Face/Heel/Neutral: Neutral
From: Parts Unknown
Career Highlights: Has held four world titles in other territories, along with various tag titles.

His wrestling career behind him, Corporal Punishment was living the easy life of retirement in Florida, calling the occasional independent match when the call came from David Diamond. The President & GM of the OCW was looking for a commentator to work alongside a youthful, enthusiastic, but very green play-by-play man. Corporal Punishment had already made his mark in the mid-late 70ís, capturing titles across the globe, in the states, Mexico and Japan, but the opportunity intrigued him and he agreed.
The Corporal primarily handles the interviews and match breaks, along with Scooter Sparks, while Sparks handles the match play-by-play,calling the action on the OCW television and PPV programs.

Catchphrase: "It's a great night for a fight!"