Face/Heel/Neutral: Heel
Height: 6 foot 4
Weight: 270
From: Parts Unknown
Signature Move: The Coffin Nail (Piledriver from second turnbuckle)
Career Highlights:

Little is known about this mysterious grappler. Rumors persist that he was an accomplished underground fighter who competed in Malaysia and other regions in southeast Asia when he "accidentally" killed an opponent who happened to be the son of the local constable. He escaped to Florida and worked his way north, competing in various organizations and leaving a trail of chaos behind him.
What is known is that he has no regard for his opponents or the rules, though his innovative methods and obvious raw wrestling talent has made him a commodity wherever he goes, though as of yet is is unknown why he has chosen to come to the OCW. Only time will tell what this dangerous grapplers motives are.

Catchphrase: "...."