Face/Heel/Neutral: Face
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 231
From: Memphis, TN
Signature Move: The Powerline (Flying Clothesline)
Career Highlights:
Stable/Alliances/Etc: The Live Wires (w/ Matt Watts)

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Justin Cable is the son of a small indy promoter. Having trained beneath an aging former superstar, he wrestled in the mid south for several years before being offered a developmental contract by Dusty Diamond in the OCW. WHile in Mid South and after realizing he wasn't destined for singles greatness, Justin Cable teamed up with current partner Matt Watts and formed the tag team "The Live Wires".
They've had several championship runs in smaller indy feds but consider this their chance to break into the "big time"

Catchphrase: "Can you feel that excitement? It's electric!!!"