Face/Heel/Neutral: Unknown
Height: 6 foot 4
Weight: 254
From: Parts Unknown
Signature Move: "The Squishy Guts" (Abdominal Claw)
Career Highlights:
Stable/Alliances/Etc: None

This demented and troubled grappler spent most of his formative years moving from one state mental hospital to another. Ultimately, he was deemed "ready to return to society" though most of his critics claim that the doctors finally grew weary of trying to "heal" him and decided to release him to perform unthinkable acts on society and eventually get thrown in prison and wind up on death row.
Sickbag left the hospital and after living on the streets eventually began to earn his living in underground fighting competitions. He was discovered by a Mid-South wrestling promoter who offered him a contract. After witnessing his dementia. the promoter decided to unload him on someone else and finally did- to Dusty Diamond in part of a developmental deal that included the Live Wires.

Catchphrase: "Do not blame me for what I'm about to do to you, to your families and yes, to those innocents that walk the streets looking for nothing but to get through their day without an unspeakable horror befalling them. Look to yoursleves, look to the failings of the system and look to those doctors that are so arrogant as to think that a man can be "fixed". No, sometimes, a man cannot be fixed- he is broken, broken beyond repair and no amount of therapy, medication or praying will ever put the pieces of his life back together. Believe this, even if you believe nothing else."
-Taken from a mental hospital transcript in late 2003