Face/Heel/Neutral: Face
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 349
From: Sleepy Hollow, NY
Signature Move: The Lunesta Lock (Sleeper Hold)
Career Highlights:

The Narcoleptic Assassin is the son of David Diamond's long time gambling buddy, Fancy Mike Crimps. In an all-weekend Texas Hold Em' Tournament in Reno, Diamond out up a lifetime contract in his OCW as an ante- and lost. Crimps, who won the contract, gifted it to his lazy, out of work, no count narcoleptic son who always claimed he couldnt hold a job because of his "condition". Now, armed with an iron-clad lifetime contract that requires him to compete in the OCW and a hold arsenal compiled by watching reruns of G.L.O.W (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) from the 80's, The Narcoleptic Assassin is ready to unleash lethargic fury on the competitors of the OCW-provided he can stay awake long enough to find the ring.

Catchphrase: "Be sure to get your z's kid.....zzzzzzzzzz."