We open with a repeat of last week’s violent attack on Kai by Blood Rage and the mysterious appearance of the masked man who has been showing up sporadically throughout the last several weeks.
We cut to the opening promo for the Sunday Night Meltdown Halloween Special!
When we return we are in the OCW Arena in the west end of Louisville, Kentucky with Scooter Sparks and Corporal Punishment. Sparks is dressed like Dracula and CP is wearing a Scooter Sparks mask!

Sparks: Hello fans and welcome to an exciting special Halloween edition of Sunday Night Meltdown! Tonight we celebrate Halloween and fine pro wrestling at its best! And to my left, a man who needs no introduction, Cor…

CP: …Scooter Sparks!

Sparks: Oh come on CP! That’s the best you can do? I mean, at least I put some work into my costume.

CP: Yeah, what are you supposed to be anyway? A gay concert pianist?

Sparks: DRACULA!

CP: I’ll forgo the obvious “suck” joke. Anyway, I think my costume shows great creativity.

Sparks: Really? That’s creative? Dressing up as me?

CP: Sure Scooter, why not? In this economy I decided to go the cheap route and save a few bucks. I figured a thrifty guy like you who washes and reuses ketchup packets would appreciate that.

Sparks: Really? Well how so?

CP: Easy, the mask was just a Jeffrey Dahmer mask with glasses added and the clothes? Hell, I just rooted through your closet last time I was at YA MAMMAS!!!!!

Sparks: Wonderful. I knew we couldn’t go five minutes without that coming up.

CP: That’s what she said.

Sparks: ANYWAY! As you fans saw at the open of the show, tonight the two monsters Kai and Blood Rage will take their bloodthirsty feud straight to its logical conclusion- The MORGUE! That’s right fans! Tonight Kai, Blood Rage and Sickbag will participate in the first ever Morgue Match!

CP: I still don’t get why Sickbag is involved.

Sparks: I guess because he’s a scary freak CP.

CP: Then over half of the OCW arena should be entered into the match too. Did you see that line outside?

Sparks: Well, it is Halloween CP. What did you expect?

CP: These people look like that all year around boy. Anyway, what the hell is this “Morgue Match” anyway? Never heard of it before.

Sparks: So glad you asked CP. Tonight, all three participants will be locked in the Bannister Avenue Morgue and the winner will be the one to lock his two opponents in body coolers and walk out the front door!

CP: No interference? No run ins?

Sparks: Nope! The three grapplers will be let in through separate entrances, the doors will be locked and chained behind them and then it’s a free for all! In fact, so dangerous and unpredictable is this match, that Dusty Diamond couldn’t coerce even ONE cameraman to remain locked inside!

CP: No camera? Then how the hell do we call this match? Hand puppets?

Sparks: Ah! No worries CP! I said no cameraMEN…we have hooked up two dozen remote cameras throughout the morgue and we’ll be calling the shots by a live feed directly to the arena! Also, Dusty pulled some strings and our good friends at the Louisville Metro Police Department was gracious enough to loan us two of their Remotech Andros Bomb Diffusing Robots! These guys are equipped with cameras and are going to follow the action to make sure we don’t miss a second!

. CP: What an inventive misuse of taxpayer dollars. Well, it’s a good thing we’ve got a lot of cameras Sparks! If memory serves that Bannister Morgue is HUGE! It has several floors and in fact used to be an insane asylum! These nutjobs should fit right in!

Sparks: That’s true CP! You did your homework! That’s why Dusty purchased extra airtime, to make sure we don’t miss a second of the action! In fact, from 1908 to the mid 60’s the Bannister Avenue Morgue did serve as an insane asylum. Many say the ghosts of….

CP: Enough of that nonsense Sparks. We don’t need ghost stories, we’ll have three real live monsters slugging it out all night in that dump. Well what else is on the card? The fans want to know! Plus I gotta run to the john- too much apple cider and vodka on the way over. I’ll be back.

Sparks: Uh, sure, at least you aren’t using a milk jug and garden hose anymore. Anyway! We do have more excitement than you can shake a witch’s broomstick at tonight fans! In addition to our main event Morgue Match, we’ve got an OCW Heavyweight Title bout between reigning champ Lil’ Tokyo and her good friend Mentalo! Big Oil goes toe to toe with the Union Jacks and Primetime Landon Murphy in a Hangman’s Noose match and we also have a “Heaven and Hell” Match between the OCW Tag Team Champs The Hellcats and Angel and her mystery partner! All those matches plus more and more spooky surprises on tonight’s special Halloween episode of Sunday Night Meltdown!

We cut to commercial and come back to Dusty Diamond in the ring with the OCW World Champion, Lil’ Tokyo.

Dusty: Welcome back fans! Right now, I’d like to take a moment to congratulate Lil’ Tokyo on her successful climb to the top and beginning tonight, we are rolling out NEW OCW Championship belts! That’s right, all belts are being redesigned for our champions! And we are debuting the most important belt in the OCW, the World Championship!

She pulls a sheet off of a podium revealing a new belt and presents it to Lil’ Tokyo, helping strap it around her waist.

Dusty: Champ, may I present to you your new World Title Belt and wish you the best of luck in your Championship Match later tonight.

Lil’ Tokyo: Thank you Miss Diamond! I will defend this title with honor and accept every challenge presented to me.

Dusty: I know you will. Again, good luck tonight. Also fans, it is my great honor to announce that the OCW is introducing a NEW singles title! That’s right! Our roster is packed and we felt it necessary to create a new title that we will unveil tomorrow night! As far as the champion, well, it’s no secret I’m a sucker for a good old battle royal! So, tomorrow night on Monday Night Meltdown, following tonight’s extravaganza, we will host a ten man battle royal to determine the new OCW champion!

Back at the announcers table with Sparks and CP…

Sparks: WOW! What an announcement CP! Dusty introducing us to a new title right here tonight!

CP: Makes sense Sparks! The OCW is bursting with talent and two singles titles simply aren’t enough to go around! Three titles sounds about right for all of the competition we’ve got here. I know a lot of the boys in the back were grumbling that they had gotten lost in the shuffle and were being overlooked. Well, now they got no room to grumble and whine! Some of them will never be top shelf, but that don’t mean they may not be able to capture that new title!

Sparks: Couldn’t agree more CP! And what of the new belts? Especially that new World belt?

CP: Snazzy! Looks like this dump must be raking in some cash! Lord knows I ain’t seeing it on my paycheck though! Something I noticed though…

Sparks: What’s that CP?

CP: Where was Mentalo? Those two have been almost inseparable the past few weeks. I figured he would be out here to congratulate Lil Tokyo, pat her rear and tell her she did good.

Sparks: You sound like a man trying to mix things up CP!

CP: Always! But that’s just an observation Sparks, just an observation.

Sparks: Well nonetheless fans, as you may know, The Spartan has been out of action for quite a while. He’s tried to come back only to be re-injured repeatedly. Well, we are happy to announce that tonight, he once again tries to make his triumphant return!

CP: That guy is a like a piece of fine china Sparks. Once it gets broken so many times there really isn’t any fixing it. I’m guessing he gets injured again and we see the last of him.

Sparks: Nice CP! He’s trying his best to come back, return to his sport! How about a little faith and optimism?

CP merely snaps a pencil in half with his fingers as Sparks shakes his head.

Sparks: Take it away Jackie.

In the back Jackie Midnight is dressed as a cheerleader and is joined by The Spartan!.

Jackie: Thanks Scooter and CP! RAH RAH! GOOOOOOOOOOO OCW! I’m here with The Spartan and the first question I have is this: How are you holding up? Fans will remember the reason you were put in the hospital was the dive you took off of that triple tier “Tower of Revenge” oh so many weeks ago. Have you really fully recovered this time?

Spartan: I am back to full strength Jackie. Back to full strength and ready to do what I initially came to the OCW to do!

Jackie: Which is?

Spartan: Championship gold Jackie Midnight! I didn’t come to the OCW to get involved in petty feuds and rivalries. The issue with the Horsemen was a mistake on my part. I shouldn’t have gotten involved and it’s a mistake I won’t make again! So again, I am back to full strength. This is a tough business for tough wrestlers and if you can’t handle a few bumps and bruises….

Jackie: Bumps and bruises? That’s what you call what they did to you?

Spartan: That’s EXACTLY what they did to me Jackie. Look at me! This body is carved by the gods, do you think an attack by a couple of beer swilling thugs would do any lasting damage? No, tonight the Spartan returns and he makes a statement.

Jackie: I see, well, you’re returning tonight to face off against Margharita!! Some return Spartan! She’s been brutalizing wrestlers right and left lately in pursuit of that TV Title!!

Spartan: Well, it ends tonight Jackie! If that woman tries any of her dirty tactics against me she’ll find her actions will have dire….dire…consequences.!

Jackie: Dire?

Spartan: Dire.

Jackie: Wow, sounds serious! Well, Spartan, many things have changed in the short time you’ve been out. The British Bluebloods who you teamed with and even had an alliance with were deported back to England, and now this new team, The Union Jacks have surfaced, but while many claim the similarities between the two teams are more than coincidence, one thing’s for certain: The Jacks’ are certainly NOT the nice guys you teamed with. What are your thoughts, especially since it appeared the Bluebloods manager Lady Jayne was somewhat infatuated with you?

Spartan: Ancient history Jackie! As anyone can tell you, a few months in pro wrestling time is an eternity! I don’t know much about these Union Jacks but I can tell you for a fact that they aren’t the kind of wrestlers I associate with. And that woman they have managing them? Ugh. Lady Jayne was a beautiful, delicate flower, but that mowhawked punk rocker that follows them around? She looks like the sort that should be standing in a soup line, not managing a tag team!

Jackie: Well there you go! Right from the mouth of the newly returning Spartan fans! Good luck in your match tonight. Back to you Scooter!

Sparks: Thanks Jackie! Wow! Harsh words for The Union Jacks CP!

Cp: Spartan’s a goof Sparks. He’ll probably trip on a corndog stick on his way to the ring and need back surgery.

Sparks: Ok! Well the fans are all dressed for Halloween CP and ready for some quality wrestling! Right now we’ve got TJ Danger in the ring and he’s got a mic…looks like he’s scheduled to wrestle, but first he has something to say…let’s send it to the ring!

In the ring TJ Danger is pacing back and forth, agitated and batting away pieces of trash that are sailing into the ring

TJ Danger: Knock it off you inbred whitetrash! (Chorus of boos). Look! I just wanted to take a second to tell you people one thing: I TOLD YOU SO! I told you that masked man was real! You know, a lot of people told me I was nuts! Said I was making it all up! WELL HA HA HA! Now you see? You see what has come to the OCW! He’s going to make all of you who doubted me pay! I’M NOT NUTS!
Now, now I got pretty messed up last week in that totally unnecessary and unwarranted cage match! But an Extreme Warrior like myself, I can’t be bothered with all of that! I won’t let a few bruises keep me down!
I’m the most extreme fella in this dumpy league and I’m about to show it to you! I went ahead and booked myself an opponent, so how about he comes on down here so I can get his beating over with and spend the rest of the night doing the slip n’ slide across the backs of some hookers!

Music hits and the crowd holds their breath in anticipation for TJ’s opponent- and almost passes out in doing so…

Making his way to the ring Narcoleptic Assassin stops midway to lean on the guardrail. A moment later an OCW grip runs up to him and hands him a Styrofoam cup of coffee. Mistaking it for cold water NarAss throws it in his face and screams! Clawing at his eyes!
In the ring TJ shakes his head and complains to the ref. Finally he bails out and throws NarAss into the ring and the ref calls for the bell!

Sparks: Wow! That was…

CP: Hilarious? We should see that guy get hot coffee thrown on him all the time!

Sparks: Not sure about that CP but we’ve got action! TJ sends NarAss into the ropes and hits a flying clothesline! NarAss goes down! He’s not completely unconscious yet though and manages to wander into a corner!
TJ relentless! He hammers NarAss’s head into the turnbuckle repeatedly! NarAss stumbles backwards and TJ follows up with a flying dropkick from the top turnbuckle! Say what you want, but Danger has some real wrestling chops!
Rolling up NarAss for the pin, one…two…looks like NarAss just rolled out …no, no it looks like he was just trying to get comfortable.
Danger furious! Complaining to the ref but that wont give him the win! He’s back on NarAss, has him up, what…he’s going for a press slam! What is he thinking? NarAss is a load! OH! DANGER JUST BUCKLED LIKE A BELT! NarAss was just too much to lift and he’s crashed down on top of Danger! Danger is pinned beneath Narass’s girth! The ref is checking! Danger trapped! Ref’s counting! ONE! TWO! THREE!!!!

CP: Are you kidding me? That load just won a match?

Sparks: Looks like it CP! Not that he is even aware, he’s fast asleep and I think…yeah, I think I can hear Danger weeping uncontrollably beneath that large mass of flesh in the center of the ring!

Winner: Narcoleptic Assassin via pinfall @ 4:18

Sparks: Amazing fans! I can’t say it was the prettiest match I’ve ever seen but…

CP: At least it’s over.

Sparks: True, it was kinda like getting teeth pulled. Anyway, we...wait, something has shown up on the jumbo tron!

We cut to a shot of TJ Danger about to get out of the ring and on the jumbo tron a promo that simply says "The Syndicate" appears. TJ looks around and shrugs and no one seems to know what it means, a moment later it disappears.

CP: What the hell was that?

Sparks: No idea! I saw that logo appear a few weeks back on the OCW Facebook page but it appeared to be planted there by unauthorized personnel! Maybe someone is just having a bit of fun with us! Anyway fans, right now we’ve got a special “Treat” for you on this creepy Halloween night! We’ve got a Four Tag Team Cage Death Match!

CP: Really? That just get added?

Sparks: Sure did CP! Dusty added it at the last minute! You really should read the memos!

CP: That piece of blue paper? They were out of TP in the men’s room and I…

Sparks: Tonight! We’ll see The Black Widows, The Blue Unicorns, Hass Machina and Trailer Park and Sally Mae Stevens locked in a cage where they will battle it out! The first team to successfully escape the cage wins!

CP: Sounds violent! I love it! So what if only one team member goes over the top?

Sparks: Then they stay at ringside until their partner makes it over! And to keep order at ringside Dusty has ordered Los Security to stand guard!

CP: Not bad Sparks! I thought I was going to regret being here tonight but this sounds exciting! You know usually every Halloween I put a bowl of candy out for kids and while they chew and gorge themselves towards adult onset diabetes I let their Moms sit on my lap and tell me what they want for Christmas.

Sparks: Uh, kinda mixing up your holidays, aren’t you?

CP: Look Liberace, you celebrate Halloween your way and I’ll celebrate it mine.

Sparks: Right. Well it looks like Jackie has cornered the team of the Steven’s on their way to the ring fans! Let’s go to the back!

In the back Jackie is flanked by Trailer Park and Sally Mae Stevens

Jackie: Thanks Scooter…I…


Jackie: Uh, sorry? I was, look, I’ll just stare at you and he can answer when he wants. So, Sally Mae, you and your “man” Trailer Park have been entered into this over the top cage battle royal, do you have any sort of strategy you are planning on using tonight to score a victory?

Sally Mae: Yeah, I got some strategy, but my dumbass husband likely won’t listen to me and we’ll loose…AGAIN. He thinks he knows everything, always putting his hands on people’s personal items…

Trailer Park: Oh here we go again. Baby I’m sorry I hid your Marlboro’s but the Doctor says it’s bad for the baby and…

Jackie: Oh! Are you pregnant Sally Mae?


Trailer Park: And it’s not like living next door to the meth house is doing us any favors. I woke up last night and our bushes were on fire...

Sally Mae: I told you a REAL MAN would drive our truck over their kid’s bouncy castle!

Trailer Park: Yeah Baby, but you wanted me to do it while there were still kids inside…

Sally Mae: Whatevs! A REAL MAN would have done it!

Jackie: I, uh, My God. Back to you Scooter!

Sparks: Unbelievable.

CP: That Sally Mae could go bear hunting with a switch.

Sparks: She scares me. Well, they don’t seem to be lacking the energy CP! Here they come to the ring and it looks like we are ready for our cage match!

CP: The winner get anything special Sparks? Ten grand? A shot at the tag titles? Candy Apples?

Sparks: Just bragging rights CP!

CP: Lame.

Sparks: Here we go fans!

Spark s: The door is shut and all teams are going at it! The Widows are hammering the Stevens, while the Unicorns face off against Hass Machina! Fang is laying some boots to Trailer Park in the corner, while Spinner is dodging Sally Mae’s vicious right hook!
Uh oh! Spinner got caught and Sally Mae has her locked in a chokehold! Scorpio coming over and lands some body blows to Spinner who is in a bad way! Fang with her back to her partner has no idea what is going on! Maximillian just punting Blue Unicorn Dos’ head like a soccer ball! Uno on the ground after a big powerslam by Scorpio!
Blue Unicorn Uno catches a boot by Maximillian and he’s out of it! Spinner, finally breaking free goes into the ropes and lands a hard drop kick to Sally Mae and sends her into the cage and now helps Fang beat down Trailer Park. Trailer Park in a bad way fans! He’s trying to get some offense but the Widows are having none of it!
Scorpio comes over to break it up and headbutts Spinner in the back of the head! Spinner on the mat as Scorpio sends Fang face first into the cage! Fang is dazed! Scorpio capitalizes and drags her face across the cage! She’s busted open! That hard chain link is like an unforgiving cheese grater!!! Fang’s bleeding now from her forehead and Scorpio calling for the door to be opened!
Fang tries to stop him but the blood is obscuring her eyes and HE MAKES IT! Sally Mae makes a dive to stop him but he dodges her hands and slides outside the ring! Now if Maximillian can make it out Hass Machina will take this one home!
No such luck though as the Blue Unicorns are beating down Maximillian in the corner. The Widows come over to help, but Dos accidentally swings on Spinner and lays her out! Fang takes exception to this and lands a right on Uno and sends him across the ring into the cage! Dos retaliates and Fang and Dos are locking up! Woah! A misunderstanding has led to the Widows and Unicorns mixing it up! No friends in this one fans, every team for themselves! Side headlock by Dos and Fang picks him up and lands a mean atomic drop that sends him right into a shoulder block by Spinner!
Spinner is backing up and running at her partner! At the last second Fang gives her a hand up and vaults Spinner half way up the cage! Shes climbing out! Fang is following! But Sally Mae has other ideas and snags Fang before she can reach the top! BIG SUPLEX by Sally Mae on Fang! Fang crashes from that cage wall hard to the mat!
Maximillian taking advantage and scoops Sally Mae up in a mean backbreaker while Blue Unicorn Dos shoulder blocks Fang! Fang having none of it fans as she locks on a vicious bearhung! She’s squeezing the life out of the Blue Unicorn! Fang with those impressive arms trying to break the man’s back! Spinner finally on the top of the cage! She had a little trouble getting up there fans but she’s making a move to get out! Sally Mae rakes Maximillian’s eyes and he drops her! Sally Mae stumbling to the cage and she’s making her way up! SPINNER IS OUT! She just dropped to the floor! Sally Mae moving up but Blue Unicorn Uno trying to stop her! They are both on the top of the cage!! Sally Mae and Uno exchanging fists! Sally Mae with a headbutt THAT SENDS UNO CRASHING TO THE MAT! Uno just crumpled like a soda can and Sally Mae climbs down! Sally Mae is out and now Spinner and Sally Mae slugging it out on the floor, but Los Security is there to break them up!
Inside Trailer Park and the Blue Unicorn Dos is hammering away on Fang! Maximillian sees his opportunity and heads for the door, but no! Trailer Park stops him and spits dip right in his eye! UGH! Disgusting! Maximillian is blinded as Fang fights off Blue Unicorn Dos!! Bionic elbow smash and Dos hits the mat!
Wait! Sally Mae on the outside, screaming something to her man! She’s tossed Trailer Park something into the cage! What is that? It looks like a…rock? Did she just throw a rock in there? Trailer Park lays out Maximillian! He’s knocked out cold!
Trailer Park calling for the door but Blue Unicorn Dos charges over to stop him! RIGHT HOOK with a ROCK! Blue Unicorn Dos goes down like a sack of flour and Trailer Park is making his way through the ropes! Blue Unicorn Uno, looks like he hurt his leg from that fall fans, dives and grabs a hold of Trailer Park’s leg! Trailer Park can’t break free and is forced back into the ring where he reaches down and hammers Uno with that rock! The Blue Unicorn is...WAIT! Fang climbing up the side of the cage! Trailer Park sees her! He’s tangled in Blue Unicorn Uno’s arms and scrambles for the door but the Blue Unicorn is still hanging on! He must have a metal plate in his head or something! Fang, still bleeding from her earlier wound, is topping the cage! Trailer Park at the door, his face a bloody mess fans! Fang screams something to Spinner…AND DIVES OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE!
TWENTY FEET TO THE GROUND FANS AND FANG JUST THREW HERSELF OFF WITH NO HESITATION! Spinner breaks her partners fall and the two collapse hard onto the floor…Trailer Park just manages to slide out but he’s too late! The Black Widows take the tag team cage match victory!!!!
Winner: Black Widows @ 17:31

Sparks: Amazing match CP!

CP: Looks like it’s going to be a cold night in the trailer park Sparks. But at least he’s got a rock.

Sparks: True, but what of the Widows? Sacrificing themselves like that for the victory? They are just now heading back, both took some punishment from that maneuver.

Sparks: It’s that kind of sacrifice that makes champions Sparks! If I were the Hellcats I would be paying close attention to this team.

Sparks: Good point CP. And later tonight fans, Mentalo goes up against his friend and sometimes partner Lil’ Tokyo for the OCW World Title.

CP: A prime opportunity Sparks! If only Mentalo can pull out all the stops and do what needs to be done!

Sparks: And what advice would you give Mentalo, CP?

CP: No more Mr. Nice Guy! Drop the smiles and waves and TCB! This may be his only shot at that belt and if he can’t seal the deal, he may never get another chance! Mentalo, up until his TV Title victory was a joke. A laughing stock. But lately, this kid has shown me something- potential. The potential to be a champion, a World Champion, but only if he’s willing to put aside things like friendships and loyalty! There is only one thing in this business to be loyal to and that’s championship gold!

Sparks: But CP, he and Lil’ Tokyo are friends! They’ve watched each other’s backs! Been there for….

CP: Blow it out yer ear son! When Lil’ Tokyo accepted that match, she agreed to put that gold on the line and now? Now Mentalo needs to pull out all the stops!

Sparks: Well, we’ll see how ready the TV Champ is tonight fans! Right now though Jackie is in the back with Primetime Murphy, The Union Jacks and their manager Black Alice. Jackie is going to find out what they have to say about their big “Hangmen’s Match” tonight against Big Oil. Take it away Jackie!

In the back Jackie is joined by Primetime Murphy in street clothes as well as Black Alice and the Union Jacks.

Jackie: Thanks Scooter! Primetime, it looks like you just arrived at the arena! Are you going to have enough time to prepare for tonight’s match?

Primetime Murphy: First off Jackie, you look stunning tonight! You know, that cheerleader uniform looks great on you! It would look even better at the foot of my waterbed!

Jackie: Wow! Uhm, I’m not sure what to say, other than I didn’t realize they still made waterbeds.

Primetime: Ha! Look Jackie, you ask if I need time to prepare? Why? Have you seen Big Oil? If there ever was a stable in need of a lifetime subscription to Jenny Craig they are it! The Executioner and The Outlaw need to worry more about being taken out by smokers cough than they do me and the ‘Jacks! But let me tell you, I’m not worried, I’m not concerned and I didn’t loose a bit of sleep over this match last night, not that I was doing much sleeping, if you know what I mean!

Jackie: Nope.

Primetime: …fact is, even if we weren’t going up against a group of fat, lazy inbreds I wouldn’t worry! I’ve got on my side the best tag team in the OCW, The Union Jacks! These guys are from the mean streets of London and they take crap from nobody! You know why all the brits have bad teeth? Cause’ these two guys knocked em all out! I mean, damn, take a look at Revolution here! Six feet four inches of mean powerhouse! And Anarchy? That boy is just crazy!

Jackie: But the Hangmen aren’t small or slouches by any measure! They…

Primetime: Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, my sweet spoonful of brown sugar. This match is just a bump in the road, a road that leads to those tag team title belts. The Jacks are here for gold, just like me and all we need to do is get through tonight so we can get back on track for those titles.

Jackie: So the belts are the ultimate goal? I’m hearing that a lot lately! Black Alice, do you have any special plans to help your team out tonight?

Black Alice: I do Luv! I’m going to be right there at ringside and when that fat load Big Daddy Ewing gets wise, I’m going to smack him in those chubby cheeks! And for the fans tonight, I’ve got an extra special costume I’ll be wearing just for them!

Primetime: The name of the game is hanging Jackie! And tonight me and the ‘Jacks are going to hang those boys like sides of beef from that ring!

Jackie: Well Alice, the Spartan had some strong word earlier about you and your boys. Considering that you uhm, well, in the past you seemed a bit taken by him, so what do you think about that?

Alice: I, uh…

Anarchy: PISS OF SPARTAN! You roided’ up bloke! You keep your nose far from our business and you won’t have to worry about getting put back in the hospital. Here me son?

Revolution: Bloody right Anarchy. That man needs to worry about his own business and not at all about ours. He’s spent more time in the hospital while we’ve been right here knockin’ eds! He ever wants to scrap I’m not hard to find, in fact I’d like a match with him just to see what he’s really made of. Maybe something I’ll run by Dusty later on tonight…

Primetime: Spartan’s a joke Jackie and not even a consideration. He’s spent more time watching The Price is Right and eating hospital jello than training and you can tell. I haven’t seen that much pasty white goo since a can of Grands biscuits exploded in my fridge..

Jackie: Those are strong words Primetime! Well, it certainly sounds like you and your team are ready for tonight!

Primetime: Without a doubt Jackie! You know, Jackie, it is Halloween, and I think I’ve got a nice treat for you after the show.

Jackie: I’ll pass, I’ve had my share of Tootsie Rolls already.

Primetime: Wrong on both the color and size baby, but it’s cool, I’ll make sure my assistant gets you the digits later.

Jackie: I’m flattered, or nauseated, not sure which. Back to you Scooter!

Sparks: Wow! Primetime sounds confident CP!

Cp: Is that what confidence sounds like? I must have been out of the business for too long , it sounds just like horny!

Sparks: And on that note, we’ve got to take a commercial break, we’ll be right back fans!

We return from the commercial break…

Sparks: Don’t forget fans the OCW is coming to your town! That’s right! We’ve got a whole list of shows and cities throughout the Midwest and Southern states and you can go to our website and Facebook page to get dates and venues! So check us out! The OCW! Coming to your town and shaking things up!

CP: What’s the deal Sparks? I keep sending friend requests to you and they keep getting ignored!

Sparks: Uh, there might be a glitch or something…

CP: I know what it is. You don’t want me seeing pics of you and the other gays at the Renfaire. Right? Earl of Pizza Hut too good for his old pal CP? You don’t want me to lay eyes on you and those fat losers you run around in the woods with, chasing each other with your swords.

Sparks: Hey! That is Live Action Role Playing and those swords happen to be museum quality replicas!

CP: I wasn’t talking about the weapons.

Sparks: …..You know, I’m going to talk to Dusty about running a “Don’t be a Bully Campaign”.

Cp: You do that, because if bullies care about anything it’s public opinion.

Sparks: And for the record, I’m straight.

CP: OH! So you have a problem with alternative lifestyles? You make me sick you hate monger!!!!!

Sparks: WHAT? I never said…

CP: Just get on with the show. You sicken me. And I thought we’d come so far….

Sparks: I…sigh, whatever. Well right now fans we’ve got a match that has its roots in last weeks Gauntlet Match that former champion Bret Steele had with Strucka, Damien Genesis and Buck Leeds. Fans will remember Steele won that match by defeating all three men.

CP: No surprise there Sparks, Steele is the man.

Sparks: May be, but apparently Genesis thought Strucka should have been more of a competitor and told Strucka so after the match. Let’s go to the footage.

We see Strucka sitting in the back locker room taking his hand wraps off and Genesis comes in and slaps a Gatorade bottle on the bench next to Strucka off- it splashes all over Strucka and he jumps up…

Strucka: Hey man, what is your….

Genesis: Shut your mouth! What the hell was that? What? Did you just decided to go out there stoned and roll over for Steele? Huh? Figured I would pick up the slack and take home the win so we all didn’t look bad?

Strucka: Look man, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I gave it all I had, he’s just too good, hell the dude’s a former champ ya know. We should have kept our mouths shut…

Genesis: You make me wanna puke whitebread! I go out there and lay it on the line and all you did was posture and pose and get your ass beat! Well “Sucka”, I don’t associate with losers and you rolling over made me look bad. Everyone expects Leeds to suck, but you were supposed to be some MMA badass and Steele made you look like you couldn’t beat an egg!

Strucka: Damien, you’re starting to disrupt my cool man, you better back off.

Genesis: OH!?! OH!?! Am I “disrupting your cool” Mother Trucker? Well guess what? I’m gonna be disrupting your ass!

Strucka: Whatever “King Butt” or whatever they used to call you. Why don’t you go find that chick that managed you and ask for her help, just cause you ain’t won since she left don’t mean you can take your frustrations out on me.

Strucka turns away to put his gear in his locker and Genesis jumps him! Both are pulled apart by several wrestlers. We cut back to Sparks and CP.

Sparks: Lots of bad blood there CP! Guess Genesis felt Strucka cost him the match against Steele.

CP: May be Sparks, but it just sounds to me like Genesis didn’t want to be included in the group with Leeds and Strucka. Let’s be honest, those guys are curtain jerkers and Genesis has some real talent. An idiot and a stoner? Not the best company to keep.

Sparks: Well, it looks like he’s requested a match with Strucka and Dusty has granted it. We’ve got both of our competitors in the ring and a bell!

Sparks: We’re set to go fans! Lots of jaw jacking going on between these two and Genesis slaps Strucka in the face! Strucka stunned! Strucka lands a kneelift to Genesis! He gets Genesis in a side headlock and Genesis fires him into the turnbuckle! Genesis follows up with a shoulder and lands it right in Strucka’s back! Rights and lefts by Genesis! Strucka reeling! Genesis with big kicks!
Genesis picks him up for a suplex…and drops Strucka right across the top rope! Strucka hung up! Genesis with a jump kick that sends Strucka right out of the ring and into the ringside barrier! Strucka is stunned folks and Genesis rolls out, grabs Strucka by the neck and tosses him back in the ring like so much garbage!
Strucka meets Genesis coming back in with a hard kick! Genesis goes down and Strucka goes for a pin! Two count only as Genesis kicks out! Strucka arguing with the ref about a slow count! He picks up Genesis…SMALL PACKAGE! ONE! TWO! Kickout by Strucka! Genesis almost had the win right there!
Strucka putting the boots to Genesis! Genesis trying to make his way to his feet but Strucka is having none of it and locks on a figure four! Genesis makes it to the ropes and Strucka has to break the…what the? Primetime Murphy and the Union Jacks are making their way down to ringside. Now what do they want?
Okay, not sure what Primetime’s group is doing here fans but they’ve pulled up chairs at ringside and are watching the match! Odd! Strucka distracted but he’s back on Genesis! Strucka with an underhook facebuster on Genesis and a cover! ONE! TWO! Kickout by Genesis! Strucka picks up Genesis and goes for a suplex but Genesis counters! Hard fist by Genesis! Strucka stunned! Genesis into the ropes and hits a flying shoulderblock! Strucka down on the mat! Genesis picks him up and hits him with his own underhook facebuster!
Genesis goes for a pin but Strucka kicks out. Genesis picks up Strucka and sends him into the ropes and goes for a clothesline! Strucka ducks! Rebounds and hits a flying double axehandle on Genesis! Strucka with a cover! ONE! TW- Kickout! Another kickout by Genesis! Strucka with those mixed martial arts kicks! He follows up with some vicious closed fist punches and the ref warns him! Strucka waves the official off and picks up Genesis by the head and tosses him through the ropes!
Primetime over by Genesis! Looks like he’s going to help him back in the ring…SHORT ARM CLOTHSELINE!
Murphy just hit Genesis with a clothesline! Genesis goes down hard on the concrete and the Jacks are over and they are putting boots to Damien Genesis! What the hell is going on here?!? Primetime and the Jacks laughing and walking off, leaving Damien lying on the ground! Genesis stunned and he’s holding his head fans! He has no idea what that was all about and neither do we! Well, the ref doesn’t need to see any more fans, he’s rung the bell and awarded the match to Genesis. Strucka is irate and he tosses the ref to the mat!
Winner: Damien Genesis via DQ @ 5:14

Sparks: What an unprovoked attack CP!

CP: No doubt Sparks! Looks like Primetime and his team just flat out don’t like Genesis! Genesis making his way back to the locker room and he still looks confused!

Sparks: Who knows what Murphy is up to! After his attack on his tag partner and his recent change in attitude one can only speculate what is going on in the mind of that troubled young man! We’ll be right back fans!

We come back from break to see Dusty in her office going over some paperwork. She looks up and rolls her eyes.

Dusty: Fantastic.

We pull back to see Crippler Bret Steele standing in her office, his arms crossed, wearing jeans and a jacket

Steele: Nice costume. Not the way I would dress if I were head of a company but whatever floats your boat I suppose. Seems like things are much more lax around here these days, so I shouldn’t be surprised, though by dressing up as a witch you are opening yourself to all sorts of …

Dusty: It’s Halloween Steele, now what do you want?

Steele: What do I want? What have I ever wanted since I walked into this joke of a federation? What have I worked for ever since…

Dusty: Right, right, “championship gold”. You know I’ve heard that so much lately I’m about sick of it. In fact I’m tempted to make every damn belt out of aluminum foil so I don’t have to hear that phrase again.

Steele: You’ll find I’m short on sympathy this week. Already spent the last of it on the homeless guy I gave a Canadian dime to.

Dusty: You know, I’m kinda busy, so…

Steele: Fine, I’ll get right to the damn point. You introduce a new belt and you are going to have a damn BATTLE ROYAL determine the champion? What the hell is that?

Dusty: It’s called a “ratings grabber” and if memory serves that’s exactly how you won your first…and ONLY, OCW World Title.

Steele: Yeah, and I hated it then just like I hate it now. Battle Royals are a waste of time! How many wrestling moves do you see in a Battle Royal? There’s no skill involved! Just a bunch of knuckle draggers trying to throw each other over the top rope! That’s no way for a championship to be decided! A belt, for it to have any meaning, needs to be contested. Two grapplers, in the ring going head to head. I hate gimmick matches, just a bunch of eye candy to distract the brain dead fans and to give the illusion that the no talent bums in the ring have some degree of ability. Real wrestling doesn’t need costumes and morgues and scaffolds and any of that crap, just two men, one belt and laying it all on the line. That’s real wrestling, pure, simple, elegant.

Dusty: I feel like I’m listening to a car commercial, but I like that idea, two grapplers going head to head. Reminds me, you have a match tonight, right?

Steele: Yeah, Roland Hard. Gonna beat him, add another slash in the victory column and set myself up to whip whoever walks out of tonight’s world title match.

Dusty: I see. Well, since you seem to love “gimmick” matches and all, and I can see you’ve got the Halloween spirit, your match with Roland? It just became a Casket Match!

Steele: Oh come on!!! Really? A casket match? Instead of wasting the money on a casket how about adding a few more zeroes to my paycheck? What a waste of time! I don’t need to put Hard in a casket, let me just beat him down in the middle of the ring! Plus, where the hell are you going to find a casket big enough for me to squeeze Roland’s fat ass into!?! You going to go to JeffBoat and ask them to take time off from making aircraft carriers have them weld a casket together?

Dusty’s eyes go wide and Steele stops and turns around- and stares right at Roland who was standing behind him!

Steele: Oh, uh, hey Roland.

Roland: Hey Bret. Heard you rattling on from down the hall. Thought I would come down and see what’s up. So…you got a problem with my weight?

Steele: Me? No, no not at all. The Paramedics who have to pick you up after one of your angina attacks? They might…

Roland: Why you pompadour sporting, narrow assed…

Dusty: HEY! You two wanna scrap? You do it in the ring, not in my office! You might run the risk of knocking my desk over and then I would have to find a place to put all of these pink slips I’ve got, and trust me, neither one of you want that.

Roland: We cool. We cool. Ain’t gonna do nothing to Bret here. He and I, we got a whole big ring to settle things in. Right?

Steele: Well, you might need the whole ring to settle things buddy, but I can make do with just a small little bit of it.

Dusty: Well good, because you both are up, Casket Match, after the break. Now get the hell out of my office!

Steele and Hard stare each other down before Roland leaves and Steele turns back to Dusty

Steele: Better go ahead and get my nameplate out of storage and start shining it up, cause you’ll be putting it on one belt or another tomorrow night.

We cut to commercial!

Sparks: Welcome back to the big Monday Night Meltdown Halloween Special fans! Right now, we’ve got “Crippler” Bret Steele going head to head with the powerhouse Roland Hard! In a CASKET MATCH!!
CP: Creepy! Last time I was in a Casket was down in Haiti with a barmaid named Shasta and a bottle of rum! That was a good weekend!

Sparks: I hate to ask what you were doing in that casket.

CP: Missionary.

Sparks: And it Looks like we’ve got both grapplers in the ring, and we’ve got a bell Thank God!

Sparks: Both wrestlers circling each other in the ring, Steele glancing apprehensively at that casket sitting at ringside….they lock up and Hard takes Steele into a side headlock but the former champ goes to the ropes and gets a break. Another lock up and hip toss by Hard. Steele springs back up, shakes it off. Another lock up and Steele gets Hard in an armbar.
Hard powers out of it, and elbows Steele to the mat. Hard on Steele…heh… and he’s driving his knee right into Steele’s back. Steele back up on his feet. Armbar by Hard and he drops some big elbows on the Steele’s triceps. Steele forces Hard into the ropes and we get a break.
Hard brings Steele off the ropes, Hard into the ropes, Steele follows up with a high knee and Hard goes to the mat.
Big boots by Bret. Hard trying to get up but Steele is keeping him reeling. Steele gets Hard in a front facelock. Hard trying to bull his way out but Steele hangs in there! He’s keeping that front facelock cinched in! Hard counters and he manages to get Steele in a facelock as well! Test of strength here! Cagey Steele with a knee! Hard goes down! Steele picks him up and sends him into the ropes…sunset flip! Steele knees Hard again and he picks Roland up and tries to get him through the ropes and into the casket! Hard counters! Steele staggers away and Roland is able to get out of the ropes.
Hard lands a shoulder block taking The Crippler to the mat! Hard with a side headlock! Steele manages to get to his feet…one elbow…two! Hard breaks the hold! What a match fans! Neither of these men will give an inch!
Steele into the ropes, Hard with another shoulder block into a pin! The ref reminds Roland he’ll need to get Bret in that casket if he wants to win this one! Roland with rights and lefts! Steele staggering! Steele back against the ropes! Roland charges! Steele flips Roland up! He’s leaning back trying to dump the big man into the casket! HE DOES! Roland lands in the casket and the whole thing falls over! Roland rolls out and the ref heads out to set the casket upright! Steele following and both men are outside the ring!
They are right next to the casket fans! Big right hands by Steele! Roland counters with a headbutt that drops Steele to the floor! He picks Steele up over his head! He’s going to toss him right into the casket! Bret fighting for all he’s worth! He hammers Roland and rakes the eyes! Roland drops Steele and Bret just did manage to avoid a loss! Steele throws Roland back into the ring but the big man is back on his feet and catches Steele with a kneelift and brings him back in over the top rope by his hair!
Backbreaker by Hard! Steele manages to get up, but he’s holding his back…bodyslam by Hard! Hard scoops him up, sends him into the ropes! Steele ducks the clothesline! Rebounds! Clothesline! Hard is staggering and Steele grabs him and sends him hard into the turnbuckle! Hard hits that turnbuckle and his head just bounded off the metal tie! Hard may be knocked out! He’s slouched against the turnbuckle fans…Steele is backing up! Measuring Hard! Flying lariat!!! Steele just flew across the ring smashing Hard against that turnbuckle!
Roland stumbles into the center of the ring and goes face first to the mat! HERE WE GO! Steele rolling Roland towards the casket! Roland is still out of it! Can he get him in!?! No! Roland jams his feet into that casket! He’s not going that easily fans! Steele on the outside and brings Roland with him! Roland and Steele fighting alongside the casket! Roland with a right hand! A left! Steele is reeling! Steele trying to get away but Roland sends him hard into the ring steps! Steele may have hurt his shoulder fans! Roland with some big boots! He’s got Steele up and he’s taking Steele to the casket in a fireman’s carry! Steele hammering away at Rolands head! Roland tries to drop Steele into the casket but Steele blocks! Roland with another right hand! This is a brawl fans! Steele out of it, but he manages to shoulder block Roland, who stumbles back. Steele, dazed, leaning against that casket! Roland charges! BACK BODY DROP! Steele just dropped Roland back into that casket and he’s got the lid! Roland gets an arm up to stop the lid from closing but Steele with both hands slams that lid hard down on Roland’s head, that deep rich mahogany lid cracking Roland’s skull open and Roland is out of it! Call it a night! YES!! Steele’s locked it fans! Roland is locked in that casket!!!
Winner: Crippler Bret Steele @ 11:12

After the match Steele grabs the mic

Bret Steele: Alright, you people just saw what I did to Roland here and I’m putting the current champs on notice. Whoever wins that title tonight, you enjoy that victory. Enjoy it, drink it in and cradle that title in your ever-loving arms, because after tonight I’m coming for you. I don’t care if it’s at a PPV, a house show or on Monday Night Meltdown. The former champ has gone for too long without gold around his waist and that is a situation I’m going to rectify very, very soon.

He drops the mic and leaves the ring

Sparks: What a win and what a statement CP!

CP: Sure was Sparks. Steele seems like a man on a mission and he’s racking up wins left and right. Whoever wins that world title tonight better keep their eyes on him.

Sparks: Well, right now fans, we’ve got the CEO of the OCW in the ring, Dusty Diamond and she has a special announcement for us! Let’s go to Dusty!

In the ring, Dusty has a mic!

Dusty: Hello OCW! (The crowd responds with a chorus of cheers, some boos). I hope everyone is enjoying tonight’s show so far, and don’t worry, we have a lot more action coming your way this evening. In fact we are just getting warmed up!
I wanted to take a moment and bring you all up to speed on some major news.
First off, we’ve got our next PPV event all lined up and I think you all are going to really enjoy it! It’s called “OCW- ALL IN”! That’s all I can say about it right now, but mark your calendar! November 29th, at Southern Indiana’s Horseshoe Casino, OCW presents All In! Tickets will go on sale in a few weeks, check your local box office.
Alright, now for the biggest news…The OCW, just this past weekend, after long negotiations, has entered into a contractual agreement with Sakai All Pro Japanese Wrestling!
What this means is that some of their wrestlers will be coming over here to wrestle and from time to time we will send some of our biggest stars on tour in Japan! (The crowd cheers).

This is huge news for the OCW, and, with some recent acquisitions that will be appearing very soon, the OCW just continues to grow and expand!
But right now, I want to introduce a new team from Sakai All Pro, please help me welcome- Yin & Yang!!!!

Music hits and two women make their way out to the ring, one wearing primarily white wrestling gear, the other black. They enter and wave to the fans and shake hands with Dusty.

Dusty: Now, for fans who aren’t familiar with you, (she turns to the one in white) You are Yin and your partner (gesturing to the female in black) is Yang.

Yin: Yes, this is correct Dusty.

Dusty: Excellent. Well, for the fans who don’t know, you both were very successful singles wrestlers, and in fact for a while feuded with one another over the Sakai All Pro Cruiserweight belt for a time. Then, after a while of trading the belt back and forth you joined up and formed a very popular tag team. Is that correct?

Yang: That is correct Miss Diamond. Yin and I waged many battles and left many blood soaked mats throughout Japan. But the rivalry bred respect and admiration and we were able to turn that into the team you see before you.

Yin: Yes, we’ve held the Sakai Tag Titles on two different occasions and have beaten some of the…

Suddenly, the entrance music for the Super Dragons hits and Black Sun makes their way to the ring. Yojimbo, Silver Dragon and Red Dragon climb through the ropes and Yojimbo has a mic!

Yojimbo: What is this Dusty Diamond? You can’t be serious? Sakai All Pro? I spit at them! Pitui! Sakai and his sons are fat, slow thinking hippos! Just like these fans sitting around the ring! (Boos)
It is true! You fat Americans need to stop shoving burgers in your face and eat a bowl of rice every now and then. Then perhaps you wouldn’t lead the world in obesity! HA!

Dusty: Yojimbo, what do you want?

Yojimbo: Simple! I want to give these two ladies the opportunity to join Black Sun! I realize being buried in the mid card over at Sakai, they may not even realize the influence and power I wield here. So, I felt it only fair to extend this one time only offer. The Super Dragons would hate to have to teach them a lesson. By joining us, they won’t have to be made an example of.

Dusty: Look Yojimbo, you and your boys…

Yin leans over and puts her hand on Dusty’s shoulder

Dusty: Yes?

Yin: Many pardons Miss Diamond, but if I may…we are well aware of Yojimbo’s actions and reputation, even in Sakai All Pro. And I think my partner would agree with me, that Yojimbo and the Super Dragons can…what is the phrase? Oh yes, “kiss our collective ass”?

Yojimbo goes nuts and stamps the mat as the Super Dragons take great offense!

Dusty: Woah! Guess you heard that Yojimbo! Your boys want to make an example? Fine! How about right now!?! Ring the damn bell I’m making a match!!!

Dusty bails out of the ring and we have a match!

Sparks: Wow! Yin and Yang, a new team to the OCW didn’t seem too impressed with the Super Dragons CP!

CP: That’s foolish Sparks, the Dragons are a solid team, hell, they’re ex tag champs!

Sparks: True enough CP! In fact my sources say that a few weeks back when the Super Dragons were defending their OCW Tag Belts in Japan they had a few run-ins with Yang, though that has yet to be confirmed. Still, it looks like Yin and Yang have their work cut out for them!
Alright fans, looks like after some consultation with Yojimbo, the Super Dragons are ready to proceed. Looks like Yin is starting out against Red Dragon. Yin with a high kick that Red Dragon ducks and she bounces back smiling. I’ve heard that this team of Yin and Yang likes to mentally intimidate their opponents!
We’ve got a lock up and Red Dragon gets a waist lock and turns it into an armbar. He’s working that arm, but Yin counters with a single leg takedown, turns it into a single leg boston crab…Red Dragon rolls through and gets away.
Red Dragon stamping the mat! They hook up again, side headlock by Red Dragon, sends Yin into the ropes and she comes off with a somersault! Red Dragon ducks, comes back and lands a forearm to the face! Yin goes down and Red Dragon hits a Japanese arm drag! Red Dragon back up and cheap shot on Yang! Yang furious and comes in the ring and the ref gets distracted with her- bad news for Yin and the Dragons double team her!
Yin trying to get a tag but Silver Dragon comes in and pulls her over! He whips her into the ropes but she reverses! Silver Dragon into the turnbuckle! Yin goes for a tag but Silver Dragon is able to cut her off! He’s got her by the arm- what’s he doing…he’s climbed the turnbuckle...he’s walking the ropes! A move he’s known for fans, his “praying rope walk” and he comes off with a hard chop down across her elbow! Yin on the mat and she’s in some pain fans!
Silver Dragon sends Yin into the ropes, she ducks a clothesline, rebounds, hits a kick to Silver Dragons midsection and he doubles over! Yin with a double underhook! Silver Dragon blocks! Scoops her leg! She goes down! He goes into the ropes and comes off with a flying knee drop, Yin moves! Silver Dragon hits hard on the mat and he’s cradling that knee fans!
Crucial mistake! Silver Dragon stumbles back to his feet and Yin capitalizes with a spin kick! Silver Dragon ducks! She makes a 360 and connects with the second attempt! Silver Dragon on the mat! Yin follows up with a corkscrew legdrop! Pin attempt! ONE! TWO! Silver Dragon just kicks out!
Yin to her corner! She tags in Yang who wastes no time in dropping a knee right across Silver Dragon’s forehead and going for her own pin! But she only gets a two count! But she’s up in a flash fans and jumps onto the turnbuckle and hits a slingshot legdrop! Another pin! ONE! TWO! Another kickout by Silver Dragon and he looks stunned fans!
Yang with a series of kicks to Silver Dragon’s back! Silver Dragon finally to his feet! Yang sends him into the ropes and he comes off and she levels him with a chop to the throat! Another pin! Two count only and Yang cinches in a headlock but Silver Dragon powers out and lands a pair of elbows to the side of her head! Yang is stunned and Silver Dragon tags out to Red Dragon!
Red Dragon in and Yang catches him with a high kick! He’s stunned! She goes into the ropes but rebounds right into a spinning kick by Red Dragon! Yang goes down! She rolls out to the floor holding her jaw and Silver Dragon catches her with a clothesline from the ring apron!
Yang on the outside! The ref is counting her out! She shakes it off, and rolls back in the ring. She’s back up and she and Red Dragon begin exchanging chops! Yang into the ropes and hits a clothesline on Red Dragon! He’s down! She drops and cinches in an ankle lock!
Ref asking Red Dragon if he wants to submit but he waves it off. Red Dragon makes it to the ropes and Yang is forced to break the hold. Snapmare takeover by Yang, and she gets him in a camel clutch!
Silver Dragon in to rescue his partner! Yin comes in! We’ve got all four in the ring now! Spinning heel kick by Yang on Red Dragon! Red Dragon slides out to the floor! Yang leaps up! Bounds off the top rope! ASAI MOONSAULT ON RED DRAGON! Both collapsed into a heap on the outside of the ring!
Yang is back up first! She and Yin hit a clothesline that sends Silver Dragon right over the railing and into the first row!
Yojimbo spins Yin around but she follows through with a roundhouse kick that almost takes his head off! Yojimbo hits hard on the concrete and he’s out of it fans! That kick laid him out!
Red Dragon enters the fray! We’ve got a free for all on the outside! Yin and Yang trying to get back in the ring! Yin chops Red Dragon! She drapes him over the metal ringside barrier! What’s she…she’s on the ring apron…CORKSCREW GUILLOTINE LEGDROP! She almost decapitated Red Dragon!
Yang and Silver Dragon back in the ring fans, Silver Dragon with a hard chop! Yang counters with a dropkick to the left knee of Silver Dragon! Yin back in! Yang tags her in and ties Silver Dragon up with a “bow and arrow”! He’s exposed as Yin goes up to the top turnbuckle! FLYING KNEEDROP! She came off and put that knee right in the sternum of Silver Dragon! COVER! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT!
Oh fans what a match! These two teams are leaving it all in the ring! German suplex by Yin on Silver Dragon! Another cover! ONE! TWO-KICKOUT! Silver Dragon really hanging in there fans! She tags in Yang who goes up top! BIG SPLASH! She covers! ONE! TWO! TH-KICKOUT! Just barely a kickout by the former tag champion Silver Dragon!
Yang tags back in Yin and hits a powerbomb on Silver Dragon! Yin up top…450 SPLASH! 450 SPLASH ON SILVER DRAGON! Cover! ONE! TWO…NO! Red Dragon breaks up the pin!
That would have been it for Silver Dragon fans! His partner just managed to save him! Yin with sidekick on Red Dragon and that sends him back out of the ring! Yojimbo’s back up, he’s trying to pull Silver Dragon out of the ring! Yin grabs Silver Dragon and we have a tug of war! Yang on the outside and she nails Yojimbo with a clothesline! He’s down!
Yin has Silver Dragon back in the ring and he’s up, Dragon Screw Legwhip on Yin! He caught her off guard and Yin goes down! Yang and Red Dragon exchanging chops on the outside!
Silver Dragon pulls Yin up by her hair…GREEN MIST! GREEN MIST! HE JUST SPIT THAT GREEN MIST RIGHT IN HER EYES! He follows up with a spin kick but it’s too late-the ref saw it! Disqualification on the Super Dragons!
Yojimbo in the ring and he and Silver Dragon are brutalizing Yin! They are putting the boots to her and she rolls out of the ring and Yang is there to help her partner! She grabs a chair and holds them off! Black Sun keeping their distance as Yang helps her partner back to the locker room!!! Oh my fans what a match! I can tell you this looks far from over!!!
Winners: Yin & Yang via disqualification @ 24:13

Sparks: CP what do you think of that!?!?

CP: Impressive Sparks! This team of Yin and Yang showed me something, but so did the former champs! Both teams went at it like there were damn belts on the line or something!

Sparks: No doubt! I think this new agreement with Sakai All Pro is going to be great for the OCW!

CP: I have to agree Sparks! If the talent coming our way is half as good as this team of Yin and Yang then I think everyone in the back better sit up and take notice!

Sparks: Well we’ve got to take a break fans but we’ll be right back after this!

We return and we’re backstage in the locker room where Mentalo is stretching. He looks up and hops to his feet. Lil’ Tokyo is watching him from the doorway and steps in

Lil’ Tokyo: Mentalo, I just wanted to wish you luck tonight.

Mentalo: Thank you Lil’ Tokyo. I too wish you much success in our match.

Lil’ Tokyo: (hefting her new title belt) I do not know if you saw earlier, but Dusty had a new title belt made.

They both look down at the belt and Mentalo goes to touch it then stops, looks at his own belt and both stare at each other for a moment

Lil’ Tokyo: I notice you are not wearing your new belt.

Mentalo: That is correct. I told Miss Diamond to hold on to it. I won this belt so I’ll wear this belt to the ring, and, if after tonight I should continue to wear the TV Title, then I will claim the new belt. Now, if you don’t mind, I have some preparations to make…

Lil’ Tokyo: You know Mentalo, I’ve been looking forward to this match all week. You certainly deserve this shot with all you’ve been through.

Mentalo doesn’t respond, merely begins stretching. Lil’ Tokyo watches him.

Lil’ Tokyo: Mentalo, if I have done something….

Mentalo: Lil’ Tokyo, You and I will face off tonight for that belt, and I must concentrate. That may just be a belt to you, but to me it’s so much more.

Lil’ Tokyo: “Just a belt”? Mentalo this is more than just a belt to me! You know what I went through to win this!

Mentalo: And you know what I’ve gone through to get this shot! Ever since I’ve been in the OCW I’ve been ridiculed and laughed at! I am a former World Champion in my home country! To come here and become a laughingstock is unacceptable! I must make changes, important changes if I am to be taken seriously.

Lil’ Tokyo: I noticed. Black is a new look for you.

Mentalo: It is not just about my image Lil’ Tokyo, it is about how I conduct myself and how I perform. The only thing the grapplers in the OCW respect is toughness and tenacity- two traits I have let suffer. The TV Title win cemented that I am serious, and, well, tonight, if I can put that World belt around my waist, they will laugh at me no more! I will do anything to win that belt Lil’ Tokyo! This may be my only title shot I ever get and I refuse to…

Lil’ Tokyo: To what? What will you refuse Mentalo?

Mentalo: I…do not want to say.

Lil’ Tokyo: Then I will say it for you. You will not let our friendship stop you from doing everything in your power to take this title from me.

Mentalo says nothing and they merely stare at one another for a moment

Lil’ Tokyo: As I said before Mentalo, you deserve this title shot. And if you win tonight, then you will deserve to be champion. I merely hope that all you do to win is beat me cleanly and fairly.

Mentalo: What do you mean by that?

Lil’ Tokyo: Nothing, I’m sure you will conduct yourself in an honorable manner. Good luck Mentalo, I’ll see you in the ring.

Lil’ Tokyo slings the belt over her shoulder and leaves as Mentalo watches her go.

We go to commercial and come back to Sparks and CP

Sparks: And right now fans we have Kai in the ring and he has a mic!

CP: Doesn't he have a match tonight where he might get killed?

Sparks: Well, it shouldn't be that bad. I hope.

CP: All I'm saying is he might want to be getting his affairs in order and not messing around this dump.

Sparks: Let's go to the ring!

Kai: Just a few very short weeks ago, there was a terrible accident. My brother was manslaughtered. Burned to ashes in an ambulance. However…he isn't truly dead. No, he is with us here even now…

a thin layer of green mist begins to shroud the whole arena
Kai: When a vengeful spirit wants his ways back to our realm of existence he must do it through the conscious of the living. I know, as well as you all know, that this place hasn't been quite the same without Headhunter around. Everyone’s been wondering where his career would have gone. Well your wondering has manifested itself. Yes, it has.

The green mist gets thicker

Kai: Once the vengeful spirit has been able to manifest itself, he must prove to us that it has returned better than ever. That’s what’s been happening around here lately. You're nightmares have been just that, and what has been happening to poor little TJ Danger, Yes. It is truly all connected. The monster from your nightmares, TJ's attacker. The beast now known as Nightmare. Is in all actuality...


Dusty's music hits, and she walks to the ring followed by the helmeted figure!

Dusty: No need to panic, everyone. I've come to put an end to all of this “smoke and mirrors Night of the Living Dead” crap. I know it’s Halloween and some people are more inclined to trick than treat. (she climbs in the ring followed by the helmeted figure). We've got people hacking our tron and putting up fake promos, we've got someone getting fog happy around here and now we have Kai in my ring about to drop an end of the world prophecy- and I'm tired of it all.
Kai, I'm sorry but you'll just have to face the fact that your brother is dead and not coming back- ever. Oh, and someone needs to kill this fog machine, I didn’t sign off on it and I’ll have someone’s job for the added expense.

Kai: What is this blasphemous, irreverent, disrespectful outburst for? Who do you have there? That’s not my brother!

Dusty: You're right, it’s not your brother. I'm tired of all this nonsense! I'm not letting my employees run around pretending there are ghosts haunting my federation. It's time we put an end to all this crap. How about we unmask this man tonight?

Kai: You are a cold-hearted, impious, fool! I know you have your own way of doing things, but this is an new low. Disrespecting me, and my brother…

Dusty: Impious? Wow, normally I'd fire someone for such a claim, but I think that’s the biggest word I've heard out of any of the tights-wearing knuckle draggers in this fed. No this isn't your brother…

Dusty pulls the helmet off the figure. It is a man we do not recognize.

Dusty: This is, Robert Hetfield, hired by TJ Danger to make a name for himself. TJ knew his job was on the line, and he wanted some insurance that he was getting spotlight, and it worked. Now your delusional claims of your brother being back from the dead are over. I don't want to hear anymore of it, okay? Now, instead of worrying about the dead, I suggest you get yourself together and worry about the living, because in a little while you are going to be walking into the first ever Morgue Match with two very alive and very dangerous men in Blood Rage and Sickbag. And if your head isn’t screwed on straight one of those demented bastards might just grab a rusty scalpel and cut it off!

Dusty leaves the ring. The helmeted figure stays standing. Kai throws down his microphone, AND DRAGON FANGS ROBERT! He picks up the helmet and tears it apart, the cardboard pieces falling to the ring. Kai is infuriated and storms out. A moment later, green smoke re-fills the arena….


Sparks: Woah CP! What do you think of what just transpired!?!

CP: I think this fog is making my asthma flare up!

Sparks: But you have to admit CP, what we’ve seen begs questions! Who was that voice? What does Kai know? Is Headhunter really gone?

CP: You blind Sparks? You saw the idiot Dusty brought out. To me this is as cut and dry as Roswell. You can close this X-File son, ain’t no conspiracy and ain’t no ghosts.

Sparks: Well, I hope Kai can put this out of his mind for a while, because he faces two violent men tonight and he can’t afford to lose his focus!

CP: He better get his head in the game Sparks. Maybe he came back too soon! Kai never really seemed to take time to mourn. I’m calling it right now, Kai ain’t walking out of that morgue tonight.

Sparks: Well, we’ll see what happens to be sure, but right now we’ve got the returning Spartan taking on the insane and talented Margharita!

CP: Talking about people coming back too soon, I think we’ll be sweeping pieces of Spartan up off the floor after this match Sparks.

Sparks: May be CP! Margharita has always been a bit unhinged, but the past few weeks she’s just been downright insane! Sneak attacks, bounties, there seems to be no limit to the lengths she will go to get that TV Title!

CP: She’s surprisingly good Sparks! For a grappler whose finisher is a testicle stomp, she has racked up some wins! Of course if Mentalo wins tonight that TV Title goes vacant! Margharita may be closer to her goal than she realizes!

Sparks: Well, both combatants are in the ring and we have a bell!!!!

Sparks: Alright fans! As many of you know, Margharita has racked up some impressive wins lately but she’s been preoccupied trying to take out some of the other competitors in the OCW on her way to a title shot and Spartan of course has a lot to prove, as many suspect he’s not full recovered from his various injuries. So both have a lot at stake in this matchup.
Both cautiously staring each other down in the ring and the referee backs away to give them plenty of room…and Margharita spits right in Spartans face! Spartan takes exception to that and they lock up! Kneelift by the big man that takes Margharita right off of her feet! Another! Spartan picks her up and easily presses her above his head! He’s walking around the ring with her and she’s going nuts! Spartan certainly looks healed up to me fans!
PRESS SLAM! Margharita goes down hard and that kind of move will certainly take its toll on your back! Margharita begging off in the corner but Spartan moves in and picks her up by the hair! He’s no fool fans! LOW BLOW BY MARGHARITA! Spartan goes down and Margharita goes into the ropes and comes off with a dropkick that catches him right in the chest!
Spartan in some pain but he’s getting back up…kneelift by Margharita that sends Spartan back to the mat!
She’s taking too much time celebrating fans! Spartan is back up and spins her around! Big forearm sends her back into a corner! Spartan charges but she moves! Spartan hits the ring post with his shoulder hard fans and he’s hurting! Margharita going up top! High risk! 450 SENTON SPLASH!!! Rollup! ONE! TWO! Spartan kicks out fans! Margharita complaining to the ref about the count but that was a legit count fans! The ref checking on Spartan and …wait…Margharita with her back to the ref is going to her trunks, she’s pulling something out…she’s got something in her hand but I can’t tell what it is and the ref didn’t see it! She’s measuring Spartan…looks like she might have some brass knucks! She nails Spartan! He’s drops like a sack of wet cement right in the corner and…WAIT! A fan has come out of the crowd…LET’S GET LOS SECURITY OUT HERE!! She hits the ring and spins Margharita around and kicks her in the stomach! POWERBOMB! Who the hell is…MISS BLING! The fan has pulled her sunglasses and hat off to reveal Miss Bling!!!The ref has called this match fans but Miss Bling is back and it looks like her first order of business is to exact some revenge! Margharita is out cold and Bling kicks her one last time for good measure before leaving to a chorus of cheers!
Winner: Margharita via DQ @ 4:30

Sparks: Wow, looks like Spartan isn’t the only one we can mark off the injured list, huh CP?

CP: Definitely not Scooter! Bling looks like she’s in great shape and she’s ready for some payback! But Margharita is one crazy lady, Bling better watch getting in the ring with her!

Sparks: She is sort of out there, isn’t she?

CP: Her finishing maneuver is a ball stomp, what do you think?

Sparks: Point taken! Well right now fans, Jackie is in the back with Angel who is about to announce her mystery partner for tonight’s “Heaven and Hell” match with the OCW World Tag Team Champions, the Hellcats!

CP: And what exactly is a “Heaven and Hell” match Sparks? I just figured it was, you know, a couple of chicks from hell and Angel who is all, you know…religious or whatever.

Sparks: Well, let’s see CP, I’ve got the information right here on my laptop…uhm… here it is, right from Dusty’s email, “a Heaven and Hell match is one in which there are four poles affixed to the top of each ring post and a bag suspended from each. In each bag is an item one team may use against the other”- that must be the “heaven” part, “in addition the ring is surrounded by gas lines providing a meter tall wall of flame. The match is no disqualification, and the winner is the first team to catch either opponent on fire.”

CP: Oh nice! This place is a dump Sparks! I’m guessing the fire marshal hasn’t set foot in here in a few decades and now they are going to ignite gas lines in here?

Sparks: It does seem ill advised.

CP: We’re all going to die.

Sparks: Take it away Jackie!

In the back Jackie is standing with Angel.

Jackie: Thanks guy, I’ll be sure to hang out around the exits! Angel you heard Scooter read the description of this “Heaven and Hell” match. Do you have any concerns?

Angel: Of course I have concerns Jackie! The ring will be surrounded by fire and I’ll be in there with two maniacs! But you know, don’t mistake concern with fear, I’ve gone out and recruited me the one person who can help me take out these Hellcats and shut them down for good!

Jackie: Really? So who is it? Who is your mystery partner?

Angel: Oh no, I don’t give up my secrets that easily Miss M! You and the fans will have to wait ‘till I walk down that aisle to see who I recruited! I’m not giving Mr.Lucifer and those Hellcats one single, solitary advantage tonight!

Jackie: Fair enough Angel! Angel, last week Margharita brutally attacked you and offered a bounty for anyone who could take you out. It appears as though she was threatened by your impressive winning streak and what it could mean for her chances at a title shot. How do you plan on responding to her?

Angel: Well Jackie, from what we just saw, it looks like Margharita has more than enough on her plate, don’t you think? As far as her bounty on me…well, I’ve got some thoughts on that Jackie but I’ll save my comments for later. It’s still a sore spot for me, I’m sure you understand.

Jackie: Indeed I do! Well there you have it fans! Angel, thank you and good luck tonight out there!

Angel: Thank you Jackie!

Sparks: Angel keeping her choice of partner under lock and key CP! Any ideas who it might be?

CP: Your….


CP: …guess is as good as mine Sparks. That was what I was going to say. Your GUESS is as good as mine.

Sparks: Oh, well, uhm.

CP: Yeah, right. Anyway, while my partner tries to get his foot out of his mouth, let’s send it back to Jackie and the Hellcats with their manager, Mr.Lucifer!

Sparks: I’m sorry about that, I forgot to eat before we went on the air and my blood sugar might be a little low…

CP: So eat a Snickers and stay the *BEEP* away from me you nut.

We go to the back where Jackie is joined by Mr.Lucifer and The Hellcats who are hissing and snarling from the Devils Toybox.

Jackie: Thanks CP! Make sure Scooter gets a Moonpie! Alright, well I’m joined, as you all can see, by Mr.Lucifer and the OCW Tag team Champions the Hellcats. Mr.Lucifer, I’m guessing you have to be committing some sort of human rights violations by keeping these women locked up like you do!

Mr.Lucifer: Ah, my poor, beautiful, misguided darling. I would be committing an even bigger human rights violation if I let them roam free! These two women are instruments of destruction! Tools of the Devil! If I were to merely let them out and left them to their own devices I dare say in a short amount of time you and the rest of humanity would be begging for a quick and merciful death. Consider it my gift to the world that I only release them for a few short moments every week or so.

Jackie: Right. Well, you’ve heard the description of the “Heaven and Hell” match. Are you concerned that…let’s just be honest here, this kind of match is right up their alley isn’t it?

Mr.Lucifer: How right your are my dear! Look at the tag team champions and let your eyes tell your brain what it already knows! Flames? Weapons? No rules? Do you really believe there to be anyone in the OCW that would slide as effortlessly into this match as these two? Jackie, these women, who were forged in the fires of adversity and whose very bodies are covered in a roadmap of scar tissue feel no pain! They feel no remorse for what they do! Jackie, the government calls me at least once a week asking if they can borrow The Hellcats so that they may air drop them into the middle east to wipe out everything but the sand and oil! These are living, breathing weapons of Mass Destruction!

Jackie: So you aren’t worried that Angel is keeping her partner’s identity secret up until the time of the match?

Mr.Lucifer: Not in the slightest. She wants her partner to be a surprise? Well I have my own surprise too!

Jackie: And just what does that mean?

Mr.Lucifer: Just what I said Jackie! Tonight, the world will be introduced to the newest member of the Army of Darkness!

Jackie: Wait! What? Who? Who is going to be joining your stable!?!

Mr.Lucifer: Shhhhhh! You will see soon enough Jackie! We all have surprises, and I promise mine will not disappoint!!!

Jackie: Wow! What a scoop! Well fans it looks like tonight we will get a glimpse of the newest member of Mr.Lucifer’s stable! It should be exciting! I just hope Angel and her partner can handle the surprise as well! Back to you Scooter!

Sparks: …usually packs me a juice box with my lunch but today I left the house early and…huh? We’re back? OH! Thanks Jackie! I don’t envy you having to deal with the AOD! So CP, looks like the Army of Darkness has their own little surprise tonight! A new member!

CP: Pretty devious Sparks! But I expect no less from that snake Lucifer!

Sparks: Well, the OCW Tag Team Champions are being hauled to the ring by Lucifer in that sinister looking “Devil’s Toybox!” that thing could be a weapon itself CP!

CP: Yeah, that thing is covered in chains and hooks Sparks! What the hell? How can the refs and Dusty allow that thing to be brought to ringside? Trust me, I know personally what kind of advantage that thing can give!

Sparks: I hear you CP! Well the Tag Champs are in the ring and Razor Girl and Barb Wire are stalking the ring like hungry animals! We’ve got paramedics at ringside with fire extinguishers to put out the loser and, if need be, rush them to the hospital in case they require medical assistance, but no ref! This is every person for themselves! But as I look around the ring, I have to wonder, where is the newest member of the Army of Darkness?

CP: Come on Sparks, you know Lucifer isn’t going to tip his hand this early. I expect a run in later on when the chips are down.

Sparks: Woah! There go the gas lines and a wall of flame has literally sprung to life around the ring! Those flames are several feet high fans and I can guarantee they are as hot as they look! The Tag Champs in the ring and they certainly look at home! Razor Girl holding those new tag belts high…those are really beautiful!

CP: They are Sparks! At least the money was well spent!

Sparks: Well the mystery as to who is Angel’s partner is about to be revealed! We’ve got her music and here she comes through the curtains followed by….MAJOR PUNISHMENT! She and Angel are at the entrance to the arena and it looks like she brought an equalizer- a baseball bat! She’s slapping her hand with that and it looks like she means to use it! CP did you know Major Punishment was going to be involved in this match?!?

CP: Of course! My little girl and I have no secrets!

Sparks: So I guess we’ll see you involved in this match at some point then?

CP: Nope.

Sparks: No? Really?

CP: Not that it’s any of your business Scooter, but my little girl came to me and asked me, that no matter what happens, no matter how bad things get, that I was to no longer get involved in her matches and career. She’s her own woman and wants to make it her own way.

Sparks: Wow! That’s quite impressive CP! You should be very proud of her!

CP: I am, proud of her and scared for the Tag Champs cause they are going to have a fight on their hands tonight.

Sparks: You may be on to something there CP! Well, it goes without saying that this match is NO DISQUALIFICATION and MP is taking full advantage of that by bringing her bat to the ring with her! But, the only way to win is to catch one of your opponents on fire! Atop the four corner ring posts are poles and affixed to those are bags with various items and weapons inside! This one is going to be brutal and violent CP! You know they don’t even hold these types of matches in North America very often because of the brutality!

CP: You ain’t telling me something I don’t already know Scooter! No ref and the match is over when someone goes up like a roman candle! I may not get involved but I sure am going to question Major’s sense in agreeing to be Angel’s partner in this kind of match!

Sparks: Payback CP! She wants to get revenge on the Hellcats for what they put you and her through a few weeks back! It’s obvious hate still burns in her heart!

CP: That won’t be the only thing burning tonight if she’s not careful. And I promised I wouldn’t get involved…I must be nuts.

Sparks: Well, considering what your daughter is about to get into, I can see that being a genetic possibility. Alright fans the bell has sounds and we’re ready to go!!!

Sparks: Just a reminder fans, this is a Non-Title match! Nope, no belts at stake tonight, just a match for good old-fashioned revenge! Razor Girl and Angel going at it fans, and Razor Girl going right for one of those bags! Angel intercepts and tries to stop her and Razor Girl levels Angel with a right fist! Now she’s hammering Angel to the ground! Bodyslam! Razor Girl goes for a elbow drop but Angel rolls out of the way! Razor girl hits hard and Angel is up! Razor Girl back on her feet and Angel with fists of her own!
On the other side of the ring, Major Punishment swinging like a major leaguer with that bat! Barb has managed to dodge thus far- OH! Major Punishment just jabbed Barb in the gut with that bat! Barb doubled over! She’s in pain fans! Major Punishment measuring her- she swings! She misses! Barb ducked and MP is off balance! Barb with a standing dropkick and she catches MP right in the shoulder with those vicious high heeled boots! The bat goes flying! Barb kicks it out of the ring and Lucifer quick to pick it up!
Barb Wire putting boots right into Major Punishment! MP fighting back and gives her a hard clothesline that sends her right over the ropes! Woah! Barb landed close to that fire and almost lost this match for the Hellcats! Major Punishment going up top and she has a bag! She’s untied it and what does she have…DIAMOND MINERS GLOVE! What an advantage fans! Those Diamond Miners Gloves are about five pounds each with thick metal bands sewn into the knuckles! She’s got one on! Barb coming back in the ring and MP goes for a roundhouse right but Barb ducks and shoulder blocks her back into the ring!
Angel still on Razor Girl! She sends her into the ropes and hits a stomach punch coming off the ropes! Razor Girl feeling that one!
Angel sends Razor Girl into the ropes and goes for a reverse roll up! Angel needs to get her head in the game fans! There are no pins in this one and no ref to count! Angel realizing her mistake but Razor Girl kicks out and gets to her feet! Angel with a wild swing Razor Girl ducks and hits an atomic elbow! That sends Angel staggering- right into a dropkick by Barb Wire!!!
That almost took Angel’s head off fans! Angel on the mat and the Hellcats moving in towards Major Punishment…but Punishment nails Razor Girl with that loaded glove! Razor Girl hits the mat and rolls out of the ring and Barb and MP lock up!
Armdrag takedown by Barb! SHE’S GOT THE GLOVE OFF! She just pulled it right off of Punishment’s hand and has thrown it to the outside of the ring! Barb now hammering on Punishment! But Wait! Angel is making her way up to one of those sacks! Razor Girl back in the ring and she’s trying to stop Angel, but Angel has it in her hands! They are slugging it out on the second turnbuckle…fighting for that sack! What could be in it fans? What sort of weapon can…THE BAG GOES FLYING! THUMBTACKS! THE RING IS SHOWERED IN THUMBTACKS!
Oh what a hideous display fans! That ring is literally covered in hundreds of sharp, painful thumbtacks! Barb picks up Major Punishment and goes for a bodyslam! BLOCK! Block by Punishment! Reversal! OH!! BARB WIRE SLAMMED HARD ONTO THAT BED OF THUMBTACKS! She feels it fans! As tough as these Hellcats are, you get slammed onto a few hundred thumbtacks and that is going to hurt! Barb letting loose an unholy roar and she rolls out of the ring, clawing at her back like a madwoman! Lucifer over there and he’s dragging those long nails of his along her back, digging those thumbtacks out! She’s bleeding fans!
Razor Girl and Angel still going at it! Razor Girl rips that golden halo-like hair barrette out and she’s trying to gouge Angels’ eyes out with it! Angel fighting her off! Razor Girl tosses the item away and sends Angel into the turnbuckle and she hits hard! Razor Girl following up and Angel moves! Razor Girl smashing into the turnbuckle and the match is definitely going Angel and Punishment’s way! They have the Hellcats on the ropes!
Barb back in and she’s got the Miner’s glove! She nails Punishment with it! Punishment goes down hard and Barb swings at Angel who ducks! Angel with a kick to Barb’s midsection but Razor Girl back in and lands a double axehandle across Angel’s back! The Hellcats taking control fans! Punishment still dazed from that shot and Barb heads up the turnbuckle post to one of the last two bags! She’s got it…She’s got it opened! What is that?
OH NO! LIGHTER FLUID! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?! Oh fans…The Hellcats with lighter fluid! They waste no time squirting it…right in Angel’s eyes! Angel blinded and covered in lighter fluid and some on Major Punishment too! Razor Girl hosing down the competition as just a few feet away a three foot tall wall of flame surrounds the ring! They won’t even have to get near the fire to go up like a roman candle!
To my left CP is beside himself, but true to his word he’s keeping his seat fans! Major Punishment made him promise not to get involved and he’s honoring her wishes!
Punishment with a clothesline on Barb and she’s got that Miners Glove back! She’s nailed Barb! She nails Razor Girl! She checks on her partner and it looks like Angel is going to be alright…Major Punishment out to ringside…WATCH THE FLAMES! She avoids catching fire and grabs a bottle of water from a nearby fan! Back in the ring and she’s dousing Angel’s eyes! The Hellcats, recovering from those vicious shots have bailed to the outside. Lucifer, keeping his distance from the proceedings is shouting orders at the Tag Champs
Alright fans, looks like Angel can see again! Major Punishment scrambling to the top of the last turnbuckle and grabs the last bag…WOODEN KATANA!
What a weapon fans! Those things are stronger than your standard kendo stick and carved from a solid piece of wood! Samurai train with these before moving on to real katana! Our production assistant tells me this is called a “bokken”- a wooden training katana.
Razor Girl seeing the other team with both weapons makes a run for Punishment but Punishment hits a clothesline! Razor Girl bails back out of the ring! Barb tries to come in but Punishment nails her with the glove and send her reeling!
Angel and Punishment standing triumphant in the ring! What a team! Punishment tosses the bokken to Angel and they are calling for the Hellcats to come back in! What a brutal match fans! Every one of these ladies are covered in thumbtacks, bleeding from one wound or another but still they fight!
The Hellcats, thinking they may have better luck if they divide and conquer, take separate sides of the ring and charge back in fast! Punishment with another roundhouse on Razor Girl but misses! Razor Girl with a suplex on Punishment- right into those tacks! Punishment in agony! Razor Girl now just kicking away at Punishment and she’s down on the mat- SHE’S BITING PUNISHMENT! Razor Girl using those filed teeth and gnawing away at MP’s forehead like a steak- and Angel catches her with the bokken! Razor Girl goes down and Barb charges Angel! Angel swings but Barb slides underneath the swing and sweeps Angel’s legs out from under her!
All brawling now! Razor Girl against the ropes and Major Punishment just clotheslined her over the top rope and onto the floor! Angel and Barb fighting for control of that bokken! Punishment and Razor girl exchanging fists so very close to those flames! Punishment needs to watch out, as she’s still glistening from that lighter fluid!
Angel and Barb struggling for control of that bokken! Neither wanting to give an inch!
On the outside Punishment has that Diamond Miners Glove and is just hammering away on Razor Girl! Razor Girl busted open, her face a crimson mask! Punishment is getting her revenge! All of the frustration and rage is manifesting itself right there in front of us fans! Punishment holds he r hand up high and the crowd goes nuts! They love it! The Hellcats getting what they deserve! Maybe Punishment can finally put this behind her and move on!
NO! Razor Girl with a low blow! Punishment doubled over! Razor Girl trying to get Punishment close to the gas lines and those three foot tall flames but Major P isn’t having it! She’s hanging on to the ringpost like nobody’s business!
In the ring Angel finally wrestles that bokken away from Barb but Barb hits a kick to the midsection and Angel goes down! Barb bails to the outside to help her partner! On the outside Razor Girl still trying to whip Punishment into the flames but she’s hanging on…punch by Punishment that buys her some time! Razor girl caught that Diamond Miner’s Glove right to the jaw!
Barb re-enters the fray and Punishment lays her out with that glove! Barb goes down hard into those ringside steps-and she’s busted open!!! Barb unconscious fans! Razor Girl is stunned! Another punch by Punishment- blocked!!! Razor Girl pulls that glove off and tosses it to the ground! More kicks by Razor Girl! She pulls Punishment away and she and Punishment, exchanging fists right next to that flame!
Angel back up! HERE COMES ANGEL! She’s got that bokken, bailing out of the ring and it looks bad for Razor Girl! She’s charging…


Lucifer laughing manically at ringside! Major Punishment stunned! She’s on the ground crawling to get away! Lucifer ordering Angel to hit her again! Angel throws her hair back and nails Punishment once more right across the small of the back! No! She was supposed to be her partner! What a scumbag move by this “good” girl wrestler! What the hell is happening? Now Lucifer yelling at Angel and Angel nodding like some kind of damn puppet! Angel picks up Major Punishment and WHIPS HER RIGHT INTO THE FLAMES!
Major Punishment covered in foam and she is extinguished fans, but who knows how badly she was burned? The Army of Darkness backing off as CP arrives and picks his daughter up and carries her to a nearby waiting ambulance!
Fans, I can’t believe what we just saw here tonight! Mr.Lucifer mentioned a new member of the Army of Darkness but how the hell did he get into Angel’s head? What the hell is going on around here? The ambulance pulling off fans and the Army of Darkness…including that turncoat Angel are in the ring celebrating!
Someone get Jackie down there! I need answers! The fans need to know!!!!
Winner: The Hellcats @ 15:04

In the ring Mr.Lucier, Razor Girl and the unconscious Barb Wire (slung over Lucifer’s shoulder) are joined by Toxic Shock and celebrating with Angel as Jackie enters!

Jackie: Mr.Lucifer! Mr.Lucifer! What is going on here?!? How much did you pay this woman to turn on her partner!?! What have you done!?!

Mr.Lucifer: (Laughing) What have I Done? WHAT HAVE I DONE!?! Look around you! We are standing in MY WORLD! A world of fire, devastation and pain! Look at what happened tonight! Tonight I sent a message to the entire OCW! NONE OF YOU ARE SAFE! For weeks you all “ooohed” and “ahhed” at this pristine, shining example of good and purity in the OCW! You all wanted so badly to believe that she was here to “fight the good fight!” Well how about now? HA HA! How pure and white is she now!?! Look at her! (He pulls Angel over by her throat and licks the blood from her face)…broken! Damaged! But reborn in her strife and adversity as something MORE PURE! MORE BEAUTIFUL! This is a FALLEN ANGEL! And her eyes have been opened!!!

Jackie: What is he talking about Angel? Why did you do it? Was it money? Was it power? What made you turn on Punishment like this?

Angel: Shut up Midnight! You are just like all of these gullible mouthbreathers! Just like that gullible fool I sent to the hospital! Look at me! I’ve never felt more alive! I fought and fought and fought against the scum and the darkness in the OCW and what did it get me? Nothing! Everyone was so interested in their own problems! Their own race for “titles and championship gold”! No one cared about the “good fight”! No one cared about what I was trying to do!
And last week, when that stripper bitch put a bounty on me and Constrictor tried to collect, WHERE WAS MY HELP? No one came from the back to help me! She almost BROKE MY LEGS!!! And when I left the arena, and hobbled to my car on a pair of crutches- ALONE- who was there to help me? Did anyone offer to help me carry my bags? Or even open the damn door for me? NO! I was alone! Beaten, bruised and almost crippled!! So what happens? I get to my car and that piece of trash Trailer Park Stevens and his whore wife was out there with a CROWBAR waiting for me! I was alone! No one was there to help me!

Angel stops on the verge of tears, blood and sweat running from beneath her mask and her voice drops

Angel: But someone did help me…someone DID step in and stop those idiots from crippling me and sending me to the hospital, (she turns to Lucifer), Mr.Lucifer was there. The Hellcats were there! Toxic Shock was there! Out of the darkness…my salvation! You see Jackie, all I had to do, all I had to was take this man’s hand and join him. On one side was an entire OCW filled with scum and corruption and those wanting to cripple me for a few thousand dollars- money they would blow on drugs and booze and trying to buy championships! And on the other side? Safety-a home. A group that would watch out for me and protect me. The choice was an easy one Jackie and that night I changed. Everything changed for me! All I had to do was embrace the darkness Jackie. Wrap my hands around it and pull it into me and I did, I did and..(laughing manically) it felt so goooooooood! Jackie if you only knew what it felt like to just let go of the morals and values that were hammered into me my entire life…but you would have no idea. You’re just like the rest. Clueless. Brainless. And in the end, a victim.

Angel nails Jackie with the bokken and follows up with a double underhook facebuster!!! Jackie out of it and before the AOD can follow up the ringside attendants pull her out of the ring to safety! Jackie is helped to the back as Mr.Lucifer picks up the microphone

Mr.Lucifer: And with that your baptism by fire into the Army of Darkness is complete my Fallen Angel! No more will you walk alone! Wear your bruises and scars with pride and stand among your brothers and sisters in the AOD! Punishment! And I’m speaking to you, old man. Talk to your daughter. Convince her to retire. If she leaves the OCW now I promise she may live a long, full life. But if she comes back, if she foolishly comes after us again, the next time she won’t be leaving in an ambulance…she’ll be leaving in a hearse!

He drops the mic and the Army of Darkness leave the ring!

Sparks: Fans, I have nothing to say. What we saw literally makes me sick to my stomach. We’ve got CP back, CP how is Major Punishment?

CP: She’s going to be okay Sparks. The paramedics were able to put her out before the fire did much damage but that damn lighter fluid sure as hell didn’t help! Me and Dusty Diamond are going to have words about that little stunt! But I heard what Lucifer said and that moth…uhm…that scumbag better watch himself. I promised MP I would butt out, but you know something? That little girl…sorry…woman…is the toughest woman I know and he and those morons in the ring are going to find out that the more they hurt her the more she just gets pissed off!

Sparks: Well we certainly wish her a speedy recovery and hope she’s ok. And I’ve got word that Jackie is being tended to in the back but she’s going to be okay, but likely we won’t be seeing any more of her tonight.

CP: That Army of Darkness, you know Sparks, I just…I want so bad to..

Sparks: I know CP, I know. Look, we’ve got Big Oil in the back and they have a few words to say before their match with Primetime and the Union Jacks, so lets go ahead and send it back to them.

The Executioner: Well boys, we’ve finally got ya where we want ya. We’ve never lost a Hangmen’s Match and we sure as hell ain’t gonna start tonight! Primetime, you and those Jack’s been running around here, strutting like a buncha peacocks thinking you made some kinda statement cause you beat up that Big Russkie. Well son, that ain’t saying much since there was three of you on one of him! Don’t get used to those odds, cause tonight you are gonna hafta match us man for man! Though I still think you boys are gonna come up short cause I ain’t see’in a man in the buch of ya! Hell, that little piece of trim you got running around with you got more hair on her arms than the rest of ya!
You know, me and the Big Man, we’ve participated in quite a few of these matches back in the day out West, and they always ended the same-with our opponents hung up to dry like pieces of jerky that we toss to our dogs to gnaw on later. So Primetime, Jacks, you bring your pretty little haircuts and your punk rocker groupie and your British accents on down to the ring tonight, cause The Hangmen are looking real forward to stretching your pencil necks out and messing up those good looks. Tell em’ Big Man!

Noose: Damn Right X! Look, we all know who’s really under those mask and we all know what kinda sneaking and backstabbing ya did to get back here in the OCW. Well tonight, it don’t matter what your names used to be, cause the blood that flows from your bodies ain’t gonna be blue, its gonna be red! I SMELL A HANGING!

Bobby Jack Casey: Primtime, hey boy, I see that your new look is all about the ladies, well when I get done with this dog collar, the ladies ain’t gonna like what they see! In fact you might want to go out and buy yourself a gross of paper bags son, cause slapping one of those over your head is the only way a fine little filly is going to want to tussle with you! So Mr. Pretty Boy, unlike your ex tag partner who you jumped from behind, I’ll be facing you when I kick your ass. You know, in the old west they called a man who shot another man in the back a yellow coward, and I see all manner of yella coming offa you and those two goofs you got running around with you. Bottom line, when we hang your sorry butts from those ropes, ain’t no fast cars and snazzy suits gonna save you, and that’s when our fun, and your night of pain just gets started

Big Daddy Ewing: Looks like my boys are ready! As an aside, I just wanna say that what Lucifer and that Army of Darkness did to Major Punishment was a damn crime. No one deserves to be burned like that. Lucifer, Big Oil still has some unfinished business with you, so you better keep your eyes on the rearview mirror son.
Now, Primetime and the Jacks. Well, I hope that you boys are ready to take a loss, cause that’s what’s gonna happen tonight. You ever seen a group of men so ready to kick someone’s ass? No? Me neither! I’ve had to keep The Hangmen stocked up on beer and ribs all week just to keep them from climbing the walls! We turned Louisville inside out this week! Go on down to The Gadfather’s and ask them how many girls can pay their college tuition now thanks to Big Oil! Head on over to The Downs and ask them who was causing a stir in the clubhouse all week! Hell, these boys were so fired up and full of energy I took them down to the Belle of Louisville and offered to strap them onto the paddlewheel to make the damn boat go faster!!!
It’s like I always said, Big Oil gets bigger every day and that ain’t just talk! Tonight, I’m bringing me an Ace in the Hole to the ring to keep things all out on the table so to speak! If you boys are gonna have that little floozy Black Alice running around, then I’m gonna have me an insurance policy at ringside to make sure she stays on her side of the ring! Let’s go boys!

Big Daddy drops the mic and Big Oil leave the area

Sparks: Looks like Big Oil is chomping at the bit for this match CP!

CP: Big Daddy Ewing needs to worry less about strippers and more about his boys taking this match home Sparks! The Hangmen are tough but Primetime ain’t no slouch!

Sparks: Well, certainly the Hangmen believe the Union Jacks cost them those OCW World Tag Titles last week and are looking for some major payback. And what about this “Ace in the Hole” Big Daddy mentioned? Any idea who it is?

CP: No idea Sparks, but with Big Daddy’s money we could see anyone show up here tonight!

Sparks: Well fans, our ring crew is busy attaching those hangman’s collars to the top rope! Attached to the noose is a dog collar, and as the match states, once those collars are locked around an opponent’s neck they are trapped there until the end of the match! And with those nooses only being about a foot long, if you get locked up you are going to be at the other teams mercy and of little help to your own team!

CP: That’s right Sparks! And all a team has to do to win is to lock down all three opponents! Easier said than done!

Sparks: I agree CP! And we have Primetime’s music and it looks like he’s leading his team to ringside! Anarchy, Revolution and Black Alice-who looks to be wearing her Halloween finest for tonight’s gala event- are in tow and Primetime is at the ring, checking out the noose and dog collar combo. He’s saying something to the ref but the ref isn’t having any of it.

CP: Yep, those dog collars have solid Master padlocks to keep them close Sparks! You get one of those around your neck you better settle in for a long damn night!

Sparks: And the sound of “BIG OIL” reverberates through the arena fans and we’ve got Big Oil out to…wait, what’s this? CP are my ears deceiving me or are the fans actually CHEERING!?!

CP: Nope, not your ears or your dementia Sparks, these fans are cheering on Big Oil!

Sparks: What is this, the lesser of two evils?

CP: May be Scooter. Fans simply loathe Primetime and his crew and are going to back anyone who wants to stomp a mudhole in them. Big Oil have been at the forefront of that fight and the fans respect that! They may be big, violent and merciless, but you can’t deny Big Oil has some appeal! They take care of business and take no crap offa anybody!

Sparks: Too true Cp! And who is this coming to the ring with them? He’s speaking to Big Daddy Ewing…

CP: Got the info right here sparks! This young man is Vic Hoyle, aka “The Wildcard”. Looks like Hoyle held the junior heavyweight championship down in Florida for a while and is a big draw on the independent circuit!

Sparks: He looks almost too small to be in Big Oil CP!

CP: Says here Hoyle is an aerial tactician sparks! A high flyer! To be honest that’s exactly what Big Oil has been missing these past few weeks. They are long on power and experience, short on youth and quickness! Hoyle should make a nice addition and the fans seem to love him! Guess his reputation has traveled north with him!

Sparks: Well, Big Oil is at ringside and Primetime and the Jacks are in the ring giving them some grief already! The Outlaw has his whip out and he just cracked it at Black Alice! She’s screaming and scampering out of the way and the crowd is going nuts!

CP: I’m sure it’s not the first time she’s been at the end of a whip Sparks.

Sparks: Uhhh-K. Well Big Oil is in the ring and the ref is checking everyone out. These are bunkhouse rules fans, which means the ref is more than anything simply a spectator! All men can be in the ring at the same time and again, the only way to win is to “hang” your opponents from the ring ropes by those dog collars.

CP: Ref’s are having an easy night tonight Sparks! And this one just bailed out of the ring and it looks like we have a match!

Sparks: We’re on fans! Big Oil and Primetime’s team going at it!
Executioner slamming Anarchy’s head hard into the turnbuckle! Noose and Revolution exchanging blows while Primetime and The Outlaw tied up in a test of strength!
Anarchy blocks! He hits Executioner with a hard right fist but it has no effect! Executioner with a solid headbutt sends the smaller of the Union Jacks to the mat!
Primetime with a kneelift that breaks the deadlock and Casey doubled over! Russian Legsweep by Primetime! Casey on the mat and Primetime trying to drag him over to the nearest noose/dog collar hanging from that top rope!
Casey with a rake of the eyes and Primetime stumbles back!
Noose puts Revolution’s head into the turnbuckle! No finesse here fans! Don’t expect any clinics to be put on in this one! These two teams just flat out hate each other and want to do as much damage as possible! I weep for the team who fails to get the advantage in this one!
Anarchy with a big boot and he sends Executioner into the turnbuckle! Executioner slumped and Anarchy follows up with a charging shoulder block! Executioner moves! Anarchy hard into the ring post! Anarchy bails to the outside and he’s holding that shoulder fans! He may really have injured himself!
Uh oh! Black Alice just snuck up behind Big Daddy and stole his hat! He’s giving chase but he’s a bit outmatched there fans. And Black Alice just threw it high into the crowd! Some fan is going home with a souvenir tonight!!!
Executioner in the ring and he helps his partner Noose with Revolution! Both Hangmen beating down Revolution in the corner and I have to say it looks like Big Oil can back up their talk! They are manhandling Primetime’s team!
Primetime and Casey exchanging fists! Primetime goes for a short arm clothesline but Casey ducks it and hits an atomic drop! Primetime grabbing his lower back! That one hurt fans! Primetime bails out of the ring and Casey wastes no time in charging over to help his partners! Revolution in a bad spot fans! All three members of Big Oil stomping a mudhole in him and Black Alice is beside herself on the outside! Primetime charging back in to break it up but Casey catches him and…wait! The Hangmen have Revolution over next to that dog collar! Noose holding his arms as Executioner slaps that leather collar on! HE’S GOT IT LOCKED! Both Hangmen stomping Revolution into the mat as Anarchy finally makes it back but it’s too late!
Oh this looks like bad news for Anarchy and Primetime fans! Their big man just got locked down on that rope! He can still participate, but his range is limited to about a foot! Right now’s he’s hanging from that top rope trying to get that dog collar off but he might as well save his energy fans!
Primetime back in and he’s brought a chair! He nails Casey and The Hangmen bail out of the ring! Primetime gats Casey up and sends him to the outside! Casey still stunned from that chairshot and Primetime sends the big man into the ringside barrier! Fans jeering Primetime as Casey tries to get up! Primetime helps him up all right- and bodylams him onto the concrete! Oh what a slam fans!
On the other side of the ring Anarchy is trying to take on both members of the Hangmen but having little luck! Noose has him in a chokehold while Executioner hammers him with bodyshots! Wait! Black Alice just ran up and threw salt in Nooses eyes! The big man lets go and Anarchy manages to land a kick to Executioner! He’s caught a break fans! And here comes “The Wildcard” chasing Alice away! She’s fast though fans and they are circling the ring! WOAH! Revolution hanging that top rope and lands a dropkick to Wildcard’s chest as he passes by! Wildcard laid out and Black Alice laughing manically! That whole thing looked planned! Revolution may be tethered to that top rope but that man has long legs and he just used them to save Black Alice!
Anarchy manages to make it back into the ring and now is playing keep away from the Hangmen! Noose and Executioner have him cornered! Groin kick to Noose! That cut the big man down to size! Executioner on Anarchy and they go at it!
On the outside Casey is stunned fans and Primetime in good shape! He…what’s this? A fan at ringside, a VERY ATTRACTIVE female fan is leaning over and blowing kisses to Primetime! She’s got a “Make Time for Primetime” sign and the grappler is taking notice! Primetime looks like he’s going to make time for his fan! He saunters over and looks like he might oblige! Fans we seriously discourage this type of behavior! Our performers…Primetime leans in for a kiss but the fan plays coy and pulls away at the last second! Primetime dissed but she gives him a smile and wink and disappears back into the crowd!
Primetime better focus on Casey fans! Casey back up and he has that bullwhip! Casey snapping that thing at Primetime and Primetime takes a lash across the back! Primetime scrambling fans! He grabs a nearby cup and slings it at Casey! That bought him enough time to charge Casey and he grabs that whip and slings Casey into the nearby barrier! Casey reeling! Primetime and Casey exchanging rights and lefts!! Primetime with a groin kick that doubles Casey over and he slings the big Texan into those solid steel ring steps! Casey holding his back fans! He hit those steps hard and the corner dug right into his lower back! Primetime picking Casey up and sets him up against the ring ropes! He…PRIMETIME HAS A NOOSE! He’s pulled it down and…HE’S GOT IT LOCKED IN! Casey lynched by that dog collar! Casey just got neutralized and he’s grabbing at the collar trying to breathe! Casey pulling himself onto rings edge and he’s okay fans but he just got taken out of this fight!
We’re even fans! Primetime just evened the odds but in the ring Anarchy is being abused by Executioner! Noose recovering from that vicious groin shot and he and his partner send Anarchy into the ropes- DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Anarchy hits the mat like a sack of wet cement! The Hangmen wasting no time! Executioner putting those vicious chain wrapped boots to the young man while Noose gloats! Primetime charging back into the ring and nails Executioner! He dropkicks Noose in the back! The Hangmen are scattering! Primetime giving chase and goes to hit Executioner again! Executioner blocks the punch and goes for a big kick! He nails Primetime!
Primetime bails out of the ring and Executioner back to abuse Anarchy! Anarchy still down! Noose back in and the Hangmen get Anarchy over to the ropes! UH OH! The Hangmen, tying up Anarchy…HE’S LOCKED UP! Both Union Jacks are locked down in those Dog Collars!
It’s looking bad for Primetime fans! Both Hangmen, stalking him…But wait! Noose got too close to Revolution and the big Union Jack nails him! He’s got Noose around the throat and it’s buying Murphy some time! Murphy and Executioner going at it! Murphy sends Executioner into the ropes and vaults over him! Executioner rebounds and Primetime hits a flying lariat! Executioner is down! Primetime goes up top! MOONSAULT! Murphy just nailed Executioner with that Moonsault and the vet is out of it! Primetime slinging Executioner into the ropes nearest Anarchy and Anarchy hits a knee to Executioners back! Executioner on the mat and Anarchy with a boot to the Hangman!
Primetime not wasting any time and he’s on Noose! Noose stunned by Revolution’s attack and Murphy hits a DDT! Noose out on the mat! Murphy rolls the big man over and pulls that noose down- it almost won’t reach! He’s pulling, he’s almost got it around Noose’s neck…He’s got it!!!! Noose is locked down and we’re down to one on one fans!
Executioner breaks away from Anarchy and charges Murphy! There are several empty nooses still hanging from the ropes fans!! Executioner not wasting any time and tosses Murphy over next to that remaining noose on his partners side! Both teams cheering on their respective partners! Noose grabbing Primetime and holding his arms! Executioner has that collar and …whats he doing? He’s got it wrapped around his fist- AND NAILS PRIMETIME! That hard leather and steel busting Muprhy open fans! Murphy goes down and Executioner starts landing some heavy boots! He needs to lock him up fans and end this match but the Hangmen are only interested in beating down Murphy!
On the outside Big Daddy Ewing cheering on…NO! Black Alice just snuck form underneath the ring and nailed Big Daddy Ewing with a billy club! Big Daddy Ewing goes down hard and “The Wildcard” Vic Hoyle charges Black Alice! Alice scrambling to get away! Hoyle caught her! Hoyle has her by the hair- wait! Revolution came up behind Hoyle on the ring apron and just landed a kick to Hoyle’s back! Hoyle lets go of Black Alice and turns his attention to Revolution! Revolution, still tethered to that top rope can’t do much but he’s keeping Hoyle at bay with those long powerful legs!
Back in the ring, Murphy has broken away from Noose thanks to a rear groin kick and scrambles past Executioner! Executioner paying for not ending this match sooner fans! They lock up, short arm ed clothesline on Murphy! Executioner picks up Murphy! Another! Murphy out of it! Stomps by Executioner! Primetime trying to crawl away! Executioner picking Murphy up but Murphy grabs Executioner by the trunks and pulls him into the turnbuckle! Executioner’s head hits the post hard and both are down! Primetime back up and rakes the eyes!
Black Alice cheering on Primetime! Primetime up and he nails a kneedrop on Executioner! Executioner bounces up! SECOND WIND! Both charge! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Both go down!
Both working to get up! Executioner on the ropes! Black Alice over there! She’s got that billy club! NAILS EXECUTIONER! Black Alice just nailed Executioner with that billy club and Executioner goes down hard! He’s unconscious fans! Hoyle around the ring and HITS ALICE WITH A CLOTHELINE! Alice hits the ground and Hoyle picks her up…PILEDRIVER! Hoyle just hit a piledriver on Black Alice on the floor!
Inside Primetime slings Executioner over next to Anarchy and the Union Jack helps Primetime clamp that collar around Executioners neck- HE’S GOT IT! Thanks to Black Alice Primetime and Anarchy just locked that collar around Executioners neck and this match is over!!!
Winners: Primetime & The Union Jacks @ 18:39

Sparks: What a match fans! And Primetime isn’t done! The refs trying to get the participants unlocked but Murphy and Anarchy taking the opportunity to beat down Executioner just for good measure! He sees Hoyle kneeling over Black Alice, taunting the young woman! She’s laid out fans! Fans cheering Hoyle on! This gives you the idea of how little use they have for the Union Jacks and their manager! Primetime on the outside, snags a folding chair and nails Hoyle across the back!! Bobby Jack screaming to Hoyle but the young man just didn’t react in time! Primetime picks him up…AND SUPLEX THROUGH THE PORTUGESE ANNOUNCERS TABLE! Primetime just planted Hole and he’s out of it! Primetime picking up Black Alice-she’s knocked out cold fans-and he’s carrying her back to the locker room as the ref’s unlock the Union Jacks- and they attack the Hangmen! The Hangmen, still locked down getting brutalized by the Union Jacks!!!
SOMEONE GET LOS SECURITY DOWN HERE! The Hangman at the mercy of the Union Jacks and The Hangmen getting beat mercilessly! Anarchy and Revolution kicking the feet out from Noose and the big man is hanging from that top rope! He can’t get any air! He’s fading fast! LET’S GET SOME HELP OUT HERE!
Finally! Los Security charges the ring and the Jacks bail out! Los security with those stun batons enough of a deterrent and The Union Jacks and Primetime Murphy take this match home but not without both sides taking some casualties CP!

CP: This was a wild one Sparks! I’m not sure either team can claim a victory here tonight! Looks what happened to Black Alice, taking that brutal piledriver on the concrete floor by Hoyle and then The Union Jacks just hammering The Hangmen afterwards. Neither team is going to be the same after this one and I can guarantee we haven’t seen the last of these guys going at it!
Sparks: I couldn’t agree more CP! Well, the wait is over fans! Right now we’ve got the OCW World Title Match coming up! Lil’ Tokyo and her comrade and friend , TV Champion Mentalo going at it for all the gold!

CP: I still think there is bad blood Sparks! Mentalo has goldlust and he is going to do whatever it takes! This boy might just make my top five!

Sparks: I think your innuendo and conspiracy theories are unfounded…yet again! Nothing going on between these two competitors!

CP: You keep drinking the Kool Aid Sparks. Mentalo wants this belt in the worst way and when a man gets desperate, he resorts to desperate measures. The Mentalo you see tonight won’t be the same we’ve seen up to this point.

Sparks; But there is no precedent for it CP! Throughout his career Mentalo has been an honorable and just wrestler!

Sparks: Uh huh. People change Scooter, just you see.

Sparks: Well, I guess we’ll see. Both competitors have made their way to the ring now and we’ve got a bell CP and this OCW World Title Match is underway!!!

Sparks: Mentalo holding his hand out for a shake! Ordinarily I would caution against accepting the offering, but these two are good friends and allies! Lil’ Tokyo without hesitation grasps his hand- and they shake! Just good old fashioned sportsmanship there fans! Again, CP is out of his head.
These two circle, and they lock up! Lil’ Tokyo sends Mentalo into the ropes, he rebounds, she drops, he jumps over and goes into the opposite ropes! Tokyo still down and leg sweep! Mentalo goes down and he rolls to the corner cradling his head!
Tokyo gives him some breathing room- not sure if I agree with that fans and Mentalo is back up! The lock up! Karate kicks by Lil’ Tokyo! Mentalo trying to cover up, protect himself but she’s just so fast! A trait that helped her get to this level and win the World Title belt!
Standing spinning heel kick and Lil’ Tokyo connects with Mentalo’s jaw! He goes down and she covers! ONE! TWO! Kickout by Mentalo! He’s still shaking that kick off fans and I think he’s surprised Lil’ Tokyo is pulling out all the stops here! But this is for the gold fans! The big belt! Mentalo better start stepping up his game or this match will be over very, very soon!
Mentalo frustrated! He’s back up and lands a series of chops on Lil’ Tokyo! Tokyo staggered! He sends her into the ropes and she comes off, ducks a clothesline, rebounds, and Mentalo nails her with a sidewalk slam!
Mentalo finally with a little offense! Tokyo with the wind knocked out and Mentalo goes for a pin! Only a one count as the champ easily kicks out of that one. Mentalo gets Tokyo back up! He whips her into the turnbuckle! He follows up with a huricanrana! Tokyo on the mat and in trouble! Cover! Two count! She kicked out at the last minute!
Mentalo into the ropes and comes off with a frontflip legdrop! Another cover! Another kickout! HE’s trying to put this one away early fans!
Mentalo up and He’s got Lil’ Tokyo by the hair- fans will remember Crimson Mask cut most of it off in a heinous attack- Woah! Lol’ Tokyo with a vicious chop across the chest! Another! She sends Mentalo into the ropes and hits a powerbomb! Lil’ Tokyo capitalizing! She goes up to the top turnbuckle! Mentalo is up, staggering, Lil’ Tokyo comes off- AND CATCHES A DROPKICK FROM MENTALO! He telegraphed her move fans! Tokyo clutching her chest and she’s suffering fans! Mentalo trying to regroup!
Mentalo gets Tokyo up and goes for a suplex! Blocked! Lil’ Tokyo with a brainbuster!!! Mentalo is laid out! Cover! ONE! TWO! TH-NO! He just managed to kick out fans!
Lil’ Tokyo shaking her head, she come sup behind Mentalo- DRAGON SLEEPER!!! She’s got it hooked in fans and this might be it for Mentalo! He’s struggling but she really has it cinched in there but good! He…he got a foot on the ropes! Foot on the ropes and he really had to stretch for that fans! Ref calls for the break and Lil’ Tokyo complies, giving Mentalo a second chance and much needed break for a moment!
They lock up again and Lil’ Tokyo with a side headlock! Mentalo sends her into the ropes and hits a back bodydrop!
Tokyo down! Mentalo goes up to the top rope! FLYING HEADBUTT! Cover! ONE! TWO! TH-NO! Kickout! We almost had a new OCW World Heavyweight Champion fans! Mentalo slaps the mat! He wanted a quicker count but the ref shakes it off fans! Nothing wrong with that count!
He goes back after Tokyo and she hits a shoulderblock! Mentalo hasher by the hair, picks her up, front facelock! He’s trying to wear Tokyo down! Tokyo trying to get to her feet! She’s up! Punch to the thigh! Another! Mentalo breaks the hold and Tokyo into the ropes! She come off right into a big boot by Mentalo! Tokyo doubled over! Mentalo has her up! Suplex? NO Facebuster! Cover! ONE! TWO! THR-KICKOUT! How did Lil’ Tokyo manage to kick out of that one fans!?! She’s taking such a beating at the hands of Mentalo- all legal I might add, still, he’s got momentum on his side!
Big boots by Mentalo! Lil Tokyo scrambling to get away! Mentalo stalking her, trying to put her away so he can claim that title belt!
He’s got her up fans! Looks like he’s taking her to the top rope! What’s he going to do? He- REVERSAL! Tokyo just grabbed Mentalo and hit a top rope bulldog on the luchadore! Mentalo out of it on the mat! Tokyo just bought herself some time but can she capitalize?
Cover! Two count only! Chop by Tokyo! Karate kick! Another chop! She goes into the ropes and comes off and hits a cross body block! Cover by Tokyo! ONE! TWO! Kickout! What a match fans! Both leaving it all in the ring! She’s up and he pushes her off! Into the ropes! She comes back and hits a vicious right snap kick to the side of Mentalo’s head! We could hear that all the way back here fans!
Cover by Tokyo! ONE! TWO THIS COULD BE IT! NO! KICKOUT! Say what you want fans, but I think after tonight no one will be laughing at Mentalo any longer!
Tokyo getting frustrated as well! She picks the luchadore back up and sends him into the ropes! Mentalo leaps up onto the seconds rope- BACKSPRING BODY SPLASH! NO! The ref was in the way and all three go down in a heap! The ref was in the wrong place at the wrong time fans and it looked like he and Mentalo cracked skulls! Lil’ Tokyo getting up! She took the least amount of damage fans and…WAIT! Crimson Mask in the ring with a chair! Crimson Mask nails Lil’ Tokyo from behind! Lil’ Tokyo is down!!! Crimson Mask slowly picks her up! CRIMSON SMASH!!! Crimson Mask just hit her finisher on Lil’ Tokyo and that cradle DDT is ruthless fans! Tokyo laid out and Crimson Mask bails out of the ring and disappears into the crowd!! Lil’ Tokyo completely out of it! Mentalo coming around! He’s groggy fans but he sees Tokyo laid out but has no idea why! He shakes the ref and goes for a pin! The ref sluggish but he’s making the count! Mentalo thinks Tokyo was laid out by his flying press off the ropes! ONE! TWO! THREE!!! Mentalo capitalizing on Crimson Mask’s attack and we have a NEW OCW WORLD CHAMPION!
Winner and NEW OCW World Champion: Mentalo via pinfall @ 17:20

Sparks: What a miscarriage of justice CP!

CP: Not at all Sparks! Mentalo isn’t an idiot! He came around, saw his opponent laid out and went for the win! What did you expect him to do?

Sparks: I don’t know but it just doesn’t seem right! He didn’t earn that win!

CP: I think Mentalo would take exception to that! He fought a hard match! He pulled out all the stops! It’s not his fault Black Sun has a beef with Lil’ Tokyo and chose this time to settle up!

Sparks: I know, I know what you are saying makes sense CP, but Dammit! Crimson Mask cost Tokyo the world title! This is unjust! Dusty Diamond will have to do something about this!

Cp: She needs to do nothing of the sort! Less meddling in the affairs of the belts Sparks! My Libertarian leanings are shining through but what happened, happened. If Dusty starts meddling in championship matches she might as well greenlight instant replay!

Sparks: An idea I’ve been behind since….

Cp: Oh shut up Sparks! You don’t know what you are talking about!

Sparks: Well, in the ring paramedics are tending to Lil’ Tokyo, administering some smelling salts, and she’s finally coming too! She’s dazed fans! The paramedic is checking her out and waves off the stretcher- looks like she’ll be okay. Paramedics bail out of the ring and the ref has the new OCW World belt and is presenting it to Mentalo!
CP: Mentalo wears that belt well Sparks! He’s over checking on Lil’ Tokyo and she looks like a deer in headlights! She can’t take her eyes off that belt around his waist! Mentalo offering to help her up but she shakes her head and backs away! The former champ is in shock Sparks!

Sparks: I can’t blame her CP! She was robbed! And for all she knows Mentalo was a part of it!

CP: Now watch that kinda talk Sparks! We don’t know that!

Sparks: Tokyo’s look of confusion turns hard fans and she bails out of the ring! She’s not taking her eyes off of Mentalo and she’s saying something but we can’t hear her above the screams of the fans! Mentalo holding his hands out and he has no idea what’s going on!
CP: The FORMER champ is headed back to the showers Sparks! What a match!

Sparks: It was up until the interference by Crimson Mask! I’m sure Lil’ Tokyo is going to make them pay for this fans! But right now we’ve got word that all three combatants are at the entrances to the Bannister Ave Morgue and are about to be let in! So lets go to the live remote feed for our main event- The first ever Morgue Match!

The camera shifts to a grainy black and white image of the empty, dilapidated lobby of the morgue

CP: Man, and I thought this place was creepy Sparks! How do these guys win this again?

Sparks: Simple CP! Lock your opponents in the body coolers and be the first to walk out the door into the fresh air of freedom!

CP: Doesn’t sound easy to me Sparks! At least if these guys kill each other we won’t have to waste money on an ambulance trip!

Sparks: Funny CP! But you’re right! Our participants will come in three separate entrances and have to fight their way down through the upper levels of the morgue into the basement where the body preps were taken care of! And the upstairs hasn’t seen use or repair in decades! This morgue may literally be a deathtrap and these men can use anything they find as a weapon! This is going to be a long night for these men! I think by the feed we’ve got our first competitor in the lobby and the match is on!

Sparks: We have to apologize ahead of time for the lighting in this match fans! It seems some of the facilities in the old Bannister Avenue Morgue are no longer up to snuff- not surprising since the building has been out of commission for over twenty years.
Fans will also notice much of the old equipment and furniture from the morgues heyday was left behind as well. These items can be lethal fans and the participants will most likely put them to good use!
Coming down the hallway into the lobby we see a figure- and it’s no question who that is fans- it’s Kai! He strikes an imposing figure fans and he looks ready for business! He’s heading towards the- SNEAK ATTACK! Kai just got jumped fans by…I can’t tell! Who is that? Sickbag! Sickbag just jumped Kai and put the big mans head right into the nearby wall! Kai stunned and Sickbag screaming!
There is an old gurney nearby and Sickbag just rammed it into Kai’s midsection! Kai doubled over! Sickbag charges! Kai moves and Sickbag slams hard into the wall!
Kai not wasting any time! He lifts Sickbag up and puts him on that gurney! What is he doing? He’s pushing that gurney full speed down the rest of the hallway with Sickbag going head first- RIGHT INTO the stairs! Sickbag sails off the stretcher and slams hard into those old stairs! He’s holding his head fans!
Kai relentless! He follows up with a big boot to Sickbag’s head! These freaks are really going at it! But where is Blood Rage? This is supposed to be a triple threat match but the masked man has yet to show! Sickbag and Kai exchanging punches! Kai picks Sickbag up! Suplex right onto that rotting wooden floor! I’m surprised Sickbag didn’t go right through it into the basement! Kai really letting Sickbag have it! He picks Sickbag up- and throws him like a dart right into the locked main doors! The grate-covered windows shatter with glass covering Sickbag and he hits the ground! He’s bleeding fans! Shards of glass sticking in his back!
Kai stalking Sickbag- AND HE’S TAKEN OUT BY BLOOD RAGE! Blood Rage coming from somewhere off camera and he spears Kai! Kai on the ground! He didn’t see that coming fans and neither did we! Let’s change cameras and see what is going on!
Blood Rage wasting no time and he’s on Kai like a Alabama tick! Rights! Lefts! Blood Rage is bloodthirsty! He throws Kai into the stairs and Kai heads up, both men stumbling up that grand staircase, exchanging punches! Each one trying to gain an advantage!
Looks like we are in some kind of hallway fans! Both men going at it! Kai picks up Blood Rage and powerbombs him right in the hallway! Kai knocking over pieces of old furniture, looking for some kind of weapon…lets get our remote up here fans! We can see what is going on a little better…Kai went into one of those old patient rooms and Blood Rage follows! Blood Rage with a rear tackle and sends Kai into an old armoire that explodes as his huge frame blasts right through it’s old rotting frame!
Kai in a heap of splintered wood! Blood Rage picks up a nearby desk and pulls a leg off! He’s going to beat Kai with that wooden club fans!
Double axehandle by Sickbag! Sickbag just came out of nowhere and saved Kai from getting beat with that club! Blood Rage and Sickbag going at it! Exchanging fists! Sickbag reeling! Blood Rage stoops to get the club and comes up- DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE BY KAI!
He just laid both men out! Sickbag down! Blood Rage down! Kai standing tall as he puts the boots to Sickbag! Kai picks Sickbag up! Looks like he’s going to bodyslam him! YES! But here comes Blood Rage and he has a chair! He nails Kai across the back! Kai goes down and Blood Rage slings the big man back out into the hallway!
Blood Rage dragging Kai down the hallway by that long mane of red hair! They are at the top of the steps! Kai back on his feet! Blood Rage and Kai going at it on the upper landing! Shoulder block by Blood Rage! Kai goes down to one knee! He’s stumbling to get back up fans! Blood Rage trying to throw Kai down the stairs but the big man is hanging on to the banister!! SICKBAG THROWS HIMSELF INTO THE GROUP AND THEY ALL GO DOWN!
OH MY WORD FANS! All three men just took a header down those massive stairs and are lying in a crumpled heap at the bottom! We’ve got to take a break fans but we’ll keep rolling so you don’t miss a minute of the action! We’ll be right back!

We cut to commercial and when we return we see Kai slinging Sickbag through a door and into the darkness

Sparks: We’re back fans, and as you can see Kai has managed to be the first one up and he’s thrown Sickbag into the basement of the morgue! Sickbag just sailed down those stairs and it looks like Kai is going back to get Blood Rage! That’s the only way to win this thing fans! Get to the basement and lock up your opponents!
Kai looking around, but Blood Rage is gone! That man is like an actual ghost fans! Kai slinging a chair in frustration and heads back to the basement!
Again, sorry about the lighting fans, looks like those naked bulbs are the best we can do, though it makes calling the action a little difficult.
Kai descends into the basement and Sickbag ambushes! Kai expecting it and slings the man into a nearby sink! Kai ramming Sickbag’s head into the faucet! Sickbag stumbling backwards-and he throws something at Kai! I think it might have been an old bonesaw! Kai bats it away and Sickbag trips up Kai and drops an elbow across his throat!
Kai down and Sickbag is trying to go for his finisher the “Squishy Guts!” I can tell you fans that abdominal claw is horrendous! He just sinks those nasty, dirty long fingernails into your flesh and twists and pulls! And there is no ref here to ask if Kai wants to submit!
Sickbag digging into Kai’s abdomen and trying to rip his intestines out! The big man screaming in pain and rage! Sickbag not letting up! Kai finally grabs Sickbag by his strands of hair and hammers him with his fist! It takes a few solid shots but finally Sickbag lets up!
Kai doubled over fans! He is suffering from that attack! Sickbag on his hands and knees and Kai kicks him in the gut-returning the favor! Sickbag rolls over and keep on rolling under the examining table! Kai trying to get him out- BLINDISDE BY BLOOD RAGE! Again he comes out of nowhere and nails Kai with a big boots while Kai was crouched over trying to pull Sickbag out from under that table!
Blood Rage wasting no time and throws the big man into the wall near the body coolers! Sickbag slams a trashcan across Blood Rage’s back! Blood Rage down and Sickbag has a piece of broken glass! Sickbag trying to drive that shard into Blood Rage’s eye and Blood Rage rolls him over and whips him into a nearby pipe! Sickbag goes down!
Kai back up and he charges Blood Rage! They tumble over a gurney fans and both crash onto the floor! No finesse here! These two hate each other and want to hurt the other as much as possible! You won’t see a wrestling classic here fans, just raw brutality!
Sickbag back into the mix and he begins stomping Kai! Blood Rage up and he joins in! Kai in trouble fans as these two maniacs just put the boots to the big man!
Kai getting up! The kicks and punches seeming to have no effect! He’s got them both by the throat! DOUBLE CHOKESLAMS! Blood Rage and Sickbag slammed hard onto the ground! Kai picking up an old glass container- AND SMASHES IT RIGHT OVER SICKBAG’S HEAD! Formaldehyde or something covering Sickbag’s face and he’s screaming and grabbing his eyes! He can’t see!
Kai turning his attention to Blood Rage! SUPERKICK! Blood Rage hiding around the corner of a column just hit a superkick on Kai!
Kai stunned! Blood Rage picks up Sickbag and throws him into Kai! Both crash to the ground! Blood Rage up on a nearby table! BIG SPLASH! All three writhing in agony on the floor fans! Blood Rage the first up! Blood Rage walks over to the coolers! He opens the door! Looks like he’s trying to put this one away fans! He’s got the blinded Sickbag-PILEDRIVER! Blood Rage just nailed Sickbag with a Piledriver and he’s out! Kai still on the ground and Blood Rage just tosses Sickbag in the body cooler like so much trash and slams the door shut!
Kai makes it back up and hits a shoulder block on Blood Rage!
Blood Rage so occupied with Sickbag he took his eyes off Kai and Kai just nailed him! Kai throwing open one of the coolers and lifts Blood Rage up! Blood Rage fighting! He grabs that door and slams it into Kai’s head! Kai reeling! Blood Rage with a big boot that doubles the big man over!
Blood Rage throwing open cabinets! He’s looking for a weapon! A SCALPEL! Blood Rage found a SCALPEL! He’s over and leaning over…he’s going to work on Kai! He’s trying to jab that scalpel right in Kai’s eye and Kai holds him off- NO! Blood Rage just dug that rusty scalpel right into Kai’s forehead! Blood spurting out of the wound and Kai’s face a bloody mess!
Kai slams Blood Rage’s arm on the nearby plumbing and he drops the scalpel!
Kai furious! His face a bloody mess and he and Blood Rage exchanging rights and lefts! Kai staggering Blood Rage! Blood Rage stunned and he’s trying to get away! Buy some time! Kai having none of it and grabs Blood Rage by the hair and sends him face first into the cold hard steel of those body coolers! Blood Rage stunned! He’s on the ground! Kai looking around! He picks up Blood Rage and slams his head into one of those surgical lights! Blood Rage showered in glass! He’s tumbling around- CLOTHSELINE!
Kai almost took Blood Rage’s damn head off with that clothesline! Kai picking up that gurney and SLAMS IT DOWN ON BLOOD RAGE! Blood Rage just lying there not moving fans! Kai signaling for his finisher! He gets Blood Rage up! CEMETARY DRIVE! CEMETARY DRIVE! KAI JUST HIT THE CEMETARY DRIVE ON BLOOD RAGE!
This is it fans! Kai hit that brutal running crucifix powerbomb on Blood Rage onto that unforgiving concrete floor!
He’s got Blood Rage up and slings open that body cooler! He hoists Blood Rage up- and he’s not a small man fans coming in at six four! But Kai is a monster of a man and gets Blood Rage in and slams that door shut!
All he has to do is walk out the door fans! Kai stumbling back up the stairs to the lobby and he’s a bloody mess fans! He’s dead on his feet, this match taking so much out of him! A short walk and this match is his! I think I see him smiling! Maybe he can put this behind him but he will be forever changed fans! This kind of match…He’s at the front door…he’s slamming his hand against it to let the ref on the outside know he’s ready to come out! The door opens- AND SLAMS RIGHT INTO KAI’S HEAD!
WHAT THE HELL!?! Kai falls back inside he’s trying to get up …WHAT IS THAT!?!? Something coming through the door- IT’S A MONSTER! MONSTERS ARE REAL FANS! This thing has horns! And fangs and...no! Wait! It’s some kind of helmet! But the man underneath is a huge as Kai! He’s a monster of a man and…He picks Kai up like he’s made of straw! BRAINBUSTER! This man just brainbustered Kai onto the floor and picks him up by the belt and hauls him back to the basement door- and sends Kai sailing down those stairs head first!!!
This monster follows him down, slowly, methodically measuring each step! Kai a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs! The man picks Kai up, tosses him over his shoulder and walks over to the body coolers! HE TOSSES KAI IN THE BODY COOLER! KAI LOCKED IN THE BODY COOLER AND THIS BEAST OF A MAN IS RIPPING THE REMAINING DOORS OFF THEIR HINGES! He’s found Blood Rage! He pulls Blood Rage out and picks him up by the back of the neck! What’s he going to do!?!?
He picks Blood Rage up like he was made of cotton balls and throws him over his shoulder!! He goes up the stairs and walks right out of the damn front doors!!! BLOOD RAGE WINS! BLOOD RAGE TAKES THIS MATCH HOME BUT WHO THE HELL IS THIS BEAST!?!
Winner: Blood Rage @ 47:01

Sparks: What the hell was that all about CP? Who was that guy!?!

CP: Got me Sparks! I guess on Halloween we should expect monsters on the show!

Sparks: My word fans, what a match! I’ve never seen anything like it! And that goes for this whole show CP!

CP: You can say that again Scooter. I’ve seen things here tonight that will give me nightmares for weeks. Granted most of them were during break when I went to the men’s room, but still….

Sparks: I’m glad Halloween only comes once a year fans! I don’t think our talent could survive many of these shows! And next month don’t forget, the next OCW Pay Per View- “All In” direct from the Horseshoe Casino in Southern Indiana!

CP: Going to be one wild night Sparks! Wrestling, Booze, Gambling and those hot little waitresses in the fishnets and skirts, a man could get lost for weeks in that place!

Sparks: Well, we’ll be calling the actions CP, we won’t have time for…

CP: Whatever boy! The night is going to be wild! More my speed if you know what I mean. Tonight was horrible and weird and gross, but next month? Ah, a few days after Thanksgiving and I’ll be ready for little R&R and Blackjack!

Sparks: Well, we’ll see what happens. By the way, I hope MP is going to be okay CP.

CP: She’s as tough as a fifty-cent steak Sparks! My daughter will be fine, but Lucifer, you and that group of whacked out scumbags better start watching your backs! When Major Punishment sets her mind on revenge ain’t nothing in this world can stop her form getting it! You think me having a talk with her will change her mind? Make her throw in the towel? Brother all that is going to do is make her even more mad! It’s like this time when she was in high school Scooter and wanted to go down to Cancun for spring break…I…

Sparks: Fascinating I’m sure CP! Well, that’s it for us tonight fans! We’ll see you again tomorrow night when Monday Night Meltdown returns to its original time and hopefully our grapplers will be able to join us, though after tonight who knows what kind of shape they will be in?

CP: They are pros Sparks! They get paid to fight and I’m sure the fans won’t be disappointed! Plus, there will be all manner of fallout from tonight! I can’t wait to see what happens!!!

Sparks: I agree CP! For Corporal Punishment and Jackie Midnight, this is Scooter Sparks saying good night and Happy Halloween everyone!!!

We fade to black!!!