Face/Heel/Neutral: Heel
From: Parts Unknown
Career Highlights:
Stable/Alliances/Etc:The Hellcats (Manager)

Hailing from “Parts Unknown,” Mr. Lucifer’s past is shrouded in mystery. However, the popular theory is that he used to be the owner/promoter of a major wrestling federation on the East coast. After a series of disastrous decisions that “ruined the product”, he was released form duty and kicked off of the board of directors.
Angry, penniless and looking for revenge, he took to the road, making his way through many of the smaller territories, recruiting talent, using them to gain championships, and, once their usefulness run out, discarding them like so much trash. Mr. Lucifer claims he is now able to “let the world see the REAL me!” He wasted no time in coming to the newly founded OCW, bringing a chaotic duet known as “The Hellcats” and promising OCW’s founder “Double D” that he would waste no time in using his team to harvest the souls of other wrestlers, and, once his “Army of Darkness” was complete, taking over the entire OCW and get to work rebuilding his Evil Empire.

Catchphrase: "Sooner or later, everyone cuts a deal with Mr. Lucifer."