We open the show with the Bluebloods and the Allies entering the arena. They are primed for their match tonight and all look pumped. Primetime is talking loudly about how the horsemen will feel their wrath…maybe even before the match. Lady Jayne is leading them and all stop. David Diamond and a group of security are standing in their way. Diamond smiles and takes his hat off to Lady Jayne.

David Diamond: Hello folks! Lady Jayne, you look stunning as always. I just wanted to welcome you to the arena tonight and have my personal crew of security standing by, to make sure those dastardly Horsemen don’t try any shenanigans this evening before your match.

The Allies look stunned and irritated

Edward Rochester: So these blokes are just going to escort us?

Diamond: Correct! And stand guard outside of your dressing room for the remainder of the evening. Don’t worry, I’ve got another detail standing guard outside of the Horsemen’s dressing room. I want to make sure everyone has a fair shot this evening and we don’t have an unfortunate repeat of last weeks events.

Diamond steps aside, and, seeing they have no other choice, The Allies continue on, escorted to their dressing room, where the security detail takes up positions in front of the door.

The picture fades out and we go to the opening pyro!

Scooter Sparks: Good evening fans and welcome to Monday night Meltdown! We’re back to two full hours of action this week, but don’t let that fool you! We’ve got a jammed pack show, including an OCW tag title match, along with our main event, A Texas Bunkhouse Brawl between The Horsemen 2k7 and The Allies!
But right now, let’s say hello to my partner in crime, the man you love to loathe, the man who put the “Un” in “UNGH!” …Corporal Punishment!

Corporal Punishment: Evening Sparks! I see the short bus was able to stop by your mama’s and pick you up tonight!

Sparks: Indeed CP! Cp, we’ve got a lot of action tonight, but the big question is: What will this Texas bunkhouse Brawl really mean in this Horsemen-Allies feud? It looks like Double D is already taking measures to ensure all grapplers make it to the ring in one peice!

CP: That he is Sparks! Double D looks to be dropping that Gm hammer early on, lets just see if it does any good! But about this match, Sparks, I’ve been through a few of these, and let me tell you the WORST thing that can happen. One of these men goes to the hospital…and I don’t mean it’s bad because of the injuries- you usually heal up. No, it’s the TIME you spend, in the hospital bed, thinking about the beating you took, and the planning, the planning of how you are going to get revenge when you get back. That’s the worst thing. This match? It’s not designed to end feuds like Double D claims, it’s just fuel to the fire.

Sparks: Interesting! We’ll we’ve got a lot on the plate tonight folks, but right now we’ve got the OCW World Champion in the ring. He defeated Horseman Dic Blair last week CP, right before the Horsemen 2k7 could interfere on Blair’s behalf. Still, he’s got the strap.

CP: A hard fought match Sparks! Both went at it tooth and nail. It was a traditionalists wet dream!

Sparks: Uhm…right. Well Steele apparently has plenty more to say, not that that should come as a surprise to anyone. Let’s go to the champ in the ring!

The OCW Champion, Bret Steele is in the ring, with his World title belt around his waist. He’s in wrestling gear, but still wearing his leather jacket from last week. He looks ready for action at a moments notice and he’s got the microphone!

Steele: So the Horsemen wanted to play, huh? Wanted the rub that only the champ can give -- a little exposure, a little glory at the expense of the Crippler?

I don't think so. Not in my home -- the OCW ring. I hold the key, I own the title, and my name's on the front door -- OCW World Champion Crippler Bret Steele.

I remember a real Horseman unit. I remember a real Nature Boy. His name was Ric Flair and before he became a cartoon character up north, he was part of the lineage I'm talking about. The Kings of this sport. He didn't pass that down to some joker making a play off of his name -- some group of fools pretending to be what he, Blanchard and the Andersons were. No, that spot was taken from him -- I grasped that crown and ascended to the throne as the rightful heir -- the one who can claim it by force.

Think I'm not for real? Anyone else want to step up and shoot their mouth off until I choke them out?

You see, unlike some other people around here, I'm not primarily a bodybuilder. I'm not an actor. I'm not a clown or a late night talk show host, looking to jump start my ticket to fame by headlining wrestling matches. I'm not trying to make a name for myself just so I can run for some political office, star in some B-movies or start a chain of fitness centers.

So to all my opponents I say: There's only one thing I do in this life, one thing I do better than anyone. Unfortunately for you, this is it.

There's only one light by which I see (points to arena lights above the ring): Unfortunately for you, this is it.

And there's only one place that is my true home. Unfortunately for you, this is it. My ring, my home - OCW. I eat, sleep and breathe wrestling. I pull no punches and I take no dives, so pretenders: you're in a lot of trouble.

I'm not just the best there is. I'm all there is.

The mighty hammer of Nordic drums brings out Thor, who is wearing his new Tv Title around his waist. He stands at the top of the ramp facing the ring. Steele rolls his eyes.

Thor: Brett Steele! Thor is coming for you! We shall see who is the king of this sport when The Thunder God is through with you! TONIGHT! Thor lets loose with a mighty roar!

Steele: Thunder God huh? Normally I wouldn’t give you the time of day, “Thor”, but that strap you’ve got cinched around your waist says that, somehow, you earned a title shot and Bret Steele honors his commitments. So you’ll get your shot tonight…and if you do court the favor of the Gods, you better bring it-and any other luck you have, because you’re going to need it when you step into MY home.

Steele drops the microphone and slaps the OCW title around his waist and we go to commercial!

Sparks: We’re back from commercial fans! And right now we have Lil’ Tokyo in the ring, and she looks ready for a rumble! She’ll be facing Silver Dragon, and I can tell you, in the short time the OCW’s had their doors open, these two have already had some history! We…what’s this? Someone is coming to the ring…it’s David Diamond and Silver Dragon!

David Diamond steps through the ropes. He’s holding a piece of paper in his hand and nods to Lil’ Tokyo as Silver Dragon climbs in

Diamond: Greetings Lil’ Tokyo! I hate to start your night off like this, but after discussion with Silver Dragons manager and interpreters, they have made the argument that since he is wrestling in a world tag title match this evening, it would be unfair and potential dangerous for him to compete against you.

This brings a round of boos and catcalls from the crowd and Lil’ Tokyo is visibly upset as Silver Dragon tries to gesture for the crowd to shut up.

Diamond: However! As it would be unfair to cancel your match, Silver Dragon has graciously found a substitution for himself. Tonight, you will be facing…The Ninja!!!!

The Super Dragons music brings out a grappler dressed like…well...a ninja

Diamond: Silver Dragon assures me The Ninja is a capable and worthy opponent. At least that’s what his translator wrote down on this napkin. So, without further ado, ref, lets ring that bell!

Diamond bails out of the ring, and Silver Dragon says something to Lil’ Tokyo in Japanese. She responds by kicking him in the throat and out of the ring!

Sparks: Woah! Guess Lil' Tokyo isn't too happy with the match switch up! The Ninja has hit the ring as Silver Dragon is on the outside, grasping at his throat where Lil' Tokyo's kick landed!
The Ninja wastes no time in getting some payback and lands a swift Asian spike to Lil’ Tokyo’s throat! The young grappler grabs her windpipe and hits the mat! I have to wonder as to the identity of this “Ninja” folks. Wrestling historians know that through the years various grapplers have gone under the mask as “The Ninja” in various territories, but it’s unknown as to whether this is the same grappler or not.

The Ninja seems to be celebrating in the ring. He’d better watch out, Lil’ Tokyo isn’t to be taken lightly…and she scores a leg sweep! The Ninja has hit the mat and he wasn’t expecting that one folks! He’s slowly getting to his feet…roundhouse kick! Tokyo lands a mean kick to the Ninja’s jawline and he’s retreating to the corner!

Lil’ Tokyo doesn’t let up! She’s followed him into the corner and monkey flips him back into the center of the ring! He’s reeling! Lil’ Tokyo goes for a pin but only gets a one count! She’s back up and picks up the Ninja, but he counters and leg sweeps her! Lil’ Tokyo never saw it coming and she’s on the mat! Uh oh, the Ninja has her by both feet…Eagle Stomp! Ouch! That boot we right into Lil’ Tokyo’s midsection fans and you can tell she’s feeling it! She’s slowly climbing to her feet but the Ninja is measuring her- flying clothesline! Lil’ Tokyo is in big trouble folks!

One still has to wonder who is this Ninja? Could be anyone fans…that dark Ninja garb makes it impossible to tell who’s under the mask, or really what kind of build or body modification he may have. To be honest, it even makes it a little difficult to tell how tall he really is!
The Ninja covers…one…two…kickout! Lil’ Tokyo isn’t out of this yet fans! The Ninja picks her up, looks like he’s going for a suplex…but she wiggles out! The Ninja turns around and Lil’ Tokyo drop kicks him into the ropes! He rebounds, goes over top, comes off the second rope and into vicious chop! The Ninja is on the ground! Lil’ Tokyo hits the mat and grabs his ankle! She’s twisting! They’re in the center of the ring folks! He’s powering his way over to the ropes, but Lil’ Tokyo is having none of it! She releases just long enough to do a back handspring onto his back and land a knee! She pulls him back and goes back to work on that ankle! He’s feeling it folks! The ref is checking but the Ninja isn’t tapping-yet. She’s still working back and forth! He’s trying to break the hold, but Lil’ Tokyo is hanging on for dear life!
It’s looking bad folks! Looks like the Ninja is about to tap…wait! Here comes Silver Dragon! Silver Dragon has hit the ring and dropped a knee onto Lil’ Tokyo’s back! The young grappler rolls out of the ring to safety as the Silver Dragon checks on the Ninja!
The ref is calling for the bell! Looks like the Silver Dragon just cost his substitution the match!
Winner: Lil’ Tokyo by DQ at 6:23

Sparks: What a disappointment fans! I’m sure Lil’ Tokyo would have preferred to see this match out to the end! Lucky thing for the Ninja however, as Silver Dragons intervention may have saved him from being crippled! Silver Dragon is helping The Ninja out of the ring…it looks like the Ninja is having trouble with that ankle Lil’ Tokyo worked over…he’s limping to the back…he’s fallen! Good thing Silver Dragon is there folks, otherwise I’m guessing The Ninja would be crawling to the back.
What a match! I guess we’ll have to see if the Ninja resurfaces on the OCW roster any time soon. If he does I’m sure he’ll think twice before accepting a match with Lil’ Tokyo again!

Looks like we’ve got a significant difference in styles here folks! Trailer Park Stevens is an outright brawler with minimal wrestling skills while Jorum, for all of his youth, seems to have a solid grasp on the technical side of the sport!
Stevens is jawing at Jorum as he enters the ring…and spits a big wad of chaw at him! Disgusting! That’s certainly going to stain those nice white tights of Jorums! An irate Jorum attack and runs right into an armdrag takedown and Stevens has locked down that arm! Chaw juice is running down Stevens chin and he’s smiling with those rank teeth. Just another reason to make sure you brush at night kids! And don’t date any trashy women! Stevens pulls Jorum up by his curly locks and sends him shoulder first into the turnbuckle! Jorum felt that one folks! Looks like the young grappler is in trouble. He suffered a beatdown at the hands of Sully Blackburn last week, so to avoid that “jobber” status he really needs a win here. Stevens with a double axe handle across the back and Jorum is looking vulnerable!
Stevens gets him up, whips him into a turnbuckle and runs full speed! No! Jorum moved! Steven’s head rebounded off of the turnbuckle! Stevens is in trouble! Jorum catches him coming off…SUPERPLEX! Stevens is out of it! Jorum, sensing a victory, picks up Stevens…what’s he doing? PILEDRIVER!
Jorum covers! One…two...three!!!!! Jorum scores a victory over Trailer Park! Stevens is irate! He tried a last minute kick out but it was just too darn late! Jorum bails from the ring and Stevens has gone nuts! He’s chased the ref out of the ring and is stomping his boot! What a nutcase!
Winner: Tobias Jorum via pinfall at 08:12

Sparks: We’ve got to go to commercial folks, but I’ve gotten word that the Corporal is in the back looking for an interview with the Horsemen. That’s coming up next!

Back from break and Cpl. Punishment is waiting in the back hoping to get some comments from the Horsemen about the match tonight. But their locker room door is shut and it is quiet. As he turns he sees JD coming down the hall carrying some folders. JD with a smile, but still noticeably showing the damage done from last weeks abduction

Cp: JD! I was hoping to snag an interview with…

JD Dixon: Ah Cpl yes yes, I apologize for any inconvenience this will cause, but the Horesemen will not be giving any interviews.

CP: But you must have heard Steele's comments about the Horsemen 2k7, and about how they are rip-off's...

JD: Bah! Steele is delusional! If anyone around here is riding the coattails of past greats it's him. "Crippler"? Sounds like false advertising Corporal, because Dic Blair, who went toe-to-toe last week with this "champion" is in perfect health! And how convenient "Crippler" Steele uses a choke out submission hold! He sounds like just another snot-nosed punk who grew up watching second-rate territorial talent who needs to be taught a lesson. I don't know why he doesn't just slap a mask on and call himself Pegasus Kid!

CP: Ouch! Harsh words JD!

JD: No, the TRUTH Corporal! Rest assured, while Mr. Steele has ability on the microphone, that doesn't necessarily translate to ability in the ring. He lucked out in winning that title and lucked out in his match with Blair. Luck that won't last and luck that will run out. But enough about that paper champion! The Horsemen are focused on the bunkhouse match you understand. They have been focused all week on this, and to do one thing: to get rid of the thorns we have in our sides, The Allies, mainly the Bluebloods. I don't know where Mr. David Diamond dug them up from, but when we are done tonight he can throw them back into the hole. And Allies! You hitched a ride on a runaway train that’s ready to de-rail!

JD rubs the bandage on his forehead

JD: And Mr. Savage…we haven't forgot what you did last week. We will deal with that in good time. But if you will excuse me Cpl. We have more pressing matters.

With that JD pushes past the posted security detail and goes into the locker room and closes the door.

CP: Looks like the Horsemen are focused on getting the job done Sparks! Back to you!

Sparks: Looks that way CP! What a night fans! On top of the action already scheduled, we’ve now got a OCW World title match on the card! Fans will remember last week when Thor grabbed the OCW TV Title, making his way through a twelve-man tournament to become our first ever TV Champion!
By winning that title he automatically became #1 contender to the OCW World belt, and it looks like he’s not wasting any time in cashing in on his victory! He’s challenged current OCW World Champ Crippler Bret Steele tonight! Last week Steele won a non-title bout over the savvy and dangerous Dic Blair! Say what you want about history and those that came before fans, but Blair gave Steele a run for his money, but the OCW champ is holding that strap for a reason! While some might argue his obtaining the title was simply fortune and strategy, he proved last week that he has what it takes to back up his gab!
But that wasn’t a title shot. Which makes tonight’s match all the more important for the OCW champion. Tonight he will face off against a competitor that fought hard and through several of the OCW’s finest to claim his title. Tonight, we get to see if Steele is merely a flash in the pan, or a legitimate World Champion!
But right now we've got a World Tag Title match! Last week the New OCW World tag team champions took some time off to head back home to Compton, and bask in the glory of their victory over the Horsemen 2k7 at Dawn of Champions. Now, they are back, and looking to make an example of the Super Dragons, the tag team of Red and Silver Dragon who hail from the orient!
The Super Dragons are the #2 contenders to the tag title, and as the Horsemen are tied up in the Texas Bunkhouse Match later tonight, the champs have determined that The Super Dragons are up for the shot. I hear the haunting strings of the koto bring out the Super Dragons, and boy folks, these are some lethal competitors! The ring veteran Silver Dragon has been especially impressive, making it to the semi-finals in the TV Title tournament last week, where he was defeated by the current TV Champion, Thor! We're hearing the music, but we don't have the Super Dragons! Wait! I'm getting word that we've got a situation developing in the back! We take you there now!

In the back, the translator, a small Japanese man, is talking to David Diamond. Red Dragon is sitting on a trainers table with an ice pack on his ankle.

Diamond: You tell these boys that they got a world tag title match right now Goldurnit! If they can’t get out there and fight, then they forfeit the daggone match!

Silver Dragon says something in Japanese

Translator: He say his partner fell on some soapy steps on the way in. He says it is unfair for them to compete tonight.

Diamond: Boy, do I look like I fell of the stupid wagon and got caught in the spokes? I know what happened tonight! I saw that Lil’ saucy bit of sushi go to work on the Ninja’s ankle and mess it up! And I know it was Red Dragon under that hood!

Silver and Red Dragon both begin speaking loudly in Japanese

Translator: No! No! he say it was your crappy American floor cleansing products! Some bald man in white smiling as he fell and twisted his ankle!

Diamond: Bull! You tell these boys they got five minutes to get their asses out to that ring, or they forfeit this match. And with the competition going on between the Hellcats, Awesome Ones and everyone else for those belts, they might see that "Great Wall" of theirs fall before they get another shot at those titles!

Translator: That CHINA! THAT GREAT WALL OF CHINA! We are from JAPAN!

Diamond: Don’t get short with me Hop Sing! You just tell these boys what I said!

We cut back to Sparks

Sparks: My word folks! Can we be hearing the truth? That it was Red Dragon under that Ninja hood!?!

CP: No proof sparks! Diamond has no proof that it was Red Dragon!

Sparks: Oh come on CP! Look at the evidence! Ninja suffered an ankle injury at the hands of Lil’ Tokyo earlier! He couldn’t even get out of the ring without help! And now, you’re telling me, just by coincidence, that Red Dragon has suffered an injury ON THE SAME ANKLE!?!?

CP: That’s exactly what I’m saying Sparks. What is this? CSI: Louisville? You trying to make a case or something?

Sparks: I think it’s already made for me! But it doesn’t matter now as the hard core bassline ushers in The OG! The Tag Champs are on their way to the ring, slapping hands and throwing up mad gang signs! No love lost here folks, as fans will remember that The OG defeated The Super Dragons in a wild match at Dawn of Champions to advance to the tag tournament finals, where they captured the gold by defeating The Alexanders! One could even argue that if the Super Dragons had made it through that match, they would be wearing the tag gold right now, instead of it being the other way around!
And here come the Super Dragons! Silver Dragon is helping Red Dragon along as he hops out to the ring! This doesn't look good folks! I don't see this match going on long if Red Dragon gets in there! One ankle lock and it will be all over!
Looks like all men are in the ring, and we have a bell and the match is underway!

Sparks: Looks like Loball and Silver Dragon are starting off folks, not that I can say I’m surprised. Red Dragon is hanging on the ring apron and looks to be in a lot of pain. Loball and Silver Dragon hook up…and Loball scores a headbutt! That sends Silver Dragon reeling into the OG’s corner-and into another headbutt from Smooth T!
Loball picks up the ring vet and hits an atomic drop! Silver Dragon looks like he’s going to tag in but thinks better of it and stands his ground- and eats a forearm smash for his bravery! Silver Dragon hit’s the mat! If this is how it’s going to play out folks I don’t see the Super Dragons lasting long!
Loball tags in Smooth T, who goes to work on Silver Dragon with a series of chops- he covers for a pin, but only gets a two count. Silver Dragon is taking a lethal beating here folks, and the OG knows that the Super Dragons are weakened! They hit a double suplex on Silver Dragon while Red Dragon shouts at them from the outside!
It’s all smiles on the OG’s side as they double team and work over Silver Dragon! Give the ring vet some credit- he’s tough! But tough wont win this match. The OG continue their double edged assault, back-dropping and hitting Silver Dragon with a dual leg drop, but they just cant seem to get the pin! Loball is starting to grow frustrated and is screaming at Smooth T. Smooth T is screaming back as Silver Dragon slowly crawls over to his corner, and the OG don’t even realize it! Dissention is taking its toll folks! Hot tag to Red Dragon!
Loball laughs as the Red Dragon stumbles into the ring. This is embarrassing folks, he can’t even stand properly! Loball mimics Red Dragon and begins crawling on the mat! Smooth T is cracking up on the outside! Looks like Loball is going to show some mercy and put this away quick! He jumps up and grabs Red Dragon and it looks like he’s going for a belly-to-belly...but Red Dragon laces his leg into Loball’s and blocks it! He tries again…but it’s blocked again!
Red Dragon lands a mean chop across Loball’s throat that sends him to the mat! Smooth T enters the ring, throwing up gang signs and he’s a ball of fire…SPIN KICK! Red Dragon just jumped up and landed a PERFECT spin kick with that “injured” foot! Smooth T has bailed out of the ring! Loball has no idea what’s happened! Red Dragon hits a dropkick! HE’S NOT INJURED AT ALL! He was playing possum the whole time! Loball is confused and Red Dragon runs to the ropes, jumps, hooks and swings back inside and slams into Loball! Loball is down! Quick pin! One…two…THREE! Red Dragon has just pinned Loball and THE SUPER DRAGONS HAVE CAPTURED THE OCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES!
Oh my stars! Red Dragon lured the OG into discounting him as a threat and came in and cleaned house! But if he’s not injured, then who was under the Ninja hood? If he wasn’t the one who almost had his ankle broken earlier, then who was it!?! No time for questions fans, as the Super Dragons have captured the OCW Tag Titles!
Winners and NEW OCW Tag Team Champions: The Super Dragons via pinfall at 8:31

Corporal Punishment is in the back interview area with Miss Bling and Margharita.

CP: So, Miss Bling, you’ve requested a match tonight with Henry Baggins. I take it this isn’t to test your skills.

Bling: You got that right suckah! Baggins, what’s wrong with you son? You like beating up on ladies? You like putting your nasty little Jimmy Dean sausage fingers on fine looking pieces of trim like me and my girl Margharita? What? Is it cause you old stubby, side-show freakish self can’t get no ladies? Is it cause ya nasty little midget bitches got no interest? Well son, you ain’t going to get away with putting ya hands on the fine trim in the OCW without paying a price-in blood ya little midget!

CP: Ouch! I bet Baggins felt that sting all the way back to Gollum’s cave!

Bling: Huh?

Cp: Nevermind, obviously you aren’t an English major. Margharita, you had a match with Baggins last week that saw him not only pin you, but also grab a handful of sweet brown sugar in the process. That had to be humiliating.

Margharita: Jes, I was humiliated. He make me sick. The little runt, he was lucky. But now, jou see? I make some new friends, eh? Miss Bling is primo. She's got moneys, style. Jou don't deserve to put jour hands on her. But she will put hers on jou, eh? When she's kicking jour ass! Where are jour friends little troll?

Cp: Actually he's a Hobbit, you know, the wee folk from over hill and under...

Bling: Whatever! His ass ain't got no friends, Hobbit or otherwise, cause no one would be desperate enough to be seen with some stunted little midget who likes to get his ass kicked! That's why he's always talking about his mama! She's his only friend cause he's the kinda midget only a mother could love...a mother f-

CP: WHOA! We got kids watching this show you crazy ho! But I dig your rap. So Margharita, you're going to the ring with your new "sistah"...why? Can't she handle Baggins herself?

Margharita: Of course she can! I will be there to show my friendship for Miss Bling. I will only watch, and make sure the little man doesn't try to run. We wan to give the peoples their money's worth, eh?

CP: Of course! Keep the customers happy! A trait I take it you learned when you were gyrating about on those poles down in Tijuana eh? You know, the Corporal has a pole you can swing around on if you want later. But I guess you gals will do your talking in the ring. Back to you Sparks!

Sparks: We’ve got a real throwdown for you now fans. With the wild upset earlier and the Super Dragons capturing the tag title from the OG, that puts the OG in the #2 contenders spot! Initially, the winner of our next match, The Awesome Ones vs The Hellcats was to go on and challenge the #2 contenders- the Super Dragons. I’ve been informed that now, the winners will go on to challenge The OG for the coveted #2 spot next week!
The Awesome Ones are led to the ring by their manager, Salvatore Savage! Savage looks in rare form tonight fans, threatening fans with his cane and barking orders like a ring general! The climb in the ring and are looking massive and mean! Fans of course know that Gladiator, the larger of the two is not only the #1 contender for that TV Title held by Thor, but also the #2 contender to the OCW World Title. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him challenge for that belt soon.
The ripping electric guitar chords brings out the Hellcats! Mr. Lucifer is walking them down the ramp like he’s walking two insane deadly beasts-and he just might be! They are bucking against those massive chains, and I shudder to think what would happen if they weren’t kept under constant supervision! In fact, you only need look as far as poor Mentalo to see what unsupervised Hellcats can do!
As an aside fans, I must say that while a lot has been made of The Hellcats, personally, I’m not impressed. Yes, they have made a statement through their violence, yes they have hospitalized and injured three other grapplers in the last few weeks. But what else? Cheap shot tactics and surprise attacks are no substitute for good solid victories, and I’ve yet to see any sign that these Hellcats are better at anything more than random violence.
Well, they are about to get their shot at proving just how capable they really are in the ring. This is their first match since the Dawn Of Champions, and that match wasn’t even a match, as they simply brutalized Toxic Shock and sent them to the emergency room! Fans will recall Toxic Shock vowing revenge last week-from the padded seat of a wheelchair.
We’ve got a bell and Mr. Lucifer releases Razor Girl first, the larger and more powerful of the two. She’s starting out against Gladiator, who is the larger of The Awesome Ones. Both exchange a volley of punches to start off, and Razor Girl hits a low blow! Gladiator hits the mat as the ref warns Razor Girl, and his warnings are ignored as she leaps into the air and comes down on Gladiator’s head with a double stomp! OW! Those combat boots are brutal fans!
Showing surprising strength, Razor Girl wraps Gladiator in a bear hug and squeezes! He flashes a brilliant smile at the fans, but that only seems to anger Razor Girl, and she scoops him up and applies a shoulder breaker! Gladiator hits the mat and he’s favoring that shoulder fans! He scrambles to his corner and looks stunned that the Hellcats are coming as quick and violent-but hey! That’s their style!
He tags in Strucka, who comes in fresh, and Razor Girl backs up and tags in Barb Wire. Barb vaults over the top rope and races right at Strucka! He hesitates- too late! Body tackle! Strucka hits the ground and Barb is on him, hammering away with her fists and raking that barb wire bracelet across his eyes! Strucka bails to the outside to gather himself and discuss strategy with Salvatore, but look out! Mr. Lucifer has come around the corner and laid out Savage with that massive chain! Savage is down! Strucka goes to attack Lucifer and throws a forearms but the massive manager simply laughs it off, grabs a handful of those long curly blond locks and throws Strucka back inside the ring!
Barb Wire is waiting and lands a double stomp of her own to Strucka’s head- and opens a cut! Those five-inch stiletto boot heels know no mercy fans and Strucka is bleeding from the forehead! Tag back into Razor Girl fans as rladiator screams at the ref from the outside where he is attending to Savage! Razor Girl helps Strucka up-and into a chokeslam! She planted him like a tree on Arbor Day fans! I can honestly say I never saw this coming! These Hellcats have walked in here and are outright brutalizing The Awesome Ones! They’ve outmatched them in power-violence-everything! The Awesome Ones simply can’t get any offense going and look lost!
It’s looking bad for Strucka folks! Razor Girl picked him up, just to plant him back into the mat with a vicious DDT! She throws him into the Hellcats corner! She tags in Barb Wire, who climbs up on the turnbuckle…MOONSAULT! She just dropped onto Strucka like a bad migraine and is she going to cover? No! Mr. Lucifer is shouting something from ringside! The Hellcats respond…Barb is going up to the top of the turnbuckle…but wait! Gladiator his come into the ring! He’s got Savage’s cane! He swings at Razor Girl! She ducks! AND SHE HITS A STUNNER! Gladiator is unconscious in the ring and Razor Girl has kicked him to the outside! Razor Girl powers Strucka up onto her shoulders! She turns towards Barb Wire perched on that top turnbuckle! RAZOR WIRE! RAZOR WIRE! Barb comes off with that devastating flying clothesline and damn near decapitates Strucka!
He’s on the mat and he’s not moving! Barb hooks the leg and covers for a pin! One...two…three!!!! The Hellcats have walked away with an easy victory over The Awesome Ones! I hate to say it fans but it looks like the Awesome Ones just didn’t have a solid strategy for this match and were thrown off by the bizarre and unpredictable Hellcats!
Winners: The Hellcats via pinfall at 11:52

But what’s this!?! Salvatore Savage has crept into the ring and he’s trying to pull Strucka outside! Uh oh! The Hellcats see him! They are slowly surrounding him like two raptors! It looks bad for Savage! BUT WAIT!!! Here comes TOXIC SHOCK!!!
TOXIC SHOCK HAS RETURNED! The crowd is going nuts! IT looks like payback time fans! Creeper and Crypt slide under the ropes! The Hellcats turn and we get a staredown!
Crypt charges! And attacks Savage!!! Creeper and Crypt bypass the Hellcats like they weren’t even there and are pounding on Salvatore Savage!!!! They are kicking him and stomping him like he’s a diseased possum! Gladiator reaches in and barely manages to get the battered and bleeding Savage out of the ring!!! What the heck fans? These two teams are mortal enemies!!! The Hellcats put Toxic Shock in the hospital for over a week!

The Hellcats look confused, and seem uncertain what to do about Toxic Shock’s actions. Mr. Lucifer enters the ring and snaps his fingers. The Hellcats instantly go to his side, leaving Toxic Shock in the middle of the ring. The lights are starting to dim and some even acquire a reddish tint as Mr. Lucifer leaves the kneeling Hellcats and approaches the center of the ring. A mist starts rising from the floor out of nowhere as Mr. Lucifer, without a microphone, speaks, his voice resounding throughout the arena!

Mr. Lucifer: “Surprised? I met with Toxic Shock and presented a deal to them. I offered them immunity from any further attacks from my Hellcats, either inside, our outside the ring. As has been witnessed on this show, this is no small benefit. I give to them my protection!”

The arena suddenly goes pitch black.

Mr. Lucifer: “And now, they pay my price!”

Screaming is heard from the middle of the ring. Fire shoots up from all four ring posts and a strobe light illuminates a disturbing scene. Mr. Lucifer is chanting and gesturing powerfully as Toxic Shock writhe on the mat, which is now thickly covered in mist. Toxic shock are momentarily lost to view. Then, as Mr. Lucifer comes to the climax of his spell, the strobe lights cut out a red-tinted spotlight is center on him.

Mr. Lucifer: “Rise, Toxic Shock!”

The mist slowly starts to dissipate and two spots lights search the ring, finally resting on two figures. Crypt and Creeper slowly rise, transformed! Their masks now replaced by altered versions that sport a pair of toxic-green horns sprouting from their temples!

Mr. Lucifer: “You are now part of my Army of Darkness! Henceforth to serve me unto eternity!”

The Hellcats return to the center of the ring, both kneeling at the feet of Mr. Lucifer, completely in his thrall, as Toxic Shock take up station on his left and right, screaming at the crowd and gesturing as Mr. Lucifer throws his head back and lets go with a mighty roar of laughter!
We slowly fade to commercial…..

Hobbit Baggins is in the backstage interview area…and he has a microphone!

Hobbit Baggins: You know, My mudda taught me never to hit goials, but these broads is askin' for it!
Foist the Hellcats and their shenanigans on Mentalo, and now Margarita cuttin' me all up! Hey whad I ever do ta youse!?! Anyhows, keep 'em comin' goials! You'll get yours in the end!

In the back, Spartan is getting ready. He’s in his trunks and lacing up his boots, he turns around and Lady Jayne is watching him. He’s obviously startled.

Spartan: Mam?

Lady Jayne: Spartan. I wished to speak with you for a moment, if you have the time that is.

Spartan: Of course my Lady.

Lady Jayne: What you did last week, intervening on my teams behalf and helping to run off those vile Horsemen. That took bravery and I wanted to thank you.

Spartan: It was my pleasure my Lady. The Horsemen were out of line in their actions.

Lady Jayne: Agreed. In fact, I was impressed so much, that I thought you might like to join us? You would make a tremendous addition to The Allies, what, with your intelligence, loyalty…and…other assets…Lady Jayne gently wipes a bit of sweat off of Spartans brow

Spartan: It was a small matter my Lady. I just happened to be in right place at the right time to help your men fend off that dastardly attack. I would do so for anyone. I am glad to be considered a friend of the Allies, and I would be honored to join their ranks.

Lady Jayne: Excellent. I’ll inform the others. Oh, and good luck in your match against Buck Leeds tonight. She leans in and gives him a peck on the cheek. For luck.

Spartan watches her leave, a small smile on his face. He looks at the camera.

Spartan: For luck? But of course. Horsemen, looks like the Allies just picked up another member. Guess that shifts the numbers in our favor. Hope you’re good with math, because that’s bad news for you.

We fade to commercial

Sparks: Looks like we’re ready for a throwdown folks! Miss Bling and Margharita are already in the ring and waiting for Baggins! The cheerful melodies of the Shire bring out Baggins, who’s still sporting bruises and some band-aids from last weeks beatdown by Margharita. He may have won the match folks, but what a price he paid!
He tries climbing through the ropes, but Miss Bling launches a kick that keep him on the outside! Come on ref! He gradually gets Bling to back up and allow Baggins in the ring. The Hobbit gets in, keeping a wary eye on Margharita. The ref orders her out, but she sweet talks him in to letting her stand at ringside.
Bling has turned to Margharita and is saying something when Baggins attacks! He body tackles Miss Bling to the mat and proceeds in turning her over and slapping her ample bottom! Oh she’s fired up folks! Baggins backs up and is laughing at her when she charges! He puts her into the ropes and rebounds off the opposite, hitting Bling with a flying cross bodyblock! Pin attempt! He only gets a one count before Bling kicks out.

The ref backs Baggins up as Bling is in the ropes and she charges again! This time she tackles the Hobbit to the ground, picking him up and whipping him into the turnbuckle! Baggins is dazed, and Bling goes up top! Flying Bodypress! She’s on Baggins and goes for the pin! One…two…but the little fella gets a shoulder up! Bling is upset and jawing at the ref, she takes it out on poor Baggins with a face rake and those nails open up some old wounds! Baggins is bleeding again!
Bling hits a dropkick that sends Baggins outside the ring! Margharita is on him! OW! She landed a kick to his junk! Baggins in on the ground holding himself! Someone get her out of there! Now both are outside putting the boots to Baggins…the ref is counting…Bling rolls back in and Margharita tosses Baggins back in. Bling picks up Baggins and whips him into the ropes….but he comes off and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex on Bling!
Cover! One...two…but Margharita is in the ring! She breaks up the count and both start stomping a mudhole in Baggins! CRIMSON MASK!

Baggins is gushing red all over the mat! But what’s this!?! Someone is coming down to ringside! IT’S MENTALO! Mentalo is on crutches and he’s in the ring! He takes out Margharita with a crutch! Margharita is down and out of the ring! Bling ducks a crutch swing and follows! Bling and Margharita have bailed! Both are on the outside staring daggers at Mentalo and the bloody heap that is Hobbit Baggins! Mentalo is checking on Baggins and this one looks to be over folks!
Winner: Hobbit Baggins via DQ at 5:13

Mentalo helps up Baggins and grabs a microphone!

Mentalo: Hey! I don’t , uh, know what is wrong with the BITCHES in this here OCW, but are you all loco? What is your problems? Well now, you two, you two got some big problems, because next week, you two are going to have to deal with not just one of us, but, us two! Yes! Two of us you will have to fight! So, you know, keep your eyes open and get ready for it!

Sparks:Woah! Looks like these four are going to get it one next week fans! I just hope Mentalo and Baggins are up for it, because right now, in the ring, they both look like a couple of car crash victims!

Corporal Punishment is coming out of the men’s room and stops abruptly. Buck Leeds is leaning in, staring hard. He's dressed in leather chaps, a leather biker jacket, hat and wearing sunglasses.

CP: Woah! What do you want? And why are you dressed like one of the Village People?

Buck Leeds: Stow that noise! I want to know who a man has to murder around here to get an interview!?! I was robbed at the Pay Per View, and last week I didn’t even get booked to a match!

CP: Sounds like a problem with booking Leeds. I’m not in charge of that, I just do interviews and woo the ladies!

Leeds: Look Punishment! I demand satisfaction! I’m a premiere grappler in this dumpy fed and I didn’t pick up and move down here just to be marginalized!

CP: It’s only the second show. Plus, don’t you have a match tonight against Spartan?

Leeds: Spar who?

Cp: Spartan! You know, big guy, shield…

Leeds: Oh yea, that Greek!

CP: Actually, he’s from Scotsdale…

Leeds: Whatever. Yeah, yeah…he’s that jabroni who stuck his nose in the Horsemen’s business last week, wasn’t he?

CP: Uh, yeah, he was. He saved the Bluebloods from being dismantled actually.

Leeds: Riiiight. Yeah, this might work after all.

CP: What “might work”?

Leeds: Nothing Corporal, you go back to putting those Depends through their paces. “The Leeds” has himself an idea.

CP: Uh, "The Leeds" has himself a match. In fact, you better be heading to the ring. It's up after the next commerical break.

Leeds: Yeah, yeah right.

Leeds walks off with a smile on his face as CP looks on in confusion

(Leeds voice off camera)
Leeds: And zip up that fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CP: Thanks for noticing ya nimrod!

Sparks: Allrighty folks! Boy was that Baggins-Bling matchup brutal! Say what you want about Baggins, but that tough little scrapper takes a beating and keeps on coming back! Right now, we’ve got Buck Leeds in the ring and here comes Spartan! He’s ready to rock folks, and drops his shield and helmet in the corner as he enters the ring.
We’ve got a lock up and Spartan scoop slams Leeds to the mat. Leeds bounces up holding his back and is complaining to the ref that Spartan pulled some trunks. Spartan of course, did not, but that doesn’t stop Leeds from stalling. He’s up and the two lock up again, and this time Spartan locks Leeds in a full nelson. Leeds is screaming that Spartan is pulling his hair, and of course the ref breaks the hold. Spartan is getting frustrated and Leeds flashes a big cheesy grin to the crowd-and gets taken to the ground! Spartan wraps him up in a grapevine that turns into a leglock and Leeds is screaming for mercy!
He just manages to get to the ropes and the ref calls for a break! Spartan closes in but Leeds slings him into the turnbuckle and hammers his head against the steel post! Spartan is on the mat! Leeds is swearing to the ref that he didn’t pull anything! Leeds gets Spartan up and hits the brainbuster! This might be it folks…one…two…but Spartan kicks out. He just needs to get his wind back! Leeds bounces up, picks up Spartan…and whips him into the ref! The ref is down! What’s Leeds doing? He’s rolled to the outside, he’s grabbed Spartans helmet! He’s back inside…and he’s nailed Spartan with it and the ref didn’t see a thing!
Leeds quickly wakes the ref up and covers Spartan…one…two…three! What a miscarriage of justice! Leeds stole this match! Spartan is still out and now Leeds has retrieved the shield and is hammering away! Lets get some security out here! They finally arrive and chase Leeds off, but its obvious Spartan is badly injured. He gets helped to the back as Leeds flexes in the ring. What a pompous jerk!
Winner: Buck Leeds via pinfall at 11:53
Sparks: The Buck Leeds is everything that is wrong with this sport!

Cp: Oh lighten up Sparks. That big goof shouldn’t have come to the ring with those weapons anyway!

Sparks: WEAPONS!?! Those were his adornments, part of his …

CP: They got used against him, right?

Sparks: Well, yeah…

Cp: Yeah. So, “weapons”.

Sparks: Unbelievable! Well folks, we’ve got another match coming up now, and it looks like one of the participants is already in the ring. We send you now, to Head Hunter!

Head Hunter is wearing a knee brace and his a microphone in the ring!

Head Hunter: “King Cut, last week when you used my bat against me and attacked my leg ,” (Head Hunter points out his knee brace) “You made me have to wear this, you took our little squabble from a simple “rematch” view, and you made it seriously personal. Especially when that that wench got in my way and saved your teeth…”
“You see, my ancestors have had a fighting spirit since you claimed to be sitting on a rock watching men in diapers prancing around building pyramid shaped rocks to put you in when you “died.” If she gets in my way again, this time I won’t hesitate. I will impale both of you with “The Dragon Fang,” So…”

(Smashin Taz’s entrance music interrupts him. The brawler sprints to the ring and we have a match!)

Sparks: These two are already going at it folks! Smashin Taz eats a big boot coming through the ropes and Head Hunter helps him in, landing a few more kicks! Smashin Taz is fighting to get up! Head Hunter helps him by wrapping those massive hands around his throat and lifting the short Australian into the air! CHOKE SLAM! Taz hits hard and Head Hunter drops on top for a cover!
Only a one count as Taz kicks out and gets to his knees, Head Hunter clamps his massive hand on Taz’s face and locks in a claw! The ref is seeing if Taz wants to throw in the towel but Smashin’ Taz pushes him away and lands a forearm, breaking the hold! Taz on the offense, following up with another forearm that stuns Head Hunter. Now Taz has Head Hunter in a headlock and he’s biting him! Head Hunter has hit the ground and no Taz returns the headstomps from earlier with several of his own and it looks like size and intimidation isn’t paying off for Head Hunter, as he’s on the mat and out of it!
Taz, the wily ring vet goes to work on that injured leg, dropping several knees and punches! Head Hunter is feeling it folks! He’s wincing in pain and the ref is trying to back Taz up, as head Hunter has reached the ropes! Head Hunter manages to get to his feet, and Taz charges…and gets picked up! He’s high in the air folks and head Hunter tosses him from seven feet in the air to the mat! Taz hits hard! Head Hunter is making use of that brace, and dropping it across Taz’s face! Head Hunter goes for a cover and get a two count!
He picks Taz up and lands several closed fists! Taz fights back! Both are exchanging blows and both seem dead on their feet! Taz leg sweeps head Hunters bad leg and the big man goes down! Taz is on him like an animal! He’s locked in a sleeper! Head Hunter is in trouble folks! The ref is checking his arm! It dropped once….twice….it’s still up folks! Head Hunter is still in this! He’s fighting back! He’s to his feet! He lands an elbow into Taz’s midsection and breaks the sleeper hold! Taz is doubled over! Head Hunter picks him up, and swings him into a face first sit down slam! DRAGON FANG! He makes a quick cover for the pinfall and head Hunter has just squeaked by with a victory!
Winner: Head Hunter via pinfall at 14:03

Sparks: What a grueling match folks! Neither one of these grapplers left a thing behind in that match folks! It was all put out there on the line! If Head Hunter continues to make an impressive showing against these high caliber opponents, I can see him in the OCW heavyweight Title race soon! Smashin’ Taz was a dangerous opponent fans! Last week he toppled the big Russian Sergei Khrushchev to advance in the Tv Title Tournament, he’s as tough as they come!

Sparks: It’s that time folks! We’ve got an OCW World Title match for you, pitting the OCW Champion, Bret Steele against the Tv Title Champion and #1 contender, Thor!

CP: Should be good Sparks! Brains vs brawn. My money is on the brains- Crippler Steele!

Sparks: But don’t discount Thor CP! He went through the tournament last week to…

CP: Yeah yeah, I heard all of that before Sparks! But who did he fight? Razor Girl? She’s hot, don’t get me wrong, but it was easy to see how that muscle bound freak overpowered her, especially after her match with Tamale.

Sparks: Mentalo!?! That was hardly a match! And what about Silver Dragon? Or Gladiator?

CP: Opponents already worn down by earlier matches Sparks. It was a cake walk for Thor to win that title. But tonight, the champ is going to show him what it’s like to play with the big boys!

Sparks: Well, we’ll see! Thor has already made his way into the ring and as the lights dim, Crippler Bret Steele slowly makes his way to the ring. Boy that championship gold really glitters in the spotlights! Steele climbs in the ring and hands the belt off to the ref. Both grapplers seem to be measuring each other and the bell sounds!
Steele dances around the ring, as Thor moves in for the kill early. Both lock up and we have a battle of strength…Steele is making an impressive showing, but Thor is just too darn big! Steele’s hands start to bend backwards and he breaks it by landing a knee lift to Thor's midsection! Thor doubles over and Steele drops a big elbow onto the Thunder Gods's neck, taking him to one knee! Steele doesn’t waste any time and legsweeps the big man down, stepping over and putting him in a vicious ankle lock! This is the same hold Steele used to great effectiveness last week in his match against Dic Blair!
Thor uses those massive arms and walks his way to the ropes and Steele can’t stop him! The ref calls for the break and Steele releases, and as Thor stands Steele lands a mean dropkick to the sternum that throws Thor off balance and into the turnbuckle! Steele is back on his feet, firing a series of kicks and chops, moving around the big man! Thor can’t seem to keep up and can’t seem to get a hand on the champion! Steele moves in and puts the big man in a suplex, but can he get him up? He does! Thor lands hard on the mat and Steele pops up and begins flexing to the crowd, mocking the Tv Champion. But wait! Thor is up! The Thunder God looks p*ssed! He spins the stunned Steele around and puts him in a suplex of his own! Steele hits and bounces a foot off the mat! He bails to the outside! The ref is counting him out! Steele slides back in and the Thunder God picks him up in a choke! He throws Steele across the ring into the turnbuckle like a rag doll! Steele takes two steps out and goes down face first to the mat! The Thunder God has momentum! Are we about to see a title change hands!?!?
Thor walks over to Steele and drops a massive elbow onto the top of his head. Steele is reeling, throwing blind punches folks! Thor puts Steele into the ropes and the rebounding Steele eats a forearm! Steele is down! Thor covers! One…two…kickout! Steele just barely kicked out before the count reached three folks. Your OCW champion is still in this match! Thor is arguing with the ref and turns his attention back to Steel just in time to get a belly to belly suplex! Thor hits hard but Steele went down as well and is holding his back! I think he may have hurt himself picking up the massive Thunder God! Thor manages to get up first and slowly puts Steele into a brain buster…and hits it! Another cover! One…two…NO! Steele just managed to get his shoulder up! Amazing! I really thought Thor had him but Steele just barely managed to save that title-for now!
Thor is frustrated folks! He gets up and whips Steel into the turnbuckle! He goes into the opposite turnbuckle and charges! Flying bodypress! No! He misses it! Steele ducked! Thor hit the turnbuckle hard and has stumbled backwards onto the mat! And Steele is on Thor! He’s trying to lock in the Punjab lasso! Can he get it? Is Thor just too darn big and tall!?!? He’s got it! STEELE HAS IT LOCKED IN! Thor is fighting it, trying to get to the ropes, but Steele is holding on for dear life! The ref is checking, but Thor isn’t giving up! He’s almost out of it fans! The ref is looking concerned, he’s asking Thor, but the Thunder God refuses to tap out! He’s hanging in there, my gosh it’s going on three minutes! Steele is covered in sweat and breathing hard and Thor looks almost out of it! Four minutes! Fans this can’tgo on for…THOR TAPS! The Thunder God, unable to get to the ring ropes, and locked in that vicious submission hold can’t breathe and simply must tap out!
My stars what a match! No reason for Thor to hang his head folks! He still retains the OCW TV Title and made a darn impressive showing here tonight, giving the OCW World Champ a sure run for his money! A few times it looked like the belt was about to change hands, but in the end Steele just out maneuvered the Thunder God and barely made it out alive with a win! Steele knows it too folks! He’s clutching that belt to his chest and slowly making his way back to the locker rooms! His first real title defense and Bret Steele, your OCW World Champion walks away with an impressive and decisive victory! He looks legit folks! Any doubters who think Steel lucked into the title and doesn’t deserve to wear the gold around his waist have surely been silenced after this tremendous match!
Winner and STILL OCW World Champion: “Crippler” Bret Steele via submission at 17:33

Sparks: This is it folks! Our Main Event! A Texas Bunkhouse Brawl that will see the Allies going up against the Horsemen 2K7. The two teams have been going at it for the past few weeks and there is no end in sight!

We see a vignette of the last few weeks, from the Dawn of Champions Tag Tournament events to last week and the attack on the Bluebloods

Sparks: Boy! These two teams just seem to have a natural hate-on for each other! And I don’t care who you are Corporal, you don’t go putting your hands on another wrestlers manager!

CP: No joke Sparks! Even if you do have a thing for her, which Olsen Alexander seems to have!

Sparks: That’s right! Now CP, I’ve only rarely heard about these Texas Bunkhouse matches. Why don’t you inform the fans at home what we can expect?

CP: Will do Scooter! First off, this isn’t like your namby-pamby bunkhouse matches from the eighties! Old Double D David Diamond was brought up in a rough and tumble area of Texas, and his pappy Big Earl taught him things the hard way! So here we go!
First off, this is a No-Dq, No-Count out match! Which means pretty much anything goes! You can wear whatever you want to in the ring! You can bring whatever you want to in the ring! Any manner of weapons: ball bats, hockey sticks, chains, bull ropes…you name it! It’s all legal in this match.
Second, falls count ANYWHERE! That’s right! You can brawl all the way back to the popcorn machine and piledrive poor old one-eyed Lenny MacMasters in the process-but please don’t, besides that popcorn cart old Lenny don’t have much left in this world- and you can pin your opponent there and it counts!
Finally, the first man to go down to a pinfall…no matter where or by what means, loses the match for his team! So whoever gets pinned sure as hell better plan on kissing some ass and buying some beers later on tonight!

Sparks: Thanks CP! Sounds completely brutal! Well, we’ve got security at the ramp and here come the Allies! Primetime Murphy is leading the group, and he’s all business folks! This is a grim group of warriors headed to the ring, and understandably so! This is a grim match that may see some or all of these men sent to the hospital! Sergei Khrushchev has entered and is pushing a shopping cart full of weapons!

Lets, see, we’ve got a few ball bats, a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire, a fire extinguisher is in there…a few chairs, boy these guys are bringing it all to the ring! The Bluebloods are close behind and they are armed with kendo sticks! I’ve gotten word lady Jayne is in the back, watching via monitor. Probably for the best folks, as this is no place for a lady!

We cut to the back where Lady Jayne is sitting on the edge of her seat watching a small monitor, biting her fingernails. She glances up at the camera, gives a small nervous wave and goes back to watching the monitor intently.

Sparks: There she is folks, the heart and soul of the Allies! This has to be killing her, sitting in the back and only able to watch!
The Allies are in the ring and the security detail has dispersed among ringside to handle the crowd if the action spills out! They quickly empty the cart of weapons and it all goes in the ring! Uh oh, I hear the sound of Horses! And here come the Horsemen 2k7!

JD Dixon leads them out and this team is ready to go! Sully is carrying a bull rope and a University of Texas football helmet! Dic Blair is carrying a chain and wearing boots with spurs. Olsen is out and he is dressed like a steel mill worker! With those big heavy steel toed boots and a sledge hammer tossed over his shoulder! Ax is all business and focused, dressed like his cousin and carrying an axe handle with rebar taped to the end! This isn’t going to be pretty folks! It’s like sitting around watching a funnel cloud form overhead!
Wait! Double D is in the ring! He’s instructing the Horsemen’s security detail to bar JD Dixon from the ring! JD is irate! He’s screaming! He tosses his Halliburton briefcase to Ax and retreats to the back! Looks like this is going to be all about the wrestlers folks! No shenanigans in this match!
Double D bails out of the ring as the security fan out and the officials position themselves around the ring, ready to count a pinfall at a moments notice. The bell rings and the brawl is on! Here we go folks! All four men are in the ring and grabbing every weapon available! Primetime Murphy is whipping Blair with a belt, Ax and Rochester are going at it with fists, the Bluebloods kendo stick having already been broken over Ax head! Olsen is hammering Southwell with a trash can lid while Khrushchev has body tackled Sully to the outside of the ring!
This is brutal fans! These teams aren’t even interested in pins right now, they are just looking for payback! Ax has that axe handle and is hammering away at Rochester! The big brit is split open, but he’s not feeling it! He’s still trying to duck that handle and hammering away at Ax with those taped fists! On the turnbuckle, Blair has Murphy cornered and is up on the second rope! He’s hammering away at Murphy in the corner! Uh oh fans! Olsen has tossed Southwell over the top rope and he’s o the outside! Olsen follows him out and walks him over and puts his head into the Spanish announcing teams table! Southwell is on the ground and Olsen is stomping him!
This is brutal folks! Rochester has picked up a trash can and is hammering away at Ax! Ax is on the ground and has brawled into the corner! Rochester tosses the trash can onto Ax and backs up! He runs and hits a dropkick onto the trash can!!! Back outside, Sully and Olsen are double teaming Khrushchev! They’ve thrown him in the empty shopping cart and have pushed him back up to the top of the ramp! They’re pushing him! He’s out of control! NO! Khrushchev, face down in that cart has crashed into the ringside barricade and has spilled onto the ground!
Southwell is back up folks! He’s snatched Olsen’s sledge hammer and has nailed Olsen in the back! Olsen felt that one folks! Sully has his football helmet on, and he’s speared Southwell in the back! Southwell has rolled beneath my announcers table fans! He’s out of it! Oh my stars the carnage! I would call for some help for this young man but I don’t think it would help!
Back in the ring, Blair is trying for a cover on Murphy but it’s broken up by Rochester, who drops an elbow onto Blair, and reaches for the nearest weapon…and grabs a stop sign! Murphy is up, he’s holding Blair! Rochester has the stop sign- and nails Blair with it! Blair goes down! Rochester drops on to! One...kickout! Blair is still very much in this fans! But wait! Here comes Ax and he charges Rochester and Murphy! All three go down in a heap and they crash onto the floor outside!
Blair has a Russian chain and has slipped outside the ring! Khrushchev is back up folks, and he’s battling Sully and Olsen! All men are exchanging punches, and Krushchev has those brass knucks on! He’s dropped Olsen to the ground and is hammering away at Sully’s helmet! He’s cracked it! It’s split open like a melon!
Blair is hammering away at Southwell with that massive Russian chain! Southwell is bleeding fans! He’s taken to the crowd and retreating! Blair is following, whipping him with that massive chain! Back at ringside, Rochester has dumped a bag of thumb tacks onto the ground!!! He’s got Ax Alexander up in a bodyslam…and slams him onto the thumb tacks!!! Ax’s back looks like a pin cushion and he’s screaming in pain! Oh my stars fans! Oh my stars! Ax is feeling that! He’s enraged! He’s up and tackles Rochester to the ground! He’s hammering on the big brit with those taped fists, and he starts kicking him with those steel-toed boots! Rochester is holding his ribs! Those steel toed boots must really have done some damage! Now Ax is going to his trunks…what’s he got? Something…I can’t tell…FIREBALL! Ax has just thrown a fireball onto Rochester and blinded the big man!!!!
Near the back of the arena, Blair is hammering away at Southwell fans! But the youngster has blocked him! He’s kicked Blair in the breadbasket and has whipped the veteran into a soft drink machine! Blair’s busted open! He’s bleeding profusely and now Southwell has retrieved the Russian Chain and is hammering away with it! Khrushchev and Olsen are still going at it fans! The big Russian slammed a monitor over Sully’s head and put him out on the ground just a moment ago! He covered but Olsen broke up the pinfall attempt and the two have been going at it ever since!
Khruschev has an AV cord and is choking out Olsen! Olsen is loosing air! He’s out of it! Khruschev takes those brass knucks and starts hammering away! But wait! Sully is back and he’s got one of those kendo sticks the Bluebloods brought to the ring! He’s swung and split open Kkrushchev! Khrushchev is bleeding! My stars folks this is simply brutal! Ax has pulled some handcuffs from that Halliburton breifcase folks, and has handcuffed Rochester to the ringpost and the Brit cant get out! Ax takes the keys- AND THROWS THEM INTO THE CROWD! Rochester is screwed folks! Ax looks around…uh oh, he’s grabbed a bat…and follows up with a baseball bat to the back! Rochester is in some pain! Now Ax has picked up a chair and is looking for Primetime Murphy fans! Where has the young grappler gone to? What’s this? Primetime’s under the ring! What the…sledge hammer! He’s come out with a sledge hammer behind Ax and Ax has no idea!
HE HITS AX IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Ax’s is bleeding and falls to the ground face first on that chair fans! Primetime drops the sledgehammer and picks up the bleeding Alexander and throws him on top of my announcers table! Ax is laid out. What’s this? Primetime is back in the ring, and is going to the top turnbuckle! NO WAY! He’s gesturing for the high spot! HE’S AIRBORNE! YES! Primetime has crashed through Ax and the table right in front of me! They are both out! Primetime is trying to roll over, trying to get on top of Ax…Ax isn’t moving fans! I think he’s really injured…he’s losing a lot of blood! Oh my stars someone get the ambulance ready!!!
Primetime is crawling over to Ax…but wait! Spartan is coming to ringside! He’s limping, he’s covered in blood! He sees Primetime! He stumbles over and stops Primetime in his tracks! He’s saying something to him! Primetime’s eyes go wide! What did he say!?! Primetime is screaming at Khruschev who is still hammering on Olsen! Spartan helps up Primetime and Khrushev joins them and…what’s this? They’ve abandoned ringside! They’re making their way to the back and have forgotten all about the Horsemen! Ax is still at my feet, bleeding profusely…and we’ve got a medic out here at ringside…and he’s calling for a stretcher!!!
We’ll try to get a camera to follow the Allies to the back fans, but right now lets go back to Blair and Southwell, who’ve fought all the way back into the men’s room!!! Southwell is in the back, and he’s got Blair’s head submerged in that nasty toilet! Blair can’t breathe folks! Southwell brings him up just long enough to land several punches to the top of Blair’s head! Blair is in trouble! Southwell goes over and pulls the hand dryer from the wall! He’s using it to hammer away at Blair! Blair is bleeding from the forehead! Now Southwell is using the stall for support, and is stomping on Blair’s head, stomping him into the crapper!

Wait fans! We’ve got a camera crew in the back following The Allies! Spartan is leading them to…what’s that?!?! I hear screaming! The Allies are hauling tail! They’ve gone out the back! Come one cameraman! Lets get a shot of what’s happening!

In the parking lot a limo is idling. Lady Jayne is half out of the back door of the limo, fighting with someone inside! Finally, a hand grabs her by the back of the hair and jerks her inside and the door shuts just as the Allies reach the limo…and it speeds off with Lady Jayne still screaming out of the window!!!

Sparks: OH MY STARS! Lady Jayne was just been abducted fans!!! We know who’s behind this! We know who the only Horseman unaccounted for in the back was that could have pulled this off! That dastardly JD Dixon! He’s to blame! He’s a low down…you don’t….wait fans! We’ve got word that Southwell is looking to finish Blair off! Lets go back to the men’s room where they’ve been brawling!
Blair is out of it fans! Southwell dunks his head one more time! Blair falls backwards onto the grimy linoleum floor! This one looks over fans! Southwell climbs on top of the sink and comes of with a flying elbow! The ref is right there to make the count! One…two….WAIT! Someone is the men’s room and has put a boot to Southwell! Now they are hammering him with that hand dryer! Southwell is busted open! We can’t see who it is, they have their back turned….IT’S JD DIXON!!! He grabs Blair and pulls him on top of Southwell! NO! The ref is counting! One…two…THREE! The Horsemen have won this Bunkhouse Brawl!!!! Where did Dixon come from !?! And WHO HAS KIDNAPPED LADY JAYNE!?! We’ve got to go fans, we’ll try to get some answers to all of these questions and we’ll see you next week on Monday Night Meltdown!!!!!