Face/Heel/Neutral: Heel
Member List: Creeper, Crypt
Manager: Mr. Lucifer
Career Highlights:
Alliances: The Army of Darkness

Bizarre and certifiable, the two grapplers that make up Toxic Shock could care less about championships, and seem intent on just creeping everyone in the OCW out. After turning on their manager and sending him to the hospital, both have slinked their way into the OCW, with no direction and no course plotted, they seem content just stirring up general mayhem and havoc at a moments notice.
Recently, these two bizzarre grapplers have joined Mr. Lucifers "Army of Darkness" along with The Hellcats. While a questionable move, this has cerainly seemed to add direction to their madness, creating a violent and unsettling weapon in the manager's arsenal.