Face/Heel/Neutral: Unknown
Height: 6 foot 2
Weight: 340
From: Chicago's Northside
Signature Move: Rollin' Hard Powerslam
Career Highlights: Four time Western States Champion

Brought up in the Cabrini-Green Housing projects in Chicago, Roland Hard has been fighting and scrapping his way to the top since day one. When he was old enough he thumbed a ride out west where he began battling in underground shoot-fights to make rent money.
After catching the eye of a local indy promoter, Roland was offered a spot wrestling for another fed on the west coast, where he was mentored by an older grappler who taught the young man to mix his street fighting instincts with solid wrestling technique. The result is a lethal combination that makes this grappler a dangerous and extreme opponent who isnít afraid to put his large frame in high risk situations for the sake of a win.

Catchphrase: "Thas' just baws-rude!!!"