We begin the show in the ring! All of the OCW grapplers are standing in the squared circle. Some are jawing back and forth with the fans and each other, while others are simply lounging around as if they have no care in the world. The only grapplers absent are the Word Champ and Tag Team Champions. Suddenly, the Gigantitron hums to life. We see a well-dressed attractive woman, her black hair pulled back in an extreme bun and wearing glasses appear onscreen. She’s seated behind a desk.

Woman: Greetings OCW fans and more importantly, OCW employees. My name is Dusty Diamond, the daughter of your owner, David Diamond. (she pauses for a moment to let that sink in).
As many of you are aware, my father has a predilection for young secretaries. As has been the case most of my life, last week after several major “shake-ups” occurred here, as he usually does when things in his life go south, he took his secretary and ran off to Bora Bora for what he calls “’juvinatin’ time”.
As is often the case, this leaves me to come behind him and clean up his mess…
That “mess” is the OCW.

She taps a ledger that sits open in front of her
In transferring my father’s chickenscratch to the computer I’ve learned that the OCW has been running in the red since it’s inception. High payouts, inflated contracts and a hideous amount of money spent on pyrotechnics and Monster Energy Drinks have run this company into the ground.
Well that ends now. Let’s get something straight. I don’t like wrestling. I never have and I never will. When my father should have been raising me, he was running off to the Texas Sportatorium in Dallas to watch the Von Andersons or whatever their name is. When he should have been home with my Momma, he was somewhere down in Florida watching the Disco Brothers. When he should have been at home fulfilling his duties as a father and husband he was instead running around the US following this silly sport of his.
So, you can understand my lack of sympathy to your plight. The OCW failing means nothing to me, in fact, I fully expect you all to fail and be pushing brooms or washing cars by the end of next month, which is when the money will run out. Unless things change around here and fast.
Now, it doesn’t matter to me if the OCW comes crashing down, but one thing DOES matter to me- succeeding. So far I’ve not lost one of my fathers poorly mismanaged endeavors and I don’t plan on starting now.
So here’s what we are going to do. As of next week, your home will be the “New” OCW arena set in the west end of Louisville, Kentucky. The accommodations may not be as lush and extravagant as you are used to, but the essentials will be there, a ring, locker room and I hope for your sake, fans. Also, I will be bringing some of you in tonight and we’ll be discussing your place in this company, and whether or not you are worth keeping on the payroll…

Some of the wrestler shout at the screen, some roll their eyes, none seem impressed…

Dusty Diamond: Oh, what’s that? I see some of you are questioning my ability and leadership (she removes her glasses). I understand, you don’t know me from the local green grocer and think I may not be willing to follow through with my agenda. Fair enough.
She refers to her computer screen
Security, please escort Mr. Savage and his team The Awesome Ones off of the premises, they are hereby released from employment!

In the ring Savage goes berserk, screaming and shouting while the Awesome Ones look on, stunned. Security escorts the tag team away while Savage gets subdued and dragged away screaming

Dusty Diamond: There we go. I trust that demonstration clears up any misunderstandings. Correct? Or does anyone else in the ring have something to say?

The remaining grapplers stare wide eyed, not saying anything

Dusty Diamond: Good! Then we can proceed! (she replaces her glasses and begins reading form her computer monitor). Tonight, the slate is wiped clean in the OCW. Won loss records prior to tonight mean nothing. Reputations mean nothing. Tonight, everyone gets a fair shot at glory and an opportunity to prove their worth to the company. Tonight, everyone’s won-lost record is reset to zero and you all get a new beginning, just like this company!
Now, I see we are without a TV Champion. Due to the circumstances surrounding Thor’s exit from the OCW the title is currently vacant. Well we rectify that tonight. I have purchased FOUR HOURS of TV time and we are going to hold a TV Title Tournament to determine the new champion. All singles wrestlers are going to get a fair shot at that belt tonight.
Now, as far as the World Tag Team belts go, with the exit of the Horsemen 2k7 and The British Bluebloods last week the entire tag team ranking system has been thrown into disarray. The Super Dragons have just returned from a two week tour in Japan where they successfully defended their titles a half a dozen times against the stars of Central Japan Pro Wrestling. Still, they are contractually obligated to defend those titles tonight. So, after pouring over the records from the last month and compiling data, it seems The Hellcats are due for a tag title shot, so that is going to happen tonight. But! The rest of you tag teams aren’t getting the night off! We are going to have a small little elimination tournament for you to determine the top two contenders to those tag team titles, so make sure you get those boots laced up!

Dusty leans forward

Dusty Diamond: Folks, I’m not jerking you around here. Daddy ain’t around to save your sorry jobs and I simply don’t care about your personal drama and expenses. You are here to work and by God I’m going to make sure I get every last drop of productivity out of you. The second you think your job is safe, is the second you need to start putting together a new resume’, got that? Now, it’s going to be a long night for some of you, I suggest you get rest while you can, because as of right now, you’re on the clock! Now, production, run the damn opening!!!

The OCW Monday Night Meltdown intro runs!!!

We are at the announcers table with Scooter Sparks and Cpl. Punishment!

Sparks: My word fans! What a way to open a show! I thought we saw a shake up from last week but what about tonight! David Diamond’s daughter Dusty Diamond has just informed us that the slate will be wiped clean and it’s a new start for all of the grapplers in the OCW!!!

CP: Not a new start for the Awesome Ones and Salvatore Savage Sparks! Those three got handed their walking papers!

Sparks: I know! I guess she was serious CP! No one’s job is safe!

CP: No worries Sparks! If we get cut loose I still have my mail order bride business to fall back on, and if things get tough, let me know, I’ve got a six hundred pound Serbian powerlifter named Gustav” that would love to meet you.

Sparks: Unfortunately, we have some …

CP: You don’t mind wearing wigs do you?

Sparks: Stop it. As I was saying, we’ve got some terrible news fans. As you all know, last week Headhunter was brutally burned during his brother Kai’s match with King Cut. Well, on the way to the local hospital, the ambulance driver lost control and struck a tree. The ambulance was engulfed in flames and I’m afraid there were no bodies to recover.

CP: A terrible loss Sparks. Headhunter was a promising grappler and I wouldn’t have been surprised to see him make a run for that World Championship, but now I guess we’ll never get to see it.

Sparks: Well, our condolences go out to his family and of course his bother Kai, he must be devastated.

CP: I’m sure Sparks, but he’s going to have to suck it up! If he doesn’t he may have more problems, like being unemployed!

Sparks: Well, he’s planning a service tonight fans, so make sure to stay tuned. While it’s hard to shift gears though, I’m afraid we must. We’ve also got a tag title match tonight, as the returning Super Dragons will be taking on the wild and unpredictable Hellcats!

CP: Should be an exciting night Sparks! Those Hellcats are insane, going to be interesting to see if Mr. Lucifer can reign them in enough to take home the gold and not get disqualified!

Sparks: Add to that the TV Title Tournament, the second part of your interview with the OCW World Champion and who knows what else will happen here tonight!

CP: I can’t wait Sparks! It’s about time the grapplers in this fed got serious about winning!

Sparks: Well, we’ve now got Jackie Midnight, our lovely broadcast colleague with The Allies and The Spartan! Fans will remember last week The Horsemen 2k7 pitched The Spartan off of the top of the Tower of Revenge! Well he sustained some injuries but amazingly is back with us and participating in tonights tournament! What a testament to this young grapplers fortitude! Let’s go to our new broadcast colleague, Jackie Midnight!

We’re in the interview area with Jackie Midnight. She’s standing between Primetime Murphy who is wearing a half-protective mask, Sergei Khrushev and on the other side The Spartan who is looking the worse for wear.

Midnight: Thanks Scooter! As you can see fans, I’m here with the Allies and The Spartan, all of whom look like hammered Hell. Primetime, we’ll start with you, what’s with the mask?

Primetime Murphy: Did you see that match Midnight? It was brutal! But worth it, worth every darn bit of the pain and suffering we went through to get rid of those Horsemen! After the cameras stopped rolling I visited the Horsemen in their dressing room and gave them another beating, but those lowlifes can give as good as they get! I’ll give them that! This mask was a little going away present from them to me, and I accepted it happily as their asses went on down the road!

Sergei: Da, they can give as well as get. But the OCW is much better off without those, how you say, “rumbags”…

Midnight: I think you mean “Scumbags”…

Primetime Murphy: No, I think he’s right. You ever stood downwind of Olsen Alexander Miss Midnight? You can get a contact buzz just by walking past his dressing room!

Midnight: Uh, sure. Well Spartan, lets talk about you. Dusty Diamond has issued a few matches for tonights tournament already (she reads from a list) and it looks like you are set to wrestle the newest face in the OCW, Roland Hard. How are you going to manage this match when it looks like you can’t even operate a vending machine?

Primetime Murphy: He can’t answer that Miss Midnight. It took the doc six hours to pick all of the splinters out of his throat from taking that dive into the timekeepers table last week. But I’ll answer for him, he’s The Spartan! Nothing can stop him! Look at him for crying out loud! Six foot six of raw muscle and violence! Roland hard seems like a nice enough guy, but he’s in over his head with the Spartan. He’s going to go in there and put Roland on the mat for the three count, real easy like!

Midnight: And what of the sudden and unexpected exit of the British Bluebloods? That had to hurt The Allies! You five were a formidable unit!

Sergei: Da, they were good friends, powerful wrestlers.

Primetime: Sergei’s right, but we can’t worry about that right now! We’ve still got a lot of trash to take out, The Hrosemen was just the beginning!

Midnight: Really? I thought things were finally over between you and the Horsemen, right?

Sergei: Not quite Babushka.

Midnight: No?

Primetime Murphy: Nope, we got one last loose end to tie up lady, and we’re going to be talking to Dusty Diamond about it shortly.

Midnight: Well! We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on what develops! Back to you Scooter!

Back at the announcers booth

Scooter: Thanks Miss Midnight! Wow CP, looks like last weeks Tower of Revenge match really did a number on The Allies and The Spartan!

CP: All a part of being in the OCW Sparks! You want to wrestle with the big boys you better get ready to pay for your ticket- in blood!

Sparks: A speaking of wrestling, how about a match? We may have four hours tonight but that doesn’t mean we are going to fill all of that time with interviews and Slim Jim ads like the competition! In fact, we’ve got our first tag match to determine the new tag team rankings, The OG versus a new team straight from Europe, Hass Machina!!

CP: Gesundheidt!

Sparks: No, CP, that’s the name of the new tag team, it translates roughly into “Hate Machine”.

CP: Huh? Never heard of them Sparks!

Sparks: Well, according to their bio, which fans can see on our website, they wrestled in the EWL for a few years, the European Wrestling League and captured quite a few titles. Apparently Dusty brought them in.

CP: EWL? The OCW is starting to look like freaking Ellis Island with all of these foreigners! Well, I hope their damn passports are in order! I bought some Amway from the British Bluebloods and now I’m out three hundred bucks!

Sparks: Here we go…

CP: I mean, I didn’t think I needed a hundred cases of spaghetti sauce but that Phillip Southwell was so damn persuasive!

Sparks: Anyway, Hass Machina is on the way to the ring fans, led by the larger of the two, Scorpio. He’s accompanied by his tag partner Maximilian!

CP: Looks like they mean business Sparks, I don’t know how they do things overseas, well, I do actually but I swore I’d never mention what I saw in that little club in Amsterdam with the midgets and the hermit crabs, but…

Sparks: Please stay focused…

CP: …Anyway! I don’t know what these young fellas are used to or who they wrestled overseas, but The OG are former tag champs for a reason! They even got a win over The Hangmen last week!

Sparks: True CP! The OG fought through that vicious tag team tournament in the Dawn Of Champions PPV at the OCW’s inception, they certainly earned their stripes! And The OG have made their way to the ring and both teams are in there jawing back and forth, the ref has hit the bell and we’ve got a match!
Loball starts off with a kick to the midsection of Scorpio but it doesn’t do much damage! Scorpio responds with a sidewalk slam! Smooth T is in to break up the pin! Scorpio tags in Maximilian and they double-team Loball! He tries to fight back but the beatings continue!
Loball slips out and tags in Smooth T! He hits a dropkick on Maxmilian and goes for a cover! Two count! Maximilian kicks out and Smooth T hits the ropes and scores a legdrop! He picks the ground. Backflip splash! He goes for another cover but Scorpio comes in to break it up!
All four men are in the ring! The ref is getting Scorpio out of there and The OG hit a double DDT! Cover! One…two…THREE! Oh my fans The OG just pulled a win out of nowhere and Hass Machina are stunned! They aren’t happy fans and we’ve got a brawl in the ring! The ref is trying to maintain order and The OG bails out of the ring and heads back to the dressing room leaving an enraged Hass Machina in the ring!
Winner: The OG via pinfall at 6:11

We’re in Dusty Diamond’s office and she’s consulting her computer monitor while Tobias Jorum waits in front of her desk.

Dusty: Let’s see, Jorum, you lost in the first TV Title Tournament in week one when you faced off against Sully Blackburn, then managed a win a week later against Trailer Park Stevens. Since week two however, you haven’t wrestled. So, explain to me why I should bother keeping you around.

Jorum: Mam?

Dusty: Did I stutter? What skill sets are you bringing to the OCW that would influence me to keep writing you a paycheck?

Tobias Jorum: Well Mam, I uh, I’ve got a lot of heart, and uh…

Dusty: Sorry kid, not good enough. Folks can see heart at their local little league baseball games. See my assistant to collect your last paycheck…

Jorum: WAIT!

Dusty: What?

Jorum: Look, you give me a shot and you’ll see something tonight you’ve never seen out of me before, I promise you. Your Daddy never took me seriously, never gave me a real shot, well you give me a shot tonight and you’ll see! You’ll see a side of Tobias Jorum you’ve never seen before. New moves, a new look and a whole new attitude!

Dusty: Really? Such as?

Jorum: Well, I’ve learned a lot since leaving Bay City, you give me a chance and I’ll show you that beneath this easy going exterior is a wrestler who will throw his opponent down a flight of stairs to keep his job.

Dusty: Really? Well, I do need some fresh meat to throw at my newest acquisition. Tell you what Jorum, you’ve got a shot tonight. And I hope you aren’t just blowing smoke boy, cause your opponent in the TV Title Tournament tonight will be Mentalo!.

Jorum: Mentalo? Are you serious?

Dusty: What? You have no respect for Mentalo?.

Jorum: Well, no not really. Did you see what those Hellcats did to him a few weeks ago? He ate garbage for crying out loud.

Dusty: So you think this is going to be a cake walk?

Jorum: With icing on top, Mam.

Dusty: Then lets make it interesting, I’m going to make it a hardcore match. You want to show me some attitude boy? Then get ready to bring the pain.

Jorum: A Hardcore match? But, it’s a tournament match, you can’t do that.

Dusty: Boy, I can do whatever I want, I run this damn company. You keep jawing at me and I’ll make it a bra and panties match, you understand?

Jorum: I understand mam. I’ll show you something tonight, I promise!

Dusty: It’s settled! Go lace your boot, you just bought yourself a stay of execution tonight.

Sparks: Looks like Dusty Diamond is laying it on the line CP! She’s given Tobias Jorum the hardline- start producing and show me something or pack your bags!

CP: And it couldn’t have happened to a more mediocre grappler Sparks! I was impressed with Jorum when he first entered the OCW but he began to stagnate! I hope we start to see some life out of him tonight!

Sparks: Well right now we’ve go the first match in our TV Title Tournament, Kai versus Damien Genesis! Fans will remember last week Genesis, formerly King Cut got into an argument with his manager Nyla. Apparently CP he’s since fired her and gone back to his original ring name. No more King Cut, no more Egyptian accoutrements! He’s looking lean and hungry and he’s on the way to the ring!

CP: Yeah, Genesis was a top contender before he blew his knee out Sparks! He was able to mix some traditional mat wrestling with a more extreme style resulting in a potent offensive arsenal!

Sparks: Well, he’ll need that arsenal CP, as he’s facing off in a rematch against Kai tonight! CP what kind of effect do you think the situation regarding Headhunter will have on the big man?

CP: For Kai’s sake I hope he’s able to clear his mind and focus on the match! Damien Genesis is the kind of grappler who feasts on opportunity Sparks! If Kai goes into this match distracted he’s going to get the rug pulled out from under him!

Sparks: Well Kai is in the ring and Genesis is heading there now! The ref is waiting for Genesis to enter, he does and we’ve got the bell!
Kai starts off with a vicious clothesline that catches Genesis off guard! The grappler goes down, but he’s not out of it yet! He rolls to the outside to regroup, and Kai follows. Genesis back in and catches Kai as he comes through the ropes! The big man is down! Genesis follows up with an elbowdrop and quick cover! One…two…kickout by Kai! The big man shakes it off and struggles to his feet and Genesis has a handful of hair and jerks him back down and cinches in a headlock! He’s really putting pressure on folks! But Kai is powering out! Elbow to genesis and he breaks the hold! Kai back in control now, he whips Genesis into the ropes, tries for a big boot but Genesis ducks, rebounds and hits a flying shoulder block! Kai is down! Another pin! Another two count before the big man kicks out!
I tell you fans, Kai looks out of it to me. The tragedy of losing his brother may be just too much for the big man to handle! He looks sluggish, tired! I imagine he’s not rested well all this week fans with everything going on, and no one could blame him had he cancelled his appearance here tonight!
Kai’s trying to regain control of this match fans, he lands a headbutt knocking Genesis to the ground, and now he’s got him up under the arms…underhook faceplant! Genesis had to feel that fans, he’ll be lucky if his pretty look haven’t been messed up! Kai has picked him up, bearhug! He’s squeezing genesis for all he’s worth! Genesis is shaking his head but it’s clear he’s in some real pain folks! He’s got a handful of Kai’s hair, but the ref breaks that up!
Looks like Genesis is about to give in folks! The ref is checking, but wait! Eye gouge! What a cheap tactic fans! Kai is blinded! He shaking it off, but Genesis is going up to the top turnbuckle! He’s just launched himself and Kai caught him in midair! CHOKESLAM! Kai just planted Genesis! Kai’s covering, One…Two..KICKOUT! I can’t believe it! Genesis just kicked out at the last second! Kai is up and arguing with the ref, Damien Genesis has rolled to the outside! Kai is following him, the two are brawling! And Genesis just irish-whipped Kai into the ringpost!
Genesis back in the ring fans, Kai is still out of it on the outside, the ref is counting, and Kai makes it back in at the eight count, but Genesis isn’t wasting any time! He’s whipped Kai into the ropes, ducks a flying clothesline and rebounds, lands a kick to Kais gut and HITS THE DAMIEN DRIVER!
My word fans! Genesis just hit that DDT and is covering, ONE…TWO…THREE! Genesis just pulled out an upset win fans and he’s already bailed out of the ring! What a match to start off this TV Title Tournament!
Winner: Damien Genesis via pinfall at 9:54

We’re back from commercial and in Dusty Diamond’s office. She’s updating her TV Title Tournament Board and turns to see Primetime Murphy and Sergei Kharushev standing at her desk

Primetime: Miss Diamond, look, we’ve got a request and…

Dusty Diamond: Hey, thanks for knocking, I’m glad to see an absence of a secretary hasn’t changed things one bit. Murphy, you look like hell. The Horsemen really hammered your ass last week.

Primetime: Well, yeah. But that’s not what we’re here about, first, we want to know who we are facing in tonight’s tag tournament.

Dusty: Tag tournament?

Primetime: Uh, yeah? You mentioned it earlier. To determine the top contenders for the belts? The Allies want to throw their hats in the ring.

Dusty: Well, The Allies are both wrestling in tonight’s TV Title Tournament, maybe the Allies should focus on their individual matches.

Sergei: We can handle both.

Dusty: That may be the case, but tonight you boys can only be in one tournament and I’ve decided it’s for the TV Title. Now that we have that settled, is there anything else?

Primetime: Well that stinks on toast. Ok, look, we still have unfinished business…

Sergei: Yes, we wish to have a match with this “Buck Leeds”. He was part of that Horseman group and we wish to make him pay for what he did to Lady Jayne.

Dusty: Lady Jayne? That’s yesterdays news, besides, she doesn’t even work here anymore.

Primetime: We don’t care! He needs a beating, we’ve been arguing all night about who gets dibs.

Dusty Diamond: I see. Well I guess I could book you in a handicap tv title tournament match…

Primetime: Hells yeah! Now you’re talking Boss Lady!

Dusty: …but two on one isn’t very sporting, is it?

Primetime: We just want him, we don’t care which of us you give the match to first!

Dusty Diamond: Hmmm. That’s a hard decision. Tell you what. Leeds is already booked against that Trailer person in the tournament, so you won’t be getting your revenge tonight anyway…

Primetime: Oh come on…

Dusty Diamond: BUT! We can definitely set up a match for next weeks show. And since you both can’t decide who gets to wrestle him, we’ll make it easy. Tonight, YOU WRESTLE EACH OTHER in the TV Title Tournment!

Sergei: What? You are to be saying that Primetime and I must wrestle one another?!?

Dusty Diamond: That’s exactly what I’m saying Comrade! Whoever wins your match tonight gets a shot at Leeds next week, now if…

A production assistant runs into the office

PA: Miss Diamond! Miss Diamond! It’s Spartan! He’s been laid out in the south hallway!!!

Dusty: WHAT!?!?

PA: He’s out cold! We called the paramedics! Security said they saw some guy with long black hair piledrive him right into the concrete floor! He’s in a pool of blood!

Primetime: SPARTAN!

Primetime and Sergei run from the office while Dusty grabs the PA’s shirt

Dusty: Look, I want you to lock this place down and tell security to find out who did this, and fast!

PA: Yes mam!

The PA runs off, leaving Dusty by herself

Dusty: I’m starting to see why Daddy ran off to Bora Bora.

Sparks: Alright fans, we’re back! We’ve got our second match tonight and it’s…wait, am I reading this right?

CP: Mouth the words if you’re having trouble…

Sparks: Lil Tokyo versus Yojimbo? Is this right? After all that has happened between these two grapplers, we’re actually going to see a match?
CP: About time Sparks! Lil Tokyo has been bitching for weeks about getting revenge and now it looks like she gets to square off with one of the architects of this drama, Yojimbo!

Sparks: I wonder what we can expect fans? Yojimbo is making his way to the ring, and he still has a bit of a limp! He’s in the ring…and calling for a microphone? Let’s hear what he has to say fans!

In the ring, Yojimbo bows before speaking…

Yojimbo: Greetings OCW fans. I have come here tonight to plead to the sensibilities of Little Tokyo! Little One, please come out!

Lil’ Tokyo’s music hits and she reluctantly makes her way to the ring, glaring at Yojimbo the entire time. She enters the ring and after waving to the fans gestures for Yojimbo to speak

Yojimbo: Little Tokyo, you seem to think I am in some way in cahoots with The Silver Dragon. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know how it looks, with me injuring my ankle and the ninja also having the same injury. The truth is that I did not injure it at home as I originally spoke. The truth is that I was attacked that night on the way from the arena, the assailants rendering the exact same injury to me that you did to the Ninja.

The fans are screaming foul, booing, and shaking their heads. Lil Tokyo still looks suspicious.

Yojimbo: YES! Exactly! I knew this would be the reaction I would get if I had told the truth! Thus I made up the ruse, as I knew you would not believe me. I know, telling a lie to cover the truth is dishonorable, I understand this. But please, I speak to you now: we must wrestle one another in this match, I accept that. But I wish no harm to come to either of us. Will you agree to wrestle me fairly, cleanly, with no dirty tactics? (He offers the mic to Lil’ Tokyo)

Lil Tokyo: I’m not the one who needs to resort to rulebreaking to win Matsahura-San.

She tosses down the mic and the bell sounds and we have a match!

Sparks: My word fans! Could this be true? Could what Yojimbo claims actually have happened? Well, the two are measuring each other, circling like a pair of predators. Yojimbo stops, straightens up, and bows!
Lil Tokyo wasn’t expecting that folks, she eyeballs the veteran, and slowly, without taking her eyes off of him, returns the bow. We might actually have a clean match here folks! Lockup! Yojimbo gains the upper hand! He twists Lil’ Tokyo into an armbar and leans in! Tokyo get to the ropes, the ref warns off Yojimbo! And he breaks the hold! We’re clean so far folks!
Another lockup, Lil Tokyo whips Yojimbo into the ropes, he rebounds, right into a flying dropkick! He’s down! Cover by Tokyo! One count but Yojimbo kicks out!
Both are back to their feet and a side headlock by Yojimbo! He’s leaning in, really putting on the vice! Tokyo isn’t giving in however! She reverses! Whip into turnbuckle! Yojimbo rebounds right into a spinning heel kick! Yojimbo is down! Cover!! Two count! Lil Tokyo is right back at it fans, she’s on Yojimbo’s back, locking in a camel clutch! Yojimbo powers to his feet! This is one of the disadvantages of being a smaller grappler fans!

Yojimbo drops back and lands right on top of Tokyo! Shes in trouble fans! Yojimbo is in the ropes and comes off with a big splash! Cover! Tokyo kicks out at two but she’s winded fans! Yojimbos big frame dropping right on top of her really took it out of her! Yojimbo helps her up and delivers a spin kick of his own! Another cover! Another two count! He’s picking her up, karate chop to the chest! Lil Tokyo recoils and goes to the ropes! Yojimbo goes in, and stops! He backs up and allows her to get her breath! Looks like he’s still honoring his request fans! Lil Tokyo nods to him and they lock up again! Osakian leg sweep by Yojimbo! Tokyo avoids! She hits a dropkick and Yojimbo is back on the mat! Lil Tokyo goes up top, BIG SPLASH! NO! Yojimbo moves and Lil Tokyo lands hard on the mat fans! She’s in trouble! The ref is checking on her but she’s face down on the mat, Yojimbo backs up, giving her some room…AND DROPKICKS HER IN THE BACK! What the heck!?! Such lies fans! He’s kicking the daylights out of Lil Tokyo! So much for this truce!
The fans are rabid! They are peppering Yojimbo with bits of trash! He’s laughing like a maniac and heelkicks Lil’ Tokyo in the head! Shes out of it fans! This match is over! Yojimbo goes for the pin, BUT WAIT! Tokyo reverses the pin and slides over, and cinches in a Kyoto Leg Lock!!! She’s stunned but hauling back for all she’s worth fans! She’s got it locked in on Yojimbo’s bad ankle..AND HE TAPS! He just can’t handle the pain! Lil Tokyo is your winner fans and advances in the tournament!!!
Winner: Lil Tokyo via submission at 8:31

Sparks: Li Tokyo has bailed out of the ring fans! She’s stumbling towards the back but mouthing something at Yojimbo and you can tell she’s not happy, but at least she advances in this TV Title Tournament to wrestle Damien Genesis in Round Two!!

We go to commercial!

Sparks: Welcome back fans to our second action packed hour of OCW Wrestling! CP, what do you think so far?

CP: I’m impressed Sparks! These grapplers tonight are wrestling with a fire under their butts! I guess when your paycheck is on the line you’ll do damn near anything to keep it! But who was the grappler who laid out Spartan? Security has been combing this entire place and hasn’t turned anyone up yet!

Sparks: Good question CP! We’ve gotten word that Spartan has been rushed to the hospital, his neck injury from last week’s fall has been aggravated and it could be weeks, if not months before we see him back in the OCW ring again! A tragic bit of news! But right now, we’re on to our third match in this TV Title Tournament tonight folks! Miss Bling will be facing off against her partner in crime against former OCW grappler Henry Baggins, Margharita!

CP: I’ll say this about Miss Diamond Sparks, she doesn’t mind mixing things up! Pitting Kai against the man who caused his brother so much grief, Yojimbo and Lil’ Tokyo facing off, Primetime and Sergei being booked against each other, and now these two! I can’t wait to see who gets the win!

Sparks: Well, Miss Bling’s music has hit fans and we’re waiting for her arrival! There she is! She just came through the curtains and…WAIT! Margharita just jumped Miss Bling on the way to the ring! Bling is down! Margharita is ramming her head into the chain link fence separating the crowd from the entrance ramp! Bling is down and busted open fans! She’s swinging blind, trying to get to her feet but Margharita is having none of it!
Shes laying forearms across Blings back! Another big cowboy boot to Bling’s guts fans! Now what’s Margharita doing? She’s got Bling on her feet…POWERBOMB!!! Oh fans! Bling is out of it! Margharita is kicking her some more but it doesn’t matter! Miss Bling is really hurt fans! She’s holding the back of her head, it bounced right off the concrete! Now Margharita is running to ringside and climbing in the ring! She’s telling the ref to ring the bell, and since the match never officially started, he’s got no choice! He sounds the bell! And launches into a slow ten count for Miss Bling!
Fans, there is no way Miss Bling is going to get to the ring, she’s being attended to by our overworked medics, and she’s not moving! Ok, the ref has called for the bell and he’s awarded this match to Margharita! No honor among thieves I guess fans! Looks like with Punching Baggins gone Margharita has refocused herself on that TV Title and she’s going to do anything to get it-include stab her friends right in the back!
Winner: Margharita via countout at :15

Sparks: Wait, Margharita has the mic fans…

Margharita: Hey Bling! Don’ take this personal eh? Jou just happen to be between me and that sweet TV Title! Jou already have lots of money and jewelry, well this poor little Mexican needs all of the bling she can get, and if that means kicking your sorry butt before jou can even make it to the ring then so be it!
Maybe when I win the title I’ll let jou polish it for me with that mop of straw jou call a haircut!

We go to commercial!

When we return we’re in Dusty’s office and she’s addressing someone who has their back to us…

Dusty Diamond: You’re lucky security caught you when they did, I was about to call the cops. (she waits but there is no response). Ok wiseguy, not much to say? You come into MY Promotion, lay out one of my wrestlers and think you can just do as you please? Well, I’ll tell you what, I do my homework and I knew you were coming. I knew before you even drove into town. I’ve got connection see, unlike my father, I keep my eyes on the big picture, and those who have the ability to change that picture as well….
Now, I see only two resolutions to this situation. The first is that security holds you until LMPD shows up and throws you into a holding cell. The second is that you sign this contract (she produces a contract and places it on her desk) and take Spartan’s place in the TV Title Tournament tonight, though to be honest, I have a feeling that was your plan all along, wasn’t it? So what’s it going to be?

From off camera a gloved hand appears and takes a pen, marking one large “X” on the contract.

Dusty: That’ll do. Now, for the safety of the rest of my damn roster, Security, take our new employee to dressing room number three and keep him under lock and key until his match tonight. Oh, and you better get ready, because tonight you face off against Roland Hard and he doesn’t seem to care who he fights or how dirty it gets!

We go to commercial!

Sparks: We’re back fans and who the heck was Miss Diamond talking to CP?

CP: No idea Sparks, but it looks like the OCW’s roster just increased by one! And whoever he is, he obviously has no regard for his fellow grapplers! Spartan is a beast of a wrestler and injured or not, tough as they come, and this new arrival just laid him out like a sack of potatoes!

Sparks: True words CP! Well fans, we’ve got our next Tournament match, and its one that looks to be rather interesting, Primetime Murphy versus Sergei Khrushchev!

CP: I’m looking forward to this one Sparks! That goof Murphy and his buddy the Russkie have never faced off against each other, well tonight they got no choice! We get to see them beat the hell out of each other and I can’t wait!

Sparks: I’m not sure it’s going to be all like that CP! These are good friends and partners! Neither one of them want to see the other seriously injured!

CP: They are also competitors Sparks! And only one can advance in this tourney! I guarantee, when the match gets on you’ll see their true nature!

Sparks: Could be CP! These two may be friends, but we’ve seen time and again friendships go out the window the minute a title belt is involved, and here comes The Allies!

CP: Oh how cute Sparks, they’re coming out to the ring together, slapping hands and acting like everything is just hunky-dory! Someone get me a sick bag!

Sparks: Oh no CP! I think you may be wrong! They look like they are in tune, lets not forget these two amazing grapplers also make up one formidable tag team!

CP: Sure Sparks, but I’ve seen too many tag teams made up of singles wrestlers go down the chute! At some point one of them will realize that he is more successful as a singles competitor and hit the bricks!

Sparks: Well, they both shake hands and the timekeeper rings the bell fans and we’re on to the next match in the TV Title Tournament!
Both circle for a moment before locking up, and Sergei takes the upper hand with a quick slam and pin! Only a one count before Primetime bounces back up, Sergei laughs and Primetime joins him, they know each other too well fans! Sergei knew he wasn’t going to get a pin there!
Another lock up and Primetime catches Sergei in a headlock! The Russian sends Murphy into the ropes, rebound! Dropkick by Primetime! Cover! Another one count! Sergei is back up, shaking it off, he nods to Primetime and they shake hands again!
CP: I’m going to be sick Sparks, this is like watching the freaking Pan-Am Games.

Sparks: It’s just good old fashioned sportsmanship CP! Another lock up, Sergei takes down Primetime and manages to cinch in a Soviet Crab! Primetime is fighting to get out fans! Sergei is really putting on the pressure! Is Primetime going to submit? No! Amazing! He’s gotten to the ropes and Sergei backs off.
Both men measure each other, circling now, the smiles and laughs are all gone fans, as these two see that neither wants to lose and both are going to go for it! Sergei makes a quick grab for Primetime and launches him into the ropes, and catches him with a knee to the gut! Primetime is doubled over! Double ax handle smash to the back! Primetime is on the mat! Sergei goes to the ropes and comes off with a kneedrop and cover! Two count! He almost had Murphy pinned fans!
He’s got Murphy back up, and locked in a bearhug!!! Oh fans, this doesn’t look good for Murphy! Murphy is fighting it, the ref is asking him if he wants to call it quits but Murphy is hanging in there! Looks like he might go for Sergei’s eyes, but no, he wouldn’t do that to his friend, wait, HEADBUTT! Primetime almost knocked himself out but Sergei broke the hold and both are on the ground!
Primetime is up first and lands his own forearms smash across Sergei’s back! He’s into the ropes and comes off with a flying dropkick! Pin attempt! Two count and Sergei kicks out! Primetime picks him up and sends him into the ropes, Sergei rebounds and Primetime vaults over the charging Russian! Sergei rebounds and Primetime bulldogs him into the mat!
Rollup, but only a two count! Sergei is back up and he catches Primetime with a kick to the gut and locks in an underhook sidewalk slam! Pin! One, two, Thr- kickout! Primetime just barely managed to kick out fans!
Sergei is back up, he’s shaking his head in frustration it seems! He’s got Primetime up, whips him into the turnbuckle, and charges in! Primetime dodges! Sergei hits the turnbuckle hard and stumbles back! Primetime seizes the opportunity and jumps! He’s on Sergei’s back, SLEEPRHOLD! He’s got the big Russian locked in and it looks like Sergei has nowhere to go! He’s stumbling around the ring, swinging wildly but he can’t break the hold! He’s down on one knee and it looks like the big Russian is going nighty-night fans! Sergei just fell over right in the center of the ring and Primetime is hanging on like a rabid pitbull! The ref is checking, his arm drops…one…twice…THREE TIMES! Sergei is out fans and that’s it for his TV Title shot tonight!
Winner: Primetime Murphy via submission at 11:46

Sparks: My goodness fans what a match fans! Primetime is helping Sergei up, and he’s awake! He’s still woozy but he nods and holds up Primetime’s hand in victory! Both share a friendly hug and head out of the ring. I honestly expected Khrushchev to walk away with that win CP!

CP: Simmer down Scooter, one of em had to win, I’m surprised they didn’t hug each other to death in there with all of that goody-goody friendship crap. Maybe instead of wrestling together they should be home watching the damn Care Bears and making friendship bracelets.

Sparks: I didn’t expect you to understand. Can’t you at least acknowledge their talent in the ring?

CP: Oh, they’ve got talent Sparks, both of them, but they have no drive! No ambition! They need to learn to set their sights on a title and go for it! Instead they want to beat up Buck Leeds? Sure, and just how close is that going to get them to a title?

Sparks: That’s all you think about isn’t it CP? Titles?

CP: That’s all there is Sparks! Without a title people don’t remember you, they simply don’t care! A title marks your ability and skill in this sport. It is the only true measure of one’s accomplishments! Fans and peers don’t measure you by how many feuds you’ve won or how many tables you put someone through! They measure you by how much gold you’ve strapped on that waist! Let me ask you a question, who is the World Champ, Crippler Steele feuding with now?

Sparks: Feuding? Uhm, no one as far as I know…

CP: Exactly!!! He’s focused on winning that title and keeping it! That’s what makes him a champion and everyone else a curtain jerker! Because he does whatever it takes to walk away with that gold at the end of the night.

Sparks: Well what about honor? Dignity? Or even revenge? You seem to forget the grapplers in the OCW fight for more noble causes than just championship gold!

CP: Then I hope they enjoy being wannabe’s the rest of their lives Sparks.

Sparks: Anyway! From that fantastic match onto, well, I don’t know what! Roland Hard was scheduled to wrestle The Spartan fans but this new arrival to the OCW laid out Spartan with a piledriver and sent him to the hospital! Now we’ve got Roland Hard making his way to the ring and his opponent, well I don’t even know who he is!

CP: I think I do Sparks.

Sparks: You do? Well who is he? Where is he from? Why did he attack Spartan?

CP: Well, I’m not sure mind you, but if it’s who I think it is, the OCW just got a hell of a lot more dangerous!

Sparks: Cryptic much CP? Well Roland is in the ring, and he’s questioning the ref who looks as puzzled as the rest of us, we…wait, is that someone coming out of the crowd?


In the ring a masked man with flowing black hair comes up behind Roland Hard with a trash can lid and nails him in the back!

Sparks: Oh fans! Roland has hit the mat and…Blood Rage is it? Blood Rage is hammering him! He’s got him up and has sent him to the outside of the ring! Roland has gone over the top rope and landed hard on the concrete outside! The ref has called for the bell and Blood Rage has gone to the top turnbuckle- flying elbow drop!!! Roland has gone into the crowd barrier and is out of it! Rage took a big bump there fans and he’s slow to get up, this guy is a lunatic! He’s grabbed the microphone..is he going to speak… NO! He’s wrapped the wire around Roland’s throat! He’s choking Roland out! The ref is at ringside! He’s screaming for Blood Rage to stop! He’s warning him!
BLOOD RAGE JUST NAILED THE REF! He’s picked up a folding chair and has nailed the ref! He’s nailed Roland again! Roland is busted wide open and Blood Rage has tossed the chair aside and is just wailing on him! He’s hammering Roland’s forehead! We’ve got security storming the area! Blood Rage is holding them off! He’s just nailed two security guards! They’re out! He’s retreated into the crowd!
We’ve got another ref down there now checking on the first ref and Roland Hard! He’s talking to the timekeeper! We’ve got security storming the ringside area and a few are pursuing Blood Rage into the crowd but he’s long gone fans! He disappeared as quickly as he arrived! The second ref has called for the bell and it looks like Roland Hard is taking this match home fans!
Winner: Roland Hard via DQ @ 3:16

Cp: Told you Sparks. Blood Rage is a former bare knuckled fighter and kickboxer, he spent a lot of time in Southeast Asia a few years back before coming back to the US. Hell, I heard he got killed in an Argentina prison riot a year ago. Didn’t know he was even still alive!

Sparks: But why is he here CP? What does he want? Was his target Roland Hard? The Spartan? Or someone down the line and those two just got in his way?

CP: You’re trying to assign rhyme and reason to his methods Sparks! I’ve seen this guy before and let me tell you, he’s like a force of damn nature! You never know where he’s going to strike, you just make sure you got the emergency crews on standby to clean up the bodies when he’s done!

Sparks: Well he better watch himself CP! The OCW is full of grapplers who are more than capable of taking care of themselves!

CP: Yeah, like Spartan and Roland? Sure, how’s that working out for them now?

Sparks: Well, we’ll have to see. I’m getting word Roland is alright fans and he’ll be able to continue tonight! But right now, lets take a look at some fresh faces to the OCW, one of which is going to be in tonight’s TV Title Tournament!!!

The camera pans the west Texas plains, off to the left is a nice size cattle ranch, and, as the camera pans closer, we see a XXX logo on the front of the corral gate. As the camera gets closer to the ranch house, we see a large man sitting in a white suit and hat, drinking a tall glass of Texas iced tea.

Man: Yes, Yes, ya'll com on in the pleasure is all yours! (He lets out a chuckle). Some of you know me, for the ones who don't, let me introduce my self. I’m Big Daddy Ewing, Oil Baron, and CEO of BIG OIL, the most powerful corporation in the sport of wrestling today.
You see, I made my billions in the oil business, with old fashioned Texas grit and sweat, with my own two hands. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I earned everything I got. But I sold the oil wells and now I am going to take my company to the top of the wrestling world as I did in the world of oil, and Big Daddy don't care who gets hurt along the way. Every thing I do I do it TEXAS BIG, I have formed a corporation that’s going to take over the biggest federation, the OCW. (Big daddy waves to the corral, and a large barrel-chested man with a handlebar moustache comes riding up to the gate, gets off his horse, and joins big daddy at the table)
Bobby come say hello to the people.

Bobby sits at the table spits a mouth full of tobacco juice on the ground.

Bobby: I’m the damn Outlaw, Bobby Jack Casey. Big Daddy came to the XXX ranch to acquire my services. Six foot 5, 280 pounds, I’m as mean as a long horn bull, and strong as a west Texas cyclone. You can't stop Big Oil, so don't even try boys, cause we’ll stomp a mud hole in ya ass, and walk it dry, tell em’ boss!

The camera pans back to Big Daddy.

Big Daddy: So OCW watch out, cause Big Oil is going to get bigger next week. You will see when we get there, cause Big Oil is getting bigger every day!!! HA HA HA!!

Back in the arena, The Hangmen come down the ramp accompanied by Big Daddy and Bobby Jack. The all four are in the ring and Big Daddy has a mic.

Big Daddy: Yes Yes, Howdy. Look at this, isn’t this great, (he moitions at the rest of the group) I told you that Big Oil was going to get bigger, and it has. the wheels of big oil has been turning for a few weeks now we are at full strength! Big Oil is here to stay. We are not a group that thinks that World War Two is still going on, HA!! Were not those 4 ponys that rode off to that little Yankee Federation up east. We are not a bunch of Circus Freaks, that wear chains, heels and look like they came out of Three Mile Island. We are BIG OIL, Texas Wise, and Texas strong!

The Executioner grabs the mic
Executioner: We showed last week just a taste of what me and the big man can do. We sent the OG back to the hood, to steal their mama’s welfare check to pay for the hospital bills! Now, we wanna get that #2 contenders spot, so we can get those belts and it looks like we get to tear into Toxic Slop! Noose I smell another hangin’!

Bobby Jack grabs the mic Bobby Jack: Taz, that little lady in the back signed me to a TV Title Tournament match tonight and it looks like you are the unlucky SOB! So lets see if you got the grapefruits to step into the ring! (He throws up the hook em’ horn sign and does the huuuuuuuuuu!!)

Big Daddy grabs the mic

Big Daddy: BIG OIL! Texas Big, Texas strong! (With that, he drops the mic, and Bobby Jack vacates the ring leaving the Hangmen to get ready for their match.)

Sparks: What a development fans! The Hangmen have joined this new stable, “Big Oil” led by Big Daddy Ewing! And could what he have said be true? Is this new wrestler, “The Outlaw” Bobby Jack Casey Taz’s competition in the TV Title Tournament tonight?

CP: Sounds like it Sparks! And let me give you a nickle’s worth of free advice- stay away from The Outlaw! He didn’t get that name for nothing you know! He’s a mean, vicious man and I’ve seen him split men wide open with that cowbell of his! He mixes all of the talent of a traditional wrestler with a bloodthirsty nature!

Sparks: Thanks for the tip CP! My, we’ve certainly got some fresh talent showing itself around the OCW now! Word must have gotten out that this is the place to be!

CP: Word spreads fast in pro wrestling Sparks. Looks like we’ve got our next tag team mini tourney match right now, The Hangmen going up against Toxic Shock! This ought to be damn interesting!

Sparks; I wonder if we shouldn’t hold up in a cage somewhere CP! This match could get wild and wind up anywhere!

CP: Calm down Scooter! You know, if the Hangmen win this one we’ll have a rematch of last weeks OG versus Hangmen match to determine the number two and three contenders to those tag titles. I bet Noose and The Executioner would like nothing better than to get their hands on The OG for a little payback!

Sparks: True words CP! Ok fans, looks like Big Daddy is giving his men a pep talk in the ring, and they look fired up! They’ll need it if they hope to defeat Toxic Shock. You know CP it was only a few weeks ago that we learned that Toxic Shock joined Mr.Lucifers Army of Darkness!

CP: Bunch of damn freaks if you ask me Sparks! But I got to hand it to Lucifer, he produces results, assuming he wants people maimed and crippled that is…

Sparks: Well, here comes Crypt and Creeper, Toxic Shock! Mr. Lucifer is following behind, and is it my imagination or has he dropped a few pounds?

CP: Could be Sparks, he eats souls and last time I checked those weren’t too high in calories!

Sparks: You keep cracking wise CP, I’ll just keep my distance!

CP: Oh lighten up Scooter! Mr.Lucifer and his band of crazies are content to beat up on wrestlers, we’re perfectly safe.

Sparks: Well, all four men are in the ring and it’s a brawl!!! Man we just can’t seem to keep teams apart tonight fans! Everyone is wound up, itching to prove themselves and scared to death they might get fired! It’s a real donnybrook in the ring!
Ok the ref has again sorted it all out and it looks like The Executioner and Crypt is starting off. Shoulder block by Executioner! The big man just leveled Crypt and he’s stomping him with those big rugged boots! Crypt is trying to roll away but Executioner has him by the leg and pulls him over to his corner! He’s tagged in Noose and the big man assists Executioner in stomping a mudhole in Crypt!
Lucifer is roaring instructions fans and Creeper has interfered! This is just as we pictured it fans, a real slugfest! The ref is restoring order and we’ve got Noose and creeper in the ring. Creeper with a blatant chokehold on Noose and the big man breaks the hold and short arm clotheslines Creeper! Creepr hits the mat hard and scrambles to his corner for a tag!
Crypt in and he’s looking apprehensive fans! Lock up, headlock by Noose, he looks like he’s trying to twist the horns off of Crypts head! Crypt sends Noose into the ropes and…HEADBUTT TO THE GROIN! He just launched himself like a torpedo into Noose’s junk and the big man is down and hurt!
Executioner trying to tag in but he catches a punch by Crypt and the Toxic Shock are in control! Tag in to Creeper who goes up while crypt holds Noose and comes off with a elbow smash to the big mans shoulder! Noose is still hurting from that groid bomb fans! We’ll have to find out the name of that!
Double team on Noose as Toxic Shock sends him into the ropes, he ducks…double clothesline to Toxic Shock! He took them both down and now all three men are down in the ring!
Executioner is staomping his feet aching for a tag fans! Noose is slow to get up, looks around, gets his bearings…tag in! Executioner hits the ring a house of fire and begins stomping both Toxic Shock!
He throws Crypt to the outside and lands a lariat on Creepr! Creeper is in trouble fans! He’s got him in the corner now, peppering him with rights and lefts! Creepr stumbles out of the corner and hits the mat! Cover by Executioner! One..two..kickout! What a brawl fans! Wait! It looks like Mr. Lucifer is advancing on Big Daddy Ewing, but Big Daddy isn’t backing down! Whats he got up his sleeve…NOOSE! Noose just spun Mr. Lucifer around and landed a punch to the manager! Now Crypt is getting involved! It’s a free for all on the outside of the ring! Creeper just reverse a suplex and was about to go for a pin but he’s sees what’s going on outside! He’s distracted…KICK TO THE BACK BY EXECUTIONER! Creeper never saw it coming! He’s got him up, HANG EM HIGH! A solo hotshot suplex off the top rope fans and Executioner has cradled the leg and its, one…two…kickout! Creeper just barely kicked out, but Executioner isn’t done! He’s got Creeper in a brain claw and he’s squeezing his head like a ripe melon! The ref is checking…TAP OUT! Creeper just tapped out to the brain claw! The Hangmen just put this one away fans and are going to the finals against the OG!!!
What a match fans and Executioner has bailed to the outside and The Army of Darkness has retreated, leaving their man unconscious in the ring! Mr.Lucifer can’t be happy with this fans, but Big Daddy Ewing is all smiles! What a showing by The Hangmen and a big win for Big Oil!
Winner: The Hangmen via submission @ 14.22

Sparks: What a showing for The Hangmen CP! That brain claw would ruin anyone’s day!

Cp: You think Scooter? You’ve never been on the receiving end of one but I have and it feels like someone just parked your head under the front wheel of a 79’ Cougar!

Sparks: Well, we’re right back into action fans, as our next match sees the other member of Big Oil, The Outlaw Bobby Jack Casey in action against Smashin’ Taz!

Cp: Smashin’ who?

Sparks: Smashin’ Taz Cp! The short Austrailian spitfire!

CP: Oh yeah, that guy. Dark hari, short, angry lookin’?

Sparks: That.’s him!

CP: Right, I saw him earlier, gave him a dollar to park the caddy. Thought he as a valet.

Sparks; Please…

CP: What? It’s not my fault this guy vanished off the map like Pompei! We haven’t seen him in action for what? A few weeks?

Sparks: That’s about right, yeah.

CP: Exactly. He better get his Aussie rear in gear Sparks or else his but will be back to hunting Crocodiles!

Sparks: We’re right back into the action fans as The Outlaw Bobby Jack Casey is making his way to the ring! Smashin’ Taz is already Waiting and looks to be chomping at the bit!

CP: He better watch it Sparks, I think he’s about to bite off more than he can chew in this match!

Sparks: Casey is in the ring and handing off his hat and jacket to Big Daddy …and Taz attacks!
He didn’t even wait for the bell fans! He jumped Bobby Jack right off the bat and he’s got him backed into a corner, hammering him with closed fists! Bobby Jack is just taking the punishment though! And reverses! Taz is in the corner and Bobby Jack is just hammering him with kicks! He’s retreating, maybe to give Taz a chance to…BRONCO BUSTER! He just landed on Taz and is adding humiliation to the punishment! What a vile cocktail!
The ref has already rung the bell fans and these two aren’t bothering with fancy wrestling moves, they are simply slugging it out!
Big Daddy is screaming to Bobby Jack and Taz has caught The Outlaw unawares. Bobby Jack is bailing to the outside to regroup! Taz is following him! Brawl on the outside! Taz has grabbed a chair and has smashed Big Daddy in the back! Big Daddy Ewing is OUT! Bobby Jack has grabbed his cowbell from ringside and has leveled Taz with it fans! The ref is counting, these tow better get back in the ring…NINE…TEN! Double Countout fans!!! These two just couldn’t stay separated long enough to get a real match going! Both are eliminated from the tournament and that means Roland Hard gets to waltz right into the quarter finals!
We’ve got security out here to break things up fans but these two are still going at it tooth and nail! Just two tough hombre’s looking to put a hurt on someone!
Winner: None- Double Countout at 2:43

Sparks: What a match fans! Just nothing but a big ole’ butt kicker! Well, now we’ve got a bit of a break for you all, as we continue the two part interview with the OCW World Champ Brett Steele. He’s been training and taking a few weeks off at his gym in Minnesota and CP got a chance to sit down and discuss his background, heritage and what the champ expects for the future. Let’s roll that tape.

We are in a gym with the OCW world champ seated with his title belt on his lap.

CP: Welcome back fans. Alright Champ, how about you tell us a little about yourself, where you grew up, who you trained under, what previous titles you’ve held…

Steele: Pass.

CP: Excuse me?

Steele: I said pass CP. It’s a common mistake most wrestlers make. They go around bragging about past victories, past accomplishments, like it’s supposed to get them a free pass or something. Just like that goof Dic Blair. He goes around telling people how he’s the best and The Horsemen can’t be beat. Truth is, the only thing that matters is the here and now, whether or not this ten pounds of gold is around you r waist or not. Legacies are for grapplers who have passed their prime and who have grown to fat or old or complacent to look to the future. I’m all about the here and now.

CP: Wow, for someone who has so much respect for history, I’m surprised to hear you say that.

Steele: I do have a lot of respect for history CP, but I’m not blind to the reality I’ve seen. Some of my mentors were the greatest wrestlers that ever lived and their legacy is what drew me to them and to learn from them. But, their willingness to give up, to roll over and make way for the new blood, that’s what I despised and what led me to beat them. And when I beat them? I moved on and found someone else to learn from.

Cp: Some might say your arrogance will be your undoing…

Steele: Who?

CP: Well, just some of your critics. Some who question your abilities.

Steele: Names.

CP: Why?

Steele: Because I don’t play games pal. If it’s a critic bad mouthing me, I don’t care, those are just underdeveloped fanboys trying to be a part of history. If it’s a grappler I’ll invite them into the ring to show them how wrong the really are.

CP: Well, you mentioned Dic Blair. He’s been a vocal critic, as well as Buck Leeds…

Steele: You mean the guy who dresses like Freddy Mercury? Has he even won a match yet?

CP: Uhm, I’ll have to check my notes…

Steele: Don’t bother. His name isn’t in the top contenders so I don’t have to pay attention to him. Bottom line is that I’ve taken on all challengers and sent them packing. Just like I’lldo to the next jabroni who steps into that ring. You can put money on that.

CP: Speaking of the ring, when can we expect you back> I saw on the schedule you weren’t due to defend your title until the next pay per view. That a few weeks away, not a very hard schedule is it?

Steele sits quietly for a moment and says nothing, finally leaning forward…

Steele: Let me explain something to you. I’m the OCW World Champion which means I make the damn rules. If I want to take a few weeks off after winning and defending this title then I will. So far no one has had the talent or the backbone to take this gold from me, and until that happens no one has a right to say squat. If the losers in the OCW want to shut me up, if they want to take this gold and prove me wrong, well the line starts at the damn door and when they pull their head out of their butt and stop trying to kidnap each other or whatever it is they do, then they can come and get a shot at this belt. Until then, (he takes off his sunglasses) just remember one thing: This belt says I’m the best and the rest of you are just second rate wannabes. You want to shut me up? You want to pull my plug? Then pack a lunch and kiss your momma goodbye, cause I’m going to take you to school and teach you what it means to be THE OCW Champ.

We cut to commercial!

Sparks: My what strong words CP! Looks like Steele has thrown down the gauntlet!

CP: Sure has Sparks! Whoever wins this tournament tonight will get a free pass next week and will be able to challenge Steele at the next PPV! So there is more on the line that just the TV Title tonight Sparks, there is also a shot at the World Championship!

Sparks: There you go fans! Lots of reasons for tonight’s grapplers to pull out all the stops!

Sparks: We’re back fans, and we’ve got our seventh match for you tonight in the Tv Title Tournament, Buck Leed versus Trailer Park Stevens!
CP: And Leeds is limping to the ring Sparks! He was involved in that brutal Tower of Revenge match last week and walked away with some punishment!

Sparks: True Cp! But what is Leeds going to do now? The Horsemen 2k7 abandoned him and now he’s a man without a country! He’s got no allies, no one to back him up!

Cp: He doesn’t need it Sparks! Leeds has always marched to his own tune and never really needed anyone else. I don’t see that changing!

Sparks: We’ll he’s made it into the ring and trailer Park Stevens attacks! He’s kicked Leed’s legs out from under him and is punching that injured shin! Leeds is gritting through it but can’t get up! Trailer Park is jumping up and down on his leg and Leeds is in pain folks! How cheap is this?
Alright, the ref has backed Stevens off and Leeds is climbing to his feet with the assistance of the ropes- and here comes Stevens! He’s hammering Leeds and has tripped him up again! He’s dragging Leeds into the center of the ring and…ANKLELOCK! He’s twisting that wounded leg like a warm Twizzler fans! Leeds taps! Oh this is no surprise fans! Leeds should have taken the night off! The ref is trying to get Stevens to stop but he’s just continuing to twist! He’s going to snap his damn ankle!!!
Ok, he finally breaks the hold and adds insult to injury by spitting a large wad of chew onto the back of Leed’s head…what a scumbag fans!!!
Winner: Trailer Park Stevens via submission at 4:21

Sparks: Wow, that was something else fans! Trailer Park really took advantage of the wounded Leeds fans!

CP: Just the way it goes Sparks! Leeds should have thought about that when he was lubing up that moustache.

Sparks: Well, motoring on fans, we’ve got he next match up in this exciting TV Title Tournament, TJ Danger is going up against…

CP: Woah, who?

Sparks: TJ Danger.

CP: Who he hell is that?

Sparks: Well, I think it’s Tobias Jorum, remember he said he was reinventing himself tonight.

CP: Sure. I’m sure this new name will make all the difference.

Sparks: Well, he’s in the ring and here comes Mentalo! This is a Hardcore Match which means anything goes! Should be a wild one!

CP: Back in the day Sparks we called them Texas Death Matches!

Sparks: Sure, and you also thought “bleeding” was an acceptable form of medicine.

CP: Watch it Scooter. We’ve still got a lot of night to go and you’re already driving me up a freaking wall.

Sparks: Anyways! We’ve got a bell and Mentalo goes on the offense! He’s taken a stop sign, one of many weapons scattered about the ring and smashed Jorum-sorry- “TJ” with it!
TJ hits the mat and Mentalo goes up top and hits a swanton bomb! Pin attempt but a kick out at two! Danger is back up and grabs a weapon of his own, a cooking sheet! He wraps it around Mentalo’s head! He’s kicking him down! Whats he got now? Kendo stick! He’s whipping Mentalo like a government mule!
Mentalo is back up and busted open! Danger whips him into the turnbuckle but Mentalo reverses into the ropes- huricanrana! Danger bails outside the ring and Mentalo goes up top! Flying Splash! Both are down outside fans!
Danger is up first and slings a soda into Mentalos eyes, blinding him! Mentalo can’t see! Danger bulldogs him right into the ringpost! Mentalo is down! Danger is under the ring! He’s pulling some tables out! He’s sliding them into the ring while Mentalo regroups! Danger picks up Mentalo and slams him across the barrier! He’s back in the ring and setting up the tables in the corners!
Whats that? He’s got a bag of something…thumb tacks! He’s scattered them across the ring! Mentalo finally makes his way back in and Danger slams him right onto that carpet of thumb tacks! Mentalo looks like a decorated pinata’!
Danger goes for scoop slam but Mentalo reverses and cradles Danger! Two count! Danger barely kicked out and Mentalo has his second wind! He hits a flying head scissors and takes down Danger! Another cover! Two count! Danger is back up, he whips Mentalo into the corner, reverse! Danger goes right into the able fans! Mentlo has run across the ring and grabbed the other table and charges! He lands on top of Danger! He’s backing up, dropkick into the table! Danger is out of it! Mentalo pulls him into the center of the ring and goes up! 450 SPLASH! He covers! One…two… THREE!!! Mentalo advances wins this brutal hardcore match and advances in the tournament!!!
Winner: Mentalo via pinfall at 17:38

Sparks: What a match fans! When we return, we’ll have Kai’s funeral service for his brother to kick off hour number three, and we’ll advance to the second round of TV Title matches! More action awaits fans so don’t go anywhere!!!!!!

The lights in the arena are dim and inside of the ring we see black carpeting on the ring and in the center, a table with black drapes. Upon this table is simply a black and gold Urn. A portrait of headhunter on an easel. Behind the table and next to the easel we see Kai standing behind a podium.

Kai: We gather here tonight. To do what? Watch wrestling, yes? Nice, old fashioned, wrestling. We got the good guys, and you can tell them from the bad guys. But what happens when the bad guys take it too far? (Kai stops his speech for a moment and looks to the portrait and then to the urn.) When push comes to shove we get caught in the moment and we will do anything it takes to win. Or else we wouldn't be in OCW.
What happened to my brother wasn't just because of foolish decisions of a co-worker, nor was it just the negligence of the fools who drink beer and then lug around gasoline for days at a time… Kai is beginning to look sinister, maybe angry even. the lights slowly transition to a deep blood red.
Kai:This wasn't the first time my brother had burned alive. In Centralia, the negligence of the working man destroyed the city.... entire families.....including ours. That city still burns underground to this day. I went back there last week, after the accident. There are some disturbing presences there. It's like just walking into the town you can feel the Anger, the Hate, and the Outrage of the souls. The souls of those who burned alive. All just living their life. Just trying to make a living. And then by the foolish decisions of other people, they lose it all in the blink of an eye. JUST LIKE MY BROTHER.!

Kai takes just a moment to re-gather himself and calm down from that out burst…

Kai: In this urn, are not ashes. No. There wasn't any ash left from the accident. No ash, No bones, Not even grease. Just burn marks on the pavement and heaps of metal. Inside this urn, is a soul. an Angry, Loathing, Outraged soul. The soul of my brother waits inside this urn. He awaits release; To torment the minds of all foolish people. Who make STUPID decisions that lead to fates like his.......and now I give him what he wants.
And with that, giving him the full ability to torment you all. I hope Dusty hires a company therapist. We'll need one soon. Once a soul has decided to play with your mind, you are forever changed. And my brothers soul…now walks among us.

Kai walks to the urn and opens it. A dark green smoke begins pouring out of the urn and it falls from Kai's hand to the mat and rolls around uncontrollably the lights get brighter and brighter and brighter until its just about blinding. Smoke stops coming from the urn, then total blackout. Nothing is heard but a deep sinister laugh and we cut to commercial!!!

Cp: what the hell was that all about Sparks!?!

Sparks: Got me CP! Looks like something out of Tales From the Crypt!

CP: Damn this place just gets weirder and weirder!

Sparks: Well, lets jut try to move on, shall we? We still have a long night ahead of us…

CP: Sounds good Scooter. Lets throw up that TV Title Tournament bracket and see where we stand!

Cp: There you go Sparks! Looks like we’ve got Genesis and Lil’ Tokyo up next! Some surprises for me is Trailer Park Stevens and Mentalo! I had no idea those two would even make it this far!

Sparks: It just speaks to their tenacity and talent CP! Though I agree with you, Trailer Park is certainly the odd man out in this tournament. He stole that match from Buck Leeds.

CP: he capitalized Sparks! Nothing wrong with that!

Sparks: Well we’re ready for our next bout fans! Damien Genesis versus Lil’ Tokyo!

Sparks: Genesis comes out to a chorus of boos fans! Looks like the OCW fanbase isn’t as forgiving of his past rulebreaking ways, though he’s done little to change that!
Lil Tokyo is making her way out, and she definitely looks like shes been put through the ringer fans! That’s the downside to having a tournament like this all in one night! The more you win, the tougher it gets, by the end of the night the winner will have had to go through up to four of the OCW’s toughest grapplers to win that TV Title!
We get the bell and Genesis rushes in- right into a heel kick! Damine is on his rear backing up to the corner and he’s stunned! Lil’ Tokyo looks determined fans! No fooling around with her! She sent Genesis a message and it let him know shes not just going to roll over and take a loss here!
Genesis back up and waves off the ref’s ten count! These two circle each other, lock up, Gensis in control, really relying on the power advantage he’s got over Lil’ Tokyo, and he lands a forearms smash taking her to one knee. Another and shes feeling it fans! He has her up, powerslam! Cover! One count only! Lil’ Tokyo still has plenty of gas left in the tank fans!
Snapmare and Genesis locks in a crossface. Lil’ Tokyo isn’t tapping though, wait! She manages to wiggle out and runs up to the turnbuckle, shes jumping, hits the top post, moonsault!!! Damien is stunned! She covers! One..two..kickout! Not going to get Gensis that easy Lil’ Tokyo!
Back and forth fans, Genesis coming with punches, Lil’ Tokyo dodging, roundhouse kick! Genesis hits the ground and Lil’ Tokyo goes up top! She jumps! NO! Genesis gets his knees up and Lil’ Tokyo lands hard. Shes hurt fans! She’s grabbing her abdomen and rolling around in pain!
Gensis is celebrating! He’s showboating to the fans! He’s wasting too much time fans! He goes for a pin, this might be it…one..two…kickout! Lil’ Tokyo just manged to get her shoulder up!
Damien is slamming his hand and jawing at the ref! He’s complaining about a slow count! The ref isn’t budging fans! Damien returns his attention to Lil’ Tokyo, he picks her up…CRADLE! Genesis never saw it coming! One..Two..THREE! Lil’ Tokyo just pulled a win out of thin air and Genesis is stunned! Lil’ Tokyo has bailed out of the ring, still holding her stomach but she gets her hand raised and advances to the semi finals where she’ll be facing off the winner of our next bout, Margharita versus Primetime Murphy!
Winner: Lil’ Tokyo via pinfall at 11:29

Sparks: Alright fans! We’ve got our second quarter-final matchup tonight in the TV Title Tournament, and it should be a big battle of attitudes! Margharita is going up against Primetime Landon Murphy!

CP: Both have egos as big as your Momma’s double wide Sparks! Going to be interesting to see if these two wrestle or wind up on a reality tv show together!

Sparks: My momma owns a nice ranch style home in the suburbs CP!

CP: Yeah with a revolving door to her bedroom!

Sparks: HEY!

CP: Call the damn match Sparks! I need to go get some Sno Caps! I feel my blood sugar dropping!

Sparks: Good idea. Well here comes Primetime fans, he just came through the curtain and..wait! There’s Margharita! She’s sneaking up behind Primetime, she’s going to pull the same stunt- WOAH! Sergei Khrushchev just blindsided Margharita, watching out for his pal Primetime! They expected this all along fans! These two aren’t stupid!
Primetime grabs a handful of black hair and hauls Margharita to the ring! He tosses her in and follows and the ref motions for the bell and we have a match!
Primetime riding this momentum, cinches in a reverse chinlock! Margharita isn’t tapping folks, she’s way too fresh from coasting into the quarter finals without having to actually wrestle a match!
She makes it to the ropes and the ref breaks the hold and shes mad folks! Shes ogt some angry fire in her eyes! She glares at Primetime and starts mouthing off to him but Murphy just smiles and gestures for her to bring it on!
Margharita charges in and Primetime hip tosses her back into the ring and resumes the reverse chinlock! This is making Margharita furious! Shes smacking the canvas in frustration! Primetime is leaning back, really putting on the pressure!
She’s back to the ropes and we get another break! She’s not going to just rush in like that again fans! She measures Murphy and the two lock up, and Margharita scores a kick to the gut with those hard toed cowboy boots!
Primetime doubles over in pain as the ref warns Margharita but she’s not listening! She cinches in a submission hold of her own! A Tijauana Tieup! This is a modified cross face fans and Primetime is in trouble fans! No, he manages to power out! His strength is just too much for Margharita and she changes tactics! She’s landing some boots to his back and going to the second rope! She comes off with a legdrop and goes for a pin! Two count only, Primetime may still be a little tired from that exhausting match with Sergei but he’s by no means done! Both go back and forth for a bit, reversing some armbars and solid punches, whip into the ropes by Murphy and he catches Margharita in a sidewalk slam!
Cover! Two count! Margharita has accidentally knocked down the ref! He’s out of it fans and she’s got one of those spurs in her hands! She’s going to work on Murphy’s head fans! He’s split open! She’s just raking that spur back and forth like she’s shredding cheese!
Murphy knocks it out of her hand and the ref is coming to but he didn’t see a thing!
Margharita sends Primetime into the ropes and hits a cross body block! Another pin! Another kickout! Looks like she’s setting him up for a suplex, wait! Reverse! Headliner!!! Primetime just hit that modified brainbuster on Margharita and covers! One…two..THREE! Primetime Murphy just pulled this win out of nowhere!
Winner: Primetime Murphy via pinfall at 18:02.

Sparks: And Margharita is livid fans! She’s beating on the poor ref, riding him around the ring like a bronco! That’s just sad to see fans, though it looks like our ref might be enjoying it just a little bit. Alright! Looks like it's going to be Priemtime Murphy taking on Lil' Tokyo in the Semifinals fans!

We go to commercial!

We’re back in Dusty’s office and she’s once again staring hard at her computer monitor while Smashin’ Taz leans back in a folding chair, his feet kicked up on her desk…

Dusty: Wow, Mr. Taz is it? A double countout? You don’t seem to be too interested in keeping your job around here.

Taz: Look here Little Missy, the other bloke didn’t do no better, did he?

Dusty: The “Other Bloke” has proven himself in other feds around the country Taz. He’s a rising star with credentials and Big Daddy Ewing’s money to back his being here. You? You aren’t toting the best track record. No activity for the past two weeks, you lost to..

Taz: Yeah, yeah, looks sugar bums, Smashin’ Taz is all about fighting and taking care of business. That Outlaw just got a taste of what happens to…

The door opens and we see Strucka from The Awesome Ones scuttle inside, shut the door and put his ear up to it as if listening for someone..

Dusty: Uhm, excuse me? I thought I already fired your ass…

Strucka: Oh, hey, yeah man, and to be honest, that wasn’t very awesome of you.

Dusty: Well, hey “man”, I don’t give a damn. I’m calling security…

Strucka: No, wait! Look, hey, I, look I really need a job, you know? I mean, weed and steroids cost like, a lot of money right? So you know, I really need this job. Plus I just got new brakes on my van….

Dusty: Am I to understand that you just admitted to being on several forms of narcotics, right here in front of me?

Strucka: Uhm, no, not if that’s, you know, not cool.

Dusty: You are too dumb to be alive, you know that?

Taz: Poor bloke got no direction! That’s what happens when ya daddy don’t beat some proper sense into ya.

Dusty: Shut up Taz. Strucka, How did you ever get to be in the OCW?

Strucka: Oh, like Mr. Savage saw me fight one night at the MMA show and told me I could triple my money and then he handed me a dime bag and told me I would have to bulk up. So…

Dusty: MMA? You’re telling me you’re an MMA fighter?

Strucka:Totally. I was real good too, till I came here and Mr.Savage made me a tag team guy with that other gay dude.

Taz: Poor bloke, if getting kicked in the head on a regular basis wasn’t bad enough he had to get hooked on the wacky tabaccey. Idiot.

Dusty: Watch it Hugh Jackass, you’re future here is still in question and I’m about to toss you out on your crocodile hunting bum, got it?

Strucka: You like, need me to remove him mam? I could like, be head of your security department or something.

Taz: Remove me? Boy I would throw you out a window…

Dusty: Woah, calm down. Negative on that Strucka, only failing feds make security guards wrestlers. No, you’ve given me an idea though. We could use an MMA fighter around here, that kind of thing is hot right now and folks like it. Tell you both what we are going to do. Next week you two are going to have a “contract on a wire match”. An OCW contract will be suspended above the ring and the first one to get to it gets to keep their job.

Taz: What? All I have to do to keep my bloody job is fight this stoner? Easy pickings dearie! I’ll just bring some special brownies and throw them into the fifth row and while he fetches them climb up there and take the contract for myself.

Strucka: That’s like, so not cool of you man. I got an addictive personality, it’s not my fault I smoke like a dozen joints a…

Dusty: HEY! Dundee! Stoner! Focus! I’ve made my decision. Next week you two fight for who gets to keep their job! Taz, I suggest you get ready and try not to get counted out this time! Strucka! You need to get your ass home, sober up, kick your habits- ALL OF THEM- and cut that damn mess of hair. We don’t have the funds anymore for ten cans of Aquanet for you! And come next week ready to show off those MMA talents of yours, got that?

Strucka: Cut my hair?

Dusty: Now I’ve got work to do, so both of you can get the hell out!

Taz: I’ll be seeing you next week my dearie, contract in hand.

Dusty: Yeah, yeah, just go, it’s starting to smell like backstage at a Phish concert in here.

We go to commercial!

Sparks: Wow fans! Guess we have a match set for next week! Looks like Smashin’ Taz and Strucka are going to go at it to decide who gets to keep gainful employment!

CP: Not much of a chance for Strucka Sparks! That guy is as high as a kite and as bright as a five watt bulb!

Sparks: Well right now fans we’ve got the final match in our little mini-tag team tournament to determine the number two and three contenders to those belts. Whoever loses in the tag championship match tonight of course becomes the number one contenders by virtue of being the last title holder or previous number one contenders. But this match determines who is going to be right behind in the number two and three slots!

CP: Gonna be a good one Sparks! The Hangmen have been itching for revenge after that loss to The OG last week! I spoke to them earlier and they were dying for this to play out as it has!

Sparks: Well the Hangmen are making their way to the ring and it looks like Big Daddy Ewing is nowhere to be seen! Perhaps he’s still nursing his wounds from the attack by the Army of Darkness. No, wait there he is, in a cast? He wasn’t hurt that bad fans, certainly not bad enough to be sporting a cast!
Here comes the OG, and they are waving something, what’s that? Oh nice! It’s a poster of Boss Hogg from the Dukes of Hazard! Big Daddy Ewing has seen it and is livid! He screams something to the Hangmen and they attack!
Brawl on the outside fans and the Hangmen are taking it to the OG! Loball and Noose are slugging it out and Noose has Loball up…what’s going on….SLAM THROUGH THE VENEZUELAN ANNOUNCERS TABLE! Oh fans what a punishing blow to the OG!
The ref has called for the bell and it looks like these two teams better get in the ring or we’ll have a double countout! The Hangmen waste no time with Executioner sliding under the ropes and springing back up but Smooth T is screaming to the ref! Loball is still enmeshed in a tangle of cables and monitors! He’s not going to be in any shape to wrestle!
The ref is counting Smooth T out! He looks confused, and beats the ten count by sliding in the ring! Looks like Smooth T is going to go solo in this one fans! Ok, handicap match it is!
Executioner hammers Smooth T and whips him into the turnbuckle and charges! Smooth T moves! Executioner pulls up, taps his temple and shakes his head-and turns right into a standing dropkick by Smooth T! Smooth T is back up and legdrops Executioner and goes for a pin!
One count only! Smooth T is staying mobile fans! He’s kicking the Executioners leg, really working it over! Drop toehold! Now he’s got a figure four locked in and cinches it hard!
Noose is in to break it up but the ref intercepts him and Smooth T sees what is going on and breaks the hold.
Smooth T with a knee drop to Executioners head! Oh fans! What a fight this young grappler is putting up alone! EMT’s are at ringside attending to Loball and taking him away while Smooth T valiantly fights in the ring!
Executioner is stunned! He’s been assaulted by Smooth T since this match started and has gained no offense! Smooth T still working over that leg, draping it across the middle rope anjd jumping up and knee dropping it! Executioner is in pain fans!
Boston crab by Smooth T! He’s pulling out all the stops fans! Big Daddy Ewing is on the ring apron trying to get the ref’s attention…Smooth T sees him…dropkick to Big Daddy! Big Daddy Ewing just got dropkicked off the ring apron!
The ref is leaning over the ropes and shouting to security to get Big Daddy out of here, oh no! That distraction is all Noose needed! He slipped into the ring and just scooped up Smooth T and hurled him over the top rope! Smooth T must have sailed into the third row!
Now Noose is dragging Executioner close to their corner and he’s just slipped back outside onto the ring apron! The ref has returned his attention to the match and is looking around for Smooth T! He sees Noose lean over and tag Executioner and vault over the top rope!
The ref is counting and Smooth T stumbles back into the ring. Noose wastes no time in scooping him up and hitting a mean backbreaker! Smooth T cringes in pain and Noose reaches down and picks Smooth T up like he was made out of wishes and rainbows and applies a backbreaker! Smooth T holds out for only a moment before submitting! Noose tosses him to the mat like yesterdays trash and The Hangmen take home the victory and the number two tag title contenders spot! It was just a matter of time fans and Smooth T put up a good fight but the Hangmen were just too much!
Winner: The Hangmen via submission at 9:41

Sparks: What a night fans! I can’t recall a night where we’ve seen this much action! And it’s not over! We’ve got our next TV Title Tournament match coming up, Trailerpark Stevens taking on Mentalo in this last quarterfinal match!

CP: Yep, looks like Roland Hard got to coast through this round due to The Outlaw and Smashin Taz being handed a double-countout Sparks!

Sparks: Indeed CP! I feelfor whoever has to go up against Hard later. He may have been brutalized by Blood Rage but that was over an hour ago! He’s had time to rest up and relax while the rest of these grapplers have had to fight and claw their way to this spot!

CP: And Mentalo is coming out and he looks whipped Sparks! That hardcore match must have really taken a lot out of him! He’s moving like he’s got something wrong with his back and grimacing in pain!

Sparks: And Trailerpark looks as fresh as a daisy CP! He basically waltzed through his match with Buck Leeds and he’s ready for action!
A series of right hands to start off with by Trailerpark sends Mentalo reeling! He tries to regroup and mount an offensive by hitting a tiltawhirl slam! He’s got Trailerpark up for a suplex but his legs give out! He’s hit the mat and Trailerpark goes for a pin! Reverse! Two count and Trailerpark kicks out!
He’s got Mentalo up and lands a knee to the gut! He’s sitting Mentalo up in the corner and charging in! Mantalo catches him with an elbow and lands a neckbreaker!
Trailerpark is hurting fans! He’s back up, stumbling around, Mentalo goes up…LOBOTOMIZER! Mentalo just hit that flying dropkick and darn near took Trailerpark's head off!
Easy cover for the win!
Winners: Mentalo via pinfall at 6:24

Sparks: Alright fans! We’ve got a real humdinger for you now! The Super Dragons, who have just retuned from a successful tour defending the OCW Tag Titles in Japan are set to defend those titles against Mr.Lucifer's jewel in the Army of Darkness crown, The Hellcats!

CP: Going to be a wild one Sparks! The Hellcats are unorthodox, insane and pointed like a gun right at those championship belts and Lucifer just needs to pull the trigger!

Sparks: What do you think the secret to defending these titles is going to be CP? If you were managing the Super Dragons, what would your advice be?

CP: Cheat.

Sparks: What? Are you serious?

CP: Of course. Cheat. Right out in the open so the ref can see it and call the match. Titles don’t change hands on disqualifications and they can walk away with their belts intact without getting put in the hospital.

Sparks: You know, I wondered how you were able to keep that Southern States Championship from 74’-77’.

CP: It’s all about knowing the rules, and then being willing to break them as often as possible Sparks.

Sparks: Well, the Hellcats are being led to the ring by Mr.Lucifer CP, and they are looking wild tonight! Razor Girl is grabbing signs out of fan’s hands and ripping them apart while Barb is flicking that forked tongue at the cameraman, insane!
And here comes the Super Dragons fans! Silver Dragon, the senior member of the duo leads the team out to the ring, both sporting those championship belts. They’re stepping through the ropes and the ref is making a point to stay between the two teams. We also have a substitute ref on the outside in case something happens to our main official.
The ref sounds the bell and it looks like Razor Girl and Silver Dragon are starting out. Razor Girl, the post apocalyptic warrior charges in and right into a gut kick! Shes doubles over and Silver Dragon lands a reverse kick to her chin! Shes on the mat and he goes for a quick pin! One count as Razor Girl powers out. Silver Dragon pulls up a handful of mohawk and lands a vicious slap to Razor Girls chest, but she throws the Dragon into the turnbuckle and lands a series of slaps of her own! He’s stunned and grabs his chest and scurries over and tags in Red Dragon!
Red Dragon comes in, bouncing and light on his feet. He lands a left, a right and a discus punch that takes Razor Girl down!
He springboards off the second rope and lands a splash right to her midsection and covers! One..two..kickout!
Red Dragon is jawing at Barb Wire who is leaning hard on the ropes trying for a tag. He’s got Razor Girl up, goes for another chop, she blocks! Hard punch to his throat! Now she’s got him by the hair and she’s biting!!! Those sharp teeth are digging in to his forehead fans and the ref is counting! She stops just before getting disqualified and grabs Red Dragon byt eh hair and SLINGS him in to the Hellcats corner! Razor Girl tags to Barb and she comes in and both commence to stomping him in the corner!
Silver Dragon is screaming at the ref but Razor Girl bails out of the ring and barb comes in.
Barb hits several right hands, knocking the taste out of Red Dragons mouth before whipping him into the ropes and backdropping him, but he lands on his feet, rebounds and lands a spinning kick! Barb is down and he tags in Silver Dragon who goes up top and comes off with a legdrop! Cover! Two count before Barb kicks out!
Silver Dragon tags Red Dragon in and they both send Barb into the ropes, she rebounds, the go to clothesline, she ducks, rebounds, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE ON THE DRAGONS! Barb tags in Razor Girl and it’s a free for all in the ring! Barb is working over Red Dragon in the corner while Razor Girl and Silver Dragon exchange forearms shots and chops! The ref is trying to retain some order and finally gets Barb and Silver Dragon out of the ring. Razor Girl lands a kick to Red Dragon and takes him down. She whips him into the ropes and hits a dropkick of doom! Cover! Two count thanks to Silver Dragons interference!
Red Dragon is back up, he lands a knife edge thrust to Razor Girls throat and she goes down to one knee! Side kick and shes on the mat, he goes up top, looking to put this one away fans!
But wait! Mr.Lucifer is on the ring and just reached up and tripped up Red Dragon! He just got crotched on that top turnbuckle and he’s in trouble! Lucifer just bought his team some time fans and Razor Girl is getting to her feet! Shes over to the turnbuckle, turns around, grabs Red Dragon, neckbreaker!!! Cover but it’s broken up by Silver Dragon! Razor Girl tags in Barb and she’s got Red Dragon on the mat and locks in a guillotine scissors neck grip!
She’s squeezing for all shes worth fans but he’s not tapping! Silver Dragon comes in again to break it up and the ref is warning him off! Razor Girl is in there now and we’ve got a brawl! The ref is trying to restore order,,,yet again! Wait! What’s Barb doing? She’s taking one of those chains off of her boots and she just nailed Red Dragon!!! The ref didn’t see it! He’s got Silver Dragon back into his corner and Razor Girl is picking Red Dragon up, Barb is going up top!!! RAZOR WIRE!!!!
Red Dragon is flat on the mat! Barb goes to cover and Razor Girl shoulder rams Silver Dragon off of the ring apron as the ref counts! One…TWO…THREE!!!
Winners and NEW OCW World Tag Champs: The Hellcats via pinfall at 18:39

Sparks: Oh my fans! The Hellcats are celebrating with Mr.Lucifer in the ring! It’s madness! The Super Dragons are no longer Champs! After a month of holding onto those titles they’ve finally dropped them to The Hellcats!
Well, CP is in the ring for a word with the NEW OCW Tag Champs! Take it away CP!

In the ring, Corporal Punishment is standing with the Hellcats and their manager Mr.Lucifer…

CP: Right you are Scooter! I’m here with the new OCW tag Champions. It’s got to feel good Mr.Lucifer, finally winning these belts.

Mr.Lucifer: All a part of the plan.

CP: Plan? What plan? Does recruiting Toxic Shock have anything to do with it? And now that The Hellcats have the belts are we to assume they are going to focus more on tag matches and less on individual title pursuits?

Mr.Lucifer: You know Corporal, you ask a lot of questions you don’t need the answers to…

CP: Hey, it’s my job pal. The fans want to know.

Mr.Lucifer: The fans? Perhaps you should stop pandering to these mindless sheep and be more mindful of the questions you ask…you may not like the answer you get!

CP: Look buddy, I don’t come down to the Ninth Circle and tell you how to do your job, so you don’t tell me how to do mine, savvy?

Mr.Lucifer: HELLCATS!!!!

With a gesture the Hellcats attack Corporal Punishment! They beat him down and are hammering him with punches and kicks by the time security arrives. CP manages to headbutt Razor Girl and knock her out of the ring before order gets restored and Co is helped to the back!

We cut to commercial!!!

Sparks: Fans, what a turn of events! The Hellcats just brutally assaulted CP who was just doing his job right after they won the OCW World Tag Championship! How heinous!! You would think they would be elated and happy to have won the belts but all they cared about doing was beating someone up!!! We’ll keep you updated on CP’s condition as he’s being attended to in the back but as they say, the show must go on. Right now let’s take a good look at the TV Title Tournament Bracket!

Sparks: Looks like we’ve got Lil’ Tokyo and Primetime Muprhy up first fans, both having fought through some brutal matches to get to this point. Roland Hard has practically had a free pass to get to this point, and Mentalo has been brutalized in every match he’s been in fans. This is going to be a hard one for the young luchadore.
Alright! Well without any more jabbering lets get the match underway!

Sparks: Lil’ Tokyo is slowly making her way to the ring fans. You can tell she’s hurting. This tournament has really taken a toll on this young grappler, but she’s shown such perseverance and fortitude it’s uplifting to see someone with so much heart!
Here comes Primetime Murphy fans! Again, a noble fan favorite who has really laid it all out on the line tonight, going toe to toe with his partner and friend Sergei and then battling through the Maexican tornado that is Margharita!
Primetime is in the ring and Lil’ Tokyo, still holding her ribs manages a small bow, Primetime returns the gesture and we’ve got the bell!
Quick start by primetime fans as he hip tosses Lil’ Tokyo over and locks in an armbar!
No submission to his move by Lil’ Tokyo fans as she rolls under and breaks the hold! Primetime nods and they circle, this time he goes for a headlock but Lil’ Tokyo ducks and sweeps the leg! Priemtime goes down and Lil’ Tokyo capitalizes, scoring an inverted face lock on Primetime!
She’s really working that hold fans but Murphy is just too big and powerful and eventually breaks the hold. He scoop-slams Lil’ Tokyo and goes for a quick pin! One count only! He’s got Lil’ Tokyo by the hair and whips her into the ropes! She ducks a clothesline and rebounds, hitting a flying cross bodyblock! But Primetime catches her! Throwaway Slam! Lil’ Tokyo is hurting fans and Primetime doesn’t waste any time in rolling her up and cradling that leg! One..two…thr…kickout!
Oh fans it was almost over right there!
Primetime is shaking his head, he really thought he had the win! He picks up Lil’ Tokyo but she lands a solid karate chop to the stomach! Primetime double over and Lil’ Tokyo slides under his legs, comes up and jumps! SAMURAI SLEEPER! She’s hanging on to Primetime for dear life, and the young grappler is trying to shake her off, but she won’t budge! He’s starting to move slower fans, the loss of blood to his head, her cutting off the flow of that carotid artery is taking its toll! She might actually win the match right here! The ref is checking Primetime, who is down to one knee and swinging blindly, his hand falls once…twice….no! It stays up! He powers to his feet and charges the turnbuckle fans! Lil’ Tokyo drops the hold and stumbles back, Primetime spins around and catches her with a wild punch! Both go down fans!
The ref has started the count! He’s up to five but neither one is moving! Seven! Eight! Ni- wait, Primetime is up fans! He’s just pulled himself up in the corner and is getting his bearings. He see’s Lil’ Tokyo still down onteh mat from that unintentional punch! He knows the stakes fans and goes for a cover! Wait! REVERSAL! Lil Tokyo just rolled Primetime up in a cradle and is pinning him! ONE…TWO…Kickout by Primetime!!!! Both are still out of it on the mat fans! Primetime is slowly getting to his feet, he moves quick and lands a legdrop across the prone form of Lil’ Tokyo! Oh fans what sort of shape is the winner of this match going to be in? How will they even be able to continue with the rest of the tournament?
This one looks to be about over fans! Primetime picks up Lil’ Tokyo, looks like he’s going for a piledriver, wait! Lil’ Tokyo has grabbed ahold of Primetime’s leg and tripped him up! He’s hit the mat- KYOTO LEG LOCK!
Lil’ Tokyo has that leglock set and there are no ropes in sight for Primetime to get to! He’s holding out for as long as he can fans! His face is a mask of pain and anguish! Lil’ Tokyo is twisting for all she’s worth!
TAPOUT! Primetime smartly opted to tapout and save his career than suffer a broken leg! Smart move by this young grappler fans, and what a match! It looks like Lil’ Tokyo is on her way to the finals, but will she even be able to make it? Right now I’m not so sure as the ref is actually helping her to the back. She can barely stand on her own!
Winner: Lil’ Tokyo via submission at 22:14

Sparks: What a wild match fans! And this next one doesn’t look to disappoint either! We’ve already got Roland Hard in the ring and it looks like Mentalo is slowly making his way there!
You have to feel for this high flying luchadore fans, he’s really been put through the ringer tonight. He’s stepping in and Roland is right on him! We’ve heard that Roland Hard has had a sketchy pat fans and this proves it! The ref has called for the bell and the match is underway!
Scoop slam by Roland! He looks like he’s got some rest and relaxation since that first bout with Blood Rage fans and he looks like he’s ready to go the distance!
Back and forth between the two, exchanging blows, Mentalo hits an enziguri on Roland and goes for a quick cover but only gets a one count! Roland back up, and he’s just punishing Mentalo fans! He whips Mentalo into the ropes and hits a powerbomb! Mentalo is out of it! Roland is going up top!!! This big man is climbing high folks! BIG SPLASH!!!
Oh fans, Mentalo was out of it from the get go and this just put he nail in his coffin. One, two three…Roland Hard is your winner and he’s going to the TV Title Tournament Final against Lil’ Tokyo. Talk about an interesting turn of events!!!
Winner: Roland Hard via pinfall at 4:52

We are in the back. Corporal Punishment is leaning up against a locker, his ribs being taped up by an EMT. Next to him a young woman in fatigues, a beret and wearing goggles paces back and forth…

Cp: …I told you they are crazy, just stay back here with me.

Woman: Are you nuts? I’m not going to sit by and let this stand! No one does this to you and gets away with it!!!

CP: Hey, I’ve had worse! Bodycount Bailey put me in the hospital for a month back in 82’! I got out of that just fine and I’ll get out of this too.

Woman: No, huh uh. Not this time! You weren’t even competing! You were in there to do an interview and they jumped you!

CP: Please, I don’t want anything to happen to you, just let it go…

The young woman leans down and kisses CP on the side of his mask

Woman: Don’t worry Daddy, I’ll get em for you!!!

We follow her out of the room and down to the ring, she climbs in and grabs a mic!

Woman: Hey Hellcats!!! Yeah, I know you are in the back! Well, you are real tough, beating up on a retiree who was just asking some questions! Well guess what? He’s not alone! He had a baby Girl and she grew up and you know where she is now? Right! She’s in this ring and shes going to kick your damn teeth down you throat!
They call me Major! I’m the Corporal’s daughter and he taught me everything I know about wrestling and kicking butt! The Special Forces taught me everything I know about tactics and how to take out a lot of enemies at once! That combination means that you better watch your backs! Cause I'm coming for you! You like to beat people up? You like to get into fights with chains and spikes and all of that? We’ll you better bring every weapon you can, cause you just put your hands on the wrong man and Daddy’s little girl is going to hunt your asses down and make you all pay!!!

Major Punishment throws the mic down and exits the ring and we go to commercial!!!

Sparks: My oh my fans! Who knew the Corporal had a daughter and that she would be so domineering! So tough! So curvaceous! So well proportioned! So…uh, where was I going?
Oh right! We’ve got our TV Title Tournament Final now fans! After an entire night of intense battle, upsets, surprises and action it comes down to this! Lil’ Tokyo who just last week wrestled Roland Hard and defeated him meets him again for the OCW TV Title!
Both are in the ring fans and it looks like Lil Tokyo can barely stand! Roland looks refreshed, ready and determined! He can taste victory fans! Lil’ Tokyo has just been through so much, and now she’s so close to the title but so far away!
She bows to Roland who just stares at her like a hungry predator! What will this mean to their alliance fans? Will this spell the end/? Well we’ve got a bell and the match is underway! I guess time will tell!
Roland moves in quick and grabs for Tokyo but she dodges and rolls out of the way! Evasive maneuvers fans! Shes keeping distance between herself and the big man! Making him chase her around the ring! She hits a dropkick and rolls away, stunning Roland!
He’s getting frustrated fans! I’m sure he thought this was going to be a replay of the Mentalo match but thats not the case! Tokyo is just too quick and agile and while she’s hurting she’s still got her wits about her!
A quick series of chops and kicks has Roland reeling! He didn’t see that coming and Lil’ Tokyo is moving like a whirling dervish! He’s trying to keep up but can’t! WAIT! He caught her fans! He’s got her by the hair and, whats he going to do? HEADBUTT!
Lil Tokyo just hit the mat hard fans and Roland is finally in control! He goes into the ropes and BIG SPLASH! He covers, this could be it…one…two…thr…kickout! Tokyo just managed to get a shoulder up at the last second!
Roland and the fans in attendance are stunned fans! Everyone was sure that was it! He goes for another pin! One..two..kickout! He’s slapping the mat in frustration fans! He can taste that TV Title belt!
He’s picking her up again! Powerslam! He's putting some boots to her midsection fans! Wait, Lil’ Tokyo is busted wide open! That headbutt from earlier must have reopened a wound! Lil Tokyo is bleeding now fans! Roland whips her into a corner and charges in! SHE MOVES! Roland lands a shoulder right into that steel ringpost! He’s grabbing his shoulder in pain fans! He’s hurt!
Lil’ Tokyo is wiping the blood from her eyes and sees Roland kneeling on the mat in pain! She hits the ropes, rebounds and dropkicks Roland between the shoulder blades! He’s knocked into the corner post fans and Lil Tokyo goes up top…DRAGONRANA!!!! DRAGONRANA ON ROLAND HARD!!!
Lil’ Tokyo goes for a quick pin! ONE..TWO..THREE!!! OH MY WORD FANS! LIL’ TOKYO IS YOUR NEW OCW TV CHAMPION!!!!
Winner: Lil’ Tokyo via pinfall at 13:02

Roland Hard is stunned fans! He can’t believe Tokyo just beat him again! This time robbing him of that TV Title belt! The look of disbelief on his face is indescribable! The ref has awarded Lil’ Tokyo the TV Title and she’s looking around for Roland but he’s already bailed out of the ring fans! He’s heading to the back and shaking his head! Some fans try to get his attention but he’s in a world of his own!
Lil’ Tokyo is celebrating in the ring fans! She’s on her knees and cradling that TV Title! She…wait...what’s this? Someone has come from beneath the ring…it’s a woman, in a black suit and some sort of red mask…shes in the ring! She’s kicked Lil’ Tokyo in the back!
LIL’ TOKYO IS DOWN! This woman has her belt and is hammering her with it! Lil Tokyo is a bloody mess fans! Wait, here comes the Super Dragons and Yojimbo!!!What the hell are they doing out here!?!
The Super Dragons have Lil’ Tokyo up under the arms and this woman has just kicked Tokyo in the face. Lets get some damn security out here!!!
Yojimbo has a mic!

Yojimbo: Little One! I tried to make this easy on you, but you chose to be insolent, prideful, well now I had to pull the ace from my sleeve.
You could have been a part of my organization! Instead you chose to pursue this silly revenge for your father’s killer! And because you chose to focus on MY tag team the Super Dragons, you caused them undue distractions- distractions that caused them to lose the tag titles tonight!
Well no more! My men have titles to regain and you are an unnecessary element that needs to be dealt with! That is why I have added the services of this young woman, some of you may know her from Japan, her name is CRIMSON MASK!

Crimson Mask continues to brutalize Lil Tokyo while the Super Dragons take out the security trying to get in the ring

Yojimbo: Yes Lil Tokyo! When you are rehabilitating in your hospital room this week, look back on this moment, watch this footage and know that because of your actions and meddlesome nature, you were the first victim of my new organization- BLACK SUN!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Punish her Crimson Mask! Punish her with her own belt!!!

Crimson Mask begins to whip Lil’ Tokyo’s back with the TV Title, leaving large angry red whelps everywhere it strikes as we fade to black!!!