Face/Heel/Neutral: Heel
Member List: Yojimbo Matsahura, Crimson Mask, Silver Dragon, Red Dragon
Manager: Yojimbo Matsahura
Career Highlights: Super Dragons are former OCW World Tag Team Champions

Assembled by Yojimbo Matsahura, Black Sun is a stable made up of asian wrestlers who have excelled at the sport. Owing no allegiance to anyone, they watch out for each other and aren't afraid to ambush other wrestlers to further their own agendas. It is unknown wether Matsahura (who also wrestles as well as manages) planned on assembling Black Sun from the beginning when he joined the OCW or wether he was pushed to it by the accusations and actions of Lil' Tokyo.
In week 5, his newest protege, Crimson Mask appeared and savagely attacked Lil' Tokyo after her TV Title Tournament victory. It is unknown if the two have previous history.