far as he did in the tournament speaks volumes about his ability and drive!

CP: He’s just not championship material Sparks! I can see Primetime or Roland with that belt around their waist, but Mentalo simply hasn’t shown he is the kind of grappler who can win the major titles! Maybe if we had a luchadore title or something he could win that. Or, like, “nicest smile” award I bet that would go to him. But a championship belt?

Scooter: Well, we’ve got our three competitors in the ring fans! Now this is a Triple Threat Elimination Match, which means if you get pinned you’re done but the remaining two competitors will continue to go at it until we have one winner! Should be a heck of a match! Let’s go to the ring and see who moves on to a shot at the TV Title!

Scooter: Alright fans! Looks like we’re starting off with some good old fashioned trash talk from Roland Hard, but the man can back it up! The ref is going over the rules with the competitors and all are listening, no cheap shots or funny stuff her- WOAH! Roland Hard just nailed Mentalo!
Mentalo hits hard on the mat fans and Roland turns his attention to Primetime! The ref signals for the bell and the match is on!
Can’t say I’m too surprised here fans, Roland Hard plays by his own set of rules and those who thought he was a smiling, “kiss the babies” kind of grappler were easily misled!
Primetime and Hard returning fists, Mentalo is back up and nails Hard in the back with a dropkick! Hard goes down and Primetime hits a gut kick and nails Mentalo with an atomic drop! Mentalo bounces right into the turnbuckle and back into a facebuster by Primetime! Cover! One! Two! Breakup by Roland Hard!
Bad move fans! Hard should have listened to the ref! If Primetime had pinned Mentalo that would have eliminated him, not wont the match for Primetime and you can see Hard is kicking himself for forgetting that!
Alright fans! Primetime is holding Mentalo now and Roland is taking some prime shots at the luchadore!! Oh fans Mentalo is reeling from that one! Now Roland has nailed Primetime with a closed fist! Primetime stunned! Shaking it off! Roland turns to Mentalo and nails the groggy grappler with a sidewalk slam! Cover! Two count! Mentalo just barely kicked out of that! Hard has him up and hits a german suplex! Mentalo is down and Roland is back up, he turns around- DROPKICK FROM THE TOP ROPE BY PRIMETIME! Roland caught that right on the chin fans and hits the mat!
But Mentalo isn't out of this one yet! He nails Primetime with a legsweep and hammers that young grappler! Roland up! Mentalo signals to take Primetime up and Roland agrees! Primetime clotheslined on the top rope by Mentalo And Roland!
Now Mentalo and Roland exchanging forearm smashes! Roland nails Mentalo with a hard shoulder block! He goes for a pin but only gets a two count! He's so focused on Mentalo he doesn't see Primetime back up and measuring him- kick to the head!
Primetime following up with a Boston crab on Roland! The big man isn’t giving up, Primetime is really rearing back fans, CLOTHESLINE BY MENTALO! He almost took Primetime’s head right off with that move fans! He covers! ONE! TWO! TH- KICKOUT! I have no idea how Primetime managed to kick out of that fans!
Mentalo is shaking his head, he’s just as stunned as everyone else! He turns his attention to Roland who is still recovering from that Boston Crab! Mentalo runs, jumps to the top turnbuckle- AND HITS THE LOBOTOMIZER ON ROLAND HARD! Roland is out of it fans! Mentalo goes to cover- WAIT! DDT ON MENTALO BY PRIMETIME! Mentalo rolls over and Primetime dives on top of Roland Hard! ONE! TWO! THREE! Roland Hard just got eliminated in this triple threat match!
Hard rolls out of the ring fans, he’s stunned!
Primetime turns his attention to Mentalo who is still down on the mat! Uh oh, Primetime is signaling for his finisher, The Headliner! He’s got Mentalo up! HEADLINER! That modified brain buster just laid out Mentalo! But wait! The ref is distracted by Roland Hard up on the ring apron!
Come on ref! Primetime is slapping the mat! He’s looking around for the ref, he sees Roland Hard!
Primetime is up and over to deal with Roland Hard! Both are locked up across the ring ropes and the ref is trying to get between the two! Roland just nailed Primetime with something and the ref missed it! Primetime is out cold! Roland has bailed out onto the floor and tossed that foreign object under the ring! The ref has turned his attention to the two prone wrestlers on the mat and now he’s counting out both of the grapplers!
One..Two…neither are moving fans! Whatever Hard hit Primetime with just leveled the young grappler! Five…Six…both aren’t moving, both are still…wait! Mentalo is trying to make it up! He’s climbing up the ropes! Nine…MENTALO MAKES IT UP! Primetime just got counted out and MENTALO GOES ON TO FIGHT FOR THE TV TITLE!
Winner: Mentalo via countout @ 13:20

Scooter: What a match fans! But CP, what about the turn of Roland Hard? He just cost Primetime that TV Title!

CP: Sure did Sparks! And you know, I’m surprised he was able to get away with that, seeing as how Sergei was out there to watch Primetime’s back!

Scooter: But Sergei wasn’t out…oh, I see.

CP: Of course you do you little nitwit! Primetime wasn’t out to back up his buddy and it looks like it cost him dearly! Guess both of the Allies get to go out after the PPV tonight, knock back a few brewskis and work out their differences, cause both just got big notches marked in the “L” column tonight Sparks!

Scooter: I hate to agree with you CP, but you’re right! I’m starting to think there might be something to your theory about there being some dissension between the Allies! Nonetheless, it has been a terrible night for the Allies fans, but don’t worry! I have faith these two competitors can straighten things out!

CP: Whatever Dr.Phil, you keep your touchy-feely crap on the other side of the table. I’m just upset cause’ it looks like I’ll have to make a trip out to the mall this weekend.

Scooter: Mall? What for?


Scooter: You know, I would criticize you for making a joke like that but as long as it has nothing to do with my Mom who am I to complain? Anyways fans, up next we’ve got a match that is sure to cause some of our younger fans nightmares for weeks!

CP: Yeah, you should be real familiar with nightmares, “Buggy”.

Scooter: Shut up. Anyways! We’ve got the Inferno Match up next! That’s right fans, Kai has targeted Blood Rage and challenged him to this match. Right now Jackie Midnight was able to track down one of the competitors, Kai and has him in the back. Jackie, take it away!

We're In the Interview area with Jackie Midnight and Kai

Jackie Midnight: Hello fans! I’m here with one large and unhappy grappler, please welcome Kai! Kai has an upcoming match with Blood Rage and it’s an “Inferno Match”, Now Kai, for the people who don’t know, What exactly is an Inferno Match?

Kai: It's quite simple. Me and Blood Rage in the ring. And a wall of FIRE around the ring. No Disqualifications, No Pins, No Submissions. No Countouts, No rules. Only ONE stipulation. To win you must set your opponent ON FIRE.

Jackie: But why would you want to do that match? Isn’t that a little…well a LOT insane?

Kai: Sweetheart, Blood Rage and I, are monsters. We know not sane or insane, just carnage and destruction. From what I can tell, he's not afraid. And he shouldn't be. I know you can see my arm plain as day. It doesn’t hurt that bad. Eventually the flames burn through all your nerves and char your skin to never heal again, leaving you disfigured. But, it's only fire.

Jackie: Sounds, well, horrific. So you don't care if you set Blood Rage on fire, but what if you lose? Aren’t you afraid of getting burnt again?

Kai: I guess you could say that. If Blood Rage can live up to his legend, third degree burns shouldn't even phase him. Tonight when I put him face first into the flames, We will see. Tonight, OCW's monsters fight…IN HELL!

Kai laughs as the camera zooms in and focuses on Jackie

Jackie: Well there you have it Folks! Kai is ready for tonight, and for this sick, twisted, demented contest….

Kai: Oh, and Jackie… the camera zooms back out to fit Kai back into the picture

Jackie: Yeah?

Kai raises his closed hands up into sight

KAI: BOO !!! He jolts his hands open and a fire ball plumes out!!!


Kai laughs and walks away…

Jackie: I bet Katie Couric doesn’t have to put up with this kind of crap. Back to you Scooter.

Scooter: Thanks Jackie! Woah CP, an inferno match! Now, I know you’ve been around a while, but these inferno matches are a little beyond your time. Did you ever compete in one?

CP: Can’t say that I have Sparks! Back in my day you wanted to set your opponent on fire you threw a fireball in his damn face! But this match is just crazy! These two freaks must be mentally damaged to put themselves in this kind of danger

Scooter: Well, that’s certainly one way of looking at it! Obviously this match heated up when Kai seemingly had Blood Rage beat in that triple threat match a week ago but was denied a win when Roland Hard intervened and powerslammed Kai, but apparently Kai had his sights set on Blood Rage upon his debut!

CP: Yeah, kinda creepy when you think about it Sparks! Still, this match will do one of two things-end this for good and send someone to the hospital, or…

Scooter: “Heat things up”?

CP Slaps Sparks!

Scooter: OW! What was that for!?!

CP:You deserved it for that pun. Don’t ever do that again.

Scooter: Uh, okay anyway, a few things about this match fans. First off, for obvious safety requirements, we have half a dozen off duty firefighters on standby with fire extinguishers. Second, the first two rows of fans have been relocated due to the extreme heat. Now, you’ll notice we’ve got gas lines situated six feet from the ring between the ring and the safety barricades- when the match starts flames will erupt from these lines, the temperatures reaching an excess of five hundred degrees! The rules, as Kai stated, are simple: The first competitor to catch fire loses!

CP: Yeah, not much room to maneuver outside the ring fans! The entrance to the ring is clear, but beyond that every side of the ring is a potential inferno!

Scooter: Well, Kai’s music has hit and he’s made his way to the ring! He’s bringing that black bat his brother Head Hunter used to carry! He said he was bringing it! He’s in the ring and he’s ready fans!

Suddenly the lights go out! The Flames around the ring erupt with a burst illuminating just the ring and behind Kai a dark figure appears! The lights come back up and it’s Blood Rage with a steel chair!

Scooter: WOAH! Blood Rage just nailed Kai with that steel chair fans!!! Looks like the match is ON!

Scooter: Kai’s dropped the bat fans and Blood Rage just begins to hammer the massive grappler with that chair! And Blood Rage goes at least six-six himself fans! He’s no slouch!
The flames are in full effect now and Blood Rage tosses the chair away! He’s got Kai by that huge mane of red hair and he’s dragging him to the ropes! Looks like he’s planning on ending this early! He’s trying to get Kai over the top but the big man is blocking! Elbow to Blood Rage! Now Kai is choking Blood Rage on the top rope! Hard jerk and Blood Rage snaps back and hits the mat! Kai shaking out the cobwebs from that brutal beating he took at the outset of this match!
Kai stalking Blood Rage fans! He’s got that crazy maniacal look on his face like he smells blood in the water- er- on the mat so to speak! Kick to midsection! Blood Rage is doubled over! Kai reaches down and picks him up, Blood Rage into the ropes! Kai catches him with a kneelift as he comes off! Not much offense from Blood Rage so far fans! Kai measuring Blood Rage, he goes for another kick! Blocked! Blood Rage caught his foot and tripped him up! Blood Rage back up now fans! He’s got the big man up- Pendulum Back Breaker! Kai’s hurting from that one fans! Blood Rage following up with a Argentine Backbreaker! He’s really stretching out Kai’s leg here fans! Say what you want about Blood Rage, he’s brutal, likely insane and chaotic, but the man can wrestle! I wouldn’t want to be the world champ if this grappler ever decides to set his sights on that belt!
Blood Rage still working on the leg fans! Several knee drops right into the back of Kai’s thigh fans! That’s going to certainly hobble the big man!
Blood Rage now kicking Kai brutally and sending him out of the ring! Oh fans! That was close! Kai almost rolled right over into the flames! He backs up realizing what has just happened! Blood Rage bailing out of the ring, he’s chopping Kai who’s on his knees! Kai blocks! He’s got Blood Rage’s hand and slings him towards the flames! NO! Blood Rage vaulted OVER the flames! They didn’t touch him and he landed safely on the other side near the fans! He landed hard though fans and he may have hurt his shoulder! Those flames are reaching up at least four, maybe five feet! What athleticism Blood Rage must have to have cleared those flames!
This is certainly buying Kai some time fans! He’s recuperating but limping and he’s up! He’s moving around those gas lines, keeping clear so as not to take himself out of this match by accident! He’s got Blood Rage by that long black hair and puts his head right into the ringside barrier! Blood Rage is stunned! Now Kai picks him up- what strength! And drops Blood Rage neck first across that barrier!
Some fans are jawing at Kai and he’s waving them off- Hey! Someone just threw a soda or beer or something on Kai! Who was that? We need to get some security down there to keep these people back! I couldn’t tell who threw that fans but I’m sure Los Security will weed them out! Kai wiping that soda or whatever out of his eyes and it buys Blood Rage some time! Blood Rage makes his way back to the ring but Kai is right after him! Kai nails him in the back! Blood Rage scrambles back in the ring and catches Kai trying to re-enter! Blood Rage suplexes Kai right back into the ring!
Blood Rage tries to go for the Coffin Nail Piledriver but Kai reverses! Blood Rage hits hard on his back! Kai with a big boot to Blood Rage but he collapses on that bad leg Blood Rage was working on earlier! Both are now down and simply exchanging fists! Kai manages to nail a clothesline! Blood Rage is almost out of it fans! This match has really taken everything out of these two grapplers! Kai is up and managing to drag Blood Rage to the ropes! He sends him in, rebounds, and Kai pulls down the opposite rope! BLOOD RAGE GOES THROUGH AND ROLLS OUTSIDE RIGHT INTO THE FLAMES!!! HE’S ENGULFED IN FLAME!!!
Winner: Kai @ 14:33


Both have tumbled out and onto the ringside area fans! Here comes the firefighters and they are hosing these two down with the fire extinguishers! We’ve got at least a half dozen extinguishers going full force! I can’t see anything fans! The whole area is completely obscured in white smoke, foam and steam!
This wasn’t some lame match where one wrestler gets his arm caught on fire fans, both of these grapplers burst into flames!!! I can only hope these two men aren’t permanently scarred for life! Well, any more than they were already of course!
But fans! I have to wonder as the smoke is clearing, how did Kai go up in flames so quickly? It was almost like he was doused with…wait! The smoke has cleared! Kai is laying there being tended to by the firemen! He looks shaken, some of his hair has been burned away but it looks like he is mostly just a bit charred- but- but where is Blood Rage? He’s gone! He’s nowhere to be seen and the firefighters are looking around, they have no idea where he’s gone to either! Where the heck did he go to!?! Kai is also looking around but the EMT’s are out here trying to tend to him. He looks upset fans! I guess he wanted to see a body or something! Nonetheless, Kai takes this match and the win fans, but at what cost? Not only to his body but to his mind as well?

CP: That was absolutely brutal Sparks. You know, there is a reason a lot of feds banned these kinds of matches. Someone could have gotten killed in there!

Scooter: True CP! But what about Kai bursting into flames!?! And Blood Rage charging back in the ring just to get at him!?! I’ve never seen such hate or anger before! To be burning alive and run AWAY from aid and assistance just to get one last measure of revenge against your opponent? That’s nuts!

CP: Come on Sparks! Neither one of these guys look like card-carrying MENSA Members do they? They signed up for a match where to win you have to catch your opponent on freaking fire!

Scooter: You’ve got a point CP! I can’t argue that! Well fans, from a match based on insanity to a match based on contractual obligations- we’ve got our OCW World Title Match up next!

CP: Gonna be a hum dinger Sparks! Steele has rolled over every opponent that has been put in front of him! He’s been a shining example of what a champion should be!

Scooter: Well what about Lil’ Tokyo? This young lady has fought against the greatest of odds just to get in this match! That by itself is such a testament to her heart and ability!

CP: Yeah, yeah, save all that noise Sparks! I’m tired of hearing how much “heart and fortitude” Lil’ Tokyo has! Let’s see what she brings to this match! Lets see what she can do in the big dance!

Scooter: Well, no pre-match interviews this time fans! These two grapplers have said all there is to say and they are ready to put it on the line! Lil’ Tokyo making her way to the ring, and she looks confident fans! She’s healed up from the brutalizing she took at the hands of Black Sun a few weeks back and she’s smiling and ready for this contest!

CP: She better quit worrying about slapping fans hands and smiling Sparks and get her head in the game!

Scooter: And the music for the OCW World Champ hits! Crippler Bret Steele fans, making his way to the ring, wearing a cocky grin and that ten pounds of gold around his waist! He doesn’t look worried in the least bit and he steps up the ring steps and stops, staring down Lil’ Tokyo. He snaps his fingers for the ref to pull apart the ropes for him and steps through. Looks like we’ve got a match fans!!!

Scooter: We’ve got the bell and Tokyo and Steele circle each other, sizing one another up! Steele stops and begins talking some trash! Not sure what he is saying fans but it’s obvious he doesn’t think much of his challenger!
Tokyo says something- AND STEELE SLAPS HER IN THE FACE! Tokyo is stunned fans! Steele puts a finger right in her face and- Tokyo grabs his arm and flips him to the mat! Armbar by the challenger! Steele is stunned!
Tokyo turning that armbar into a stretch and she’s leaning back, really trying to pull that arm out of the socket! Steele upset and rolls over, he’s up! He reverses that hold and hits a short arm clothesline! Tokyo hits the mat hard! Steele cinches in a standing leglock and he’s trying to get Lil’ Tokyo to tap! She’s not going to give up that easily fans. OH! Steele drops a big leg right across her neck! Roll up! One! Two! Kickout!
Steele not wasting any time, picks up Tokyo by that wild mane of hair and hits a fallaway suplex! He’s got Lil’ Tokyo on the ropes! She’s reeling and he sends her in to the turnbuckle! She flips upright and gets hooked! Tree of woe! Steele is over in the corner putting the big boots to Tokyo and she’s caught up! The Ref trying to get Steele to back off but the champ just keeps hammering on Tokyo! COME ON REF! OK! Finally Steele backs up! Tokyo just slumps to the mat!
She’s trying to get up fans, what fight she still has! Steele isn’t impressed and helps her up by the hair- kick to the gut by Tokyo! Steele didn’t see it coming and Tokyo caught him off guard! But that took it out of her fans! She and Steele are both down! Here we go, Steele making his way up, he's got her by the hair again and GINAT SWING! He just sent her sailing halfway across the ring!
Tokyo landing and rolling with it fans! She’s back up and nails Steele with a spinning heel kick! Steele just got the taste knocked out of his mouth with that move fans!
Tokyo to cover! ONE! TWO! TH-KICKOUT! The champ just managed to kick out of that pin attempt but boy was that close! Tokyo not wasting any time, locks in that Kyoto leglock! She’s rearing back fans, trying to get Steele to tap out! Steele in obvious pain! He’s shaking his head! The ref is checking! Tokyo giving it all she’s got! Steele trying to reverse it! Don’t forget fans, Steele is a master of submission holds himself! He knows how to get out as well as lock them in! He’s rolled over! He’s managed to get to the ropes and the ref has forced Tokyo to break the hold!
Tokyo frustrated fans and…wait! Whats this? Steele has slid through the ropes and he’s grabbed his belt from the timekeepers table! What’s he doing? HE’S LEAVING! Steele is taking his belt and going home! He knows the title won’t change hands on a countout! What a jip!
Steele is shaking his head and the ref is counting! Looks like the champ felt his title slipping away and he has every intention of keeping it! Oh fans, what a miscarriage of justice this will be!
Well Lil’ Tokyo, I guess there will be other title shots, cause it looks like this one is going to end in a countout- Hang on a second! Mentalo has come out of the backstage area and nailed Steele in the back! Steele is stunned and Mentalo is hauling him back to the ring! He just tossed Steele through the ropes, breaking the ref’s count!
Steele is flabbergasted! He’s turned his attention to Mentalo and shouting at him! Bad move champ! Lil’ Tokyo spins Steele around and hits a stunner! Steele grabbing his head and he’s furious! Tokyo picking Steele up but he lands a neckbreaker and goes for a pin on the TV Champ! ONE! TWO! TH-Kickout! Tokyo just barely managed to kick out of that pin! Steele slapping the mat in frustration! He’s got her back up by the hair! He slings her into to the turnbuckle! Lil’ Tokyo draped across the turnbuckle, Steele backing up, measuring her! He charges! She jumps up and Steele hits the turnbuckle! Tokyo leaps up on Steele’s back! DRAGON SLEEPER!
Tokyo is hanging on for dear life fans and Steele is trying to sling her off like a madman! Tokyo has it locked in! If she can just hang on a few more seconds! Steele in the center of the ring! He’s trying to make it to the ropes but goes down on one knee! He’s fading fast fans! Tokyo putting it all on the line right here! Every ounce of strength she’s got! If he breaks this hold fans it won’t be long before he puts her away! Lil’ Tokyo, TV champ just closing her eyes and expending every ounce of strength!
The Ref checking Steele! He’s on the mat fans! His arms falls Once! Twice! THREE TIMES AND WE HAVE A NEW OCW WORLD CHAMPION!!!
Winner: Lil’ Tokyo via submission @ 20:45

Scooter: Lil’Tokyo, your New OCW World Champion fans! Lil’ Tokyo coveting that world title she fought so hard for! Steele is still out of it in the center of the ring fans, and when he wakes up I guarantee he is going to be one unhappy camper!
And here comes Mentalo and Strucka and The Blue Unicorns and Live Wires! They’re celebrating in the ring with Lil’ Tokyo and Mentalo has hoisted her up on his shoulders! We’ve got confetti and streamers raining down fans! Good thing she won or all of that would have gone to waste! We’re trying to watch the bottom line you understand!
And fans! This means on the next Monday Night Meltdown Crippler Bret Steele and Mentalo will battle for the TV Title! Oh my, I can’t wait to see that match fans! It was because of Mentalo that Steele got tossed back in the ring and subsequently lost this match and his World title belt! You think Steele is going to want some payback!?! I guarantee it!!!
Well congratulations Lil’ Tokyo! You certainly deserve the win and that championship belt! But now fans, as Lil’ Tokyo takes her new championship belt to the locker room and we sweep confetti and streamers out of the ring, we go back to Jackie Midnight who is in the interview area with The Punishments! Jackie, take it away!

We’re back in the interview area with Jackie Midnight, Corporal and Major Punishment. CP s decked out in his old wrestling attire, fatigues and a camo wifebeater.

Jackie Midnight: Wow, I’m honored to be here with Major and Corporal Punishment!

CP: Heya Jackie, it’s our pleasure. You know, you’re even more attractive in person than on the monitor. You even remind me of MP’s mother…

Jackie: Well, thank you CP…

CP: I mean, at least the back of your head does. I didn’t get a chance to see much of the rest…

Major Punishment: DAD!

CP: What? Oh, sorry.

Jackie: That’s ok, I guess….Anyway! Hey! Boot Camp match! I get the feeling you aren’t a stranger to this kind of match CP, bet you’ve seen your share, huh?

CP: Darn skippy missy! (He hefts a battered combat helmet) I brought this little party favor out of mothballs just for tonight. I used this one back in a boot camp match I had with The Mongolian Stalker back in ’77! Smashed his head in and left him in a coma! See this dent here? Tonight I plan on adding some more “flavor” to it.

Jackie: Nice! And it still smells like mothballs! Major, you were the one to initially challenge the Hellcats and now you have your wish! Are you ready for the tag champs?

Major Punishment: Damn right! Hellcats! Now's the time for payback! You don't go messin' with the Punishment family without paying a heavy price! Right, Daddy? We're going to take you to a level of Hell you've never seen!

Jackie: Wow! Sounds like you are ready for anything! CP, explain to the fans at home, what exactly is a “Boot Camp” Match?

CP: It’s anything goes Jackie! No countout, no DQ, no pansy-ass rules keeping the combatants away from each other! No tagging in and out either! Everyone gets to go at it, full bore until someone gets pinned! Nowadays you kids might call it “extreme rules” or somesuch, but back in MY day we called it “Boot Camp”!

Major P: You’re sounding old again Dad.

CP: Sorry Punkin’.

Jackie: Sounds brutal! Well, what sort of tactics are you going to use to win this match?

Major P: Shock and Awe Jackie! Flash-bangs and tear gas were just a warm-up. Good, ole' fashioned guerilla warfare and a few landmines should do the trick!

Jackie: Now, that's just an expression, right? Surely you aren’t going to bring actual landmines to this match…

Both of the Punishments simply stare at Jackie and smile

Jackie: Uh, I think I'll watch this match from the production truck. Major, Your father is kinda old, are you going to have to adjust your style to compensate for that? I mean, he may have lost a step or two…

CP: Hey! The older the Bull the stiffer the horns! You want, we got a few minutes before the match, I could take you out to the Caddy and show you I ain’t lost no damn steps! Hell lady! I got more steps than a MC Escher painting!!!

Major P: Jackie, don't make the mistake of underestimating my Daddy like Mr. Lucifer and the Hellcats have done! He's a silver fox that's still got more than plenty kick-ass left to dish out!

CP: Thanks Baby.

Major P: No problem Daddy.

Jackie: OK, but what if you lose? Are you willing to let this match be the final word on the feud or will your thirst for revenge drive you until you leave the Hellcats beaten and weeping? You don’t strike me as the kind of woman to give up easily!

Major P: I won't stop until the Hellcats are nothing more than mewing kittens begging for mercy!

Jackie: Well that answers that! So, last question Major: What are your future aspirations in the OCW? Any particular title or goal you set for yourself?

Major P: You betcher ass! After I finish putting the Hellcats in they're place, I'm setting my sights on the TV Title. All contenders who stand in my way are in for some Major Punishment!!!

Jackie: Well there you have It Scooter! In just a few moments we'll get to see CP and his daughter in action! Should be one heck of a match! Back to you!

Scooter: Thanks Jackie! Wow! Sounds like another bout of brutality tonight fans! I wonder what wrestlers are going to be able to make it to next weeks Monday Night Meltdown?!? Well, here comes Mr. Lucifer and his acolytes are dragging that large “Devils Toybox” down to ringside! He’s- WAIT! THE PUNISHMENTS JUST AMBUSHED MR.LUCIFER!

Scooter: Oh my word fans! CP is just hammering Mr.Lucifer with that combat helmet! He’s smacking him like I’ve never seen before! Mr.Lucifer is no small man and CP has just speared him to the ground! Lucifer is busted wide open! CP is holding that helmet high fans! He wasn’t kidding, they really are taking no prisoners here tonight! The Hellcats shrieking like banshees behind those bars fans! They are completely powerless to aid their master!
Major just tossed a tear gas canister right into the cage! Oh! Barb just threw it back out into the crowd! Watch out fans!!!
No, just a smoke bomb fans! The whole area is clouding up! Here comes Toxic Shock! Creeper just ambushed CP and CP is down! Major P coming over to aid her father and she suplexes Creeper right in the aisle! Ah, that opened up Crypt to unlock that Devil’s Toybox and here come The Hellcats! Barb and Major P going at it and Razor Girl looking to get some revenge on CP tackles the elder punishment to the ground! She’s hammering his forehead like a piece of wood with those fists! CP turns it around! Kick to Razor Girls gut and CP tosses her into the ring! She’s dazed fans and CP pulls a pair of brass knucks out of his fatigues! He’s showing them off- AND NAILS RAZPOR GIRL! She goes down hard fans! CP climbing to the top rope, he’s taking some time fans, looks like those knees aren’t what they used to be! He dives! Right into a pair of knees!!! Razor Girl got those knees up just as CP connected and he’s in pain fans! Looks like CP has been watching too many luchadore matches!
On the outside Major P and Barb are still going at it! Major P hits a spinning neckbreaker on the outside and Barb is down! Major P in the ring to help out CP and she spears Razor Girl in the back! She’s on top now, hammering Razor Girl with closed fists! The Ref called for the bell a while back but he’s wisely staying out of the way! CP back up and he and Major pick up Razor Girl- double suplex!!!
Major P covers but Barb interferes and breaks up the pin!
On the outside Mr.Lucifer is roaring instructions to the Hellcats! He looks unfazed fans! He’s ordered Toxic Shock to the back, and they obey!
Back inside, Major P and Razor Girl in a test of strength! Razor girl leans down and begins gnawing on Major P’s forehead! She’s bleeding! Those razor sharp teeth just opened her up! Major P is mad fans! Combat boot to the gut and now Major P lands a legdrop across Razor Girls neck!
Barb is on CP and she’s got him in the corner! She’s on top of the ropes and just hammering away with those fists!
Major P covers Razor Girl! ONE! TWO! TH- kickout!
Barb abandons CP to deal with Major P! She’s definitely the threat The Hellcats need to focus on, no disrespect to CP obviously!
Barb hits an underhook facebuster on Major P! Rollup! One! Two! Kickout! Major P still has plenty of life left in her fans and Barb hisses her frustration at the ref!
She picks Major P up and Barb and Razor girl send Major P in to the ropes- she ducks a double clothesline! Rebound! CROSS BODYBLOCK TO THE HELLCATS! Both are down! Major P back up and she goes up top! B-52 BOBY BOMB! She just nails Barb Wire fans! Barb is in some pain! Major P, clutching her gut manages to get back up but Razor Girl nails her with a gut kick and gets her up in a torture rack! She’s really laying on the pain fans but Major P isn’t giving up! This young lady is just too tough! Razor Girl is screaming! Giving it all she’s got but Major P, her face a mask of agony, refuses to give up! CP nails Razor Girl in the back and forces the break! Major P hits the mat and CP has something in his hands- a can opener! Oh what brutality! CP is just peeling away the flesh around Razor Girls forehead like he was opening a can of beans!! Razor Girl bleeding profusely fans! CP just landing one fist after the other! Major P trying to get back to her feet but Barb charges her and both are rolling around on the mat, neither one gaining an advantage! Uh oh! Both roll to the outside fans! Mr.Lucifer grabs Major P and holds her while Barb goes back up to the top turnbuckle! Barb measuring Major P! BARB COMES OFF THE TOP! NAILS MR.LUCIFER! Major P moved just as Barb made contact and she just nailed Mr.Lucifer! Lucifer is down! Barb is down! Major P taking advantage of the situation and picks up Barb and DDT!!! Barb is out of this one fans! Major p pulling her up and throwing her back in the ring! Razor Girl is hammering CP! He’s down and she sees Major P coming in! Razor Girl spears Major P! Major P knocked back to the outside!
Wait, what is Razor Girl doing? Shes picking up Barb’s limp body! Razor girl has Barb up in a suplex! What the heck- OH! Razor Girl just suplexed Barb right on top of CP! He’s doubled over in pain fans! What an insane move by The Hellcats!!! Using each other as a daggone weapon!!!
Major P is getting back up in the ring…shes rummaging around in her fatigues for something- SALT TO THE EYES! She just slung salt right in the eyes of Razor Girl and Razor Girl is blind! Oh fans! Looks like Daddy’s little girl paid some attention to her old man! Razor Girl cant’s see and she’s crouched down in the corner!
Mr.Lucifer going ballistic on the outside! He’s on the ring apron! Major P dropkicks Lucifer in the chest and he hits hard on the outside! CP trying to make it to his feet, he’s in pain fans! He may have some broken ribs! Major P is tending to him, but he looks bad folks, looks like he may not be able to continue! He- HERE COMES TOXIC SHOCK! They just charged the ringside and they’ve pulled Major Punishment out of the ring!!! She’s fighting tooth and nail but they’ve got her by the arms and legs! CP trying to go to his little girls aid but he can barely move! He must have some internal injuries fans! What is Toxic Shock doing!?! NO! They just tossed Major P into the Devil’s Toybox and locked the door!
Oh this is bad fans! So bad! Major P is locked in that cage and can’t get out! Now Toxic Shock heads back to the locker room, their mission accomplished! Remember, no DQ here fans! The ref simply looks on as Mr.Lucifer throws a glass of water into Razor Girls eyes! She’s furious! Barb coming back around and Razor Girl over slapping Barb awake! They scream at each other and turn their attention to CP! He tries to fight them off fans but it’s no use! Razor Girl holds him while Barb nails him with a dropkick to the face! Barb still out of it a bit...Mr.Lucifer calls for the Razor Wire!
Razor gets CP up on her shoulders and Barb goes up top! Major P is screaming her lungs out for her father but she’s helpless! She can’t get out of that cage! BARB OFF THE TOP WITH A CLOTHESLINE! RAZOR WIRE! RAZOR WIRE! CP is down fans and the Hellcats both stand on his prone body while the ref makes the count! ONE..TWO…THREE!!! Oh my word fans what a match! Every one of these grapplers brought their all and The Hellcats have managed to pull out the win!
Winner: The Hellcats via pinfall @ 23:52

Scooter: The Hellcats continuing to beat down CP fans! The ref is calling for help down here! And Major P, she’s simply seething, staring with unbridled hatred through those bars fans! Oh you can only imagine what is going through her mind! To see her father beaten, brutalized and be just a few yards away and not able to do anything about it!
One thing’s for sure fans, this coming Monday Night Meltdown is sure going to be interesting! The Hellcats are heading back to the locker room and hissing as they pass Major Punishment and Lucifer is simply smiling at her that lopsided evil grin of his!
Well that’s it fans! We hope you enjoyed Resurrection and for Jackie Midnight and CP, I’m Scooter Sparks and we’ll see you next week on Monday Night Meltdown! Goodnight Fans!!!

WE end with a closeup of Major Punishment behind bars, staring daggers of pure hate at The Hellcats!