Face/Heel/Neutral: Neutral
From: Fort Worth, Texas
Career Highlights:

Dusty Diamond is the daughter of OCW founder David Diamond. When Diamond ran away to Bora Bora with his secretary, he left the family business in Dusty's hands, as he's done many times before when he's gotten in over his head.
This is fortunate for the OCW in that Dusty has turned failing Diamond businesses into fortune 500 companies, it's unfortunate because Dusty has freely shared her disdain and disgust with pro wrestling. She sees the OCW as just another business to be rescued and has promised to make several money-saving changes in the OCW, including dropping grapplers who aren't benefitting the bottom line and even relocating the OCW to a new location on the Ohio River. Upon taking over the OCW, she's wiped the slate clean, reminding the wrestlers that “Everyone is starting at zero” and that they will have to prove themselves to continue drawing a paycheck.

Catchphrase: "I've got a whole stack of pink slips and I'm just itchin' to use em."