We open the show focusing on Bret Steele. He’s entering the backstage area, gear bag slung over his shoulder and face a calm cool mask. He passes by a group of wrestlers who chuckle as he passes. Steele stops, then turns around. Strucka, Damien Genesis and Buck Leeds are all looking at the latest issue of OCW Insider and back at him. Steele drops his gear bag and walks back to the trio.

Steele: Gentlemen, are we looking at the pictures again? Need someone to read that to you?

Leeds: Oh hey man. Nah, we’re just checking out the latest issue of OCW Insider. Lots of real good stories in here.

Strucka: Yeah man, like a real good write up about a former champ (snicker) Says he lost his edge and has gone soft. You should like, check it out man, might hit real close to home, ya know?

Steele: Yeah, I read that article. Draws a lot of conclusions based on a few bad matches. Yellow journalism at it’s best. A person reading that might get the wrong idea. Might think they can make a name for themselves by taking out a former champ. Instant recognition, a chance to puff their chest out and add an impressive win to their record. Of course, that kind of thinking could be dangerous, that kind of thinking could get someone hurt.

Genesis: Look man, there ain’t no shame in getting beat up by a guy who gets beat up by women. Really (snicker). Like he said, you two got something in common now, right? I mean, Lil’Tokyo took your BELT man, took it right from around your waist. You can call them bad matches all you want, but you had two shots- one to keep your title and one to take that TV Belt and you screwed both up. Doesn’t make you look so bad after all buddy. Looks like maybe you were just real lucky and those wins you had before weren’t so impressive after all, in fact, you and I had our little dust up a few weeks back, and had my ex-old lady not shown up I think I could have beaten you, still do in fact.

Steele shakes his head and picks up his gear bag

Steele: Sure Damien, if your old lady hadn’t of shown up I’m sure you would have beaten me handily. Just like you beat…wait, you, you haven’t won a match in what? Three weeks? Yeah, you were so close buddy, I bet you could taste that victory.

Genesis: Look man, I got cheated, that’s just how it is…

Steele: Uh huh. Hey guys, quick question: How many titles have you won? Just out of curiosity? I mean, in “toto”?

Leeds: Well….

Strucka: I uh, I beat Mentalo at a house show a week ago….

Steele: If memory serves, that was a non-title match, correct?

Strucka: well, yeah….

Steele: Yeah, that’s what I thought. But guess what? Tonight, you three idiots are going to get a shot at the big time. Tonight, I’m going to ask Dusty to book me an a gauntlet match with you morons, and we’ll see if between you, any of you are even qualified to lick my boots.

Strucka: Oh, now come on man, we didn’t mean nothing by…

Steele: Save it stoner. Save up all of your energy, cause tonight? Tonight you idiots get made an example of. And Genesis? I want your ass out there last son, because I want you to have your shot, I want you to show the world your loss to me was a fluke.

Steele turns and walks away, a huge smile stretching across his face and we go the OCW intro!!!

Sparks: Welcome to Monday Night Meltdown, I am Scooter Sparks along side my.......EEEEEEEEEEEEE (Scooter jumps back and then smashes a bug on the announcers table!)

CP: Really boy? Your partners name is EEEEEEE? You scream just like Yo' Mamma!

Sparks: I'm really sorry fans, it’s just those bad dreams have come back and I’m a little on edge.

CP: I've been out for a week and all you can worry about are bugs. I've missed you too, bro.

Sparks: Im really sorry, here I'll start over...Welcome to Monday Night Meltdown, I am Scooter Sparks along side my. partner......EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (CP throws a rubber cockroach at Sparks!)

CP: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! It never gets old! Getcha self together Sparks! The fans see the main man in front of them! And I gotta say- It’s damn good to be back!

Sparks: Uh, yeah, it’s good to have you back I guess CP. So how are you feeling?

CP: Fantastic! The folks at Memorial Hospital did a top notch job patching me up and I got some quality R&R! Course’ sitting through you and Trailerpark required a handful of painkillers and a half a bottle of Jim Beam but otherwise, not a bad job!

Sparks: Wow, you don’t sound like a guy who got victimized by The Hellcats and beat within an inch of his life!

CP: Sparks, I’ve been beaten worse at computer poker! Those Hellcats may look fierce, but trust me, I’m an old pro and no stranger to pain!

Sparks: So, are we to assume that this is over between you and The Army of Darkness?

CP: Not a chance Sparks! Not as long as my little girl is still going after them! Course I may not be as involved as I once was, but I’ll be right there with her in spirit!

Sparks: Wow, good to see you got a heart in there CP! Now, lets go to the major news! Last week we saw a heinous attack on Sergei Khrushchev by his long time partner, Primetime Landon Murphy!!! It came out of the clear blue and…

CP: Woah, woah hold it right there Sparks! I told you it was coming! I called it! Primetime has too much potential and too bright of a future to be weighed down by that fat Russian load!

Sparks: That’s harsh! But you are right, you did call it! They just seemed so darn united though!

CP: It’s all an act Sparks! You can look united and still have internal strife that will eventually tear a union apart! Just ask Major P! She thought I was madly in love with her mother till I locked that witch in the attic for a week!

Sparks: Uh...right. Anyway, we’ve got a huge show for you tonight fans! Some really great matches on tap! We’ve got Primetime Murphy going up against Roland Hard. Fans will remember Roland cost Primetime that TV Title shot at the Resurrection PPV a few weeks back, and now Primetime gets his shot at revenge! We’ve also got Angel taking her undefeated record up against Constrictor in what promises to be a submission match to end all submission matches! And we just got word that Dusty has greenlighted that Gauntlet Match between former OCW Champ Crippler Bret Steele versus Strucka, Damien Genesis and Buck Leeds!

CP: Not sure if I agree with Steele’s strategy Sparks!

Sparks: Why is that CP?

CP: This gauntlet match doesn’t advance him in any way! He only racks up one victory in the win column if he wins, and he has to wrestle three different grapplers in a row! The odds are against him! High risk, little reward!

Sparks: I think he feels he has something to prove CP! He’s lost two important matches back to back and that has to be hard for someone like Steele to accept! Maybe he thinks this gauntlet match will silence his critics!

CP: The only thing that will do that is him putting a belt back around his waist! And what was with him shaking Mentalo’s hand after that match?

Sparks: I don’t know! Maybe we’ll get some answers later! Speaking of answers! Primetime Murphy has indicated that he will address the OCW nation about his actions lest week, later on tonight! You know CP, the whole OCW locker room is buzzing about the break up of the Allies, and Jackie Midnight has spent the last week catching up to the OCW superstars and finding out what they thought about it! We’ll be showing you the clips throughout the show, and lets send it to the first one now!

We cut to Jackie Midnight outside the OCW Locker Room in a pre-recorded segment. Kai has just arrived, in street clothes with his gear bag slung over his shoulder.

Midnight: Kai! Kai! Just a moment of your time! I was just wondering if we could get your thoughts on Primetime’s turn last week and the attack on Sergei!?!

Kai: I think that had been a long time coming, and it was a good move for little Primetime. There were always little fights between him and Sergei. I think I'm proud of Primetime for taking out the trash and working with a few individuals who actually show some promise in this business.

Sparks: And we’re back fans! Right now we’ve got two of the newer teams to the OCW going at it, The Black Widows and Hass Machina!

CP: Hass who?

Sparks: Hass Machina! Remember, the European team from…

CP: Oh yeah, yeah. The flash in the pan. Right.

Sparks: Not really a very nice thing to say, is it? They are an accomplished…

CP:…nothing! They’ve accomplished nothing in the OCW so far! I don’t care what they did overseas! They are in the big leagues now and they haven’t shown me a damn thing!

Sparks: Well, we’ve got both teams in the ring and the ref has rung the bell and we’ve got a match!
Spinner starting out against Scorpio! The big man hammers her on the back and she goes down! He whips her into the ropes, goes for a clothesline, she ducks! Cross bodyblock! Pin attempt! ONE! TWO! Kickout!
Quick tag to Fang! Scorpio was caught off guard fans! The Widows are double-teaming Scorpio in the corner! Big boots! He’s down! Fang with a belly to belly suplex! Amazing strength, she just picked him right up! Scorpio crawling for his corner! Tag to Maximilian! He comes right in and Fang ties him up and shoulder blocks him to the mat! She ties that arm up and drops a big leg across his throat! Pin! ONE! Kickout! Fang picks him back up! She tags in Spinner who goes up top! Flying dropkick to Maximilian! He goes down! Scorpio in the ring! The ref trying to get him out! Wait! The Black Widows are choking Maximilian against the bottom rope! Spinner locks in a sleeperhold! The ref checks- His arms goes up once…twice…THREE TIMES! Maximilian is out fans and Spinner tosses him aside like a sack of dirty laundry!
Winner: The Black Widows via submission @ 4:52

Sparks: Wow! What a quick and decisive victory for the Black Widows CP!

CP: Told ya Sparks! I can spot talent when I see it and those Widows are dangerous. I know the Hangmen and Union Jacks seem to be all into going after each other but they better keep their eyes on this team, cause they’re racking up some wins!

Sparks: No argument here CP! I would love to see a Hellcats-Widows match! And I have a feeling we wont have long to wait for it! We’ve got to go to commercial fans, but we’ll be right back with more Monday Night Meltdown!!!

We go to commercial! When we return, We are in Dusty Diamond’s office, and she is talking to her Production Assistant “Vance” who is taking notes

Dusty: This new ranking system is going to open things up Vance. Wrestlers are now going to be able to see where they stand, how far they have come and who they have to knock off to advance to those titles. It’s really going to improve the workflow around here.

Vance: If I didn’t know better Miss Diamond, I would almost think you were enjoying running the OCW.

Dusty: Hold your tongue scamp! I like winning Vance! Plain and simple. Since I took over, we’ve increased profits, eliminated almost all debt and are making our way back towards the black. It’s good to see things running so smoothly.

Vance: Of course Miss Diamond.

Dusty: Speaking of smooth, do we have the promos in place for our Halloween Special?

Vance: We do. We’ll start running them tonight. Do you still want to proceed with that “special” match you mentioned?

Dusty: I do! In fact, I’m going to announce it later tonight. Our “Sunday Night Meltdown” Halloween Special is going to break records Vance! Plus, that night we’ll announce the next PPV! It’s going to be very exciting for OCW fans!

Vance: And what about this Margharita situation? She’s been abusing her position as translator for a few weeks.

Dusty: Don’t remind me. That crazy stripper is causing me all sorts of headaches, but right now the only other person who can communicate with these guys is Mentalo and he’s never around! I’ll have to figure something out. Damn! If she wasn’t in the title hunt I could just can her ass and send her back to the Titty Twister or wherever it was she used to dance at. It doesn’t help that she’s directly tied to the convict demographic we’ve come to rely on so heavily.

Vance: I’m sure it will all work itself out Miss Diamond. Oh, speaking of title hunters and the new rankings and such, we have a potential issue…

Dusty: Yes?

Vance: Well, since we’ve begun the house shows …

Dusty: Another brilliant idea of mine by the way…

Vance: Yes, well, since we’ve begun putting on house shows, we’ve got two grapplers tied for the #10 spot in the rankings.

Dusty: Really? Who?

Vance: Well, The Outlaw Bobby Jack Casey is currently 2-4 and that Blood Rage fellow is 2-3.

Dusty: No issue at all. Casey has had more matches, so he takes the ten spot.

Vance: Ten spot…heh.

Dusty: Something funny?

Vance: Sorry, just reminded me of...nevermind. However, wouldn’t it be good business to put these two into a match tonight, so we have a decisive # 10 contender?

Dusty: You know, that’s good thinking Vance! Make it happen! Blood Rage didn’t wrestle last week and I need to get my moneys worth out of him with all of the damage he tends to cause. And this feud with Kai should only get more heated after…

Suddenly, TJ Danger bursts through the door!


Dusty: Vance, would you mind excusing us?

Vance collects his clipboard, looks down his nose at Danger and leaves

Dusty: Now, what can I…

TJ: ...Did you even SEE what happened to me last week???!!!

Dusty: Yeah, I saw this child who promised me to be extreme submit in the shortest match I’ve ever seen! I didn’t realize “Extreme” meant “extremely lame”. Does “TJ” stand for “Tapout Jobber?”

TJ:No, no, no, after that…

Dusty: Not really. I saw your sorry excuse of extreme give up, and then went back to more important things, like seeing if I have an available developmental star who's good at sticking to their word.


Dusty: Oh, it's not? Did you leave someone a wig, and your singlet and have them wrestle for you?

TJ: Heavens no, I'm not that lazy-I'm EXTREME!

Dusty: Uh-huh.....

TJ: Ma'am Someone’s been stalking me, and he's out to get me. He terrorizes me, and I've even had nightmares about him!

Dusty: Sounds to me you two got a man crush going there, is that why tech crew found you sweaty and sacked out beneath the ring last week??

TJ: WHAT?! That's not even funny! Last week he ripped the ring canvas open and drug me underneath of the ring!

Dusty: HE DID WHAT TO MY… wait, No, no he didn't, or else the rest of the show couldn't have happened!!

TJ: HONEST! Hands came up through the ring and pulled me UNDER!!

Dusty: I don't believe that for a second.

TJ: Check the tape! It’s on there!

Dusty: Let’s just agree you are sorta nuts and move on, ok? Watching your matches makes me want to scoop out my eyeballs with a grapefruit spoon.

TJ: Look, I can't have a match without him tormenting me, so it looks like I can't wrestle tonight

Dusty: Tormenting you? Just because some guy “bad touches” you, you want to give up? Look TJ, I run this show, and I decide if you wrestle or not. Tonight before your match the tech crew will check underneath of the ring, and when they find nothing.....(TJ cuts her off)

TJ: If I even make it to the ring!

Dusty: Ugh, Fine! Los Security will escort you to the ring as the tech crew checks under the ring. Just don’t blame me if they taze your silly ass by mistake.


Dusty: IF YOU INTERUPPT ME ONE MORE TIME I HAVE A PINK SLIP FOR YOU! Now, since you are being ever so difficult. I will see to it you are escorted to the ring, under the ring will be checked, and then Tech Crew will assemble our...STEEL CAGE for your match with KAI!!! You'll be quite safe there. Safe from your imaginary boyfriend anyway. Now get out of my office.

TJ Drops his head and walks out

TJ:You just don't understand…

Dusty: Am I the only one around here not on drugs?

We return to the announcers table with Sparks and CP!

Sparks: Oh my fans! Looks like we’ve got our main event for tonight!

CP: Sure do Scooter! Looks like TJ will be nice and safe in that steel cage- with KAI! Hah! Out of the frying pan and into the fire so to speak!

Sparks: What a night so far CP! And what about this “Halloween Special” Dusty was talking about!?!

CP: Going to be one heck of a night Sparks! Halloween and pro wrestling, what could be better?

Sparks: Agreed CP! Right now we’ve got our next match for this evening…

CP: Who’s up on tap Sparks?

Sparks: CP, we’ve got Crimson Mask taking on The Narcoleptic Assassin!

CP: You mean that fat guy who sleeps?

Sparks: Well, yes. But you know he took a win at a house show this past week, so…

CP: Please. This guy is a ratings killer, I hope Dusty finds a way to get rid of him.

Sparks: Well, fans will recall last week Lil’ Tokyo got a measure of revenge against Crimson Mask by defeating her in that Bushido Match, I bet she’s looking to work off some frustration at Nar Ass’s expense. And here she comes! She looks determined fans, as much as she can behind that mask! And here comes Nar Ass! Oh! Looks like he talked one of our grips to ride him down to the ring in a golf cart!


Sparks: True, but Nar Ass isn’t known for his endurance CP! He’s made it to the ring and we have a bell!

Sparks: Crimson Mask not wasting any time with Nar Ass fans! She’s laying into him with kicks and chops! He’s reeling! Dropkick! Nar Ass goes down! He bails outside! He’s leaning on the ringside barrier! He...he is…what is he doing?
He’s trying to talk someone out of their coffee! The fan is shaking her head but Nar Ass has gone into his trunks and pulled out a single! She shrugs and hands it to him! He swallows it! Oh! He might have burned the roof of his mouth fans! He better get back in the ring!
He does! Crimson Mask catches him coming back in and…HE SLAPS HER HARD IN THE FACE! Crimsons Mask is stunned! Nar Ass continues! His offense is slaps! He’s slapping like a girl! Crimsons Mask is stunned at this flurry of activity!
OH! A kick to the groin just put an end to Nar Ass’s offense fans! He’s on the mat! Crimsons Mask covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!!! It’s over fans! I thought for a second there we might actually see Nar Ass…wait..is he asleep? Good lord, lets get someone out here to wake him up.
Winner: Crimson Mask via pinfall @ 3:28

Sparks: Wow that was…

CP: An atrocity?

Sparks: You know, Dusty asked me to build the guy up, but it’s darn near impossible.

CP: Don’t look at me kid, I got nothing.

Sparks: And we’ll be right back fans.

We go to commercial! When we come back, we’re back in Dusty’s office. Big Oil is standing in front of her desk while Big Daddy Ewing paces back and forth, his face red and sweaty, he’s seething and furious!

Big Daddy: DUSTY DIAMOND! WHAT KIND OF ONE TRICK DOG AND PONY SHOW ARE YOU RUNNING HERE!?! I know that your Daddy ran those Bluebloods out of here! But now they can throw on masks, and that lil’ floozy can die her hair and throw on some black makeup, and call themselves the Union Jacks??? And then you want to act like that you don't know what’s going on?!? Hell! The blind wino’s out back can see it! On top of that they cost the Hangmen the tag belts! Maybe I'll throw some cash up north to a few guys, put masks on them and bring them back into the OCW!?! How would you like that? But no! I demand that something be done Dusty!!! We want Retribution for what happened last week!!!!

Dusty sits quietly for a moment while Executioner tries to calm down Big Daddy. Finally she leans forward…

Dusty: First off, I’ve got two words for you: Mrs. Dash. Because if you don’t cut down on your sodium of something, that heart of yours is going to burst. Now, it sounds like you feel your boys have been screwed over, by not just one, but two teams. The Hellcats and The Union Jacks. Correct?

Big Daddy: Damn right!


Dusty: “Hangmen’s Match”? What the hell is that?

Executioner: Simple, there are hangmen’s nooses attached to the top ropes, and the only way to win the match is to hang your opponents!

Dusty: So kill them, is that what you are saying? I think you’ll understand if I nix that idea…

Executioner: Naw, not real nooses, just dog collars attached to ropes! The first team to get both opponents hung wins! Oh, and there are plenty to go around! Enough for that floozy and that buddy of theirs, Primetime! The Outlaw would even be happy to help with that hanging!

Outlaw Bobby Jack: Sure would! I …

Big Daddy: Whoa! Speaking of The Outlaw! What the hells wrong with you son???

Bobby Jack looks at Big Daddy with a stunned look on his face…

Bobby Jack: What?

Big Daddy: What?!? WHAT!?! I’ll tell you what!!! Big Oil came here to snap necks and cash checks. Here lately, You haven't been doing no snappin, and sure the hell not much cashin!! I don't know what is wrong with you lately, but you’re getting beat by a bunch of second-rate curtain jerkers, AND I DON'T LIKE IT! YOU NEED TO GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BACKSIDE AND START TO WIN MATCHES AGAIN, OR YOU'LL BE ON THIN ICE BOY, VERY THIN!!!!!!!!!

Bobby Jack: But Primetime ain’t no slouch! And I got this Blood Rage guy tonight and…

Dusty: Uh, excuse me? This isn’t the Springer Show. If you boys are going to have a spat would you mind taking it outside?

Noose: Look sweetcheeks, we want to know what you are going to do about this Union Jacks situation and we want to know NOW.

Dusty: Well, as far as your Hangmen’s Match, I’ll have to think about it. But you’ve made it clear you want some payback, so I’ll tell you what: Tonight, I’m going to let you not only get your revenge against the Jacks, but I’m also going to let you show the world you deserved those titles, cause tonight, I’m booking The Hangmen, The Union Jacks AND The Hellcats in a Triple Tag Team Elimination Match!!!

Executioner: ALRIGHT!

Dusty: Don’t get too excited, it’s non-title, but you can at least get some of that payback you so desperately want.

Noose: I smell a hanging!!!

Dusty: Yeah, I smell something too, and it reminds me I need a new bottle of Febreeze. Now, if you don’t mind, please, get the hell out of my office, oh, and Bobby Jack? You might as well head on to the ring, your match is next.

Scooter: Oh my fans! What a night and what a turn of events! That triple tag team Elimination Match should really bring the pot to a boil CP!

CP: I hear ya Sparks! And here comes Bobby Jack to the ring! Looks like Big Daddy is chewing him out!

Sparks: He certainly seems displeased with his recruit CP! Bobby Jack came in riding a wave of promise but he’s just failed to deliver!

CP: Well, if anyone can right the ship, it will be Big Daddy! He’s positioned himself at ringside and he’s already barking orders at Bobby Jack and his opponent isn’t even out here yet!

Suddenly, the lights go out! When they come back on Bobby Jack has spun around and is swinging his bullrope wildly at thin air!

Sparks: What the!?! Bobby Jack is furious fans! We all expected Blood Rage to be standing behind him with a chair but he’s not! Wait! Blood Rage is coming down the aisle! Here we go fans!
Blood Rage hits the ring and Bobby Jack puts the boots to him! Blood Rage trying to get up and Bobby Jack pulling that long mane of black hair to make sure it’s really Blood Rage! Looks like it’s the real deal fans!
Bobby Jack puts Rage into the ropes and comes off with a flying shoulderblock! Cover! ONE! Kickout! Bobby Jack hammering on Blood Rage, but the monster just gets to his feet! Bobby Jack goes for a forearm smash but Blood Rage blocks! Kick to the Outlaws gut and a legsweep! Bobby Jack is down and Blood Rage hits a double face stomp that sends the Outlaw outside!
Blood Rage on the ring apron! He’s measuring the Outlaw! FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Outlaw Casey is down on the hard concrete! Blood Rage is managing to get back up! Big Daddy coming around the corner but he stops short! Blood Rage just staring at Big Daddy with those dark dead eyes!
Blood Rage turns around- clothesline by the Outlaw! Outlaw back in before the countout! Blood Rage getting to his feet- AND BIG DADDY EWING JUST NAILED HIM WITH THAT COWBELL! BUT IT HAS NO EFFECT! Blood Rage with a hard right and Big Daddy goes down! Blood Rage back in the ring! Bobby Jack catching him as he re-enters with a kneedrop! He’s got Blood Rage up- sidewalk slam! Cover! ONE! TWO! Kickout! Blood Rage just got his shoulder up!
The Outlaw furious he didn’t get a faster count! He’s getting Blood Rage up-whip into the turnbuckle!!! Blood Rage hit hard fans and he’s slumped in the turnbuckle- and The Outlaw Casey is signaling for his finisher, The Texas Stampede!!!
HE CHARGES! BLOOD RAGE GETS A BOOT UP! Casey gets nailed in the face and is stunned! Blood Rage manages to land a kick to the gut and The Outlaw is doubled over! COFFIN NAIL PILEDRIVER! COFFIN NAIL PILEDRIVER!!! Blood Rage just nailed that vicious piledriver and Outlaw Casey is out! COVER! ONE! TWO! THR- HERE COMES THE HANGMEN! They’ve hit the ring but not before Blood Rage rolls out and disappears into the crowd!!! Oh fans, if they were going to show up they should have done it sooner, as it is Casey is still laid out and the Hangmen are helping him to his feet. To bad they just cost him the match!
Winner: Blood Rage via DQ @ 7:29

Sparks: Casey still on wobbly legs fans and Big Daddy is just chewing him out on the way back to the dressing room! Bobby Jack is just taking it and looking like a little kid who just caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

CP: Casey is going to hear about it tonight Sparks! But Blood Rage is a dangerous, dangerous man and you just saw an example of that! He’s not only tough, the man can wrestle! He’s one to keep an eye on!

Sparks: I can see that, and so can the fans CP! I just wonder what…wait, I’m getting word something has happened in the back…let’s get a camera back there!

We cut away to a back hallway where the Union Jacks are laid out!!! Mr. Lucifer and The Hellcats are standing over them and Lucifer is shouting at Black Alice who is on her knees, being forced down by Barb Wire!

Mr.Lucifer: You interfered in our match with the Hangmen last week, did you think we would thank you? No one interferes with the Army of Darkness! And tonight, you will pay the full price of your meddling!

With that Mr. Lucifer snaps his fingers and walks off back into the darkness with the Hellcats in tow. We go to commercial and return to the announcers table!

Sparks: What a stunning turn fans!

CP: Heh, looks like The Union Jacks need to rent out Los Security to escort them into the building Sparks! Those guys are ALWAYS getting jumped!

Sparks: Good point CP! But what about the match Dusty made for later tonight? A three way elimination tag match between the Hangmen, The Union Jacks and The Hellcats!!!

CP: Going to be a slobber knocker Sparks! I predict a lot of dirty tricks, illegal holds and smash mouth rasslin! Right up my alley! And if the Hangmen and Jack s can put aside their differences for a while and beat the “Hell” out of the Hellcat’s, well that’s alright by me too!

Sparks: Ah CP, always impartial!

CP: Hey, what ya see is what ya get Scooter!

Sparks: Well, up next fans we’ve got Toxic Shock facing off against the Live Wires! And Jackie caught up with The ‘Wires right before this match to get their thoughts on Primetime’s turn last week! Let’s go to that video!

Jackie is in back with the Live Wires

Midnight: Hey guys! Your thoughts on the Primetime’s turn against Sergei last week!

Justin Cable: Man, Primetime screwed up something good! The Allies were a strong team! United! I don’t know how he could do that!

Matt Watts: Yeah, but he has a promising singles career to think about bro! Sergei’s a good guy, but he might have been holding Primetime back a little!

Justin Cable: Dude! How can you say that?

Matt Watts: Bro, just what I think, no bigs.

Justin Cable: Dude! Sergei loaned you his Lotrimin when you forgot yours! If it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t have been able to wrestle last week!

Matt Watts: Yeah, you’re right bro, and when you’re right, you’re right.

Justin Cable: Jus saying man.

Matt Watts: Hug it out?

Justin Cable: Sure bro, lets get Miss Jackie in here too, come one Miss Jackie, lets hug it out!

The Live Wires sandwich Jackie in he middle of a big hug!!! She pulls the mic up to her face that is squeezed between their pecs.

Midnight: This is Jackie saying “I’ve got two nipples poking me in the eyes!” Back to you Scooter!

Sparks and CP are staring open mouthed at the monitor, someone from off camera whispers “YOU’RE ON!”

Sparks: Uh..uh….well! Thanks Jackie! Uh, wow.

CP: That made me uncomfortable in a lot of ways. Like changing into a wetsuit in a the back of a VW Bug.

Sparks: Yeah, well, the Live Wires and Toxic Shock are both in the ring, how about we just go there now for our next match and mentally Clorox that last segment from our brain.

Sparks: And it’s Crypt to start out! He and Matt Watts lock up! A test of strength! Looks like Watts is winning this one easily! OH! Crypt just head butted Watts in the eye! Watts blinded and Crypt sends him into the ropes! Kneelift! Watts on the mat! Crypt with a series of kicks! He tags in Creeper who hits Watts with a short arm clothesline!
Mr.Lucifer on the outside, pacing back and forth! Creeper with an atomic drop! Watts grabbing that lower back! Creeper into the ropes-bulldog! Cover! ONE! TWO! Kickout! Watts manages to roll over and tag out! Justin Cable in for his team but Creeper charges him and hits a spear!!!
Creeper tags in Crypt and they send Cable into the ropes! Double backdrop! Cable hurting! Creeper tags out Crypt who comes in and just begins gnawing on the young mans forehead! Cable back to his corner! He tags in Watts! Watts walks right into a flying forearm smash! Crypt whips Watts into the turnbuckle and follows with a flying bodypress! Watts slumps in the corner and Crypt tags out to Creeper! Creeper in and he gets Watts in a surfboard! Cable attempting to enter the ring but Lucifer trips him up on the outside!
And Cable submits!!! Toxic Shock just walked away with a win!
Winner: Toxic Shock via submission @ 6:20

Sparks: What a win CP! I’m kinda surprised to be honest, I thought the Live Wires were due for a win!

CP: Look Sparks, flashy tights and a nice tan might work wonders in other federations, but in the OCW food old fashioned hard work and cheating will take you far! Toxic Shock are just too smart and too violent to lose to guys like the Live Wires!

Sparks: And we’ll be right back fans!

We come back from commercial to a pre-recorded segment. The opening shot is of Baptist East Hospital and we see a large, camo-colored Hummer pull up to the front doors. Jackie Midnight is standing nearby as Major Punishment gets out and marches through the front doors of the hospital.

Midnight: Major! Major! I’ve been trying to track you down all week but you are extremely hard to find!

Major P: I’m easy to find when I want to be. What do you want?

Midnight: Well, I just wanted to know what you thought of the attack last week by Primetime on Sergei…

The camera follows Major P as she gets on the elevator. Jackie and the cameraman follow along.

Major P: I always thought that Primetime guy was a no good boot-licker! His attack on his partner just proved I was right.

Midnight: Agreed. Uhm, what are we doing here at Baptist East anyway?

Major P: “We” aren’t here. I’m here and you just happen to be following me.

Midnight: Oh, well, what are YOU doing here?

Major P doesn’t respond as the elevator doors open and she marches down the hallway to a door with two security guards posted out front.
Major Punishment walks past the guards who separate and let her into the room. The guards resume their position and stop Jackie and the Cameraman. The camera stays on long enough to see the name “Khrushchev” on the door plate.

Midnight: Oh! Fans this must be…shhh! I can hear Major Punishment! Turn up the volume!

From inside we hear Major Punishment’s voice and are just able to hear the following:

Major P:…like you and me have a similar problem. We both have a score to settle, but need help doing it. How about you and me join forces. I've got the brains for tactics and you've got the brawn. I'll help you get even with Murphy and the Jack-asses, and you help me get even with the Army of Darkness. What'd ya say?

Security: Alright, alright, you need to move along. Let’s go.

Midnight: But we…

Security: Sorry lady, you’ll have to leave.

Security then ushers a protesting Midnight and the cameraman back to the elevator!

Scooter: Woah! Looks like Jackie got herself a scoop CP! What do you think of your daughter’s visit?

CP: Hey, she’s her own person Sparks! She don’t need her old man running her life! She wants to hook up with some Russian, that’s her business. I just hope she keeps in mind what we learned back in the day, you can’t trust a Russkie!!!

Sparks: Well, right now Jackie has our two singles champions together in the back! Take it away Jackie!

Jackie is in the interview area with World Champ Lil’ Tokyo and TV Champ Mentalo!

Midnight: Thanks Scooter! You’re right, I’m here with OCW World Champ Lil’ Tokyo and new TV Champ Mentalo! First, congratulations Mentalo on your victory last week. And also to you Lil’ Tokyo in your victory over Crimson Mask! What does this victory mean to you?

Lil’ Tokyo: It means I have taken my revenge for the brutal attack against me by Yojimbo and Crimson Mask. Now only the Super Dragons have yet to answer for their crimes. Tonight, my friend Mentalo and I shall team up to exact that vengeance!

Mentalo: That's right, mi amiga! No one attacks the friends of Mentalo! Together, we are a force to be reckoned with, and Super Dragons, your day of reckoning is here!

Midnight: Wow! You both really look to be united and set to take care of business! But we’ve seen that before- with the Allies! Since I have you here, what do you both think of Primetime’s attack on Sergei last week?

Lil' Tokyo: I could not believe it! I thought Primetime had honor but I suppose he knows only vanity.

Mentalo: (Mentalo shakes his head) Si, It is a shame. Such betrayal. Who knows why? He is not a good role model for all the little los ninos out there, I can tell you that!

Midnight: I don’t think anyone would argue that! Well thanks for your time champs, and I guess well see you in the ring later tonight! Back to you Scooter!

Sparks: Thanks Jackie! Wow! The hits just keep on coming CP! Looks like The World Champ and her buddy Mentalo are targeting the Super Dragons tonight!

CP: She better watch out what she wishes for Sparks! Plus, I’m not sure if she realizes it, but time flies and she’s set to defend that shiny new World title next week! She should have taken the week off instead of pursuing this silly vendetta!

Sparks: Well, that’s certainly one way to look at it, but she was humiliated CP! Black Sun brutalized her and left her bloodied and beaten in the middle of the ring! That’s a hard thing to forget!

CP: There’s plenty of time for vengeance Sparks! She’s the OCW World Champ now! She has to get her head in the game and keep her eyes towards those top ten contenders! Speaking of which, it looks like she’ll be facing off against her little buddy next week, right?

Sparks: Wow, that’s right CP! I kinda forgot about that! I wonder if Mentalo will even take the shot?

CP: Of course he will! These opportunities don’t come around every day! He passes this shot up now, he might lose that belt the next week when he has to defend HIS title and then he might never get that shot again! And I’ll tell you what Sparks, with Steele chomping at the bit for that belt and Hard and Murphy waiting in the wings, Mentalo better take every shot he can get!

Sparks: Something to think about CP! Well, Major Punishment is on the way to the ring right now! Looks like she’s got a mic and has something to say!

In the ring, Major Punishment has a mic!

Major P: Cut my music! Alright! As some of you saw earlier, I…

Suddenly, the gigantitron flares to life and we see Margharita in the locker room! She’s got her dog, “Miss Bling” in her arms…

Margharita! HEY! Jou in the camo! Yeah! Jou! Jou run jour mouth a lot jou know? Jou roll in to the OCW and jou start knocking around a bunch of lowlifes and think just cause’ jour daddy works here jou deserve a job! Don’t jou!?!?

Major P: Look lady…

Margharita: Look Daddy’s girl, jou think you’re tough? Jou think you badass cause jou were in the military? Ha! Try dancing for a group of drug mules hopped up on de’ loco weed! But jou know, I think I can take jou! So! Jou think jou can take on Margharita? Huh? JOU want a match with me maybe?

Major P: You bet! You come on down here and…

From out of the crowd Margharita appears!!! She slides into the ring while the pre-recorded message on the gigantitron continues to jabber and nails Major P in the back! She screams at the ref to ring the bell and he does!!!

Scooter: What shenanigans fans! Margharita using a pre recorded segment to lure Major Punishment into this match and ambushing her from behind!
Margharita stomping Major Punishment with those cowboy boots and she sends her to the outside! Oh no! Margharita has Major Punishment up on her shoulder! She slams her right onto the hard concrete! Major Punishment is feeling the effects of that fans! Margharita grabs a microphone cord and she’s choking Major Punishment out! She’s choking her with that cord!!!
Ref counting both out! Margharita breaks the hold! She slides back in the ring just in time for the ref to break the count! Now he’s counting out Major Punishment! She’s laid out fans! Oh! There goes CP! Guess he can’t just sit back and let this play out! He’s helping Major P up and helps her back into the ring!
But Margharita isn’t done fans! She hits an underhook facebuster and Major Punishment looks spent fans! Margharita covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!!! What a stunner fans! But Margharita and her sneaky tricks just put Major P behind in this match and she was never able to recover. What a cheap win! That Margharita is making some powerful enemies and sooner or later she’s going to have to pay the piper!!!
Winner: Margharita via pinfall @ 4:31

We are backstage at the crafts table where Mentalo is grabbing a snack from the cheese tray when Lil' Tokyo walks in and grabs a mineral water.

Mentalo: Oh, hey mi amiga. You ready for our match tonight?

Tokyo: Hello Mentalo-san! Yes, thank you for helping me with this. I am very grateful.

Mentalo: Oh, it's nothing. That is what friends are for, si?

Tokyo: Mentalo-san, as the new TV Champion, you are due for a World title shot next week. Did you know that?

Mentalo: Ah...uh...si. I don't know if I'm going to do that. I don't want to fight you amiga. I am content enough where I am.

Tokyo: I think you should take the match. You deserve to have a shot at the World Title Mentalo-san. You have earned it. I know that you will fight honorably, and if you win, then I will be very proud of you…(Tokyo smiles and winks) …But don't think I will make it easy for you!

Mentalo laughs and claps Lil' Tokyo on the back.

Mentalo: No, mi amiga, I'm sure that you will not! Okay, I will tell Ms. Diamond to schedule our match for next week.

We go to commercial and are back with Sparks and CP!!!

Sparks: Wow! Guess we just got our answer huh CP? Mentalo WILL take on Lil’ Tokyo for the OCW World Title next week at our Special Sunday Night Meltdown Halloween Special!!!

CP: Mentalo may be smarter than I give him credit for Sparks! He might have been reluctant, but even he knows: When opportunity knocks, you better be home!!!

Sparks: True! Well, our next match is the up and coming grappler Angel going up against Constrictor! CP, this Angel has already racked up an impressive 4-0 start since coming to the OCW! Looks like she’s not just talk, she can back it up!

CP: Yeah, I can’t argue with that record Sparks, but she needs to leave the preaching at the door! She thinks she’s going to clean up the OCW? She’s going to realize she’s woefully outnumbered! Have you looked at the roster? There are a hell of a lot more roughnecks and hellraisers on there than you can shake a collection plate at!

Sparks: But her crusade is noble and right! She wants to…

CP: Hey Scooter, you drinking the Kool-Aid son? Angel so far hasn’t FOUGHT anyone! Sickbag? Some new guy we know nothing about other than he’s creepy! Sally Mae? Kinda cute, chubby, but her cardio is crap from smoking so much, not really an impressive victory! Then she picked up a few house show victories over, who? Where’s the damn sheet…

Sparks: Oh, uh, let’s see, she defeated Sally Mae and her husband Trailer Park…

CP: Ok, so, come on. She needs to take on some of the big boys to impress me! Let me know when she beats Roland Hard, or Steele, or Murphy, or Kai or Bobby Jack! Heck! I would be impressed if she could take down Major P! My own flesh and blood would eat her alive!

Sparks: Still, CP, a 4-0 start puts her right in the mix, and if she can beat Constrictor tonight and go to 5-0, that will likely cement her in the top ten!

CP: Yeah, well, getting there is one thing Sparks, STAYING there is something else.

Sparks: Well, Jackie has both Angel and Constrictor in the back for a few words before their match! Jackie, take it away!

In the back, Jackie is flanked by Angel on one side, Constrictor on the other. Both are staring hard at one another

Midnight: Thanks Scooter! Well ladies, you both face off with each other tonight, but first, Angel, what are your thoughts on Primetime’s attack last week?

Angel: Murphy's betrayal was abhorrent! The bell will toll for him in due course!

Midnight: Wow, you sound so sure of that! But Angel, after what happened last week it looks like Margharita is avoiding a match with you. Why do you think that is?

Angel: Of course she is! The filthiest cockroach always shies away from the light. I will gladly take on whoever she hides behind until she can hide no more!

Midnight: Well it looks like your opponent tonight is Constrictor here to my left! Constrictor? What do you think of the Primetime situ…

Constrictor: Woah, woah, don’t waste my time asking me about someone else. I could care less what Murphy does, as long as he stays out of my way. You want to ask me something? Why don’t you ask me how bad I’m going to beat this halo-wearing, Watchtower reading girl scout?

Midnight: Oh! Well uh…

Constrictor: Badly, very badly. I’m going to put her in positions she’s only seen in the books she’s burned and make her tap out. But you know what interests me? This mask she wears. They say in wrestling the only reason you wear a mask is to hide who you are- because of something you’ve done or something you’re running from. I wonder which it is for you Angel…I wonder…

Constrictor walks away!

Midnight: Wow! Well, I guess we’ll see how this plays out! Back to you guys!

Sparks: Interesting CP! Do you think Constrictor knows something about Angel we don’t? Or is she just playing head games?

CP: If she’s like everyone else around this place Sparks, she’s just playing head games with Angel!

Sparks: Well, I’m sure Angel doesn’t appreciate it one bit! Constrictor is in the ring and here comes Angel!

Sparks: We’ve got the bell fans and these two powerful women lock up! Hair pull by Constrictor! Angel hits hard on the mat and Constrictor drops and cinches in an armbar! She’s stretching! Trying to get Angel to tap! But Angel’s not going down that easy fans! She powers up! She’s to the ropes! The ref calls for the break! Constrictor taking her time to break the hold, both circling each other, sizing one another up.
Another lock up! Side headlock by Angel! Constrictor sends her into the ropes! Rebound! Constrictor drops down and Angel jumps over top! Constrictor up, Vaults over Angel who’s back into the ropes, and Angel rebounds right into a sidewalk slam! Cover! ONE! TWO! Kickout!
Constrictor picking Angel back up and hits her with a fist to the gut doubling Angel over! Swinging neckbreaker! Another cover! Angel’s leg is on the ropes and the ref breaks it! Constrictor going up to the top rope! Big splash! ANGEL MOVES! Constrictor hits hard on the mat and doubles up in pain! Angel getting herself back together, measuring Constrictor, kneedrop to the head! Angel with a full nelson! She’s got it locked in! Ref checking Constrictor to see if she’s ready to give up but she’s hanging in there! She drops down and jawjacks Angel! Angel falls back! Oh fans she’s bleeding! I think that may have busted her lip right open!
Constrictor moving to capitalize! She’s got Angel’s legs…FIGURE FOUR! Constrictor has a figure four locked in! Oh this looks bad for Angel fans! How can she get out of this? The ropes are no option, they are right in the middle of that ring!
Constrictor leaning back! Really applying the pressure! Angel in excruciating pain! Her face a mask of agony! Constrictor not letting up! The ref checking! Angel’s shoulder on the mat! ONE! TWO! No! Angel picks herself up to avoid being pinned! Constrictor still keeping the pressure on! Fans the minutes are ticking by here! Angel has been in this hold for several minutes and she looks like she’s about to give up! Her face is dripping in sweat, it’s just pouring from beneath that mask, mixing with that blood form her mouth, staining the neckline of that pristine white bodysuit a sickening pink! HOW CAN SHE STILL BE HANGING IN THERE!?!
We’ve got to go to a commercial fans, but we’ll keep the camera rolling in case this match ends while we are gone!

We cut to commercial. When we return, Constrictor still has Angel locked in the figure four in the center of the ring. Angel is almost unconscious from the pain and Constrictor is drenched in sweat but still rearing back, trying to get her to submit!!! Suddenly, Margharita’s music hits! She appears at the top of the ramp with a microphone!


Sparks: OH MY WORD FANS!!! Margharita just appeared out here and put a bounty on Angel!!! AND IT LOOKS LIKE CONSTRICTOR IS GOING TO TRY TO COLLECT! She’s really rearing back with all her might! More than she has up to this point! Before she was trying to get Angel to tap, now she’s trying to break her damn legs!!!!
Angel is screaming! She’s been pushed to her limit fans! Her eyes are wild! Crazy! She’s almost hyperventilating from the pain! Her hands are up! Is she going to tap? Is she going to give up!?! She’s..she’s…WAIT! Angel is trying to turn over! She’s rocking her hips! Trying to get some momentum! Constrictor fighting her! Fighting to keep that hold locked in! Angel’s trying to roll over! Trying to reverse that figure four….SHE DOES!!! ANGEL REVERSES THE FIGURE FOUR! Constrictor screaming in pain! Constrictor already worn down, exhausted from having the hold cinched in for so long!
The ref is checking…CONSTRICTOR TAPS! CONSTRICTOR TAPS!!! Angel just won this match fans but as a cost to her body!
Winner: Angel via submission @ 14:09

The ref getting in there! Pulling them apart! Constrictor crawling to the ropes and Margharita is disgusted! Angel is just lying in the ring fans! She can’t move! She can’t…WAIT! Margharita is going down to the ring! She’s climbing in and the ref is keeping her from attacking Angel but she’s not moving to attack! She’s leaning down with the mic! She’s got something to say!!!

Margharita is leaning down, right in Angels face

Margharita: Jou think this is over jou goody goody? Jou think you escaped being crippled? Well jou did…this time. Because I’m offering TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS TO ANYONE WHO CAN CRIPPLE YOU! JOU HEAR THAT IN THE BACK!?! TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS TO ANYONE WHO CAN BEAT THIS PIECE OF WHITEBREAD BAD ENOUGH TO TAKE HER OUT AND PUT HER ON THE INJURED LIST!!!
Jou have a good night Angel, cause sweetheart, I just painted a target on jour back and there is a whole lockeroom in the back looking to take a shot!!!

With that Margharita spits on Angel and leaves the ring as paramedics run in and tend to Angel!

Sparks: Fans this just makes me sick! Margharita placing a ten thousand dollar bounty on Angel, payable to the first grappler to put Angel on the injured list!!!Angel has been victimized by Margharita and now that crazy stripper has offered cash to cripple Angel! What the hell!?! What does Margharita have against Angel?

CP: You don’t know Sparks?

Sparks: Well, NO I DON’T!!! What has Angel done that would cause this kind of hatred and disgust!?!

CP: Simple. She’s won.

Sparks: What?

CP: Check the won lost records Sparks! Angel is climbing the rankings, like you pointed out earlier! Right now she’s undefeated and the only other person in the OCW undefeated is the World Champ, Lil’ Tokyo! Not bad company to be in! Margharita has some losses under her belt and she’s been in the OCW longer than Angel! And since Dusty revamped the won-lost records and set everyone back to zero back in week five that means Margharita’s wins before mean nothing!

Sparks: So, if I understand you correctly, you’re telling me Margharita has placed a ten thousand dollar bounty on Angel’s head just because she’s jealous!?!

CP: Yeah, jealous…AND INSANE. Margharita is a nut Sparks, but a smart nut! She sidelines Angel for even a few weeks and Angel drops out of the rankings and if Margharita can keep winning she’ll bypass Angel real easy like!

Sparks: But ten thousand dollars! That’s…that’s…

CP: That’s a good weekend at the Titty Twister Sparks. She’s got the cash to spend and it looks like she’s using it to take out the competition!

Sparks: Amazing! Well, we’ve got to go to a commercial fans while the paramedics help Angel out of the ring! She might be able to walk fans, we’ll have to see, but right now she’s got a few folks helping her…

We go to commercial. When we return, Jackie Midnight is in the back with Kai!

Midnight:Kai, May I ask your thoughts about some events last week…

Kai: Sweetheart you've already asked me about Primetime.

Midnight: I know, that's not what I was talking about. I was referring to your encounters with…

Kai: Alright well then, my thoughts are that there’s no one in this fed who can back up their talk. They let their mouths write checks that their ass can't cash!

Midnight: And what do you mean by that?

Kai: Well I have plenty examples. Let's start with Mr. Little Bighorse, or whatever he said his name was. He comes out interrupts and belittles me…and got his ass beat. Hmm, next up we have our former champion Mr. Steele. Before the PPV he had that interview talking up how great he is, how weak everyone else is, how he's the best of the best. And then he got beat down by a girl. Then last week, for some odd reason he continued his delusional claims of being flawless, and he got beat down by the guy who as far as I can remember, has only been beaten by girls.

Midnight: I see I see....I don't mean to be rude but that’s not exactly what I meant either.

Kai: It's quite fine, of what were you speaking of?

Midnight: About the Leeds/Blood Rage situation.

Kai: Funny. I was just getting there. Blood Rage couldn't handle the fire. He had to take a week off like a coward and send Leeds to try to attack me. He's not the monster his "legend" paints him to be. You see, I knew it wasn't Blood Rage…

Midnight: You knew? How could you possibly have known?!

Kai: The fear. After I hit him with the chair and picked him back up I could smell the fear off of him. I saw the terror in his eyes.

Midnight: So, what do you plan to do about Leeds?

Kai: Nothing.

Midnight: What?

Kai: (Grins) I've already taken care of that, what do you think the table was for? (Laughs)

Midnight: And what about Blood Rage?

Kai: If that coward shows his face tonight. I break it.

Midnight: Can I ask you about one more thing? About The nightmares people have been having, about something you said at the funeral, are they connected with the events surrounding TJ Danger?!

Kai: (Laughs then smiles wide) You are a smart one. Patience child. I will reveal more when the time comes. Until then. Little TJ danger is on his own, tonight, inside that steel cage!

Midnight: Well, we’ll see you there then! When we return fans I’ll have our exclusive interview with Primetime Murphy who will shed some light on his actions from last week!

We go to commercial. When we return, Primetime is in the ring with The Union Jacks and Black Alice! Jackie Midnight is also in the ring with a mic!

Midnight: Alright fans! The moment we’ve ALL been waiting for! Primetime is going to address his attack last week and why he did it! Fans have been waiting for answers this entire time Primetime! So tell us! WHY!?! WHY DID YOU DO IT!?!

Primetime leans in to speak…and stops. He puts his finger to his mouth like he’s thinking of what to say, goes to speak…and stops again. He steps back, looks down, shakes his head, rubs his chin and looks up as if searching for the right words…leans in…gets ready to speak…and stops. He holds his hands up, steps over to the Union Jacks, confers with them for a minute, then returns to Jackie, leans in, goes to speak…and stops. Finally, he winks at Jackie, slaps her on the bottom and leaves the ring with the Union Jacks in tow!!! THE ARENA EXPLODES WITH A CHORUS OF BOOS!!!

Sparks: WHAT THE HECK!?!

CP: Guess he just couldn’t find the right words Sparks! HA HA!!!

Sparks: What a gip! We built this up all night! Finally some answers! Some answers as to why he did what he did! But he gave us NOTHING!!!!

CP: Ah, calm down Scooter! Primetime Murphy owes no one any explanation and he knows it! What happened between he and Sergei is just that- between he and Sergei! Primetime has his reasons, all valid I’m sure!

Sparks: Well, valid or not, I hope he’s ready to back up his big talk from last week cause later tonight he’s got Roland Hard, the man who cost him his shot at the TV Title!

CP: Gonna be bad news for Hard Sparks! Primetime is riding a wave of house show victories and after cutting loose that Russian load and picking up his brand new allies, he doesn’t look like he can be stopped!

Sparks: Well fans, right now we’ve got our gauntlet match up! Steele’s music has hit and the former OCW World Champion is making his way to the ring. Oddly enough, it appears some fans have turned out with Bret Steele signs! Looks like the former champ has a growing following CP!

CP: Not surprised Sparks. REAL wrestling fans know that Steele can back up his talk! The man’s an accomplished grappler, he’s just had a few bad matches. Hell, the best of us hit a dry spell every now and then. You know what though? I’ve noticed that the most Steele-bashing is coming from guys who have NEVER taken on Lil’ Tokyo or Mentalo!

Sparks: Well, I guess…

CP: No, really! Everyone is ganging up on Steele now, like sharks that smell blood in the water, but think about it! Kai? Kai’s never faced off against Tokyo, Mentalo OR Steele to my knowledge, yet he was running down the former champ earlier! Same with Genesis who GOT BEAT by Lil’ Tokyo in that TV Title match and then a week later got beat by Steele!

Sparks: I see your point…

CP: Do you? Cause my point is, that for as much as these grapplers are running down Steele and the current OCW champs, the fact that they are at the top means one of two things: either they are extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY lucky…or, as much as I hate to say it, they are just that damn good.

Sparks: Pretty insightful of you CP! Well, I guess we’ll see just how good Steele is, as he’s in the ring and we’ve got our first participant in this gauntlet match, Buck Leeds making his way to the ring! Why don’t you explain what a gauntlet match is to the fans who may not be familiar with them CP.

CP: Sure thing Sparks! Real simple! One wrestler takes on a certain number of other wrestlers one at a time in succession! He goes until he either wins all of the matches or gets beat! For Steele to take home a “W” tonight he’s going to have to beat Leeds, Strucka and Genesis.

Sparks: Well, Leeds is in the ring and he and Steele are nose-to-nose and Leeds is running his mouth and we’ve got a bell and a match!

Sparks: Leeds with a hard slap to Steele’s face! Steele just looks at him like his’ nuts! Steele returns with a kick to the gut and a fallaway slam! Leeds grabbing his head! He hit hard!
Steele into the ropes and comes off with a kneedrop! Leeds in pain! Steele on Leeds’ back and he’s slapping the back of his head, humiliating him!
He lets Leeds up! Leeds goes for a clothesline! Steele ducks! He gets Leeds in a full nelson and sweeps his leg and turns it into a face-first slam! Leeds is in trouble!
Winner of the first match: Bret Steele via submission @ 3:01

Sparks: And Strucka not waiting! He’s hit the ring and on Steele like white on rice! The ref helping Leeds out of the ring and he signals for the bell and we’ve got Steele’s second opponent in this Gauntlet Match!
Strucka nailing Steele with those mixed martial arts kicks! Steele covering up! Strucka has him on the mat and he’s dropping big knees! Uh oh! Looks like Strucka is on top of Steele and trying to get him into a pinning position! Those MMA skills coming in to play here for Strucka! Steele bailing outside the ring to get himself together! Strucka posing for the crowd and Steele looks furious! He’s back in the ring and Strucka moves in to attack! Steele with a legsweep! Strucka is down and Steele capitalizes by cinching in a camel clutch! He’s rearing back but Strucka isn’t going down that easy! Strucka to the ropes and the ref calls for the break! Steele breaks the hold and backs up, Strucka getting back up and Steele charges in again! Steele with a spear! Strucka goes down hard and Steele catches Strucka in a leglock chokehold! This is really wearing Strucka down fans! He’s used to MMA fights that last a few minutes and are over quick, not these prolonged bouts that are so punishing to the body!
Steele breaks the hold and picks up Strucka and hits a cradle suplex! PIN ATTEMPT! ONE! TWO! Strucka kicks out! Steele picks him up but Strucka catches Steele with a low blow! Steele doubled up! Strucka into the ropes and comes off and hits a bulldog on Steele! Steele into the mat hard! Cover by Strucka! ONE! TWO! Kickout! Steele has to be feeling the punishment fans! I wonder if this gauntlet match was a good idea with him coming off that grueling tv title match with Mentalo last week!
Strucka picks up Steele, looks like…SMALL CRADLE PIN!!! ONE! TWO! THREE!!!! Steele caught Strucka off guard and pinned him!!!
Winner of the second fall: Bret Steele via pinfall @ 8:14

Strucka is stunned but as he rolls out of the ring! And the music of Damien Genesis hits! He’s making his way to the ring, while inside Steele looks pretty good! His conditioning is really paying off fans!
Genesis in the ring and the ref hits the bell and He and Steele jaw at each other for a moment, And Steele grabs Genesis’ arm and sholderblocks him to the mat! Stepover toehold! Genesis feeling that fans! Steele now dropping onto Genesis with punishing knees to that shoulder!
Genesis to his feet and he shaking that off fans! He blocks a fist by Steele and hits him with a headbutt! Steele reeling back into the turnbuckle! Genesis charges in and catches him with a shoulderblock to the gut! Again! Steele getting the wind knocked out of him! Monkey flip by Genesis puts Steele hard into the middle of the ring and Genesis goes up top and comes off with a double elbow drop! Cover! ONE! TWO! TH-KICKOUT! Steele just got his shoulder up!
Genesis with a headlock but that’s not going to take Steele out! Steele powering to his feet! Elbow to Damien’s gut! Again! Damien breaks the headlock and Steele into the ropes! Flying double axehandle! Genesis goes down! Steele goes down! Steele looking like he’s finally feeling the punishment of this gauntlet match! Genesis capitalizing, he’s up quick and gets Steele up and hits a spinebuster! Another cover! This might do it…ONE! TWO! THR-KICKOUT!
Amazing fans! Steele still in this! Now Strucka and Leeds are both out here, cheering on Genesis! Genesis playing to the crowd! He’s got Steele up! Right fist drops Steele! Steele hits the mat hard! Genesis stalking him! He locks in a cross-knee chinlock! Genesis rearing back! Trying to get Steele to submit but Steele isn’t tapping…yet! Genesis really punishing Steele!
Genesis releases the hold! Steele still on the mat! Genesis with a kick to the head! Steele up on his knees! Genesis Picks Steele up, goes for a short-arm clothesline! STEELE DUCKS! STEELE LOCKS IN A CROSS FACELOCK!!! HE”S GOT GENESIS ON THE MAT AND GENESIS TAPS! GENESIS TAPS!!!!
Winner of the third and final match: Bret Steele via submission @ 9:09

Sparks: What a match fans! Steele is standing tall with his arm raised as his three defeated opponents surround the ring! They look like they might charge in there at any second! They are looking at each other! They are moving towards the ring! And Steele holds his ground! The former OCW World Champion locks each of them with a look that tells them he’s still got plenty of fight left in him! Strucka just shaking his head and he leaves! Strucka takes off! Now Genesis thinks better of it and he leaves! This just leaves Buck Leeds fans and he’s thinking about it! Leeds is considering charging that ring! Steele is smiling!!! He’s holding open the ropes for Leeds! Nope, Leeds sees it would be a bad idea and Leeds has also vacated the ringside area leaving the former world champ alone in the ring victorious! And what’s this? Cheers? Cheers for Bret Steele? He looks around fans like he’s puzzled, shakes his head and bails out of the ring and heads for the locker room!
We’ve got to go to commercial fans, we’ll be right back!!!

We return from commercial and Jackie Midnight is in the locker room with Bret Steele who is toweling off.

Midnight: Hello fans! I’m here with the former OCW champ “Crippler” Bret Steele who just won an impressive Gauntlet Match against Strucka, Leeds and Genesis! How are you feeling?

Steele: Anxious.

Midnight: Uhm, anxious?

Steele: Anxious to get my belt back. These three tonight were just a taste of what’s to come, you understand? They were barely worth my time, but that fat goof Roland Hard was already booked to fight that pretty boy, so I had to settle for what I could get.

Midnight: Well, speaking of Primetime’s turn…

Steele: What, you mean him jumping that Russian?

Midnight: Yes! What are your thoughts?

Steele: I have none. The only time Primetime shows up on my radar is when I have to wrestle him. Until then, as long as he stays in my rearview mirror, I’ve got no interest in him.

Midnight: Okay, well what about the handshake at the end of the match with Mentalo last week? Some are saying you have lost your edge, that you are turning over a new leaf that...

Steele: Lady, some people read too much into things. I go back to what I’ve always said: I win. I win matches and I win titles and it’s only a matter of time before one of those belts is back around my waist. I keep my eyes forward on who I have to beat in front of me and never bother looking back. Behind me is the past along with those two losses, and in front of me? Just future victories.

Midnight: Well! That sounds like the confidence of a man who just beat three grapplers right in a row.

Steele: It is.

Midnight: What about what Kai said tonight? What about those who question…

Steele: Who?

Midnight: Uh, Kai?

Steele: Sorry, not familiar with him.

Midnight: Are you kidding? You don’t know who Kai is?

Steele: Lady, there are fifty wrestlers in this fed. Like I told you, the only wrestlers I pay attention to are the one’s I’m booked to fight. You know what? I’ve got an open contract sitting in Dusty’s office. If any of these goofballs, monsters, cowboys, demons, angels, clowns, puppets or whatever the hell else is in the OCW wants a shot at me? Put your name on the bottom line, cause talk is cheap and it looks like in this economy it’s all some of these people can afford.

Midnight: Ouch! I guess some feel that with a few looses under your belt now…

Steele: Losses to who?

Midnight: Excuse me?

Steele: Looses to WHO? Who have I lost to? I want to hear you say it.

Midnight: Well, The World and TV Champion…

Steele: Right. Let that roll around in your mind for a few minutes. I’ve got two losses on my record right now, both to grapplers who hold the belts. Folks might want to think that over before they come after me.

Midnight: Wow! Words straight from the former World Champ Scooter! Back to you!

Sparks: Well there you have it fans! Steele pretty much laid it all on the line! But right now, we’ve got our World and TV Champs going up against The Super Dragons for some payback! Fans will remember it was the attack on Lil’ Tokyo by Black Sun that caused her to recruit Mentalo to help her in her battle with them! And tonight the duo takes their shot!

CP: The World Champ better watch herself Sparks! Yojimbo may be semi-retired, but he’s still crafty and dangerous outside that ring!

Sparks: True CP! Well we’ve got all four participants in the ring and a bell and we’ve got a match!

Sparks: Tokyo and Red dragon to start off! Both circling each other, Tokyo with a side kick Red Dragon easily blocks! He returns his own, and Tokyo deflects! Both still circling, Red Dragon comes in with a leg sweep Tokyo vaults over easily! OH! Silver Dragon just came in and dropkicked Lil’ Tokyo in the back while she was distracted with Red Dragon!
Mentalo coming in the ring and hits a flying dropkick on Silver Draogn! Another on Red Dragon and the Super Dragons have bailed out of the ring to regroup!
Yojimbo screaming at the ref! The team of Tokyo and Mentalo standing proud in the ring! The Super Dragons get back in the ring and Red Dragon tags out to Silver and Mentalo takes over for Lil’ Tokyo. Mentalo and Silver Dragon hook up! Whip into the ropes by Silver Dragon! Mentalo reounds and Silver Dragon hits a double chop on Mentalo and he goes down! Cover! ONE! Kickout by the TV Champ!
Silver Dragon gets Mentalo in a headlock! He’s leaning in, putting pressure on the upper shoulders and decreasing Mentalo’s oxygen! Mentalo powers back up! Silver Dragon wrestles him back into the Dragon’s corner and Red Dragon tags himself in! Red Dragon with a sidekick to Mentalo as Silver Dragon holds him!
Mentalo hits the mat hard and Red Dragon follows up with a legdrop! Mentalo hurting! Red Dragon is up and taunting Lil Tokyo! He turns around and Mentalo rolls right through his legs and tags in Lil’ Tokyo!
Lil’ Tokyo with a cartwheel spinning heel kick! Red Dragon goes down! Lil’ Tokyo with a wristlock! Trying to neutralize Red Dragons striking arm! Red Dragon trying to get to his corner! Lil’ Tokyo fighting to keep him in the center of the ring! Silver Dragon leaning in but he just can’t make the tag! Red dragon with an illegal right fist to Lil’ Tokyo! She breaks the hold and he manages to tag out! Silver Dragon with a frontflip from the ropes into the ring and nails Tokyo with a frontkick! Lil’ Tokyo goes down! Cover! ONE! TWO! She’s got her foot on the rope! The ref calls for a break! Silver Dragon has Lil’ Tokyo by the hair and sends her outside! Yojimbo laying in wait! He hits a vicious asian spike to her throat! Mentalo on the scene but Silver Dragon is right behind him..GREEN MIST!!!! GREEN MIST!!! Mentalo is blind! He’s blind on the outside!
Lil Tokyo in trouble! Yojimbo and the Super Dragons not interested in winning this match! This was a set up just to isolate and humiliate Lil’ Tokyo and Mentalo! CRIMSON MASK! She’s arrived and Black Sun are just brutalizing the team of Lil’Tokyo and Mentalo! No doubt here folks, the win goes right to Lil’ Tokyo and Mentalo via DQ!!!!
Winners: Lil’ Tokyo and Mentalo via DQ @ 9:41

The Super Dragons have thrown Mentalo back in the ring and have brought a table in with them! They’ve set it up! Mentalo blinded and dazed from the beating! They’ve set him up on the table! Red Dragon to the top of one turnbuckle! Silver Dragon on the other! DOUBLE SPLASH!!! DOUBLE SPLASH!!! MENTALO’S ENTIRE BODY HAS BECOME THE VICTIM OF A DOUBLE TOP ROPE SPLASH!!!
He’s a crumbled heap in that ring fans! Outside Yojimbo and Crimson Mask are just hammering Lil’ Tokyo! What is….CRIMSON MASK HAS A PAIR OF SHEARS! SHE’S BUTCHERING LIL’ TOKYO’s HAIR!!! SHE’S CUTTING OFF HUGE CHUNKS OF HAIR!!! WHAT HUMILIATION! WHAT DISHONOR!!! SHE…WAIT! Here come the Blue Unicorns! Here come the Live Wires! They’ve attacked Yojimbo! They’re pulling Lil’ Tokyo to safety! Oh fans what humiliation! Mentalo still a heap of wreckage in that ring! Paramedics on the way out and here comes Los Security to lock the area down! We’ve got to go to commercial fans and get the World and TV champ some help! We’ll be right back!

We return to the interview area with Jackie Midnight and Dusty Diamond!

Midnight: Welcome back fans! I’m here with a very special guest, the General Manager of the OCW, Miss Dusty Diamond! Miss Diamond, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with me!

Dusty: My pleasure Jackie. I wanted to take a moment to speak to you and address the OCW nation.

Midnight: Dusty, what about the heinous attack we just witnessed by Black Sun on The World and TV Champs?

Dusty: It’s sickening Jackie! But Black Sun are formidable enemies and Lil’ Tokyo and Mentalo knew that going in! My suggestion is they fight fire with fire, though I’m not condoning open warfare in the OCW mind you. Still, I hope this attack doesn’t sideline them for their match with each other next week! That would be a shame.

Midnight: Agreed! Well, you wanted to address the OCW nation tonight because you have some exciting news, is that right?

Dusty: You are correct Jackie! We’ve got some major announcements and big things in the works I wanted to make the fans aware of.

Midnight: Sounds exciting! Well, I’ve got a few questions for you first if you don’t mind…

Dusty: Of course not, go ahead.

Midnight: First, how is your father? We know you spoke to him a few weeks back after he had some nightmares, but otherwise, is he doing alright?

Dusty: He’s fine. Dear old Dad takes these little jaunts every now and then when things get difficult. It’s his way of coping and unfortunately it leaves me to clean up after him. I spoke to him a few days ago via text and he mentioned returning soon.

Midnight: Really? Well will that mean you will be leaving us?

Dusty: Well, let’s just wait to see what happens, shall we? You had another question?

Midnight: Well, yes, it seems Los Security is becoming more and more a factor in Margharita’s matches…is this something you are going to address?

Dusty: Of course. Los Security is not a private army for the wrestlers around here to utilize for their own agendas. They are paid to keep peace and order and to stop things before they get out of control. Margharita abused her position as translator, and I’ve relieved her of that position. Now I just need…you don’t speak Spanish do you?

Midnight: Uhm, no. Sorry.

Dusty: Crap. Looks like it’s going to be a Rosetta Stone weekend for me then.

Midnight: Well, there are so many other questions I have but I guess they can wait, but just one more: What do you think about the attacks on TJ Danger? Did you get around to watching the footage from last week?

Dusty: I did. To be honest I’m leaning towards hoax. TJ is a smart kid, ambitious, but he seems lacking in the talent department. I’ve seen his kind before, from Madison Avenue all the way to Sunset Boulevard. What he lacks in talent, he makes up for in creativity. I’m guessing TJ is behind all of this.

Midnight: Really!?!

Dusty: Sure. Think about it. He hatches this scheme to bring attention to himself and attention AWAY from his losing streak. He pays off a production worker to rig some special effects or something, pre-records the attack from under the ring and has his accomplice cut to the segment right after his match while he hides under the ring and viola! He hires some guy in a mask to attack him occasionally and then he’s “preoccupied” enough to get beat and has a nice handy excuse that he was “distracted”. I smell hoax. There are no “nightmares” there are no supernatural elements. All of this silliness can be explained away as the machinations of one very creative wrestler with the ambition to make a name for himself.

Midnight: Wow, now that you mentioned it, I guess it’s possible, but what about the bugs? What about the nightmares Scooter and your father had?

Dusty: The bugs? Have you seen this place? I’ve got the Orkin Army in here every other week! This is what you get when you build a crappy city right on the banks of a dirty, muddy river!

Midnight: And the nightmares?

Dusty: My guess is that Scooter and my Dad both caught the same horror movie on tv the night before and just had some bad dreams. Hell, those dreams might have been what get TJ Danger the idea in the first place and he just ran with it!

Midnight: I never thought about that! So you’re saying it’s possible TJ just concocted all of this after hearing about the nightmares from your father and Scooter?

Dusty: Look, it makes more sense that some freakshow showing up and tormenting this slacker, doesn’t it?

Midnight: I guess it does.

Dusty: Well, enough about all of that. I wanted to take just a minute to bring fans up to speed on some exciting things going on in the OCW. First off is the new ranking system that fans can see in place in the Roster section of the OCW website. This will be updated after every Monday Night Meltdown and PPV to reflect the current standings. It’s a better gauge for wrestlers to see where they stand and who they need to beat to ascend.

Midnight: It seems like an excellent idea. I know with so many grapplers in the OCW it’s sometimes hard to get a clear idea of who is positioned where.

Dusty: It is, and this new system will help in that regard. Obviously the World, TV and Tag champs are not ranked, as that would be redundant. And of course the TV Champ is still the top contender to the world title. Second, as you know, the next show will be a SUNDAY Night Meltdown. We will air on Halloween Night and the show will be full of surprises and spooky fun!

Midnight: Sounds great! I know you mentioned earlier you had a special match planned…

Dusty: That’s right Jackie! First off, Lil’ Tokyo will be defending her World Heavyweight belt in her first title defense against her friend, Mentalo, assuming they can both wrestle that is after tonight’s vicious attack! Next, we will be revealing details on the next PPV, which is to be held on November 29th! Also on the big Halloween Special, we will have a Heaven and Hell Match! The Hellcats will go up against Angel and a partner of her own choosing in a non-title match!

Midnight: Oooh! Looks like Angel will need to find someone she can rely on! Those Hellcats are vicious!

Dusty: True Jackie. I’ve also decided to grant The Hangmen their wish- and at the Halloween Special, Big Oil will take on The Union Jacks and Primetime Murphy in a Hangmen’s Match!

Midnight: Amazing!

Dusty: I know! But that’s not all! We will also have a haunted house while fans wait to get in!

Midnight: Really? A Haunted House?

Dusty: Well, no. The truth is that it’s a haunted alley and the only thing haunting about it is that the fans have to stand outside in the West End of Louisville just to get in to the arena, but that’s scary enough!

Midnight: True. But you mentioned a special match…

Dusty: Aha! That’s right Jackie! The main event at our big Halloween Special will be… A MORGUE MATCH BETWEEN KAI, BLOOD RAGE AND SICKBAG!!!

Midnight: WOAH!

Dusty: That’s right Jackie! I figured what better what to celebrate Halloween than to take the three most demented “monsters” in the OCW and put them in a match together! These three are going to be in the first ever “Morgue Match”. Turns out a few blocks from here is an old morgue that hasn’t been used for years. All three will be locked in the morgue, and to win the match, you have to literally stuff your opponents in a body locker and lock the door!

Midnight: INSANE!

Dusty: Yes it will be Jackie! Everyone knows about the feud between Kai and Blood Rage, and with the added “x” factor of Sickbag who knows what will happen?

Midnight: So the first wrestler to lock both of his two opponents in a body locker wins the match?

Dusty: That’s correct Jackie! The Morgue exit won’t be unlocked until two of the three participants in the match are locked inside those body lockers! And since this was a large morgue, there are several rooms, plenty of lockers and all sorts of nasty equipment and furniture lying around these monsters can use against each other! And of course we’ll have other surprises that night as well!

Midnight: Really? What kind?

Dusty: Well, if I told you they wouldn’t be a surprise! But I can tell you we’ll have a costume contest that night between some of the OCW Wrestlers, to be voted on by the fans and free candy for the kids!

Midnight: A costume contest? Come on Miss Diamond, isn’t that a little hokey?

Dusty: Hokey? I don’t know, I guess some might think it’s hokey. Maybe instead of a costume contest I’ll hand out little jack-o-lanterns with pink slips inside…

Midnight: Did I say hokey? I meant it sounds amazing! I’m certainly looking forward to it! Guess I’ll need to figure out what costume I’m going to wear!

Dusty: Smart girl. Just make sure to show some skin Jackie, it helps the ratings!

Midnight: Of course! Maybe I’ll go as Lady Godiva! Back to you Scooter!

Scooter: What a night fans! CP did you hear what Jackie listed for the Halloween Special? It sounds like it’s going to be one amazing night!!!

CP: Sure is Sparks! Can’t wait to see what transpires! And a Morgue Match? Never heard of that before but it sounds dangerous and exciting!

Sparks: I can’t wait fans! Well, I guess we better get on with our next match! We’ve got Primetime Murphy and Roland Hard up next fans, and I don’t need to remind you all of the hatred between these two.

CP: Nope, they pretty much hate each other’s guts Sparks! Going to be a real…now here comes Murphy along with the Union Jacks! What gives? Are these guys going to escort him to the ring every time?

Sparks: Not sure fans but it looks like they are certainly united! Here comes Roland Hard and I guess we’ve got a match!

Sparks: Primetime starts out with a low blow fans! Oh! Roland didn’t see it coming! I wonder if this is a taste of things to come? Primetime following up by ramming Rolands head into the mat! Roland dazed and Primetime tries to get him in an ankle lock to end this quick!
The ref checking but Roland isn’t tapping! The big man is working his way towards the ropes- just a little farther! Yes! Roland reaches the ropes and Primetime breaks the hold! The ref backs up Primetime who charges Roland! Roland drops down and pulls the second ring rope with him and Primetime goes outside!
Roland regrouping in the ring while the Union Jacks and Black Alice tend to Primetime! Primetime is furious! He’s back in the ring but Roland catches him coming in and kneelifts him! Once! Twice! BULLDOG BY ROLAND HARD! He covers! ONE! TWO- KIKCOUT! Primetime not going down that quickly fans!
Roland picking up Primetime, he sends him into the ropes! Clothesline by Roland! Primetime ducks! Rebounds! Backslide pin attempt by Primetime! ONE! TWO! Kickout by Roland! Roland back up! Primetime back up! Roland charges and Primetime hits an armdrag takedown! Roland hits face first into the mat! Primetime tries to lock in a STF but Roland powers out of it!
Primetime dragging Roland back out into the center of the ring! Legdrop! Roland feels it! Primetime going up top! HE…WAIT! SERGEI’S MUSIC HAS HIT! THAT RUSSIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM IS BOOMING THROUGH THE ARENA AND PRIMETIME AND THE JACKS ARE WATCHING THE ENTRANCE! WAIT! Roland just got up and launched Primetime right off the top turnbuckle onto the mat! Primetime hit hard on the mat fans! Roland Gets Primetime up and sends him into the ropes! ROLLIN POWERSLAM! HE CAUGHT PRIMETIME AND SLAMMED HIM HARD! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!!!! ROLAND PULLS OUT A WIN!!!!
Winner: Roland Hard via pinfall @ 7:49

Sparks: Primetime is stunned fans as Roland bails out of the ring and The Union Jacks rush in to his aid! Primetime shrugging them off as they all watch the entrance and the crowd for Sergei!!! The music has stopped fans! What was that all about? Did some technician hit the wrong button or what? Wait, maybe this was set up by Major Punishment! We know she was talking to Sergei earlier about some sort of alliance! CP, any light to shed on this?

CP: Don’t look at me Sparks, I was here the whole time!

Sparks: Well Primetime is furious and this little trick may have cost him the match! We’ve got to go to commercial fans, but when we return we’ll have our triple tag team elimination match between The Union Jacks, The Hangmen and the OCW World Tag Champs The Hellcats!!!

We go to commercial, when we return The Union Jacks are in the ring with Primetime and Black Alice on the outside! The Hangmen’s music hits and Big Oil all come down to ringside! Finally, The ripping chords of death metal rock brings out the Army of Darkness! By the time all teams are at the ring, There is Black Alice, Primetime Murphy, Anarchy, Revolution, Noose, Executioner, Big Daddy Ewing, Bobby Jack Casey, Mr.Lucifer, Razor Girl, Barb Wire, Creeper and Crypt all surrounding the ring!

Sparks: My word fans, it looks more like a lumberjack match out here than a tag match! The ref is watching all of these managers, henchmen and wrestlers with disgust! He’s…he’s got a mic!!!


Sparks: WOAH! Looks like the ref just laid down the law fans! Alright! Now we are getting some order restored! The extra baggage is heading to the back and we’ve just got managers on the outside and the main participants on the inside fans! Looks like we’re all set to have ourselves a match!!!

Sparks: Alright fans! Noose, Revolution and Razor Girl to start things off! Remember fans, these grapplers can only tag out to their own partners and when one partner is pinned, they are gone! We go until we have only one wrestler standing!
These behemoths aren’t doing anything fancy fans! Razor Girl is trading punches with Revolution and Noose! Noose With a shoulderblock on Razor Girl! Revolution nails Noose in the back and these two begin hammering at each other!
Razor girl back up and she tags out to Barb! Barb in and she jumps on Noose’s back and begins biting his head! Revolution taking advantage of the opportunity and dropkicks Noose who lands right on top of Barb!
Revolution jumps on top and goes for a pin! ONE! TWO! Kickout in time for Noose but he’s still on top of Barb and her shoulders are down!! BARB IS ELIMINATED!

Eliminated at 3:02: Barb Wire of The Hellcats.

Sparks: Barb is stunned! She rolls out of the ring and hammers the mat! She furious fans and Razor Girl screams in frustration! Razor girl forced to get in that ring fans! She charges in and spears Noose! Noose goes down! Revolution tags in Anarchy quickly and he enters to a spear as well! Cover! ONE! TWO! Kickout by Anarchy!
Noose tagging out to Executioner! Executioner comes in and lands a kneedrop on Anarchy and a double axehandle to Razor Girl’s forehead! She just hisses and kicks him in the breadbasket! Executioner doubled up and Razor Girl picks him up and hits a brainbuster! Anarchy going up top! He comes off! Razor Girl moves and Anarchy lands hard on Executioner and goes for a pin! Razor Girl jumping on top of Anarchy and Executioner is trapped under all of that weight! ONE! TWO! THREE!!! Executioner just got pinned and Razor Girl bounces up and charges Revolution nailing him hard, knocking him off the ring apron!

Eliminated at 6:31: The Executioner of The Hangmen.

Sparks: What a stunning turns fans! Revolution on the outside and he’s getting attacked by Barb Wire! Anarchy outside the ring to help his partner as Noose comes in and begins hammering on Razor Girl! Razor Girl taking some punishment! Clothesline by Noose! Cover! ONE! TWO! TH-Kickout!
Outside the ring Revolution is out and Anarchy and Barb going at it! Wait, the ref is counting Anarchy out but he doesn’t realize it! Black Alice screaming at him! He realizes...But he’s too late!!! Anarchy just got eliminated by countout!

Eliminated at 8:07: Anarchy of the Union Jacks

And Mr.Lucifer helps Revolution into the ring by the trunks and Revolution is out of it fans!

Noose and Razor Girl seem to be on the same page! They are stomping the life out of Revolution! Revolution just trying to cover up from the beating! Noose roars his approval! So does Razor Girl! Noose looks for a high five from Razor Girl! She dropkicks him in the chest and begins kicking him in the back! No unity there fans! Just opportunity!
Razor Girl with a cradle suplex on Noose! Cover! ONE! TWO! Kickout! Looks like we’re down to the final three here fans!
Noose and Razor Girl just hammering one another, exchanging fists! Noose putting Razor Girls head right into the turnbuckle and he’s just beating her to death! Razor Girl busted open! He throws her unceremoniously into the center of the ring! Noose gets her up in a torture rack! He’s trying to snap her in half! Revolution back up and he nails Noose in the back fans! Noose collapses with Razor Girl right on top of him! Cover! ONE! TWO! Kickout by Noose!
Revolution still on the offense! Looks like that break did him some wonders! He nails Razor Girl in the gut and shes still on the mat! Revolution focuses his energy on Noose! He’s got Noose up- Neckbreaker! Noose hits hard! Revolution locks in a camel clutch! Trying to get Noose to tap! Razor Girl is up! Rebound off the ropes and a clothesline on Revolution!
Revolution hits hard and Razor Girl covers! ONE! TWO! Kickout! Noose with afalling axehandle! Razor Girl moves! Noose nails Revolution! He covers again! ONE! TWO! THREE!!! Noose eliminated Revolution!

Eliminated at 16:41: Revolution of the Union Jacks

Sparks: And we’re down to the final two fans and the Union Jacks are gone! Noose slings Razor Girl out of the ring and the Union Jacks and Black Alice take their shots! Barb Wire over to help out and the Hellcats and Union Jacks just brawling uncontrollably outside! Here comes Executioner! He hits a double clothesline on the Union Jacks and they go down! Razro Girl back in the ring to beat the count!
Noose is waiting! He nails her coming through the ropes and picks her up, sending her into the ropes! She comes off and he hits a powerslam! Cover! ONE! TWO! THR-KICKOUT! How did she doe it fans!?!
Noose is spent! He’s slapping that mat and frustrated!
He’s got Razor Girl up and locks in a bearhug! He’s squeezing the life out of Razor Girl! She responds by leaning down and trying to bite his head open but she cant get past that mask! SPLITTING HEADBUTT BY RAZOR GIRL! Noose is stunned! He breaks the hold and staggers backwards! Razor Girl going up top! She’s on the top turnbuckle! FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Both hit the mat hard fans! Both down! The ref begins counting both down! He’s up to Six! Seven! Eight! Nin-wait! Razor Girl just rolled over and draped an arm across Noose! Cover! ONE! TWO! THREE!!! Razor Girl just pulled the win out of this match!!!

Eliminated at 22:18: Noose of The Hangmen

Winner: The Hellcats via pinfall @ 22:18

We come back from commercial to see the steel cage being constructed by the ring crew. They are just putting the finishing touches on it as coverall-clad workers scramble all of the ring and the cage, tightening bolts, fastening cables and making sure the thing doesn’t fall apart

Sparks: Okay dokey fans! We’re back and the ring crew is putting the finishing touches on the steel cage for our main event! This is going to be one to watch fans as TJ Danger takes on Kai in a place where he’s safe from his mysterious assailant!

CP: Yep, no one can get to you in a steel cage Sparks! Pretty smart of Dusty to go this route. Now Danger has no excuse and can focus entirely on his opponent- which he better do! Kai is no one to play around with, that guy will take you out and leave you hurting!

Sparks: True CP! And what about what Kai mentioned earlier about revealing more concerning TJ’s assailant? What information could he possibly have?

CP: NO idea Sparks, but he seems to know something! Maybe that will give TJ some incentive to try to force some information out of Kai in that steel cage tonight!

Sparks: I can certainly see that as incentive CP! Well Kai’s music has hit and the cage is assembled and it looks like the big man is on the way to the ring! No playing around here fans, Kai is all business!
And here comes TJ Danger! He’s looking around! Checking things out! Almost like he’s waiting for an attack from somewhere! He’s made it to the ring and the head of the ring crew is there, TJ is asking him…can we get some audio on this?

We cut to TJ Danger outside the cage talking to and older man in coveralls.

Danger: …can you guarantee me there is nothing wrong with the ring? No zombies under it? No tears in it? Huh?

Crew Foreman: It’s safe! I had my guys check it out! Stop worrying! Get in there and try not to get yourself killed by the big sumbitch!

Danger: You’re sure!?!

Foreman: Positive!

Referee: COME ON DANGER! Let’s go or I’m going to count you out!

Danger: ALRIGHT! Alright! Let’s go! Let’s do this!!!

Sparks: Well there you have it fans! Looks like everything has checked out, and TJ is climbing through the door and we’ve got our match ready to go!!!

Sparks: TJ Danger in the cage and the bell rings and the only way to win this one fans is either out the top of the cage and to the floor or through the door which will be monitored by our official!
Danger not wasting any time fans! He calls for the door to be opened and goes to escape!
Kai having none of that as he pulls Danger back in by his singlet! Danger scrambling away and heads towards the cage wall! He’s scrambling up by Kai just grabs him and pulls him back down!
Danger with a low blow! Even Kai could feel that one fans and Danger capitalizes by kicking Kai in the kneecap and the big man goes down! Danger stomping on that right knee! Kai in pain! Danger sees opportunity and goes for the door again!
Kai barely grabbing Dangers leg as he lunges for the door and victory!
Kai pulling Danger back! Danger kicking at Kai’s forehead! Kai not letting go! Kai making his way up on his good leg and hits a chokeslam on Danger but both collapse! That didn’t have the force behind it it should fans but Danger still felt it!
Kai back up, working that leg out! Danger on the mat! Kai picking him up and sends him head first into the steel cage! Kai just grinding Danger’s face across those chain links! Danger busted open! His face a red mask! Kai with several punches! Danger trying to get some offense going! He lands a elbow into Kai’s eye! Kai stunned! Danger once again going for the door! Kai stoppinghim and dragging him back!
Kai going for a forearms smash but Danger blocking! Danger scrambles out of the way! He goes into the ropes! Danger with a flying bodyblock! Kai goes down! Danger with a double kneedrop! He can taste victory fans! Danger going for the cage wall again! Danger going up! Kai catches him and pull shim back! Danger raking the eyes! Kai furious! Kai with a neckbreaker! Danger hitting hard fans!
Kai motioning for the door! He’s strolling out fans! He! Wait! Danger grabbed his leg! Danger actually managed to stop Kai! Kai turns back around and kicks Tj in the head! Danger rolling away! Kai picking him up for a chokeslam! Danger wiggles out of it! Dropkick to Kai! Kai goes into the ropes and Danger trips him up and he hits hard! Danger picking Kai up and putting him face first into the unrelenting chain links of the cage!
Kai stunned! He’s staggering! Danger with another dropkick to Kai’s back! Kai goes down! Danger climbing the cage! Kai stills stunned fans!
Danger screaming at the top of his lungs! He’s made it! DANGER HAS MADE IT TO THE TOP OF THE CAGE! He can escape! He just needs to…Wait, what’s he doing? He’s still up there! Standing up! He looks like he’s measuring Kai hwo is still on the mat below! OH NO! He S going to jump! FROG SPLASH FROM THE TOP OF THE DAMN CAGE!!! AND HE MISSES!!!! DANGER HITS THE MAT AND HE’S HIT HARD FANS! KAI JUST MOVED OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!
Danger is done fans! He’s unconscious on the mat from leaping from the top of the cage and missing his mark! He may have broken something! Kai laughing like a maniac! Kai picking Danger up! NO! Don’t do this Kai! The young man may already have internal injuries! But Kai doesn’t care! RUNNING CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB! Kai just hit the “Cemetery Drive” on TJ Danger and Danger is out of it fans! Good night!
Kai laughing, he’s not even bothering with the door! He’s going to the cage wall and just taking his time climbing out! Danger is no threat fans! Danger won’t be a threat to anyone for a long while!
Kai ascending the side of the steel cage! He….Wait! What’s this? From beneath the ring we’ve got a ring crew guy emerging! Did he get trapped under there from earlier? What’s he…he’s running across the ring and climbing the steel cage! What the hell is he doing!?!
Kai on the top of the steel cage fans! He’s just straddled the cage and about to climb down, he has no idea!
BLOOD RAGE!!!! BLOOD RAGE!!! He’s just pulled off that full head mask to reveal himself! BLOOD RAGE JUST THREW KAI OFF THE TOP OF THE STEEL CAGE FANS!!!
Winner: Kai @ 17:35

Sparks: OH MY GOD FANS! Kai is unconscious and bleeding on the floor as Blood Rage is standing dominant on the top of that cage! He’s…WAIT! What’s this!?! At he entrance to the arena- THE MASKED MAN WHO HAS BEEN TORMENTING TJ DANGER!
He’s just staring at Blood Rage who slowly turns and stares right back!
We’re out of time fans! We’ll see you next Sunday night for our special Sunday Night Meltdown Halloween Special!!!! Goodnight everyone!!!

We fade to black!!!