Face/Heel/Neutral: Face
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 285
From: Compton, California
Signature Move: The "Drive By" (Running Clothesline)
Career Highlights:
Stable/Alliances/Etc:The OG

Hailing from the mean streets of Compton, California, Loball is a street brawler who picked up a few wrestling moves at a youth center-before he and his brother, Smooth T, burned it to the ground. After serving fifteen years for arson, he and his brother caught wind of the OCW starting up, and, needing to relocate to the Midwest and go after the tag titles. Both were brought up on old-school rap and, feeling they lost their youth due to “flicking a blunt in the wrong direction on a windy night,” are looking to regain some of it through a championship title reign and “fat stacks.”

Catchphrase: "That's a'ight G, you lay there and think hard before gettin' up."