Face/Heel/Neutral: Heel
Height: 5 foot 9
Weight: 173
From: Beverly Hills, California
Signature Move: "The Bling Slap" (Punch)
Career Highlights:

All sass and attitude, this jewel encrusted self proclaimed "High Class Sistah" has come from the plush hills of California to challenge herself and anyone else who gets in her way. Pampered by the lofty lifestyle afforded to her by being the daughter of a rap mogul, Miss Bling was used to sitting poolside, taking it easy, until the day when her father decided he wasn't going to support her lifestyle any further.
Broke and bitter, she took her six cars and helicopter and left home. Having to make a living, she did the one thing she was good at. "Bitch slapping the help" as she put it. Unfortunately, she had no "help" to slap around, which led her to a friend of her fathers, David "Double D" Diamond. He told her the only job he had available was in the OCW. When she heard she could knock people around AND get paid for it, she jumped at the opportunity.

Catchphrase: "You livin' in Bling's world now."