In David Diamonds office, he is behind his desk, working on paperwork. A shadow falls across him and he looks up startled! We can’t see who it is, as they are offscreen, but we can hear their voice…a deep, rolling voice like thunder…

Voice: Greetings Mr. Diamond.

David Diamond: SONOFAGUN! Boy how the hell did you get in here!?! Susy Lou! Didn’t I tell you to…oh, hey! I know you! You called me earlier!

Voice: Yes sir, thank you for your time. I am positively sure my little brother works here. I haven’t seen him in many years. I need a job, and I’d be thrilled to work for you.

Diamond: Yeah, well you got the look of an OCW grappler to be sure there son. But I tell ya what, I run a tight ship here…don’t go thinking you’ll be able to get away with what your kid brother has. He’s made some enemies-powerful enemies and I think he might just be in over his head. But, you know, the OCW’s had some success, folks are hearing about us and I got me some new talent coming in. So sure, I’ll give you a job. Welcome to Outlaw Championship Wrestling boy.

Voice: Thank you sir, so much. I promise you won’t be… disappointed.

The Shadow disappears and Diamond has a look of relief on his face.

Diamond: Damn. Looks like bidness is about to pick up in the OCW. We go to the opening pyro!
Scooter Sparks: Welcome folks to another episode of Monday Night Meltdown! We’ve got two hours of jam-packed excitement for you tonight! World Champ Bret Steele faces off against the wild and unpredictable Razor Girl! In addition you’ll be seeing former OCW Tag Champs “The OG” will face off against The Hellcats to defend their #2 contender spot to the titles and Head Hunter will go toe to toe with one man who seems to have it in for him, King Cut!
But right now, say hello to the man who makes the ladies scream and little girls weep- Corporal Punishment!

Corporal Punishment: Evening Sparks. I see you raided Orville Redenbacher’s coffin for that suit. Just what the world needs- another dead, naked popcorn magnate.

Sparks: uhm...thanks, I think. Cp, any idea who this new recruit is that Diamond was addressing at the top of the show?

CP: No idea Sparks! He said his brother works here…but that could be anybody!

Sparks: Indeed CP! A mystery I’m sure that we will have to find out the answer to! Now, CP, in last weeks main event we saw the Horsemen 2k7 and The Allies go all out in one of the more vicious matches I’ve seen in a long while- a Texas Bunkhouse Brawl. Ax Alexander was sent to the hospital, all men sustained injuries of some sort, but more importantly, Lady Jayne was abducted! But by who!?!

CP: That’s right Sparks! She made the mistake of leaving her man’s side and paid for it! Just another lesson my ex-wives learned the hard way! But to answer your question, I intercepted the Horsemen upon their arrival earlier this evening at the arena, and I think the fans will be darn surprised to see who tagged along. Let’s go to that footage!

Cp is standing at the entrance from the parking lot to the backstage area, the Horsemen 2k7, along with Buck Leeds is leading Lady Jayne by her arm (she’s obviously unhappy, and dressed like a tramp), the rest are jovial as they enter the arena.

CP: Guys! Hey! First let me congratulate you on your humiliation of The Allies last week…that was nice work!


CP: Exactly! And who is this!?! Last time we saw Lady Jayne she was half hanging out of a limo screaming her head off! A position I’m sure she’s familiar with!


JD Dixon: Well, well, well, happy days! You see Allies, just when you think you have the Horsemen over the barrel, BAM! we turn the tables on you not once…(he pat's Buck on the shoulder)… but twice!

Olsen bumps Lady Jayne into the camera shot beside JD

Lady Jayne: Get your hands off of me you filthy, unkempt…

JD Dixon: Now now “Lady!” If you’re going to talk like a street walker, the Horsemen will treat you like one. Buck? The ball and gag for our “guest” please…

Lady Jayne: NO!

JD: Oh, I think so….

To Lady Jayne’s horror, while the Horsemen hold her arms, Buck Leeds produces a ball gag and proceeds to apply it and handcuff her from behind.

JD: You see? This is how the Horsemen deal with our unruly guests. So Allies you think that you have won the battle, but we will win the war, and Mr. Spartan, I do believe that the "odds" are now even...but, never let it be said that the Horsemen 2k7 won't take every opportunity to stack the deck in our favor! A lesson you'll be learning later on tonight Spartan!

Leeds: That’s right JD! See Allies, victory is all about opportunity! And I saw the opportunity to hop on the fastest, most powerful train running through the OCW! The Horsemen! That’s right boys, I was the one who “escorted” your manager to our hotel room last week! And by the looks of her now- “escort” is a word she’s getting reeeeeeeeal familiar with, heh. So! The Leeds is here to tell you Allies, ain’t no one gonna de-rail this train, not you...her (slaps Lady Jayne on the bottom), Heh...not anyone!

Blair: Allies!, you think you can run with the big dogs? Ha! well fellas, you gave your best and we’re still standing! And Southwell, remember pal…we are everywhere, no matter if it’s me, Sully, Ax, Olsen, Buck or JD! jump on one, you get two or three!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Sully: Yeah boys, you can hit us, slam us, bust us open, but we’re still here and no matter what you do, excellence always comes in first. Because the rest of the group is, just like myself, that damn good!

Olsen: Once you get into someone’s head, its takes an eternity to get them out, and Bluebloods we are in you head-deep. And when you take something from someone that they cherish…come here darling, Olsen grabs Lady Jayne's arm they will do anything to get it back! So Bluebloods, here is our ransom, a match, Ax and myself, against you, next week! If you win you can have her back, but if we win, we get her services for a month, and to make it interesting… the rest of the Allies as well as Dic, Sully, Buck and JD, will be barred from ring side so it will be fair. And if this past week has been a preview, puts his arm around Lady Jayne, then the horsemen are in for a goooooood month. Oh and Super Dragons! After Ax and I retain our prize, we’ll be coming after those belts!

The Horsemen move on, dragging Lady Jayne along as they head towards the dressing room.
Sparks: My word fans! Looks like we’ve got a match next week for the release of Lady Jayne! The Allies can’t be happy about this CP!

CP: Don’t matter Sparks! The Horsemen hold all the cards, so you gotta play by their rules! These Allies just don’t get it!

Sparks: Unbelievable! Well fans, we’ve got one of the Allies in the ring right now for a match. Tonight the Spartan takes on The Executioner! CP, The Executioner has wrestled all over, and is a solid ring vet who can claim to have won many regional titles.

CP: Darn tootin’ Scooter! Me and the Executioner used to scrap back in the day, and I can tell you- he’s one tough hombre! He eats pain for breakfast, throws it up, grabs a spoon and goes back to work!

Sparks: I think I’m going to be sick.

CP: Lightweight.

Sparks: Apparently. Lets go to the action in the ring!Spartan is already in the ring folks, handing his shield and helmet off to a ringside attendant. Last week that snake Buck Leeds used that helmet as a weapon, laying out Spartan and scoring a cheap victory. And here comes the Executioner folks, he’s a mean…wait, what the heck? JD Dixon is accompanying The Executioner to the ring! What is JD doing!?! He’s got that smug grin on his face and Spartan is instructing the ref to send JD to the back!
JD is right in front of the announcing table fans, and he’s claiming to be The Executioners manager! When did this happen? This is the first we’ve seen of the Executioner and the first I’ve heard of JD Dixon being his manger! Is this legit? Looks like it wont matter fans as The Executioner has jumped Spartan and we have a match!

Sparks: Spartan wastes no time folks, as he fights back, whipping The Executioner into the ropes and delivers a massive clothesline! The Executioner goes down hard! Spartan goes for a quick pin but only gets a one count before the vet gets a shoulder up! JD is screaming encouragement to his man from the outside! Both men are back on their feet, they lock up, and Executioner goes across Spartans eyes with his fingernails! Spartan is backed into a corner- and Executioner charges! Spartan moves! Executioner goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle and Spartan rebounds off the ropes and rides Executioners head into the mat via a bulldog!
Executioner is in trouble folks! Another…two…kickout! The masked man isn’t done yet fans. Spartan picks him up and hits a powerful suplex that sends Executioner to the outside to confer with JD…and Spartan follows! He lands a series of chops across Executioners chest and sends the grappler back inside the ring!
Back inside and the Executioner catches Spartan coming back in and stomps him to the mat! He picks Spartan back up by the hair, BRAINBUSTER! Executioner covers! He only gets a one count as Spartan gets a shoulder up. Executioner jaws with the ref about a slow count and picks Spartan up…and whips him into the ropes! Spartan rebounds, ducks a clothesline from Executioner, comes off the opposite side and into a powerbomb! Executioner plants Spartan and follows up with a pair of kneedrops to the back!
Spartan is in trouble! Executioner picks him up, plants his head between his legs…PILEDRIVER! Spartan is out of it! Cover! One…two…NO! Kickout by Spartan! Executioner is furious! He picks Spartan up, who hooks Executioners head and rolls him into a cradle! One…two count! Executioner kicks out! He shoulder blocks Spartan to the mat! He’s going up top! He’s on the second turnbuckle…flying elbowdrop! He missed!!! Spartan rolled out of the way! Spartan’s up and wraps up Executioners legs in a scorpion deathlock! The big man is hanging in there, but he’s in the center of the ring, no help...and taps!!! He TAPPED! Spartan releases, what a win folks! He…WAIT! There’s ANOTHER masked man in the ring! He just clotheslined Spartan to the mat! The ref is calling for the bell! Executioner and this other man are stomping the stuffing out of Spartan! This mystery grappler is wearing a mask similar to The Executioner! Who is he!?! Who is this new masked man!?! Now he’s holding Spartan as the Executioner cracks him over the head with a pair of knucks!

Spartan is busted wide open fans! The Executioner is stomping away with those big thick boots and Spartan is out of it on the mat fans! These masked men are celebrating in the ring, kicking Spartan as he lays there motionless…Someone get some help in here…HERE COME THE ALLIES! JD calls The Executioner and this new arrival out of the ring and they take off to the back, leaving Spartan beat down in the ring fans! Spartan is your winner, but that victory certainly came at a price! But the question remains fans...WHO IS THIS NEW MASKED MAN!?!
Winner: Spartan via submission at 08:56

Back from commercial…In the locker room, referee Lou Panera, who’s at least in his 80’s is sitting in his boxers, leaning over, pulling his socks on. He looks up, and we see, from behind, a firm brown rear-end, clad in black leather chaps.

Lou Panera: Holy Guacamole!

The camera pulls back and we see it’s Margharita.

Margharita: Hey Mano. I hear Jour the one that’s calling my tag match tonight wit that grubby lil’ Hobbit and his flashy lil’ friend.

Lou: Are those real?

Margharita: Hey! Jou answer me poppy! I ain’t got all night to fool around here. And by the looks of you, you ain’t got much time at all.

Lou: Uhm...yeah. Yeah Double D assigned me to that match.

Margharita: Jeh, I thought so. You dropped these by the way.

She hands him a pill bottle

Lou: These aren’t mine. I don’t take Viag…

Margharita: Jour business poppy. But I don’t doodle with a wet noodle. Les go. I want to finish up in time to shower off before my match.

She takes him by the hand and begins leading him away...

Lou: Uhm, I’m not sure if I can take these. It’s not like I…where are we going?

Margharita: Just take de blue pill and try not to get anything on the chaps Poppy. She turns to the cameraman..Jou stay here! I don't put on free shows anymore!

They leave through the dressing room door and we cut back to Sparks and CP!

Sparks: Did we just see what I think we saw CP?

Cp: Aw, I’m sure it was innocent Sparks! Margharita is probably just showing old Lou some stretching yoga or something.

Sparks: Are you serious?

CP: No. I’m guessing she’s doing him right now in the showers.

Sparks: CP!!!

CP: YOU ASKED! You know I have a condition!

Sparks: You’re perverse!

CP: Yeah…that’s the condition.

Sparks: We’ll be right back after this fans!

In the back, David Diamond is looking over some paperwork…and looks up, startled to see Lil’ Tokyo standing there!

Diamond: Dagnabbit! Don’t I have locks on these doors!?! You people need to learn to knock!

Lil’ Tokyo: Diamond-San! I was robbed of my match last week! I demand satisfaction! I demand a rematch with Silver Dragon tonight!

Diamond: Well, that’s going to be dang hard Lil’ Lady. The Super Dragons aren’t booked to wrestle tonight- hell, they ain’t even here! Tell you what, you want a match, I hear The Ninja is in the building, you can have a re-match!

Lil Tokyo: No! I have no wish to fight this "ninja" again. I have no quarrel with him. I did not even think such a substitution was legal David Diamond, and don't understand how you could have allowed it. But I realize that you are more interested in money than honor.

Diamond: Now, now you just watch yourself there Lil Missy! Diamond scoops several stacks of banded bills into the top of his desk drawer and closes it. We've got rules around here, and Double D is all about fair play. Substitutions happen in wrestling, hell, all sports, all the time! I know you might be used to how they do things across the pond, but here, in MY federation, you play by Double D’s rules or you don’t play at all.
As far as a quarrel with The Ninja...why don't you tell Double D why you got a quarrel with Silver Dragon? That might go a long way towards me understanding this vendetta you got against the Super Dragons.

Lil Tokyo: Because he defeated me using dirty tricks with his partner during the tag team tournament! I wish to fight him one on one, to test his true skill. It is the only way I can know...

Diamond: Know? Know what? Oh..ah....I get it now! You think this Silver Dragon…you think this is the hombre that did your daddy in? Lil’ Tokyo, I respect your situation...I do. But that boy and his partner are hanging on to tag team gold right now...and the only way you are going to get a shot at him, is to work your way to the top and meet him in a tag match. I understand revenge, hell girl, I built a business on it! But we do things a certain way around here, and to get to him, you're going to have to work at it.
Look, I'll help you out. You want to get to Silver Dragon? Fine…Diamond hits his intercom button… Susy Lou! Get Yojimbo in here! Tell him not to worry about knockin’ one else is.He turns back to Lil Tokyo I'm booking you and Yojimbo in a match with The Awesome Ones tonight. Those boys almost became contenders to those tag beat them you move up the ladder to reaching those Silver Dragons. After that, you get a shot at the #3 contenders…then you can go after the Super Dragons!

The door opens and Yojimbo enters...limping.

Yojimbo: Konnichiwa Lil’ Tokyo, Diamond-San, how may I be of service?

Lil Tokyo: Visibly surprised Yojimbo-san, you are limping. How did you injure yourself?

Yojimbo: Ah, yes Lil’ Tokyo. I was in a...accident. At home. And fell and twisted my ankle. It is nothing I assure you.

Diamond: So! if it ain't nothing and you can wrestle you both can take on the Awesome Ones tonight. How does that sound? Good? Good! Now git! And don’t bother shutting the door behind you!

Lil’ Tokyo watches Yojimbo leave, eyeing him with suspicion, and we cut to commercial!.

Sparks: The OG’s music is blaring across the speakers fans! They can’t be happy after losing those straps last week to the Super Dragons! Loball is ushering the team out, and he looks all business! Smooth T is following right behind…no hand slapping or baby kissing tonight fans! These guys are mad as hell and looking to fight their way back to those tag titles!
We…Wait! The Hellcats have jumped the OG in the aisle! Barb Wire and Razor Girl are proceeding to beat down the OG with those massive chains as Mr. Lucifer looks on from the top of the ramp and has himself a laugh! Razor Girl has headbutted Loball and tossed him in the ring! The ref has rung the bell and this match looks underway!
These Hellcats are something else fans! The decimated the Awesome Ones last week to make it to this match and are now looking to dismantle The OG to take the #2 contender spot to that tag gold! Razor Girl tags in Barb Wire, who elbow drops Loball and picks him up! Not too hard a feat fans, as Loball looks like he weighs less than me! She just tossed him into his corner! The Original Gangsta tags out to Smooth T who comes into the ring and lands a big boot to Barb’s midsection!
Ow! She’s doubled over fans and now Smooth T is kicking her in the back! He’s yelling something about her being...what’s that? His bitch? Oh fans, that’s no good! I think Smooth T is putting his foot in it! But despite that, he’s still in control and Barb is on her knees as he lands a series of forearms to her face, picks her up, and hits an atomic drop! She’s on the mat holding her back folks…that had to hurt! Smooth T is back on top, and has an armbar locked in! Here comes Razor Girl! She’s not a fan of seeing her partner in trouble and the ref is trying to get her out of the ring. Wait...Mr. Lucifer just slid something to Barb…Smooth T has broken the hold and kicked at Mr. Lucifer who bailed off of the ring apron! He’s turned around…Barb is back up…HAYMAKER! Barb Just laid out Smooth T with a roll of quarters and he’s collapsed back into his corner. The ref has come over but he missed it! Barb has slid the quarters back out to the ground and the ref is none the wiser!
Loball has tagged in and tries to hit a belly to belly suplex on Barb but she laces her leg into his and blocks it! She hits a headbutt! Loball is out on his feet…dropkick! Barb Wire hit a standing dropkick that has put Loball on the ground! Pin! One...two…no! Kickout! Barb grabs Loball and throws him into the Hellcats corner. She’s distracting the ref while Razor Girl gnaws at his head! Loball is bleeding fans! Barb tags in to Razor Girl and they both throw Loball into the ropes…and hit a double back drop!
Loball is in trouble as Razor Girl reaches down and grabs Loballs legs…GROIN STOMP! Ooooo all of the guys at home felt that fans! And Loball is hurting…another cover…one…kickout! But Loball is still on the mat holding himself! Razor Girl goes into the ropes…but Smooth T lands a knee to her back! Razor Girl has hit the mat! Loball is slowly making his way to his corner. Hot tag!!! Smooth T comes in and picks up Razor Girl and hits a belly to belly suplex on her! Barb Wire comes in and gets a kick to the midsection and a spinebuster for her troubles! The Hellcats are reeling fans! Mr. Lucifer is on the ring apron! He’s screaming at Razor Girl who is pulling herself to her feet in front of him. He slapped her!!! Mr. Lucifer just slapped Razor Girl in the face and is screaming at her! SHE’S MAD FOLKS! She’s angry! Mr. Lucifer slaps her again! Smooth T comes over to this sick love fest…and Razor Girl grabs him by the back of the head and throws him outside of the ring!
Razor Girl intercepts Loball who has come in and throws him into a waiting boot by Barb Wire! Barb goes into the ropes and comes off with a wicked huricanrana! Loball is in trouble! Barb Wire jumps to the top rope and…MOONSAULT! She lands hard on Loball and covers…one…two…thr…no! Loball just barely kicked out folks!
Barb has picked him up and throws him at Razor Girl! And right into a stunner!!! He’s out on his feet fans and I think we know what this means! Barb is going up top and Razor Girl is picking Loball up…uh oh! Wait! Smooth T has slid beneath the ropes and body tackled Razor Girl! He’s grabbed his brother and pulled him out of the ring! He’s helping him to the back…the ref is counting, but The OG doesn’t seem to care! They’re heading for the back, Smooth T helping his brother, who is busted open, bleeding and out on his feet!
Seven…eight…nine…ten! The ref calls for the bell and The OG have been counted out fans! I guess they figured a #2 contender spot just wasn’t worth the beat down they were receiving at the hands of the Hellcats! And fans aren’t happy about this fans, as they are giving The OG a piece of their mind!
Winners: The Hellcats via countout at 13:02

In the locker room, Ax Alexander is leaning back on a couch, his bare feet propped up on a chair. Lady Jayne, obviously disgusted, is massaging his feet and squirting lotion on them. Her gag ball is gone.

Ax: That’s right lil’ filly. Between the toes too…don’t go skimping on me now. And harder! I want you to work those prissy little hands to the bone! My corns are killing me!

Lady Jayne: You sicken me, Ax Alexander. I have a good mind to go to the authorities for what you’ve done!

Ax: Now, now, honey. You won’t do no such thing. See, I know why you’re going along with us. Only one good reason- I know Diamond got you over here on the quick in that nice big private jet of his. And I know for a fact your traveling papers ain’t been cleared through the proper LEGAL channels yet. Old Double D, he might have money, power and a private jet, but that don’t mean he has any patience! And that means he don’t like to bog his OCW talent down with legalities, know what I mean? You think the Horsemen don’t have connections? You go to the authorities now, and your pretty little British ass will be on the next flight back to jolly old England by morning- along with your boys the Bluebloods. Then that will leave ole’ Primetime, and Sergei all by their lonesome. Just those two-against us SIX. You’re smart, aintcha honey? You can do the math, right?

Lady Jayne: You didn’t account for Spartan! He’s strong! He’s capable...he’s…

Ax: He’s a mid-card curtain jerker- at best! Did you see what happened to him tonight? But old Ax knows why you invited him to join the Allies, and it sure wasn’t for his skills…well, not his ring skills anyway. You're just looking for a knight in shining armor, or at least red spandex. Ain’t that right Janey? Ax winks and grabs Lady Jayne’s thigh

Lady Jayne: Unhand me! You…YOU WANKER!

Ax: Woah there sweetcakes! Watch the language! I’m just a simple wrestler from Minnesota. I ain’t used to that kind of British gutter talk, though with the way you’re dressed tonight, I can certainly see you fitting the role of a high-class whore. My cousin, he sure does have good taste in women’s clothing.

Lady Jayne: You scum. The Allies won’t let you get away with this Alexander. I guarantee it!

Ax: May be Lady. May be. But for now…you get back to work on those bunions. And harder! Like I said…we may only have you for another week, but it’s a week the Horsemen will make sure you ain’t ever going to forget!

Sparks: My stars folks! Can this be true? Is Lady Jayne really stuck having to play maid to those vile Horsemen?!?!

Cp: Looks that way Sparks! Guess she gets to be their “guest” a little longer.

Sparks: Amazing! Well, it looks like the Allies are in the ring. Primetime has a microphone and he’s fuming. Let’s go to him now!

The Allies are all in the ring- The British Bluebloods, Sergei Khrushchev, Primetime Murphy and The Spartan, though is bandanged up and looking like a car crash victim. Primetime has a microphone.

Primetime Landon Murphy: Horsemen! You made a big mistake! For as smart as you THINK you are, for all of the guts you CLAIM to have, you just put your foot right in it! This, this was already personal, but you just took it beyond that! We’re not going to wait until next week to get back Lady Jayne. If we have to, we’ll come back there right now and beat you senseless! You thought last week was bad? When we’re done with you they’ll be dedicating an entire wing of the hospital for all the money you’re going to drop there after tonight!

Edward Rochester: Bloody right! Horsemen! You put your hands on our manager, and from where we come from, that’s grounds for a Southside beat-down! Lady Jayne is a delicate flower, and you’ve done her up like a common Liverpool street-walker! We’re going to take your bloody heads and push them into the ground for this!

Primetime: I know you’re not smart, I know you must be brain damaged to do what you did! But you bring out Lady Jayne right now, unharmed, and we’ promise the beating we give you won’t send any of you to the morgue!

The Horsemen music brings out Olsen, Blair and Sully, Leeds and JD who has a microphone.

JD Dixon: Primetime Murphy! You better watch what you wish for son! Even down a man we are more than you can handle! In fact, my boys will be more than happy to come down to that ring and beat the dog out of you- just like we did last week!

Southwell: Hey Blair! Dic Blair! I meant to ask you last week, how’s the water down there? Cool? Blue? Anyone leave you any gifts, you rancid, beach-blonde bloke!?!

The Horsemen start down the ramp but David Diamond, security detail in tow, intercepts them on the way, and yes, Diamond has a microphone!

Diamond: Woah there! Woah! I know all of you boys got a hate-on going on right now, but I will NOT have chaos! You boys want a match, I’ll be more than happy to make a match! Hell, I’ll make two! But you got a chance to brawl last week, so this week, it’s one on one! Now, Blair and Blackburn, you two got a match later tonight with Toxic Shock, so...I guess that leave Olsen and Buck. You two wanna scrap? They nod in unison Figured as much, you boys got 100% pure hate running through your veins. Then Leeds, you got…Sergei…coming up next!

Leeds: Are you serious? You think that pot-bellied, vodka-swigging, borscht-eating fatboy can go toe to toe with “The Leeds?” I’ll take him apart like capitalism took apart his homeland and send him home in a box! Oh Russia a BOX IS YOUR HOME! YEAH BABY!!!

Sergei charges to the ring ropes but the Bluebloods hold him back as he shouts curses in Russian at Leeds! The Horsemen high five Leeds as he exchanges “Wooos!” With Blair.

Diamond! Calm down Goldurnit! Just calm down! Allright, Leeds you got the big pissed-off Russkie. Good luck with that boy, you just stirred up a hornets nest! And…Olsen…looks like you got…

Primetime: ME! I want his tail in here tonight Diamond!

Spartan: No! I’ll take him on, that savage shouldn’t be allowed to put his hands on the Lady!

Primetime: Spartan, with all due respect, I’m taking out Olsen. You're in no condition to wrestle after what happened to you tonight…and I want a piece of this trash in the ring, so I can make him pay!

Diamond: Allright boy, allright! Olsen, you got Primetime, tonight, one on one!

Primetime: Hey Olsen, if you can pull those fat, sausage fingers out of your ears for a second, why don’t you listen to this: Instead of a standard match, why don’t we make it interesting…I want YOU in an AMBULANCE MATCH!

Olsen goes nuts and tries to charge the ring but the other Horsemen hold him back.

Diamond: ALLRIGHTY! Looks like we got ourselves a couple of matches coming up! Sergei, you and Leeds are up next, so I suggest you boys get ready. Primetime! You and Olsen are on later tonight! You heard it folks! An ambulance match! The first one to toss his opponent in the back of the ambulance and shut the doors is the WINNER! Now! Get your asses on back to your dressing rooms! We got a show to continue!

We fade to commercial

Sparks: We’re back fans, and as you saw moments ago, David Diamond has made this match between The Allies big Russian Powerhouse, Sergei Khruschev and the Horsemen 2k7’s newest recruit- Buck Leeds!
Sergei comes out to a resounding roar of approval from the fans! He acknowledges them as he climbs in the ring. Leeds is out next, and wastes no time charging the ring! But wait! He stops short of entering and backs up the aisle, tapping his temple. Head games folks…looks like that is what Leeds is all about. The ref tries to get Sergei to back up as Leeds slowly ascends the ring steps and walks along the outside of the ropes. He waves off Sergei as he slowly climbs through the ropes.
We have a bell and these two finally lock up! Sergei wastes no time and picks up Leeds in a bear hug, and it looks like he’s trying to break Leed’s back! Leeds is hanging in there folks! He may dress like a gay biker and has the personality of a felt tipped pen, but give him some credit…he’s no lightweight! Sergei scoops-slams Leeds to the mat and stomps the Horseman into the OCW skull!
Leeds is trying to wave Sergei off folks, but the big Russian is having none of it, and whips Leeds into the ropes-Clothesline! Sergei hits a massive running clothesline and Leeds bails out of the ring! He’s trying to get his bearing folks! Leeds is in trouble…and Sergei is in control! The ref is counting, but Buck is trying to stall…buy some time! He finally rolls back in…and into a big elbow!
Sergei grabs Leeds, whips him into the ropes, misses a clothesline, Buck rebounds-and Leeds hits a flying bodypress! The big Russian is off of his feet for the first time in the match and Leeds covers for a pin! Only a one count folks at Sergei presses Buck off of him and a foot into the air! Sergei, back up and back in control, whips Leeds into the ropes…and hits Russian Sickle! Leeds is out, Sergei covers…one, two...kickout! Leeds just barely got his shoulder up fans! Sergei is getting frustrated and pulls Leeds up, and smashes his head into the turnbuckle…the crowd is counting along! He bounces Buck back into the center of the ring. Leeds has had almost NO offense here folks! Sergei goes for a kick…but Buck blocks it! He’s grabbed Sergei’s leg and swept him to the mat…and he’s locked in a figure four!!! Sergei can’t get out! The ref is checking, but the big Russian isn’t giving up!
Wait! JD Dixon is on the ring apron! He’s screaming at the ref! The ref’s back is turned to the action! He’s over trying to get JD off the ring! Leeds is…what’s this!?! Sully Blackburn is on the top turnbuckle! He’s got JD’s Halliburton and comes of the top rope onto Sergei! That metal briefcase just dented where it connected with Sergei’s skull and now Blackburn bails out of the ring and Sergei is out of it! Leeds lets go with the figure four and gets the ref’s attention…oh that figures fans! Now Leeds casually drapes himself over the unconscious Russian and holds up three fingers as the ref counts…one…two…three. What a cheap win for Buck Leeds folks! This makes me sick!
Winner: Buck Leeds via pinfall at 07:40

Sparks: No time for celebration fans as Primetime Murphy just arrived at ringside and Leeds and JD have hauled tail to the back! Primetime is checking on Sergei and I can only think this will add fuel to this already raging bonfire folks!

In the back interview area, Hobbit Baggins is standing with Mentalo. Baggins has the microphone

Hobbit Baggins: Margharita and Miss Bling! We're gonna settle this with you goials tonight! Youse can beat us up, but we keep commin' back, just like that friggin’ energizer bunny!

Mentalo: That’s right! We are going to, uh, how you say, “stomp a pothole in you and run in it till it’s dry.”

Baggins: That don’t sound right.

Mentalo: ARRIBBA!

Sparks: Welcome back fans! Fans will recall that Toxic Shock was brutalized at the Dawn of Champions by the Hellcats, hospitalized, only to return and actually join Mr. Lucifer’s “Army of Darkness” last week! Toxic Shock has always been unpredictable and off-balance, which makes them a perfect compliment to that wild stable of grapplers. Well tonight, Toxic Shock is looking to unseat the Horsemen from the # 3 tag title contender spot.
Green smoke and eerie music brings out Toxic Shock fans, as they creep slowly along the aisle to the ring! No chains for these two, as they are a controlled, eerie kind of insane. A win here would place both of Mr. Lucifer’s teams in the top three contention spots for those tag team titles. With Razor Girl going after the World title later on tonight, it looks like Mr. Lucifer has a taste for championship gold fans!
The theme from 2001 brings out The Nature Boy and his partner, Sully Blackburn! JD is absent fans, but likely he has enough faith in his team that he doesn’t feel the needs to be out here, and in addition to his new charge The Executioner and their “guest” Lady Jayne, I expect he’s a busy man! . Personally, that’s fine by me! The Horsemen reach the ring and after the ref holds back the Toxic Shock he calls for a bell and we have a match!
Sully starts out by wrapping Crypt in a headlock, grinding away! Crypt isn’t going anywhere fans as Blackburn keeps him locked up! Sully lets go just long enough to land several-closed fist punches! Crypt shakes it off and Sully grabs him from behind and lands a mean atomic drop! Crypt is hurting, holding his back! He tags out to Creeper, who vaults over the top rope and shoulder charges Blackburn! Sully goes down! Head stomp! Creeper is landing boots to Sully’s head and the Horseman tags out to Blair!
Blair and Creeper now, measuring each other, lockup, Creeper whips Blair into the corner turnbuckle! He follows up and shoulder blocks Blair over the top rope! Blair is on the outside! Uh oh! Here comes Mr. Lucifer! He’s grabbed Blair and thrown him into the fan barricade! Blair is on the ground! Creeper is still inside the ring and Crypt and Mr. Lucifer are on the outside, stomping Blair on the ground! Here comes Blackburn! The fans go nuts as Sully grabs a chair and slams Mr. Lucifer across the face! Creeper has bailed out of the ring and has joined Crypt as both go after Sully…and catch a chair for their efforts!
Blair is back up and we have a pier six brawl on the outside! Mr.Lucifer is bleeding fans! He’s got something in his hands…FIREBALL! He just threw a big handful of fire right into Blair’s face and Blair is down , blinded…on the ground! Lucifer isn’t wasting any time fans, and has started stomping Blair with the heel of his shoe! Toxic Shock is stomping the life out of Blackburn as well and has now taken the chair away from him and Crypt has him up! He’s got Sully Blackburn up! What’s Creeper doing!?! He’s pulled that protective mat away from the ground fans! He’s exposed the hard concrete floor right here in front of me! NO! PILEDRIVER ON BLACKBURN! Crypt just drove Sully right into the concrete and he’s busted open fans! Sully is split wide open, his body twitching on the floor! HERE COMES THE HORSEMEN! Buck Leeds and Olsen Alexander have stormed ringside with chairs and are going to work on Toxic Shock! Blair is blinded on the ground and Blackburn is split open like a ripe melon, bleeding all over the place! What a rough couple of weeks for the Horsemen fans!!! Toxic Shock and Mr. Lucifer retreat to the back! But what a number they did on the Horsemen! This wasn’t even a match fans! This was sheer victimization of the Horsemen! My word! We’ve got paramedics down here attending to Blair and Blackburn fans, and it doesn’t look good by any stretch! Things just continue to heat up in the OCW fans! Just when the Horsemen-Allies feud looked like it was as hot as it could get, a little Hell just got added to raise the temperature!
This match may be over fans, but this situation isn’t over by any means!
Winners: None- Double Countout at 05:18.

Sparks: Up next fans, we’ve got the tag match you’ve all been…wait! I’m getting word CP is in the back!

In the back, CP is standing by as several paramedics rush past with someone on a gurney, it’ shard to see who it is. Folks are running around and it’s a scene of chaos. CP realizes the camera is on…

CP: Hey Sparks! I just arrived on the scene, but it appears our friend and referee, Old Lou Panera, has suffered a stroke! They just wheeled his old, nasty, naked….anyway, they just wheeled him out of here and…

Margharita, minus her chaps and wearing only a bra and thong, races past CP and after the paramedics and the stretcher …


CP: Wow, looks like you are going to actually have to rely on skill in your match tonight. You know, we still have a commercial break coming up…just enough time for you to show me what you did that killed Old Lou.

Margharita: Jou make me sick too!

She spits in CP’s face and storms off. He wipes it off his mask and tastes it.

CP: Ew. Tastes like Old Spice. Back to you Sparks!

Sparks: My word fans! What a wild night! And business is about to pick up! Henry “The Hobbit” Baggins and Mentalo are making their way to the ring, and the crowd is going nuts for these two little fellas! They are eating it up! Mentalo has had a rough patch since the OCW opened it’s doors, as has Baggins, but both seem upbeat about their upcoming match!
And here come their opponents! Looks like Margharita is fully clothed, but she looks upset! Obviously her tactics with Old Lou aren’t going to pay off, as his substitution, referee Lin Mackie is in the ring to call this match! I hate to break it to Margharita and Bling, who are already rubbing Lin’s chest and about to make a ho sandwich out of him, but he isn’t interested ladies- maybe you overlooked that rainbow bumper sticker in the window of his car! Much to their annoyance he orders them to their corner and sounds the bell!
Baggins to start off against Miss Bling, and he ducks under a grab by Bling, coming up behind and taking her down to the mat! He’s on her back, and has her in a cross facelock! Blings not tapping however, and powers out, landing several elbows to Baggins gut! The Hobbit is doubled over and Bling comes off and drops a leg across his neck! Baggins is down and Bling covers! One count! She picks him up and slings him into her corner, where Margharita chokes the Hobbit out and tags in! Standing dropkick to Baggins! Baggins hits the mat and bounces a foot into the air! Margharita follows up with a series of boots as Mentalo stomps the ring apron, trying to rally his partner!
It seems to work, as Margharita tosses Baggins into the ropes and he rebounds, hitting her with a vicious shoulder block and dropping her to the mat! Hot tag! Mentalo comes in and springboards off of the second rope, landing a frog splash onto Margharita! Cover! Only a two count fans as Margharita gets a shoulder up and rakes Mentalo’s eyes! The luchadore crawls to his corner as Margharita makes it to hers and tags Miss Bling back in! Bling intercepts Mentalo before he can reach his corner and gets him up in a shoulderbreaker! Mentalo is on the mat holding his shoulder and Bling wastes no time in stomping on that arm, adding more pain to the mix! Armbar to that injured arm of Mentalo and she’s twisting back and forth, looking for a submission fans. But Mentalo is tough! He’s not about to give up!
Baggins is stomping the mat, returning the favor and trying to get the crowd behind him! Mentalo is fighting back! He’s up! Bling doesn’t know what to do! She whips him into the ropes and he comes off- and connects with a flying dropkick!!! Bling is on the mat and Mentalo makes a tag! Baggins enters the ring and catches Bling before she can tag Margharita! He tosses her into the corner and bronco busts her face! EWWW! The Hobbit is dropping his junk repeatedly right into Miss Bling’s face in the corner!
Unable to stand her partner getting Hobbit-ized, Margharita charges the ring and we’ve got all four competitors in the ring now! The ref is trying to get Margharita out of the ring! Baggins and Mentalo drag Bling to the center! They go to opposite sides…jump up, bound off the ropes…DOUBLE MOONSAULTS! Miss Bling is covered in wee folks! The ref is back…Baggins makes the pin! One...two…three!!! Baggins and Mentalo have scored a victory here! And they aren’t stupid folks! They bailed from the ring and are hightailing it back to the locker room as Margharita slaps the ref across the face and checks on her partner!
Winners: Hobbit Baggins and Mentalo via pinfall at 12:03

In the back a shadow is looming over Head Hunter as he is getting ready for his match with King Cut, but as Head Hunter turns around to look, and there is no one there. When Head Hunter turns back around to finish lacing his boots, he is being loomed over by an actual figure of a person.

Head Hunter:I don’t know what you’re doing but you need to mind your space before I Dragon Fang you into that trash can over there.

Mysterious Figure: Well! Seems you’re still as snappy as you were before… before… YOU LEFT ME TO BURN IN THE TOWN.

Head Hunter stands, taking a step back- and appears a little frighten and confused…

Mysterious Figure: And if I remember correctly, I taught you that move. Now… can you remember me? Or should I Dragon Fang YOU into the trash can!?!

Head Hunter: Kai… It can’t be, can it? You’ve been gone… dead... forgotten!!!”

Kai slaps Hunter across the face!

Kai: OF COURSE IT’S ME! And that is definitely not how dad and I raised you, little brother. Now, I know you’ve had that bat since we played wrestling, so I put it underneath the ring earlier in case you needed it. Now that you’re awake, get out there and take care of business! Head Hunter begins the leave to the arena and Kai grabs him by his shoulder. One more thing… You never saw me tonight.

Head Hunter: (smirking) He’s really back.

Sparks: Welcome back fans! Right now we’ve got a real barn burner for you. Fans will remember that these two got their hate-on early, at the Dawn Of Champions, when both eliminated each other in the battle Royal. Well, since then fans, things have just gotten worse, and now, Head Hunter has challenged King Cut to a barbed-wire cage match at Goregames! No word yet as to whether or not King Cut will accept, but one thing is for sure-this rivalry is far from over!
Head Hunter is already in the ring fans, and from what we saw before commercial break, it looks like he wasn’t the only one to make it out of that tragedy in Pennsylvania intact! He looks ready for business folks! And here comes King Cut! His sedan chair is making it's way through the ropes and his fan bearers are really working overtime today fans! I can’t even see the King beyond those massive feather fans! Head Hunter is on the ring ropes yelling for Cut to hurry it up! Those slaves aren’t moving very fast…what’s this!?! A fan is in the ring! Security! Someone get him out…He’s attacked Head Hunter from behind! Head Hunter is on the mat! Security! Get that…wait! THAT’S KING CUT! That’s King Cut in disguise!
He’s stomping head Hunter into the mat fans! The sedan chair was a decoy! Now Nyla is at ringside screaming for Cut to finish up Head Hunter! The ref has rung the bell and I guess we have a match! King Cut has picked up Head Hunter and has him in a backbreaker!!! Head Hunter isn’t giving up this easily though folks! King Cut drops him to the mat and lays in with some boots! Those are steel toed workboots fans…and Head Hunter is busted open! No! He’s gushing blood and King Cut isn’t finished! He’s going into his pockets….what’s he got? SALT! He just tossed a huge handful of salt into Head Hunters eyes fans and the man is blind! Head Hunter rolls to the outside of the ring and he’s crawling around…King Cut is in the ring celebrating! King cut has grabbed the announcers microphone!

King Cut: Head Hunter? How is our feud looking to you now? Oh yes! You can’t see! HA HA HA! You wan’t the King in a cage? Do you really think you can stand up to this kind of power? The power of a living God!?! Look at you, you silly peasant! On your knees, bleeding, blind…all because you were silly enough to challenge The King! And now you want me in a cage? What do you think will happen to you in there? Do you think the fates will smile upon you and save you from my wrath? NOTHING CAN SAVE YOU! I will take your challenge, and in that cage you will learn what it be a living sacrifice to the King!

Sparks: Nyla is still screaming fans! King Cut isn’t paying any attention, he’s still mocking Head Hunter…speaking of! Head Hunter just grabbed my full cup of refreshing Mr. Pibb! He’s doused his face to try to get his eyes cleared out! He’s still having trouble folks, as he’s tripped and fallen back to the ground! Uh oh! Nyla has a chair! She just nailed Head Hunter across the back with it! Someone get her out of here!
Cut is still in the ring folks, Head Hunter is climbing back in…but wait! HE HAS A BAT! He must have grabbed it from under the ring! King Cut doesn’t see him! Head Hunter swings! AND NAILS THE REF! King Cut just pulled the ref in the way and Head Hunter laid him out with that bat! King Cut has bailed out of the ring! He and Nyla are high-tailing it to the back! Oh no folks! What a rough night for OCW referees!
Head Hunter has bailed but I think he’s too late! King Cut and Nyla are already long gone! Head Hunter is furious and the referee, from the mat, has signaled for the bell! Uh oh, I don’t think head Hunter is going to like this decision fans…
Winner: King Cut via DQ in 06:13

Sparks: Head Hunter is charging to the back fans, but there is no doubt King Cut and that devious Nyla have done a number on him! I hate to see what happens between these two at Goregames when there is no way out and nowhere to run!

We come back from commercial to a pre-recorded interview with Thor after last weeks loss to OCW World Champion Bret Steele.

Thor: Bret Steele! This is NOT OVER! I challenge you next week to a "Two out of Three Falls" match to see who truly is the champion! You'll not hold that title much longer so savor your victory while you can! ROARRR!!!

Sparks: Woah! Looks like Thor is perturbed CP! Steele barely dodged the bullet when he beat the TV Champion last week. Do you think he’ll accept?

CP: I doubt it Sparks! Why bother? Thor had his shot and he tapped out! He got beat! Why would the World Champion dirty his hands with someone not qualified to be in the ring with him?

Sparks: Not qualified!?! Thor is the Tv champion! He took the World champ to the limit last week!

CP: History Sparks, as in “past”. You need to live in the now! Looking at the contenders to that OCW World Champion, the only real opposition I see, Steele is already facing tonight! Razor Girl is crazy, mean and hot as hell! Just like wife # 3, but without the big caboose…

Sparks: HOOKAY! I don’t know about all of that, as I would argue Olsen Alexander and Gladiator are viable opposition!

CP: Could be Sparks! But I know Steele, and he’s not looking past the immediate threat…which is headed to the ring right now!

Sparks: Indeed CP! And we'll be right back after this fans with your OCW World title match!

Sparks: We’re back folks! We’ve got your OCW World title match now, with Razor Girl looking to unseat the current OCW world champion, Crippler Bret Steele! CP, Razor Girl is primarily a tag wrestler, how do you think she will match up against the experienced champion?

CP: Well Sparks, I see Razor Girl as a legitimate threat. She’s unpredictable, violent and as we’ve seen, not beyond putting her health and body on the line in a match! A lethal, dangerous combination! I don’t know what to expect, and I’m guessing Steel amy not either. Hey beat that muscle-bound goof Thor last week- soundly. But I don’t know if he’s ever faced someone like Razor Girl before!

Sparks: Well, Razor Girl has been led to the ring by Mr. Lucifer, and here comes the World Champ! Love him or hate him folks, you have to respect him! He’s walking the aisle, taking his time, showing off that solid gold strap…and he’s…got a microphone? He’s in the ring fans…let’s hear what the champ has to say!

OCW Champion Bret Steele is in the ring, and addressing Razor Girl as Mr. Lucifer and the ref look on…

Crippler Bret Steele: Look freakshow. I know you’re the number five contender, and I know you deserve a shot, but you better check who you’re in the ring with honey. I’m the OCW World Champion…not some wiry luchadore who only finds success beating up on strippers, or some goofball in a mask who was washing cars just a week ago. I’M THE CHAMP! That marquee out front with my name on it says it, and this ten pounds of gold says it! So you step in here and try any of that crazy, wild nonsense I’ve seen…

Before Steele can continue Razor Girl has heard enough! She lands a big boot to his midsection doubling him over, and grabs the mike out of his hand and cracks him across the skull, knocking the champ to the mat! She then tries shoving it down his throat as the ref calls for the bell!

Sparks: Woah fans! I guess Razor Girl didn’t dig Steele’s rap! She shut him up good, now lets see if she can shut him up and take that gold! Looks like Steele is learning the hard way not to take Razor Girl too lightly! She must have rested up after her match earlier and seems just as dangerous and wired as always! She’s hammering him again with the microphone and tosses it out of the ring in time to avoid a DQ by the ref! More boots by Razor Girl and she picks Steele up and whips him into the ropes, BODY TACKLE BY STEELE! He throws a big shoulder coming off those ropes and has Razor Girl on the mat!
Steele wastes no time going for a pin folks, but only manages a one count. He picks up Razor Girl, goes to whip her into the turnbuckle…reversal! Steele goes face first into the turnbuckle and rebounds right off into a clothesline! Steel is on the mat! Cover by Razor Girl…one…but she picks him up! Guess she’s not done dispensing pain and torture on the OCW World Champ!

This might come back to bite her in the rear folks, as you don’t play around with a grappler like Steele- he’s sharp, cognizant of his ring position and where’s he’s at in a match…that’s why he’s world champ!
Razor Girl picks Steele up…and Steel just hit her in the throat with an Asian Spike! She waited too long fans and Steele just put those fingers right under her jaw! Steele follows up with a leg lock and he might just break her ankle! Wait…Mr. Lucifer is up on the ring apron…come on ref! Get him off of there! Steele breaks the hold and charges Mr. Lucifer, forcing him off the ring apron! Lucifer doesn’t seem to mind…and Razor Girl is up and dropkicks Steele over the top rope!
Steele is on the outside fans and Razor Girl has climbed to the top rope…FROG SPLASH ONTO STEELE! Both are out of it on the outside of the ring fans! Mr. Lucifer picks up the unconscious Razor Girl up like a sack of beans and tosses her through the ropes back into the ring to avoid the countout! He just tossed her around like she was a balled up newspaper folks! Uh oh, looks like he’s helping Steele do the same- a title can’t change hands on a countout or disqualification folks, Mr. Lucifer knows this, which explains why he just rolled Steele back in. Both grapplers are still out of it fans, and the ref is counting both down…he gets to seven when Steele manages to make it back up. Suplex by Steele and another cover…one…two…kickout!
But just barely- it was almost over for Razor Girl fans! Steele seems to be getting his second wind…he whips Razor Girl into the ropes…and she comes off right into a sidewalk slam! But Razor Girl is hanging on fans! She’s gnawing on Steele’s head and the champ has broken the hold! He’s backing up into the corner and Razor Girl has rolled to the outside…Steele follows!
Mr. Lucifer is on the opposite side fans, Razor Girl is over by my announcers table…Steele intercepts, they are exchanging fists out here fans, and Razor Girl is giving as good as she gets! The ref is warning both…he’s starting to count, oh no! Razor Girl just grabbed my flat panel monitor from my table and has smashed it over Steele’s head!

The champ is out of it fans! Razor Girl tosses him back in the ring and follows up. I don’t think Steele is getting up and I certainly don’t think he can kick out of a pin! Razor Girl is posing on the turnbuckle, wagging her tongue at the fans! Mr. Lucifer is calling for her to make the pin!
Razor Girl climbs to the top of the turnbuckle, looks like she’s measuring Steele, who’s still out of it! The ref is checking on Steele, better watch out ref! Razor Girl is likely to splash you too! Razor Girl is…WAIT! BUCK LEEDS just jumped out of the crowd and has tripped Razor Girl off the turnbuckle! She just did the splits on the ring ropes and has fallen to the outside! Leeds has a pair of knucks and is hammering at Razor Girl! She’s busted wide open fans! He throws her back in the ring just as Mr. Lucifer realizes what’s happening and arrives on the scene and Leeds bails out of ringside, laughing manically as he heads to the back!!!

No! Steele is finally conscious and rolls over on Razor Girl’s prone body! He’s not even fully conscious himself fans but he’s aware of his opponent! The ref…two…three!!! Steele just stole a win thanks to Buck Leeds! There is no love lost between Steele and these Horsemen folks, but apparently The Horsemen see The Army of Darkness as the greater evil after their assault on Blair and Blackburn earlier!
Winner and STILL OCW World Champion: Crippler Bret Steele via pinfall at 14:49

Sparks: What a night of action fans, and we’re not done yet! We’ve still got our main event, an AMBULANCE match coming up between Primetime Landon Murphy and Olsen Alexander! But right now, we’ve got the team of Lil’ Tokyo and Yojimbo Matsahura against the Awesome Ones! CP, we’ve seen some questionable things tonight, including Yojimbo limping into David Diamond’s office and claiming he sustained the injury “at home”, however, as fans remember, just last week Lil Tokyo did a number on the ankle of her opponent “The Ninja”. So CP, what do you think about this curious turn of events?

CP: Curious!?! Sparks are you stupid AND blind? It’s simple! Matsahura was the one under the Ninja mask! Think about it! He wasn’t booked to any matches last week, then this week he shows up injured? Favoring THE SAME ankle Lil’ Tokyo injured on the Ninja? Come on!

Sparks: I find that hard to believe CP!?! What’s the motive? Why would Matsahura go after Lil’ Tokyo and ally himself with the tag champs, The Silver Dragons!?!?

CP: Who knows Sparks? Why do I come in here every week and deal with your “odor”?

Sparks: “Odor”!?!

CP: Yep, that’s right Diaps!

Sparks: Diaps? Why am I diaps?

CP: Because you smell like baby diapers. But clean ones, but a little too clean, you know what I mean?

Sparks: No.

CP: Figures! Bottom line is sparks, sometimes you just don’t know someone’s motives right away. Wrestlers are pretty complex.

Sparks: Apparently! Well the Awesome Ones are in the ring, with Salvatore Savage patrolling on the outside! Last week the Awesome Ones lost that brutal match to The Hellcats, and I would have to say this week is a “must win!” The tag team division is heating up and all teams want a piece of the action!
Here comes Lil Tokyo and Yojimbo! She’s following the limping vet, and I have to say Lil Tokyo looks mighty suspicious fans! Yojombo is really having trouble making his way to the ring, I wonder if he can really compete?
In the ring the ref has called for the bell and Lil’ Tokyo bows low to Gladiator- and catches a boot to the head! Gladiator just kicked Lil’ Tokyo in the face and she’s down! What is his problem!?! I thought these Awesome Ones had some respect for the rules! Apparently not as Gladiator is going to work on Lil’ Tokyo, stomping her into the mat! She ducks another kick and rolls to Yojimbo and tags him in! Yojimbo makes it into the ring and falls down! That ankle just gave way! Gladiator is on him now, more boots, now he’s picked up Yojimbo, but the ring vet lands a chop that sends Gladiator into his corner to tag in Strucka! Yojimbo limps over to his corner and tags in Lil Tokyo…she didn’t get much of a break folks! She’s still woozy, but she’s in there, and manages to land a leg sweep that takes Strucka to the ground!
Lil’ Tokyo goes for a pin, but Strucka kicks out, powering her up and away! She lands hard on the mat and Strucka rolls over, and on all fours headbutts her! Another! Lil’ Tokyo is on her rear end, backing up, looking for a tag…but Yojimbo is shaking his head! He’s pointing to his ankle and refusing to tag in! Lil’ Tokyo is screaming at him to slap her hand but she’s taking too long! Strucka has tagged in Gladiator and he charges Lil’ Tokyo, landing a knee to Lil’ Tokyo’s back! She’s down folks, and Gladiator picks her up by the hair and lands a shoulder breaker!
Oh, it’s looking bad for Lil’ Tokyo fans! Gladiator tags in Strucka and now both are stomping away! They whip her into the ropes…DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Lil’ Tokyo hits hard and is in trouble fans! Strucka covers…one…two…! Lil’ Tokyo just barely manages to kick out! Strucka has her back up, and slings her into the turnbuckle! He follows up and rams her head into the turnbuckle! Lil’ Tokyo won’t last much longer fans! Strucka is laughing! He’s having a ball and tosses her to the outside! Savage is out there and nails her with his cane! Lil’ Tokyo is down on the ground and Yojimbo is limping to the scene, but he’s moving too slow! Strucka hits him from behind and throws him over the fan barrier! He picks up Lil’ Tokyo and tosses her back inside the ring!
Savage is shouting instructions and both of the Awesome Ones are stomping Lil’ Tokyo into the mat! What about that crap they spread on a few weeks ago about how “un-awesome” it is to beat up on a lady!?! Apparently that doesn’t hold as they whip Lil’ Tokyo in the ropes and double backdrop her to the mat! Yojimbo finally makes it back to the ring, for what good HE’S done!
Gladiator goes for a pin…this should be over…KICKOUT! How did Lil’ Tokyo kick out of that!?! Gladiator is shaking his head, Savage is screaming his toupe’ off...AND LIL TOKYO GETS A SECOND WIND! She chops Gladiator across the throat! Strucka comes in and eats a standing dropkick! Both Awesome Ones are reeling and Lil’ Tokyo goes to make a HOT TAG! YES! Yojimbo has tagged in but he’s barely moving! He goes for a spin kick on Gladiator…and falls to the mat! He missed! He’s rolled BACK OVER to Lil’ Tokyo who’s kneeling on the ring apron and has slapped her hand and rolled to the outside, holding his ankle! Lil’ Tokyo is stunned! She’s looking at Yojimbo in astonishment as Gladiator helps her in the ring by the hair! Another boot to her head! Lil’ Tokyo got, maybe a thirty second break fans, and she’s been in this match almost the entire time! Every second that goes by that she can’t tag in some help is one more second away she is from making her way up that tag team contender ladder!
Uh oh fans, Gladiator is signaling he’s about to put this away…Lil’ Tokyo is standing upright, but is out on her feet…she’s been brutalized this entire match! I hate to watch this fans! Gladiator is setting her up for “The Awesomness” that vicious reverse stunner! He sets her up, but wait! Lil’ Tokyo ducks out, pushes him into the ropes, rebounds from her opposite side , AND HITS THE DRAGONRANA!!! SHE HIT THE DRAGONRANA AND GOES FOR THE PIN! She covers as Strucka tries to get in the ring and break this up…he trips! ONE…TWO…THREE!!! Lil’ Tokyo pulls a win out of nowhere for her team!!!
My word fans! That came out of nowhere!!! Lil Tokyo is in the ring and Gladiator is sitting upright shaking his head! He’s as stunned as this capacity crowd! Yojimbo is trying to stand here on the outside of the ring but he’s having trouble…maybe…WAIT! WHAT’S THIS!?! The NINJA is out here! He’s in the ring and he’s dropped an elbow on Lil’ Tokyo! Gladiator bails, of course, and The Ninja picks up Lil’ Tokyo by the hair! CHOP! Lil’ Tokyo is reeling! The Ninja grabs her and whips her into the ropes! DOUBLE CHOP! Oh fans! Lil’ Tokyo, who just pulled out a massive come from behind victory is being attacked! Yojimbo is trying to get in the ring, but is wincing in pain and can barely move! The Ninja isn’t even paying him any attention! He’s got Lil’ Tokyo up! He’s about to hit a suplex! He drops Lil Tokyo…BUT WAIT! SHE SNATCHED HIS NINJA MASK OFF AS SHE WENT DOWN!!!

Who is the Ninja!?!? IT’S SILVER DRAGON!!!

Lil’ Tokyo is on her knees, his mask in her hand and she’s stunned! GREEN MIST!!! Silver Dragon just sprayed that green mist in her eyes!!! Lil Tokyo is writhing around on the mat blinded! Silver Dragon bails out of the ring just as Yojimbo makes his way in and over to Lil’ Tokyo! He’s grabbing her, trying to help her…SHE JUST HIT YOJIMBO! She’s swinging blind fans and she just nailed Yojimbo with a chop to the throat and is now on her feet, kicking him repeatedly! She can’t see! She thinks she’s got SILVER DRAGON! Yojimbo is out of it and LIL’ TOKYO JUST GRABBED THAT BAD ANKLE AND IS TWISTING! SHE”S TWISTING THAT INJURED ANKLE FOR ALL SHE’S WORTH!!!

Refs storm the ring and it takes several moments for them to pull Tokyo off and hold her down as they try to douse her face with water! Yojimbo is screaming in pain and holding that ankle!!! Oh fans! I think it might be broken!!! And in the aisle that evil Silver Dragon is laughing manically! That so and so!!! He caused these two grapplers to attack each other!!!
Oh my fans, The refs have ushered Lil’ Tokyo away from ringside, but I’m sure she’s still unable to see, and it looks like they are getting a stretcher down here for Yojimbo. My word fans, I don’t know how this is going to effect this delicate relationship between these two, but I’m sure it’s not going to help! We’ll try to restore order around here and be back right after commercial!
Winners: Lil’ Tokyo and Yojimbo Matsahura via pinfall at 16:33

Sparks: We’ve got your main event up next folks! CP, we’ve seen the back and forth between these teams, and now it looks like there are some new players in the mix, but this match is a throwback to the TV Title match when these two grapplers went at it, with Olsen taking the win thanks to interference by his cousin Ax!

CP: I don’t remember that Sparks. All I remember is a beatodwn on that lightweight pretty boy Primetime!

Sparks: Uh huh. Well I don’t think that’s how it’s going to play out tonight, as Ax is sidelined and the only way to win this match is to toss your opponent in the back of an ambulance!

CP: Bad news Sparks- for Primetime! This kind of match is right up Olsen’s alley! He’s as tough as they come and putting people in traction is one of his favorite hobbies!

Sparks: Well, Primetime is in the ring and he’s ready! They are backing the ambulance up the aisle, with a straight shot to the loading ramp and outside. And here comes Olsen! Alexander charges the ring and we have a match!
Both go to town right away exchanging punches! Olsen jabs a thumb in Primetime’s eye and kneelifts him to the mat! No pinfalls here fans, as the ref is only on the outside to raise the victors hand! Primetime shakes it off and lands a fist as Olsen picks him off the mat…Olsen is doubled over, and Primetime kneelifts Olsen across the face!
Primetime is back on Olsen like white on rice and is wearing his head out with those close fists! Not much wrestling here fans as these two are just outright brawling! Primetime picks Olsen up and gets him over his shoulder in a fireman carry! He’s tossed Olsen over the top rope! Olsen hits hard on the outside and Primetime dives over the top and hits a flying plancha! Both are down on the outside fans over by the ambulance fans and it looks like Olsen took the brunt of that flying cross body! Primetime is making it to his feet, and he's landing boots to Olsen! He's stomping the Horseman into the concrete!

He's looking around...and he’s got a chair! He’s smashed Olsen across the face! And AGAIN! Olsen is busted wide open fans! CRIMSON MASK!! And again! That chair is bent beyond usefulness fans and Primetime tosses it away!

Oh my stars Olsen is split wide open!!! Now Primetime has some production cables and he’s choking Olsen out! This is as brutal as that bunkhouse match last week fans!
Primetime has Olsen up and he’s heading to the ambulance...but no! Olsen puts the brakes on and slams Primetime into the fan barricade! Primtime hits the barricade and Olsen starts laying in with some boots! He’s stomping a mudhole into Primetime! He grabs the youngster up by his hair and tosses him right into the ambulance!!! Primtime is busted open fans! And Olsen is hammering away with punches, he's grabbed Primetime's head an is d hammering his head into the bumper of the ambulance!!!

Oh my word the carnage folks! Olsen grabs Primetime and tosses him back inside the ring! Looks like Olsen isn’t done with the youngster fans as he grabs a chair and tosses it back inside! He follows and Primetime is just getting to his feet! Olsen picks up the chair and nails Primetime with it! He covers! No pinning here folks! Olsen slaps the mat and rolls Murphy towards the apron. Primetime is out of it folks! That chairshot caught him right on the top of the head!
Olsen lands some boots that sends Primetime to a heap on the outside of the ring! No Horsemen or JD out to help Olsen folks! Looks like he wants to do this himself! He picks Primetime up and rams him into the outside turnbuckle! Uh oh! Primetime is hurting fans! Olsen grabs him by the hair and is leading him over to the back of that ambulance! Wait! Primetime has grabbed Olsen by the arm---short arm clothesline! Primetime goes down too but he may have just saved himself in this match! Both men are down, but Primetime has made it on top of Olsen and he’s hammering away with those taped fists!
This is a personal grudge match fans! These two men just outright hate each other! They don’t care about winning! This is about pain! Olsen is fighting back! Both are exchanging punches! Primetime is up, and has picked Olsen up and slams his head into my announcers table! I hope he doesn’t go for my laptop…I’ve got a chatroom session later! Primetime SLAMS his head again! One more time and no! Olsen blocks it! Olsen whips Primetime into the ring and the youngster hits the apron! Olsen is calling to end this! He picks up Primetime, shoves his head down…DDT! Olsen hits a DDT on Primetime!
It looks like it’s over fans! Olsen is dragging the beat Primtime to the ambulance parked here at ringside. He’s opened the door, Primetime is on his knees right at the rear bumper…Olsen picks the young man up…and throws him inside! Olsen has won this ambulance match!
Winner: Olsen Alexander at 17:02

Sparks: Olsen’s shutting the door…but wait! The door has slammed shut and Olsen is trying to jerk it open! Why!?! To exact more punishment!?! That’s sick! What the…Olsen is hammering at the van door, trying to get it open! He’s won the match! The ambulance is starting up…maybe the camera can…the driver is leaning out, making sure he has clearance between the barricade…WAIT! That’s EDWARD ROCHESTER DRIVING THAT AMBULANCE! He’s laughing as it pulls away! What’s he doing behind the wheel!?!? Olsen is chasing it! OH MY STARS! JD DIXON IS IN THE BACK OF THAT VAN!!! He’s in the rear window, he’s got tape over his mouth and Primetime' s bloodied face pops up in the window as well and is SMILING AND WAVING! Primetime has this planned the entire time fans!!! JD Dixon was in the back of that van the entire time! Primetime is smiling and waving to Olsen and that door is locked tight fans!!! The van’s wheels scream as it takes off out of the building with Olsen Alexander running after it! The Allies just trumped the Horsemen 2k7 and now they got JD DIXON!!! We’ve got to go fans! We’ll see you next week on Meltdown!!!