Face/Heel/Neutral: Heel
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 220
From: Anarchist Free Territory, England
Signature Move:
Career Highlights:

Born in an Anarchistic Free Territory in the 1980s, Anarchy and his brother were orphaned when they were both young. They were passed from orphanage to orphanage because of their violent behavior. When they were both passing the age of 14, they escaped their orphanage and joined an independent wrestling circuit where they met a young goth punk female named Black Alice. She agreed to manage them after seeing one of their matches. They eventually worked their way up to the main roster. When they heard of the OCW, and its outlaw nature, they knew they had to join that wrestling federation.
They follow no rules or enforced authority. They believe in an absence of government and a state of lawlessness.

Catchphrase:“Bloody good time for some Anarchy!!!”