Face/Heel/Neutral: Face
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 224
From: Mazatlan, Mexico
Signature Move: The Lobotomizer (Flying Drop-Kick)
Career Highlights: Current OCW World Champion, Former OCW TV Champion

Hailing from the coastal fishing village, Mazatlan, Mexico, Mentalo was a penniless shrimp fisherman when the captain of a local vessel, a wrestling fan, told the young man he had the physique and stamina to make it in the wrestling business. At the captains prodding, Mentalo took his first steps towards learning the ropes in pro-wrestling. Within a few years he rose to mid-card status, and when he pulled an upset win over the heavyweight champion of TMW (Total Mexican Wrestling), he shot to superstardom. However, a leg injury sidelined him for over a year, and when he returned he found a different environment than what he was used to.
Looking to the states, Mentalo saw an opportunity when the OCW opened itís doors to all comers, and the lure of championship gold and headliner money has brought this high-flying luchadore into the OCW ranks.

Catchphrase: "ARIBA!"