Face/Heel/Neutral: Face
Height: 6 foot 3
Weight: 315
From: Moscow, Russia
Signature Move: "The Cold Front" (Off the ropes bearhug into a sidewalk slam)
Career Highlights:
Stable/Alliances/Etc:The Allies

Khrushchev, known by wrestling fans as "The Siberian Barrage" was born on October 14, 1973 in Communist Moscow. His father left his mother before Sergei was even a year old, so he grew up, thus never knowing his father. At the age of 15, he got a job working in a steel factory barely earning any money to support his mother and himself.
He quickly built up strength working in the steel factory and eventually got involved into weightlifting when he would join the Russian National Weightlifting Team. He traveled over to the United States with the team where he discovered professional wrestling. He decided to join and earn a better living for himself and his mother. He now calls Queens, New York his home and has been warmly embraced by American wrestling fans, who've come to admire his sense of family values and strong work ethic.

Catchphrase: "“Oni eshe ne znajut shto ih ozidaet!" (Russian for “They do not know what awaits them!”)