We open the show with The Executioner and the similarly dressed wrestler who interfered on his behalf last week. The Executioner has a microphone.

Executioner: Listen up all you scumbags! The Ace is out of the hole, the trump card has been played! I have finally re-formed the most dominant and feared tag team in wrestling, THE HANGMEN! Ask anyone who knows anything about this sport to tell you about us. Have them tell you what we did to em’ down in Texas! Have them tell you what we did to em’ in the Pacific North West!, Hell! They are still putting the pieces back together on that one!
We've come here to the OCW for one damn reason- to take home some championship gold!!! Our agenda hangs at the end of a rope. Ask the Corporal! They’ve lined them up, and we have knocked them down! And the list starts with “The Dragons”. Tell 'em Noose!!! The Executioner slaps Noose on the chest!

Noose: Flexing hits pecs and grinding his fist into his hand Thats Right! They set em’ up and we knock em’ down! In the old west, they used to hang men for stealing horses. Well Dragons, you're gonna get yours, I smell a hangin'!!!

We go to the opening pyro!!!

Scooter Sparks: My word fans! It looks like The Hangmen have come to the OCW! Wrestling historians will remember this team dominated the Southwest and Northwest territories several years back, winning major tag titles and running roughshod over their competition! Now, let me introduce my partner in crime! The man who makes the ladies’ toes curl! Corporal Punishment!

Corporal Punishment: Sparks!

Sparks: Scooter waits a moment as they both stare at each other What? No derogatory comments about me, my mother or my clothes?

CP: The viewers got eyes Sparks! They can see what I have to stand next to once a week! I feel like I’m stuck in line at the BMV!

Sparks: Figures. Anyway CP, you’ve encountered the Hangmen in the past, what do you think of this pairing!?!

CP: Pain, Sparks! Lots of pain for those who get in their way! Back in the day, you saw the Hangmen coming down the hallway, you got the hell out of the way! One of the most dominating tag teams of all time- bar none! They held several tag titles and demolished any who got in their way.

Sparks: Well, high praise from the Corporal fans! And the Hangmen will get a chance to show us just how good they are, as they will be facing off against former OCW Tag Team Champions The OG, tonight!

CP: Should be a good one to watch Sparks! The Hangmen are going to bring their no-nonsense style of smash-mouth wrestling up against the shenanigans of the OG! I wouldn't want to be in the gangsta's boots tonight!

Sparks: True CP! It will be interesting to see how these two teams face off and match up! Perhaps we'll get a gauge as to how much of a threat the Hangmen are to those two world titles held by The Dragons! But switching gears CP, what of the stunning events of last week!?! The Allies retaliated against the Horsemen 2k7 by returning the kidnapping favor and swiping JD Dixon! And that brutal ambulance match between Primetime Murphy and Olsen Alexander!?! And what of the Lil’ Tokyo situation?

CP: It was a wild night Sparks! I expect we’ll get some answers tonight!

We’re back from commercial and in the back the Horsemen are coming through the door, being led by Blair and a limping Sully Blackburn. Lady Jayne, still dressed like a floozy is in tow, being led by Leeds. Blair stops and puts his hand on Bucks shoulder.

Blair: Leeds, as an honorary Horseman, I want you to head out and wait in your van in case we need to make a quick exit tonight....

Leeds: My sweet ride? Sure thing Boss, you know, the Leeds travels in style- just like the Horsemen!

Olsen: Well, I'm not sure if a van painted to look like the one from the "A-Team" would be considered stylish...

Leeds: Yeah, yeah. Look, I ain’t eaten since lunch and I’m hungry, I’m going to hit the catering table first and get a sandwich, and maybe some whipped cream. You’d like that, wouldn’t you ya tramp? Slaps Lady jayne on the ass, she replies with a hiss.

Blair: Whatever pal, just… .

A production assistant comes up to the Horsemen

PA: Horsemen! Double D wants to see you guys, in his office.

Blair: We just got here pal, we haven’t even made it to our dressing room yet. You tell Double D we’ll be there when the Horsemen are ready. He did nothing to stop JD’s abduction last week, and we got an earful for that old fat…

PA: Yeah, well thats what he wants to see you about...you guys and Lady Jayne too. Something big is going on....

Leeds: You guys go ahead, I got my mouth set for a head cheese sammich on rye! WOOOOO!

We cut to commercial
Lil' Tokyo is in the ring.

Lil' Tokyo: I beg the indulgence of the audience. I came to the OCW from Japan in search of the wrestler that killed my father. I know not his identity, for he was wearing a mask, but I know how he fights. I watched the video of that fateful match so many times, I know every move by heart. My father’s killer escaped, I believe here, to the United States. I joined the OCW in the hopes that he would have ended up here as well.
My initial suspect is Silver Dragon. But this is only a suspicion. I have been unable to fight him one on one as he has tricked and eluded me. I believe my former partner, Yojimbo Matsahura, has betrayed me. Although I did not injure him intentionally, I cannot partner with someone I cannot trust fully. Now, I am without a tag team partner to help me advance in the ranks to reach Silver Dragon, as Diamond-san told me I must do. Therefore, I would like to audition for a new partner tonight.
Mentalo-san! I wish to fight you tonight, if I may... Silence fills the arena, and a moment later, the strings of a rapid-electro synth song brings out- not Mentalo- but another grappler, new to the eyes of the OCW crowd. The music lowers and the grappler enteres the ring and produces a microphone.

Grappler: Hey there Lil’ Tokyo! And hellooooooooo OCW fans! You know, Double D brought me in from the west coast, and I been seeing some most unrighteous things going down around here! Kidnappings, attacks, injuries! Man, that ain’t cool. And Lil’ Tokyo, I been watching your trials and tribulations with the MOST interest. See, I fought these Super Dragons back in LA and even a few times in Japan. I know how heinous they are, how downright baws-rude! Now, Double D says you don’t mind substitutions, and since Mentalo ain’t here tonight, old Double D sent me out. I would be honored to challenge you tonight, to prove I’m a worthy partner for you to take on these Super Dragons.

Lil’ Tokyo eyes this new wrestler with suspicion.

Lil’ Tokyo: Who are you?

Wrestler: The hottest face off the West Coast baby! The name…is ROLAND HARD!!!

A few "smart" fans in the audience pop.

Lil’ Tokyo: Very well Roland-San. As it seems I have no other choice, I accept your challenge. But realize that a victory doesn't mean I accept you as a partner...you will have to show me something of character, not just skill!

Lil’ Tokyo bows low, keeping her eyes on Hard. He surprises the audience by bowing as well and ref calls for the bell and we have a match!

Sparks: Well fans! Looks like Lil’ Tokyo is recruiting! For those who aren’t familiar with Roland Hard, he’s hot off the West Coast…where he held several singles titles as well as a few extreme championships in some smaller federations. He’s certainly qualified to be Lil’ Tokyo’s partner, but it’s not like he doesn’t have his demons, as he courted “rulebreaker” status for some of his career.
Lil’ Tokyo starts off fast, whipping Hard into the ropes and scoring with a flying dropkick that takes him to the mat! She follows up with a back-handspring to her feet- and Hard scores a leg sweep that takes her right back down! He spinnaroni’s to his feet-no small task for a man of such girth!- and bounces up, and grabs Lil’ Tokyo, whipping her into the turnbuckle! But she bounces onto the second rope, and does a backflip-dropkick into his chest!!! My stars fans what a move!
Hard was completely caught off guard by that move fans! Lil Tokyo goes for a cover and only gets a one count. She picks up Hard, whips him into the ropes, he rebounds, ducks a clothesline, rebounds and gets caught by a Lil’ Tokyo Savate’ kick! Another cover! Two count this time and Hard is up and fuming! He goes on the offensive with a shoulder block and knee drop onto Lil Tokyo’s leg! Ooooo she’s feeling that fans! Now he puts Lil’ Tokyo into the ropes and lands a hip roll that takes the Japanese grappler to the mat! Cover! One count! Lil’ Tokyo rolls him over and twists him into a sitting figure four!
He's in trouble folks! The ref is checking, looking for a tap…but he isn’t giving up! He powers his way to the ropes! The ref breaks the hold! Hard scoop-slams Lil’Tokyo and goes up top! High risk!!! He comes off with a massive flying legdrop!!! He covers! One..two…wait! Lil’ Tokyo’s foot is under the rope and the ref breaks the pin! Hard is up, he lands a massive powerslam! Tokyo is out of it fans! He isn’t wasting any time gloating however! He’s about to finish this! He whips Lil Tokyo into the ropes, but she comes off, vaults over a potential backflip! Rebounds! AND HITS THE DRAGONRANA!!! IT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE! Lil’ Tokyo goes for the pin! One…two...three!!! Lil’ Tokyo just upset Roland Hard in his first OCW outing!
Winner: Lil’ Tokyo via pinfall at 08:31

Sparks: Uh oh fans! Hard looks stunned and upset! He’s staring hard at Lil’ Tokyo who’s got her back to him…she’s celebrating and doesn’t even see him! He’s behind her, he grabs her shoulder and spins her around! And…extends his hand!?! He wants to shake!!!
The crowd is warning her off! Lil’ Tokyo looks suspicious, but slowly takes his hand! And they shake!!! What a sign of sportsmanship by Roland Hard fans! He’s smiling and holds up Lil’ Tokyo’s hand in victory! What a class act! No chicanery there fans! Just good old fashioned sportsmanship! He gives a bow and bails out of the ring, and gives Lil’ Tokyo the “call me” gesture as he slaps some hands and heads back to the dressing room! Lil’ Tokyo looks pleased and surprised fans, slowly bowing in return. Guess she’s got a decision to make!!!

When we return, we come back to a pre-recorded promo. A person is sitting in a chair, a full body black sheet over them. They are struggling, but bound and unable to move it would seem. Suddenly, from the corner of the camera, Primetime Murphy’s bandaged, smiling face appears!

Primetime: Heya sportsfans! Got a gift for you tonight! Courtesy of the Horsemen, I give you their esteemed manager…JD Dixon!

He pulls off the sheet and JD is shown bound to the chair, wearing an outfit identical to the bondage outfit worn by Lady Jayne last week! We pan back to see Sergei, Spartan and the British Bluebloods standing around laughing. JD is unable to laugh as he’s also wearing a red gag ball.

Sergei: He is, how you say, “Sex Machine.” No?

Edward Rochester: No.

Phillip Southwell: Bloody not! Looks like Buck Leeds should be leading him around on a bloody chain is what it looks like.

Primetime: It’s simple Horsemen. You took our manager, we took yours. You claim to be the dirtiest players in the business? Well fellas, we’re the quickest learners in the business. So, when we get lady Jayne back safe and sound, you’ll get this hot tub of McLovin’ delivered to you…relatively unharmed!

The video cuts off and we're in David Diamonds office, The Allies- The Bluebloods, Primetime Murphy, Sergei Khrushchev and The Spartan are standing over his desk, looking upset. The Spartan is still sporting bandages from last weeks beatdown at the hands of the Hangmen. In the corner of the office sits JD Dixon, unbound, haggard and looking furious.

David Diamond: What the hell were you boys thinkin'!?!? You're damn lucky I intercepted that video before the production crew ran it! Old Double D almost got sick looking at it.

Primetime: He's fine Double D. We just wanted to mess with the Horsemen since they kidnapped Lady Jayne. Eye for an eye and all that noise.


Diamond: Look Dixon, I know you are mad as a hatter, and old Double D can understand, but there is something that has come down the pike and...

The door flies open and the Horsemen charge in!

Blair: Diamond! We’ve got a …

The Horsemen are face to face with The Allies and all men freeze and stare at one another, as each group realizes their manager is in the room they race to surround them , the Bluebloods consoling Lady Jayne who is sobbing openly...

Ax: Ah! The Houseflies! Got you in one place now! Guess we can commence the beating right now since we got all we needed out of your manager...

Diamond jumps up and puts himself between the two groups

Diamond: Woah!!! Susy Lou Dagnabbit!!!! I told you no Interruptions! Now you boys just cool your heels right now! ANY one of you so much as sneezes on the other in this office and you’ll be packing your bags and finding work in the South Pole rasslin’ Polar Bears, you got that!?!

Sergei: Through clenched teethThere are no polar bears in South Pole.

Diamond: No? Well boy, you fellas loose your temper in here an there’ll be seven unemployed wrestlers sitting on a patch of ice to keep each other company. Now, Horsemen, you’ve pulled some pretty rotten tricks lately, and you boys have all gotten into each other but good! And now Lucifer’s dang stable is all riled up!!! Blackburn is hobblin around like a lame horse, Ax just got off injured reserve… damn boys! I can’t have this kind of brutality running all over my fed!

Ax: I don’t see it ending any time soon Double D, not while these little yancy boys got our manager tied up wearing that...that..THING he was wearing!

Primetime: Oh, you don't like it? Came right from JD's own personal collection, said it was one of your favorites.

Ax prepares to retort when JD stands and holds his hands up...

JD Dixon: Boys, boys, enough. This has gone on as far as I'm willing to let it.

Blair: What are you talking about JD?

JD Dixon: Dic, remember that little business opportunity that came up in the northeast?

Blair: You dont mean...

JD Dixon: I do. Horsemen, pack your bags, we're saying goodbye to this no good fed once and for all.

The Allies, Bluebloods and Diamond star in stunned silence

Diamond: Woah there JD! What are you going on about? We had a handshake dagnabbit!

JD Dixon: Right Diamond, a "handshake", and unfortunately for you, in the real world of business, thats worth about as much as a promise from a politician! I told you we would come in to this dump for one month to scout out the competition and see if it was worth our time. Well that month is up and I regret to inform you that the OCW won't be home to the Horsemen any longer.

Diamond: But, you can't just...

Primetime Murphy: Let them go! I can already smell the air clearing up around here!

Diamond: Murphy, you shut it!!! I tell you what Dixon, you and your boys may be on the way out, but according to that agreement we had, I got your boys through the rest of the damn night, and I ain't about to let the opportunity pass me up!

JD Dixon: What's that supposed to mean?

Diamond: Tonight! Your Horsemen are going to go up against the Bluebloods and the Allies! And they are going to do it in a damn triple tier steel cage!!!

Both sides erupt in shouting, some elated, some disgusted and wanting no part of the match, finally, JD shouts about all others...

JD Dixon: Oh hell no! Sully is still limping around here! Ax just got healed up! No way am I going to jeopardize my commodities when we've got a sweet deal waiting for us in the northeast! They pay less for damaged goods!

Diamond: You got no choice! You back out, and I'll have my lawyers on you like stink on cowpie. Gonna be damn hard to style and profile when I sue your tuckuss off for breach of contract.

Ax: Screw this JD! I've been itching for this match for a month, if it's the last thing we do, I want to get a piece of these British lowlifes as a souvenir to take with me up north!

Edward Rochester: I'll give you a bloody broken jaw you boorish oaf!

Diamond: Dammit! Enough!

Sully Blackburn: JD! You don't worry about me! The day I can't slap the taste out of some snot nose punk's mouth is the day I hang up my boots! I'm good to go!

JD Dixon: Fine, what aboout you Olsen? Dic?

Olsen: I'm always good for a throw down JD.

Dic: JD, I've walked that aisle and shown the world why they call me "champ". I've bled, fought and maimed for money, women and that championship gold. But this fight tonight? This fight tonight ain't for none of those things, this fight tonight is for the Horsemen!

Diamond: Ok! It's settled then...

The Spartan: Hang on! That still doesn't settle Lady Jayne's abduction at the hands of these Horsemen!!! I demand they pay for what....

Diamond: Spartan! You want a piece of this action too? Fine! Horsemen, go get your whipping boy Leeds out of the van, I'v got that punk signed for a full year and he ain't going nowhere. He's your partner tonight, hell, lets just make it a damn ten man Tower of Revenge Cage match! Give the fans something to chew on before you Horsemen go on your merry way!!

Sergei: What is this "Tower of Revenge" match?

Diamond: Real simple Russkie! We got THREE cages stacked on top of each other! You boys draw numbers before the match, one and two start out. After five minutes, number three gets in there, then we go on down the line every two minutes till everyone is in there. Then? Then the first lucky sumbitch that manages to scrape, claw and fight his way to the top cage and exits the top and makes it all the way down to the floor wins that match for his team!

Philip Southwell: It sounds like bloody suicide! Someone could be seriously injured!

JD Dixon: It sounds insane! What if one team draws numbers one through five? Then whoever draws number six is going to get the holy hell beat out of them!

Diamond: That's right! That's the Tower of Revenge boys! Anything can happen and you all get to work that hate out of your bones! So what about it? You two teams ready to 'nut up or shut up!?!?'

Lady Jayne shakes her head and wipes away her tears...

Lady Jayne: I refuse. My men are to valuable to put through such barbarism.

Diamond: Yeah, well you might not like this idea Lady Jayne but you are absolutely going to hate what I'm goign to tell you next...

Primetime Murphy: Great, the hits just keep on coming!

Diamond reaches into his desk and pulls out a folded piece of paper and hands it to her. She takes it, her face contorting into a mask of confusion as she begins to read...

Diamond: That there was delivered by two INS agents earlier today. Looks like you and your boys are going to be on the first plane to the UK tomorrow morning my dear.

Lady Jayne: What!?! No!!!

Olsen: HAW! Good riddance to you pieces of fish and chippy garbage!

Rochester: No! There must be some mistake....

Diamond: Afraid not son. It's in black and white. You folks done wore out your welcome in the OCW. I wish there was some other way but there aint.

The Horsemen laugh and celebrate as Spartan, the Allies and Bluebloods are quiet and shaking their heads...finally, Phillip Southwell looks up...

Southwell: Well, if this is how it has to be so be it. but I know one thing. If its the last thing I do on American soil, it's going to be to, as you yanks say "kick the living hell out of those damn horsemen!

Both groups erupt into rage and begin brawling, Diamond pulls Lady Jayne away and it's a free for all until security rushes the room and separates them...

Diamond: ENOUGH ALREADY! You boys want to go at it, you all want one last hurrah! One last chance at payback! Well you got it! In a tower of steel and barbed wire!!! Tonight!!! Security! get them out of here!!!

We cut to a commercial!

We’re back from commercial to see The OG waiting in the ring….

Sparks: Welcome back fans! We’ve got a heavily anticipated tag match for you tonight, The OG, former OCW World Tag Champions are going toe to toe with The Hangmen! Guess we’ll see if they live up to their hype CP!

CP: Sure enough Sparks, and here come the Hangmen! Wasting no time in getting to the ring, these guys don’t bother with entrance music or butt kissin! They are all about punishment!
Sparks: Sure enough CP! The ref is ringing the bell and all four men are brawling! Woah! Looks like the Hangmen want to exert themselves in the OCW and are wasting no time in doing so!

CP: You heard them Sparks! They aren’t here to win popularity contests! They have their eye on that gold and I guarantee they see the OG as a measuring stick!

Sparks: The ref has restored some order and it looks like Smooth T and The Executioner is starting out, armbar by Smooth T but the Executioner reverses it and scoop slams the gangsta!

CP: And Smooth T scrambles back to his corner and tag in Loball! Loball comes in slowly, measuring The Executioner who is jowling at the younger man!

Sparks: They lock up, and Executioner lands some mean elbows onto Loball’s back! The former tag champ absorbs the punishment and whips Executioner into the ropes and lands a flying shoulder block! Cover but he only manages to get a one count.

CP: And Noose looked like he was ready to interfere on his partners behalf Sparks! Guess we see how these two roll!

Sparks: Executioner is back up and landing heavy fists to Loball who is reeling! He’s tagged out to Noose and we get to see what the big man is bringing to the OCW! Noose is in, and picks up Loball by the throat!

CP: At least he’s staying true to his name Sparks! Chokeslam and pin! One, two, but a kickout by Loball!

Sparks: Just barely CP! Loball looks stunned by the sheer power of Noose and tries to scramble away, and just barely tags in Smooth T! T enters and goes face to chest with Noose! He’s jawing something fierce fans! Noose lets out a laugh and hammers the young grappler to the ground! He’s picked him up and press slams him to the mat! Cover! But Loball is in to break up the pin! And Executioner comes in and we’ve got a donnybrook in the ring CP!

CP: All four are going at it again Sparks! Tooth and Nail! Noose is hammering Loball in the corner and The Executioner is exchanging blows with Smooth…wait…Executioner has pulled something out of his trunks! Brass Knucks! He goes to use them but the ref has turned and see them! Disqualification!

Sparks: But that doesn’t stop The Executioner from using them and he splits Smooth T wide open! CRIMSON MASK! Smooth T is down and now the Hangmen have Loball up, DOUBLE HOTSHOT ACROSS THE TOP ROPE!!! Loball is grabbing his throat and can’t breathe while the Hangmen laugh and celebrate and continue to stomp him into the mat!

Cp: That’s called the “Hang Em’ High” Sparks! A signature move the duo brought with them from the Northwest! I saw it end the careers of a few older wrestlers, devastating!

Sparks: Well, it’s a big “L” in the books for the Hangmen’s first outing CP but you wouldn’t know it to look at them! They both seem pleased with their performance!

CP: No doubt Sparks! I imagine The Hangmen were happy to get the ring rust knocked off and to see that they still gel as well as they did during their heyday. Good news for the Hangmen, bad news for the other tag teams in the OCW…

Winner: The OG vis Disqualification in 7:44

Back from commercial, we see the cameraman is in a cab, with the bustling streets of New York whipping by. The camera turns and Margharita is leaning back in the cab. She’s dressed in a pink mink fur coat and wearing a black dress a lots of jewelry.

Margharita: Jou got enough film in that thing mano?

Camerman: Yep.

Margharita: Good. Don’t want you to miss a thing.

We follow Margharita up some stairs to an apartment in a decent, but not extravagant apartment building. Margharita walks up to the door and checks the apartment #. She rings the doorbell. A moment later a short, grey curly haired woman answers the door, looking over the top of her massive bifocals.

Woman: Hello?

Margharita: Ms. Bagginski?

Woman: Uhm, yes?

Margharita: bubbly with excitement, Mama! Oh, I’ve waited so long to meet jou!”

Ms. Bagginski: I’m sorry, I didn’t call for a maid service this week.

Margharita: Oh my goodness! Henry didn’t tell jou? Margharita holds up her hand with one of Miss Bling’s pink diamond rings on her finger He proposed! Did he not tell jou we have been dating? Oh, my little chupacabra! He has been so busy lately! We have to get acquainted!”

Ms. Bagginski: Proposed!?! Henry never mentioned, he…uhm…of course, I think I have some Taco Bell left over in the refrigerator, and a case of Dos Equis in Henry’s room…please come in….

With that Margharita invites herself in to Baggins’ mother’s house, and we cut away… When we return, we are in a well manicured garden. The sun is shining and this is definitely NOT the streets of New York City, as a massive white mansion stretches high into the blue sky. Miss Bling and Margharita (both in bikinis and wearing sunglasses) are laughing as they exit through a pair of glass double doors with etched diamond patterns inlaid in the glass, with Margharita toting a box in her hands.

Margharita: I can’t believe that old bag jus gave me this stuff! That was too easy!

Miss Bling: You go girl! She probably never figured a woman as fine as you would ever be seen on the same sidewalk as his nabby little ass, much less allow him to put his thang on you! Bet she was about to do some cartwheels if she didn’t have a bad hip!

Margharita; Jou sure no one is going to come around? I don’ need any heat, I still have some warrants outstanding.

Miss Bling: Hell nah girl! This is Texas! We could hang a man outside the damn ranch and nobody would ask us nothing!

Bling begins setting up some items along a fence in the background as the cameraman lets his focus wander to Margharita’s rear. She turns around and catches him as she straps on her six shooters.

Margharita: Hey! Jou pay attention! Oh, I’m on? Oh, hello little Baggins! Look at what we’ve got here that jour mother so kindly gave to us! She waves, indicating the line of objects Miss Bling has set up on the fence. Aww, look at those! Are those wrestling trophies?

Margharita quick draws her pistols and starts shooting the trophies, not missing a single one, ending with a flourish as she re-holsters them.

Margharita: Oops! And jour mother was sooo sweet to give to me her China dishes! I promised to put them in my “vault”…these probably have some sentimental value to her, no?

With that Miss Bling tosses dish after dish into the air and Margharita smashes them with a variety of trickshots until there are none left. Miss Bling laughs and picks up two tea cups and walks over behind Margharita, filling them with Cristal. She gives one to Margharita and they toast and sip from the last remaining pieces of fine china. Margharita turns back to the camera.

Margharita: If jou had jus lay down and taken the beating that jou deserve I would not have had to use the Googles.com to find jour mother! This is jour fault little troll! Next time we meet, jou think about that!

She tosses her tea cup up in the air and blasts it out of the sky in a spray of champagne and china as we fade out to commercial!

Sparks; Wow CP! What a crazy night and so much is happening! The Bluebloods and the Horsemen are on the way out of the OCW! And all ten men will settle their score tonight in a Tower of Revenge match!

CP: Madness Sparks!!! In all of my years in the business I've never seen anything like this! I've only heard Diamond talking about this Tower of Revenge match before, but I never dreamed he would actually go through with it! And what of the championship picture if the Horsemen do indeed leave? Olsen is a contender for the world title! Both he and his cousin Ax are contenders for the TV Title and all four of the horsemen are in the running for those tag titles! They may look busted up now Sparks but it's because they've been kicking ass and taking names! You don't get to the top of the ladder by sitting back and sipping boat drinks!

Sparks: Indeed CP! With the Horsemen and Bluebloods leaving, it creates a massive power void in the OCW that opens up endless opportunities for the other grapplers in this league! Anything goes and anyone can set their sights on championship gold! I guess we'll see what happens tonight in our now scheduled main event, the Tower of Revenge match that will see the Horsemen 2k7 along with BUck Leeds going up against the Allies, Bluebloods and The Spartan! It looks to be one heck of a match folks! But back to the video we just witnessed, what sort of reaction do you think this latest Margharita video will have on Baggins?

CP: No idea Sparks! Baggins is a mixed up loose cannon as it is! That boy is a ....

Sparks: Wait Cp! I just got word...Baggins is in Diamonds office! Lets go there now!

In Diamonds office he is busy straightening up furniture when Henry Baggins, a cameraman following close behind storms in!

Baggins: Hey! Did youse see what that lousy Margharita did!?!

Diamond: Give you the runs did it? I tell ya boy, don't mix your drinks...

Baggins: No dammit! Magharita! The wrestler! She and that other hussy went and disturbed my Momma! I want her Diamond! I want her BAD!

Diamond: You know Henry, I've been meaning to talk to you and now is as good a time as any...

Baggins: Well out with it! Say your piece so I can getsa around to beating down that lousy Margharita!

Diamond: Well son, turns out the ratings are in, an folks just ain't that into Hobbits and Elves and crap anymore. Times have changed Henry, I'm sorry but you just didn't make the cut.

Baggins: WHAT!?!

Diamond: Fraid' so son. Turns out those creepy hairy feet and seeing someone who looks like a little kid smoking a pipe makes folks turn the channel to 'Saved By The Bell' Reruns.

Baggins: YOU'RE SERIOUS!?!

Diamond: Fraid so Henry, I hate do it but ratings don't lie.

Baggins looks stunned, then calms down and opens his hands... Baggins: Give me one last shot Diamond! I want that no good ho bag in the ring! One last time!

Diamond: Alright Baggins, consider it a retirement gift, now get out of my damn office you curly headed little freak, you smell like tobacco and feet!!!

Back at the announcers table...

Sparks: My word CP! Could this night get any more unpredictable or wild!?! I've never seen this level of excitement outside of a PPV before!!!

Cp: Baggins sounds like a little man on a mission Sparks.

Sparks: We'll keep our eyes out CP! This could be his 'swan song', his las shot and taking his revenge out on Margharita, and we'll see these two go at it when we return!

Cp: If the OCW suffers any more personnel losses Sparks I may have to go lace up my boots before the night is over!

We go to commercial!

Sparks: Well, Baggins is on his way out fans! He looks like a little man on a mission!

CP: Lets just get to it Sparks! The fans know these two hate each other! And after the stunt Margharita pulled with The Hobbit’s mother, it just set the little man off! He wants some major payback and it looks like he wants to end this, one way or the other!

Sparks: Well Hobbit is already in the ring CP, and he’s bouncing around like a Superball ready to go!

CP: He can bounce all he wants Sparks! Historically, Baggins has come out the loser in most of these matchup’s, and not just in the win/lost column. For those wins he’s accumulated he’s walked away from his matches the worse for wear! And now Margharita has enlisted Miss Bling in her cause against the little fella! That right there is just a double dose of trouble!

Sparks: Well here comes the deadly duo now CP! Margharita is already jawing at Baggins, and he attacks as she comes through the ropes! He’s stomping her good CP! Those little hairy feet are working her back out like a Chinese masseuse!

CP: Cheap tactics Sparks! Margharita wasn’t even through the ropes! Now the ref is pulling Baggins off, but he’s back on her! He’s choking her with her own hair! Good Lord get that creepy little freak off of her!

Sparks: Ok, the ref has finally called for the bell and Baggins isn’t wasting any time! He’s charging her again, his fists working overtime! Magharita probably had no idea she was stepping into the ring with such an enraged grappler tonight CP!

CP: Guess not Sparks! Wait, he’s got something in his hand…his pipe! He’s grinding it into her forehead, the ref is warning him, and he’s tossed it away, but not before he’s opened up Marghrita’s forehead like a ripe avacado!

Sparks: Baggins is beside himself! He’s screaming at the prone Marghrita! He’s yelling in her face! She’s trying to get to her feet, but he lands a kick to the midsection! She’s double over again and he’s straddling her back like a prize racehorse and punching her in the back of her head!

CP: This reminds me more like a movie I watched on pay cable last night rather than a wrestling match Sparks!

Sparks: Margharita has finally thrown the little fella off! She’s gone to the outside to regroup! She slumping against the Venezuelan announcers table! Baggins is climbing up to the top of the turnbuckle CP! She doesn’t know he’s targeting her!


CP: BUT WAIT! Miss Bling has pulled Margharita out of the way and the Hobbit has crashed right through a table!!! Oh the humanity Sparks! Monitors, empanada’s and hairy feet are tangled in a unrecognizable mass!!! Hugo Chavez is probably tearing at his hair as we speak!!!

Sparks: Oh now, this can’t be good folks, the ref is counting, he’s up to five, Miss Bling has got the barely conscious Margharita and has thrown her back in the ring!

CP: Seven, eight nine…TEN SPARKS! The Hobbit Baggins has been counted out and is GONE FROM OCW!!!

Winner: Margharita via count-out at 4:31

Sparks: And the little fella doesn’t even know what the hell is going on! He’s out of it CP! What a disastrous end for the young grappler! But you know, with his skills and abilities, I have no doubt we’ll see him resurface in another federation at some point.

CP: Oh I do. I have a lot of doubt. He just got his ass kicked by a chick Sparks, that little midget will be lucky to find a job scraping the gum from underneath the seats in a auditorium somewhere that occasionally shows wrestling matches.

Sparks: Please CP, we don’t use labels like that in the OCW, show some respect to these fine grapplers.

CP: Sorry, “Dwarf”, is that what you Dungeons and Dragons geeks call them? But I thought Hobbits and Dwarves weren’t the same damn thing...

Sparks: I wasn’t talking about…nevermind. We’ll be right back folks!

In the hallway, Head Hunter and Kai are walking, and Kai looks upset

Kai: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT, HUH?!? I go out of my way to put some reinforcements on your side for your match and you go a blow it!!!

Head Hunter: But Kai, he came from behind.

Kai: I don’t give a damn were he attacked you from! Dad didn’t put us through marine boot camp for nothing.

Head Hunter: Well I didn’t see you out there. You could have backed me up!

Kai: I did back you up, I gave you the bat. I had to come early last week when they were setting up the ring to hide it, and you wasted all my efforts.

Head Hunter: I’m sorry.

Kai: I don’t want to hear sorry! I've got myself booked against King Cut tonight! I want you at ringside to see how a real man takes care of his problems!!!

Head Hunter: I'll be there, should I take notes?

Kai: I'm tired of your smart mouth and tired of having to come bail you out! You just be there and keep your mouth shut!.

With that, Kai rips a pipe off the wall snaps it in half! Both men exchange glares and head towards the locker room….

Sparks: Woah! Looks like Kai isn’t happy in the slightest with his little brother head Hunter! Hope these two can put those differences aside as Kai takes on King Cut later tonight!
But right now we’ve got Strucka of the Awesome Ones in the ring with Salvatore Savage for this one-on-one against Barb Wire of the hellcats! A few weeks ago the Hellcats completely brutalized the Awesome Ones in a match that helped propel the hellcats into the #2 title contender position! Now Strucka is looking for a little payback for that loss. He and Savage seem to be having a heated exchange in the ring, and apparently Strucka is on the receiving end of a tongue lashing! Savage can’t be happy with these Awesome Ones fans, as they’ve not really lived up to their potential in the ring, or his stable.
Massive metal chords brings out Barb Wire! She’s going solo right now fans, who knows where her partner Razor Girl is? Though some might have some ideas, I can honestly say I haven’t seen her yet tonight! Barb hits the ring and the lighter and more agile of the Hellcats vaults over the top rope and comes down hard on the mat in those spiked stiletto heels! No idea how she wrestles in those fans, but she does remarkably well!
The bell sounds and Strucka and Barb circle each other like predators. Barb charges first and Strucka catches her in a bear hug! But she wastes no time in raking those long fingernails across his eyes! Strucka drops her like a hot tamale and grabs his eyes! Barb kneelift him in the gut and grabs a handful of that pretty blonde hair and tosses him to the mat! She’s smashing his head against that mat and wagging that forked tongue at the fans! What a crazyass! She actually tries for a pin, but only gets a one count! Savage is on the outside about to blow a gasket and is roaring instruction at Strucka!
Strucka is back up, Barb charges, and Strucka rides her into the mat with a vicious bulldog! Barb is in trouble! Strucka capitalizes and picks her up, irishi whipping her into the turnbuckle! Barb rebounds and Strucka hits a powerslam! Cover! One…two…no! Barb kicks out! Shes trying to shake off that powerslam and Strucka picks her up and puts her into the ropes! HEY! Savage just pulled the top rope down and Barb has toppled over the top rope onto the mat outside!
Savage is wasting no time in landing boots to barb’s back fans! Now here comes Strucka…and he’s pushed Savage away! He’s arguing with Savage on the outside! I can hear them fans, they are right in front of me! Savage is ordering Strucka to take his cane and work her over, but Strucka is having none of it! He’s claiming he can beat her on his own! Savage just threw the cane at Strucka, who caught it and threw it back! Staredown!!!
No! Barb Wire recouped enough to land a kneelift to Strucka’s back! Savage is shaking his head and has left ringside!!!He’s left Strucka all alone!!! Barb grabs Strucka and tosses him back inside!!! She hits a swinging neckbreaker and plants Strucka on the mat! She goes for a pin! One…two…THREE! Barb Wire just landed a victory over Strucka!!!
Winner: Barb Wire via pinfall at 08:52

Sparks: Strucka has bailed out of the ring and is looking around for Savage fans! No such luck buddy, Savage took the a-train out of here! Strucka heads to the back as barb Wire celebrates by berating the fans at ringside.

CP: Sometimes it just doesn't pay to fork out the money for the good seats Sparks!

Sparks: Well folks! We’ve got a new face joining our announcing crew this week! The lovely Vanessa Midnight!

CP: What!?!? A woman? Shes going to mess up the male locker room ambiance we got going on here Sparks!>BR>
Sparks: Worried about some competition CP? Afraid the lovely Miss Midnight might steal some of your thunder and take your broadcast seat?

CP: Fat chance sparks! Though I’m sure she would be a better listener when you start going on about plucking your eyebrows and how you can’t find a handbag to match your skirt!

Sparks: Lets go to Miss Midnight who’s with the current TV Champ, Thor!

We’re in the back with the OCW’s latest addition to the broadcast team and the TV champion

Miss Midnight: Thank you Scooter! I’m standing here with the TV Champion Thor! Thor, tonight you’ve got one of the OCW’s most lethal brawlers coming after that belt, Razor Girl!


Miss Midnight: Right here big fella, no need to ruin my hearing…

Thor: Woman, that Razor Girl has run wild over every competitor in the OCW and now she’s got a shot at this belt! We’ll, it’s time to put a stop to this madness once and for all! Mr.Lucifer’s reign of evil WILL NOT be allowed to continue in the OCW! I see to end it tonight!

Miss Midnight: And how exactly do you plan on doing that Thor?

The Thunder god pulls out a slip of paper from his trunks

Miss Midnight: I hope that’s not a little gift you just brought from the mens room….

Thor: SILENCE! This is a signed contract! Courtesy of David Diamond! He’s sees the error of his ways in allowing the Army of Darkness in the OCW! He’s taking action! This is a signed contract that makes tonight match a LOSER LEAVES THE OCW MATCH!

Miss Midnight: REALLY?

Thor: That’s right! Razor Girl, if you want a shot at this belt, then you’ll have to put your career in the OCW on the line! I guess we’ll see how badly you want this belt later tonight!

Miss Midnight: Stunning! Well one of these grapplers will be looking for work elsewhere after the match tonight Scooter! Back to you!

Back at the announcers table...

Sparks: Woah! Yet another stunning announcement CP! This is all too much to digest, I think my brain is about to explode!

CP: Bet that would sound like a firecracker in the bottom of a grain silo Sparks.

We go to commercial!

All of the Savage Beasts are walking backstage, led by Salvatore Savage...they come across Cpl. Punishment who is exiting the men’s room... Salvatore Savage has a stun gun and is clicking it off and on looking at Cpl. Punishment

CP: What the hell? Do you people just hang around outside men’s rooms?Looks at The Awesome Ones Yeah, well I figure you would anyway.

Salvatore Savage: You know, Double D told me that the OCW is “old school wrestling,” but I have not seen any old school wrestling.There is nothing but interference in these matches!

CP: Sounds like sour grapes from a guy who's team has had their asses handed to them the past few weeks and is toting a oh-for-two record. And this coming from a group that kidnapped JD Dixon in the first show, beat him down and stripped him naked and shoved him in a bodybag? If that's old school where you come from I'll remember not to book any flights there. And what's with the stun gun? is that "old school" too?

Savage: Hey! If thuggery is what it takes, then thuggery is what will happen! He then stuns Cpl. Punishment!.

Cp: Ow! What the hell was that for!?!

Savage: To prove a point!

CP: A POINT!?! CP grabs Savage by the collar of his shirt and jerks him face to face! Old man, you ever put your hands on me again, and I’ll take that stun gun away from you, stick it up your old ass and push that button till the batteries run out. GOT THAT!?! He then shoves Savage back into the Awesome Ones and walks off camera.

The Savage Beasts glance at Savage who stares hard at CP as he leaves. He then jerks away from the Awesome Ones who are holding him.

Gladiator: Woah, that wasn't very awesome.

Strucka: Nah, he looked pissed. Maybe next time you shock him you should set that on high man.

Gladiator: Yeah, like on eight. I'd definitley set that on at least eight.

Strucka: Or nine dude. Did you see how heavy that jacket was? I bet it was wool, or a heavy cotton maybe.

Savage is fuming

Savage: You idiots shut your holes! USELESS!!!

He and Smashin' Taz storm off down the hallway, leaving The Awesome Ones by themsleves.

Gladiator: At LEAST an eight.

Strucka: Or a nine even.

Gladiator: Totally.

Sparks: We’ve got our TV Title match up next folks! Looks like Mr. Lucifer is taking every opportunity presented to the Army of Darkness, as last week Razor Girl went up against the OCW champ Crippler Bret Steele, loosing thanks to the interference of Buck Leeds. Now, she’s going up against the OCW TV Champion, Thor in a Loser leaves the OCW Match!

CP: Victory is all about opportunity Sparks! Lucifer knows this might be Razors Girls last shot at a singles title. Being primarily a tag-wrestler, this might be her one shot at some gold for some time to come!

Sparks: Indeed! Thor challenged the OCW world Champ Steele last week to a best of three falls match, but as fans saw earlier, Steele was taking this week off to recoup. Here comes Razor Girl with Barb Wire accompanying her to the ring! They’re running wild, knocking boxes of soda and popcorn out of fans hands as they head down the aisle! They have NO respect for the fans folks!
Looks like Thor is headed to the ring. Fans will remember that Thor had to go through Razor Girl in a second round of that wild TV Title tournament in week one to win that TV Championship fans! This should be a wild re-match as these two went at it tooth and nail in their first outing, with Thor finally bulling through Razor Girl to get the win. One would argue that she gave him more of a challenge than any other competitor that night!
Thor is in the ring…and Razor Girl charges! But wait! The TV champ has scooped her up and has her in an airplane spin! He predicted that move from Razor Girl and she got caught! He’s spinning her around…right into a sit-down slam!!! Razor Girl is stunned folks! I can tell you she’s still sporting bruises and cuts from Leed’s attack last week, so she may not even be at one hundred percent, but that apparently doesn’t stop Lucifer from sending her out to win his championship gold!
Razor Girl is back up, she blocks a forearm by Thor, and whips him into the turnbuckle! She follows up with a shoulder charge against his massive back, and jumps on him, hammering his head into the turnbuckle!
Thor stumbles back, and drops! Razor Girl just got smashed beneath his big frame! He goes for a cover…one…kickout! Razor Girl is trying to get up but Thor drops a massive double ax handle across her back! Raozr Girl manages to scurry out of the ring and Thor follows! Razor Girl is running around the ring, Thor follows...and right into a flying clothesline by Barb Wire! She just launched herself at the TV champ and now both are down on the concrete fans! I think Barb hurt herself with that move!
Razor Girl is over and she’s biting Thor!!! Oh fans, those sharp teeth just opened a cut over Thor’s eye and he’s bleeding!
Barb is back up and both Hellcats toss Thor back in the ring! Razor Girl enters- looks like she’s trying to get the big man up into a suplex! But wait! Thor reverses! Razor Girl hits hard! Thor covers! One…two...kickout! That was a close one fans! Thor almost retained his title right there! He’s got Razor Girl up, but she hits a kick to his groin! Thor rolls over fans and he’s in pain! Razor Girl is continuing to kick! The ref is warning her! She’s not listening! She's scooped up Thor and dumped him outside of the ring! she's pulling out all the stops for that championship gold! Barb is out there now folks and she's stomping Thor, and she's smashed him with the ringside bell! AND THE REF DIDN'T SEE IT! Razor Girl has him distracted in the ring! Oh of course!!! Now she's pushing him to perform the countout! Thor isn't getting up! Eight, nine...TEN!!!! THE TV CHAMP THOR HAS BEEN COUNTED OUT AND HAS LOST THIS MATCH!
Winner: Razor Girl via DQ at 6:12

Sparks: Barb is in the ring now and they’re stomping a mudhole in Thor with those spiked boots!! He's bleeding even worse now fans! He’s out of it…NO! They’ve got him up for the Razor Wire! Barb is going up top, Razor Girl is struggling under the big man's weight, but she's got him up!!! RAZOR WIRE ON THOR! These Hellcats are nuts! The TV Champ has lost his belt and his job! THOR IS GONE FROM THE OCW FANS! But what of the TV Title? It can't change hands on a disqualification and Thor certainly can't take it with him! We'll have to see how Diamond handles this situation!

After a few moments security tries to interfere but the Hellcats clear them out of the ring. The beating continues, as Barb Wire grinds her heel into Thors forehead repeatedly...blood is pooling and the fans are throwing trash, empty cups and popcorn boxes into the ring! Mayhem has broken loose and Thor is completely out of it! A moment later we see Corporal Punishment in the ring! He ducks a clothesline by Razor Girl and manages to grab Thor and pull his limp body from the ring. The Hellcats hiss at him as he pulls the former TV Champ to safety. A moment later a stretcher appears and security makes a wall in front of the paramedics so they can strap Thor in and rush him from ringside.

Sparks: Fans, I don't know what to say, I've never seen such a brutal display of...wait, CP, CP has just rejoined me. CP that was a very heroic thing you did out there, I just...

CP: (Breathing heavily) It was nothing Sparks! Thor needed to get out of there! Those Hellcats, Sparks, they did a number on him, I can tell you from what I've just seen that the boy is in a bad way.

Sparks: Well CP, if it wasn't for you I dread to think what...

CP: Can that noise Sparks. I'm not your hero, I just saw a young grappler on the verge of loosing his career and went to help him out. I wish someone would have done the same for me a few years back, hell I might still be wrestling.

Sparks: Alright fans, while we get some order restored we're going to go to a commercial break. when we return we'll have Kai versus King Cut! It all comes to a head next!!!

We’re back from commercial and join King Cut and Nyla as they make their way down a back corridor, the King seated atop his sedan chair as usual, Nyla following alongside…

King Cut: DAMMIT! ANOTHER match with these blasted freaks from Pennsylvania!?!

NYLA: But my King! They deserve to be punished! For putting their hands on…

King Cut: ENOUGH! This match isn’t getting me anywhere closer to the damn OCW championship belt! I’m mired in a meaningless feud that’s getting me nowhere! YOU said you knew how to manage! You said you would take me to the top! But it’s been a month and we’ve accomplished NOTHING! I’m not even in the top five contenders!!

NYLA: But my King! I…

King Cut: Enough with this King business!!! Get me down off of this ridiculous thing!!!

King Cut jumps down

King Cut: (Screaming at the attendants) Go on! Get the hell out of here before I kick your goldbricking asses! And how damn much have we been paying these idiots? I could have got some of my brothers from Atlanta to carry this damn thing around!

Nyla: (voice picking up a southern accent) Hey! Look, you want to drop your gimmick? FINE! You want to fire those guys? FINE! But Don’t you go getting in my face and blaming me because you are a second rate wrestler trying to make a comeback! It’s not my fault you tore your ACL two years ago! You wanted to be extreme! You wanted to ride that wave of ‘extreme’ wrestling! Dumbasses throwing themselves off the top of buildings! Well you paid the price, didn’t ya!?!

King Cut: What? Why you lousy little…

Nyla: HEY! SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Now, I got you this match cause these Pennsylvania Boys need a good old fashioned beating. I don’t like how Headhunter put his hands on me! So you…

King Cut: What? YOU don’t like? Woman, I’m not fighting for you! And I’d damn well rather be a second rate wrestler than a third rate stripper!!!


A production assistant pops his head in

PA: HEY! You’re both holding up the match! Get moving!!!

King Cut and Nyla glare at one another for a moment, finally he rips his headdress off and throws it to the ground…

King Cut: I’m done with you and this ridiculous gimmick, tonight you just stay out of my damn way, “Jasmin” (he storms off).

Nyla: (under her breath) I hope you get your damn neck broken ‘Damien’.

Back at the announcers table...

Sparks: Wow! What a new development we have CP! Looks like King Cut isn’t satisfied with anything less than that OCW World Championship belt and he’s letting his manager Nyla know it!!!

CP: Communication is key Sparks! And the King, er, Damien or whoever is right! This feud has taken it out of both me and he’s become bogged down! You don’t take home the belt by beating up non-contenders!

Sparks: A valid point CP! But it’s only been a few weeks, don’t you think the King is being a bit impatient?

CP: Not at all Sparks! You heard Nyla, the King has already been injured once and he’s on the downside of his career. You might not think it to look at him, he’s gotta be on the shy side of thirty! But those ACL’s don’t grow on trees! He may have only a few good years left in him! He’s got to win while he still can!!!

Sparks: Well, here’s wishing both combatants good luck tonight! Looks like Headhunters brother Kai has shown up on the scene and has taken it upon himself to clean up his little brother’s mess!

CP: Sure does Sparks! You know Headhunter and Cut, they plain just hate each other! And it goes all the way back to the OCW’s inception at the Dawn of Champions! These two joined forces only to turn on each other in the battle royal for the championship and both wound up getting eliminated!

Sparks: Well, Kai is on the way to the ring folks, and man is he a monster! Weighing in at Seven two, and over four hundred pounds you wouldn’t think it to look at him but he’s just solid muscle! He’s in the ring and Headhunter had grabbed a ringside folding chair and has dropped himself down. Both a are glaring at each other…

CP: They glare a lot in that family Sparks! One might think they got some kind of hereditary eye disorder!

Sparks: And here comes King Cut and Nyla…and it looks like they are arguing…he’s gesturing angrily towards the ring.

CP: Well that’s trouble in paradise Sparks! I know the feeling, the first wife used to hound me when I was trying to back out of the drive in my caddy. I only had to run her over four times before she learned to get out of my way!

Sparks: You ran over your wife!?!?

CP: Hey! Cut has made it to the ring and he’s climbing through the ropes! He’s eyeing up Kai as he’s handing off his ring gear- AND KAI ATTACKS!

Sparks: Sure does CP! Kai is on an early offensive as we get a bell to start the action! A forearm smash and Kai whips Cut into the ropes! Cut slides through and goes outside to regroup- and walks into a big fist by Headhunter!

CP: Always pays to know where you are at, in and out of the ring Sparks!

Sparks: Indeed CP! And Cut is back in the ring! Kai has him up, and Cut hits a low blow doubling the big man over! The King capitalizes on the move by landing a kick to Kai’s knee and the big man goes down! Could this be his Achilles heel?

CP: It’s a weak spot on any person Sparks! Looks like the King has come to chop down a big tree and he’s doing just that!

Sparks: And he’s following up with a double axe handle across the bi g mans back, and he’s into the ropes, and comes off with a dropkick to Kais throat!!!

CP: Smart move Sparks! And the King is following it up with a quick pin attempt…one…two…kickout by Kai!

Sparks: Not surprised there CP, it’[s going to take more to put this big man down!

CP: And Nyla, King Cut’s curvaceous manager is shouting instructions to her man, but he’s waving her off! Looks like he’s not interested in what she has to say!

Sparks: And King has Kai back up, and lands a solid chop to his chest, but it does nothing! Kai simply smirks and clotheslines Cut!

CP: He’ll need to bring more than a slap fight to this party Sparks! Kai has the King up now and lands a sidewalk slam!

Sparks: King is hurting from that one folks! He’s scrambled away and begging off in the corner, but Kai is on the move, and King hits him in the breadbox! Low blow! Kai is down on his knees and King Cut is back up, he goes to the second rope, and comes off with a knee to the back! Kai is in trouble! King Cut covers, and only gets a two count before Kai kicks out!
King is still on the offensive, turning Kai over and locking in a Boston Crab! He’s leaning back folks, but Kai is making a move for the ropes! Can he make it? He’s just short! He’s still trying and King is really leaning back, putting the pressure on!

CP: Kai made it Sparks! He’s grabbed ahold of those ropes for dear life and the ref is calling for King Cut to break the hold!

Sparks: King does, and he’s measuring Kai as the big man pulls himself up on the ropes, and King charges! But Kai pulls down the rope and both roll to the outside!But wait! King Cut landed right beside Headhunter, and he’s backpeddling away from Headhunter who advances. Nyla puts herself in his way! He’s threatening her but she’s not moving!

CP: She wont win any Mensa awards for that kind of reasoning Sparks! Headhunter is just as brutal as his brother! Those two don’t care who they have to go through to dish out punishment!

Sparks: Kai and Cut make it back in the ring and King Cut sweeps Kais leg! The big man didn’t see it coming! King Cut is back to work, dropping big knees on the big mans leg and Kai really looks to be in trouble CP!

CP: He sure does! Headhunter is on the ring apron now shouting and the ref is trying to restore some order! King Cut has Kai locked in a figure four! They are both in the center of the ring Cp! This could be the end for the big man!

CP: Not so fast Sparks! Headhunter is in there now while the ref is dealing with Nyla on the other side of the ring! He’s going up top! NO! Headhunter comes off and lands a massive headbut to King Cut! King cut is out of it! Kai is still in agony though! And Headhunter is yelling at him to cover King!

CP: Yeah, the ref is attending to Kai, making sure he’s…what is Nyla doing? Shes made her way into the ring behind Headhunter, she’s got something in her hands…

SPARKS: OH NO!!! She’s just thrown a massive FIREBALL into Headhunters face! HE’S LITERALLY ON FIRE! MY GOD! Get some help out there! Headhunter is down and his hair and face are ablaze! Kai has pulled his shirt off and is smothering the flames!!!

CP: My word Sparks! Headhunter is really hurt! Kai is shouting for some help! The King is coming to and has no idea what has happened! The ref has called for the bell and King is confused! He is screaming at Nyla and she’s screaming back! He looks to Headhunter and Kai and back to her and you can see the disgust in his face!

Sparks: He’s not a happy camper CP! He didn’t want this match to begin with and I imagine he’s not too happy that Nyla interfered on his behalf and cost him a victory! He’s ringside now and they are having a full blown shouting match! She turning around to leave, but the King spins her around!



CP: AND KING CUT HITS THE PHAROH POWERSLAM ON NYLA! He just planted her right on the concrete sparks!!! My word! Looks like this relationship has reached it’s end!!! Hell, beats a year in divorce court! I should have powerslammed all of my ex wives!

Sparks: You mean you didn’t?

CP: Nah, backing over them with the caddy works just fine.

Sparks: Well we’ve got some medical attention out here for Headhunter fans, the paramedics have wrapped his face in gauze and have him on a stretcher. Kai is escorting them out…wait, he’s stopping at Nyla’s prone body, he’s exchanging a glare with King Cut…and the King has just thrown his hands up and walked away!!!

CP: And Kai has just landed a solid kick to Nyla’s midsection and has moved on down the aisle Sparks! Oooh, that was a vicious kick from a four hundred pounder!! As if the powerbomb wasn’t bad enough!

Sparks: She’s not going to recover from this assault any time soon CP. She brought the fire to the match but the fury got called down on her!
Winner: Double DQ at 13:22

Sparks: Alright fans! We're going to go to break while the ring crew constructs the Tower of Revenge! While we wait, we've got a taped interview for you. OCW World Champ, Crippler Bret Steele is taking the week off, recuperating from a solid month of title defenses. Many doubted his ability to hold on to that strap, but he’s defeated the likes of Dic Blair, Razor Girl and the former TV Champion, Thor to retain his title.

CP: Damn right Sparks! No one can dispute that Steele isn’t a fighting champion! He won the battle royal for that belt, and defended it in two title matches and one non-title match he wasn’t even prepared for that first week he had the strap! I would say that champ has spoken more loudly with his actions in the ring than with his interviews!

Sparks: Well, speaking of interviews, you had the chance to sit down with him this past week, right after his brutal match with Razor Girl, at the local gymnasium where he trains. Let’s go to that interview!

CP is in a dressing room with the OCW Champion, Crippler Bret Steele. He’s wearing his jacket, jeans and lounging back with his OCW World Championship belt on his lap.

CP: Champ, thanks for taking the time.

Steele: No problem.

CP: First, lets get to know a little about you. Where you grew up, who you trained with…

Steele: You don’t have the time or film to catch it all Corporal. Suffice to say, I’m from Minnesota, and I’ve trained with some of the greats…until I beat them. Then I moved on to learn from someone else.

CP: Woah! Fair enough. So how does it feel to be OCW World Champion?

Steele: Natural. Most natural thing in the world. When I DON’T have championship gold around my waist is when I feel incomplete. Most of these grapplers you got sitting around the OCW act like it’s really something to have a strap around their midsection, like it signifies some sort of major accomplishment. To me, having ten pounds of gold on my waist is…expected. I hold myself to a higher standard, the HIGHEST standard, and that’s why I’m the champion. I don’t have time or room in my life for self doubt. I don’t expect to loose, I don’t expect to drop this belt. Bad news for the part-timers in the OCW, just business as usual for the full-time champion.

CP: Wow! That’s a lot of confidence…or arrogance some might say!

Steele: “Some?” Some would be the ones standing in line for a shot at this gold, right? “Some” would be the ones mired in pointless feuds that will take years off their lives and diminish their already limited talent and potential. “Some” should shut their pie-holes and worry about what might happen to them if they are ever lucky enough to stop jerking that curtain and get a shot at this title.

CP: True words Champ! If you don’t mind, I would like to try some name association with you. It’s a cheap hack tactic to use up time without actually asking you anything meaningful.

Steele: Go ahead pal, it’s your dime.

CP: Primetime Landon Murphy.

Steele: All flash and no substance.

CP: Razor Girl.

Steele: Defeated.

CP: Gladiator.

Steele: Who?

Cp: Thor.

Steele: Defeated.

CP: Hobbit Baggins.

Steele: A cartoon character who beats up women.

CP: Lil’ Tokyo

Steele: Lil’ waste of time and in way over her head.

CP: Finally, Super Dragons, the tag champs.

Steele: The best there is. Those belts around their waist say so.

CP: Wow! I can safely say that you certainly walk alone Champ! Well, no one can question your ability and your success Crippler.

Steele: They can, Corporal. But in the end, it’s just jealousy and incompetence that drives these wannabe’s to run down the champion and mouth off. And in the end, it’s the fact that when it comes to wrestling and the OCW, I’m not only the best there is…I’m ALL there is.

CP: Thanks for your time champ!

Sparks: Alright fans! This is it! The match you have been waiting for! We’ve had four weeks of rage, anger and hatred build up and it’s coming to a head tonight! This is the last time these grapplers will step into the squared circle together, and you can bet they are going to put it all on the line!

CP: No doubt Sparks! And the Tower of Revenge is just as diabolical and intimidating as I imagined! Three levels of pain, with a string of barbed wire circling the interior walls! Only way to win is up! And then, all the way back down! If you got a problem with heights this is the last match you want to be in!

Sparks: No doubt CP! The Tower of Revenge is the end of the line for these two teams! Just in case of serious injuries, we’ve got TWO ambulances on standby! I hope we won’t need them!

CP: Keep hoping Sparks! Three steel cages? Barbed wire? A thirty foot fall from the top? The two teams will be lucky if someone doesn’t go out of here in a bodybag!

Sparks: Well the Horsemen and Buck Leeds are on the way to the ring folks, led by JD Dixon, and here come the Allies, Bluebloods and the Spartan! Both teams are situating themselves son opposite sides of the cage and we have an army of ref’s keeping them separated. One ref is passing a jar around with slips of paper, all grapplers are drawing, and the refs are gesturing to the door!

CP: This is it Sparks! Who will be the ones to start this match out?

Sparks: It looks like Phillip Southwell is entering through the door, the Horsemen are deliberating amongst themselves…and here comes The Spartan!!!! It looks bad for the Horsemen folks! I guess we’ll have to wait a few moments before competitor number three enters the cage…

CP: No we won’t Sparks! The Horsemen have just shoved Buck Leeds to the door! He’s protesting but the Horsemen are hearing none of it! Looks like Leeds drew the short straw!

Sparks: Indeed! Leeds is hesitant! He knows the longer he waits to enter the shorter time he’ll be trapped in there with those two! The ref has already rung the bell and The Spartan and Southwell are pacing back and forth in the ring like hungry lions waiting for Leeds!

CP: Here we go Sparks! Leeds is through the door, and scrambling for his life! He’s climbing up the wall, trying to get to that trapdoor on the ceiling of the cage! He makes it about halfway before Spartan pulls him down and into the ring and both are kicking the living daylights out of him!

Sparks: He’s curled up in a fetal position CP! He’s not even trying to fight back…wait, he’s rolled out of the ring to the outside and scrambling beneath the ring apron! Southwell is following…and Southwell has fallen back onto the ground! Leeds is coming from under the ring apron, AND HE’S GOT HEADHUNTER’S BAT! Bad news for Southwell as Leeds nails him again and follows up by taking out Spartans leg who was coming to Southwell’s aid! Both are on the ground in pain and Leeds is laughing like a maniac! Leeds is back in the ring, he’s tucked that ball bat down the side of his trunks and he’s climbing up the turnbuckle, jumped to the ceiling of the cage and he’s reached the trap door and swung it open! He’s up in the second tier of the cage and he’s just parked there with that baseball bat waiting!

CP: Smart move on Leed’s part Sparks! Leeds knows he’s outgunned and he’s put himself in a spot that he can’t be reached! Southwell is back in the ring eyeballing Leeds as Spartan is hobbling around on his bad leg!

Sparks: Looks like our countdown clock is about to reach zero…who will be the next…Sully Blackburn! The wounded Sully Blackburn is approaching the door and screaming up to Leeds, but Leeds isn’t moving! Blackburn slowly enters the cage and is immediately attacked by Southwell and Spartan! They are taking turns hammering Blackburn, fans! Really taking out their frustration on the Horseman!

CP: Guess Leeds sees the writing on the wall Sparks! He knows the Horsemen are gone and not bothering to take him with them! He’s still parked in that second tier, just watching!

Sparks: And Blackburn is paying the price! Spartan has Blackburn up in a bearhug and Southwell just came off the ropes with a clothesline! Brutal! Blackburn is on the ground and he’s not moving!

CP: Nope, he’s either unconscious or playing dead Sparks, not sure which! Spartan is eyeing Leeds up there and he’s trying for the trapdoor again, with Southwell giving him a knee up! Leeds just swung at Spartans head! Spartan has dropped back in the ring! He’ll think twice before trying that again!

Sparks: The Horsemen are shouting at Leeds! It sounds like JD is trying to strike a deal with Leeds! Offering him free ringside seats to the Horseman’s matches for life! I don’t see Leeds taking the offer CP!

CP: No chance Sparks! And who could have predicted that Buck Leeds would become the X-Factor in this match?

Sparks: Countdown clock is at zero CP and we’ve got…Primetime Murphy! Oh this looks terrible for the Horsemen CP! Murphy is taking his time entering the cage, measuring up Blackburn who is struggling to get to his feet in the corner, and he lands a kick to his stomach, and a fist! Blackburn stumbles away- into another fist by Spartan! And into another by Southwell! He’s being batted around like a pinball!

CP: Some ‘heroes’ Sparks! Three men beating up a wounded, injured man! Real classy, real professional….

Sparks: What do you expect!?! The Horsemen asked for this! They started off by kidnapping Lady Jane! They brought this on themselves!!!

CP: Just harmless hijinks Sparks! Frat Boy pranks at best, she was never in any real danger, hell, she probably enjoyed it! The Bluebloods and Allies simply can’t take a joke!

Sparks: Apparently not as Murphy has Blackburn outside of the ring and is grinding his face against the barbed wire! Blackburn is split open and bleeding profusely!

CP: Well this wont go on for long Sparks! Help is one the way as Ax Alexander, the number six contender to enter the cage has entered a house of fire! He’s not letting his injury slow him down and…wait! Whats that on his fist!?! Why, it’s a brass equalizer Sparks! Ax has hammered Spartan to the ground, now Southwell! Primetime ducks but Ax catches him with a elbow and kick to the midsection!

Sparks: Ax may have just saved his team CP! He’s helping Sully back into the ring and Blackburn is over and stomping a mudhole in Primetime! He’s got the young grappler and gnawing at his forehead! Primetime is still bandaged from last weeks brutal match with Olsen CP! He’s opened up and looks as bad as Sully!

CP: Tower of Revenge is right Sparks! These men are holding nothing back! Spartan has made it to his feet, but Ax is back on him, hammering his face with those brass knucks and he’s split Spartan wide open!

Sparks: Now Ax is shouting something to Leeds and, what’s this? He’s hoisting Spartan on his shoulders, and Leeds is leaning down trough the trapdoor, and pulling Spartan through! Leeds has pulled Spartan through the trapdoor into the second cage and now Ax is climbing up, making his way into the second cage as well!

CP: Divide and conquer Sparks! Ax and Leeds are just dropping repeated elbows onto Spartan and Sully is working over Primetime! Wait, Southwell is getting back to his feet…but wait! Number Seven is coming in the cage- OLSEN ALEXANDER! Olsen is in and knee lifts Southwell! Oh the tide has turned! The Horsemen are now outnumbering the Allies/Bluebloods now that Leeds has shown his true colors! In the upper cage Ax and Buck Leeds are taking turns ramming Spartan headfirst into the cage while down below Sully and Olsen are taking out their aggression on Primetime and Southwell!

Sparks: I’m told we need to go to commercial CP but we can’t leave this action! We’ve gotten permission from the network to keep rolling!

CP: Smart move Sparks! This network hasn’t seen rating like this since the “James’ Death” episode of “Good Times!” Spartan is out of it, he’s trying to fight back but the Horsemen are just toying with him now….

Sparks: But not for long CP! Edward Rochester has just entered the cage, and he’s brought his own equalizer! A kendo stick! He’s wailing on Sully and Olsen! Both are scrambling to get away from the madman and have bailed out of the ring and are running around the cage! I think Rochester just bought his team valuable time!

CP: But not Spartan! He’s still in that upper cage being beat like a piñata!

Sparks: True CP! But wait! Primetime Murphy is making his way through the trapdoor! Ax and Leeds are so focused on hammering Spartan in the corner that they don’t even notice him! HE GRABBED THE BAT! Leeds is turning around- AND GETS NAILED! Murphy slams Ax in the gut and the big man rolls over! Murphy is checking on Spartan but he doesn’t looks good folks! Down below Rochester is wailing on Sully and Olsen is back in the ring exchanging blows with Southwell! It just goes to show you how quick the fortunes can change in this match CP!

CP: Sure does Sparks! I haven’t seen this much brutality since the government ran out of free cheese! Wait! Here comes Sergei Khruschev! He’s number nine and you can just bet Dic Blair is dying to get in there! Sergei wastes no time in scrambling up to the second cage to help his partner Primetime! Ax has managed to mount an offense and both are fighting for the bat! Wait, Ax sees Sergei sticking his head through the trapdoor, AND KICKS THE RUSSIAN IN THE FACE! Sergei drops through the trapdoor and lands hard below fans! He’s grabbing his elbow and screaming in pain! It looks like he’s really hurt Sparks!

Sparks: And Olsen Alexander is capitalizing CP! He’s putting the boots to the Russian and Rochester both! The kendo stick is on the ground outside- a useful weapon to whoever can get out there to it!

CP: And Blair is pacing around the door like a cat Sparks! He knows in just thirty seconds he can enter this ring and even things up and then it’s anyones match win! They just need to get out the top of the cage and back down to the floor!

Sparks: Well this match is up in the air CP! Up top Ax and Primetime are going back and forth, Spartan is showing some life and battling Leeds and down below Olsen and Rochester are hammering away at one another while Sergei tries to get to his feet and Southwell is hammering a bloodied and battered Sully Blackburn! It’s mayhem!

CP: It’s even now Sparks! Blair is in the ring and hits a flying clothesline on Rochester! The Blueblood is down and Blair and Olsen throw him over the top rope to the outside! He’s out! Now Olsen is hoisting Blair up to the second level, he’s in! BUT WAIT! Southwell has run and catapulted himself off of Olsen’s back and onto the ceiling! He’s followed Blair up into the second level and Olsen has no idea what just happened!

CP: Amazing athletics by Southwell Sparks but will it be enough?

Sparks: We’ll see CP as Blair, Alexander and Leeds are going tooth and nail with Primetime , Southwell and Spartan! All six men look cramped in that confined space and Leeds is making his move! He’s got the trapdoor open and has pulled himself into the final, upper cage! And Spartan is following him up!

CP: Less room up there Sparks! Those two are going at it, and Ax has gotten himself squeezed up there, He’s gotten the top of the upper tier open! And he’s heading out!

Sparks: He could win it folks! But wait! Primetime and Blair are also heading up, Spartan is following Ax out! They are battling on the top of the Tower of Revenge!

CP: And Spartan is dishing out some punishment! Leeds has caught a dropkick by Primetime and is slumped in the corner of the top cage, and Blair is heading out the top! But Primetime is hot on his heels! Spartan has headbutted Ax! Ax is busted open!

Sparks: Ax is swinging blindly! He barely misses Blair and strikes Primetime! Primetime hits the cage hard and rolls off, falling down onto the top of the ceiling of the second cage! If he could just roll down to the floor!

CP: Ax is ok Sparks, but he’s furious! He’s clearing the blood out of his eyes with Blairs help! Spartan is recovering and making a move towards the edge of the cage…wait, what are the Horsemen doing? They’ve gotten Spartan under both of his shoulders, what…



Sparks: Oh my fans!!! That was a fall of over thirty feet!!! Spartan could be seriously injured! We’ve got paramedics scrambling to get to him! The bell has rung! The Allies and Bluebloods and Spartan have won this match, but at what price!?!

CP: The Horsemen are celebrating Sparks but also beating a hasty retreat, looks like they don’t want to be anywhere around the OCW when the smoke clears from this travesty! Paramedics are checking Spartan for signs of life Sparks! This looks bad, REAL BAD!!!!

Sparks: Fans, I , I don’t know what to say. We’ve got to go but, we just don’t know what has happened here. Is Spartan alright? We’re not getting word yet…they’re loading him up on a stretcher…oh my…

CP: We’ve got to go Scooter.

Sparks: I know, fans, I…we’ll keep following this as long as we can, of course, we just need to know if Spartan is alright, there are just too many people to see….