"The corridors of The Crayce Outpost were adorned in deep flowing black and purple drapery that pooled onto the glossy navy floors. Auditory dampners kept everything silent and one could easily let loose a scream and not be heard a handful of meters away. It was the way of the Shades-maintain stealth at all costs."

Location: Wroona
Function: Hidden Base/Training Facility
First referenced in: Episode 11
Population: Varies

Located in the middle of the Great Doorian Sea on the planet Wroona, the Crayce Outpost is the training and living facilities for the Assassin Organization known as “The Shades of Night.” Only a handful of individuals outside of the Shades know where it is located, as they work very hard to keep themselves invisible to the outside world, letting their quick and efficient assassinations prove as the only evidence they exist.
The Outpost is built directly into an island, and it’s lower levels are dominated by training facilities and living quarters while the upper levels are reserved for the Head of the Shades and those “elite” killers who have proven themselves by eliminating high-profile targets and have secured themselves a spot in Shades lore forever.
The upper levels also house observation decks and recreation facilities-as the Shades work hard to keep their elite content and happy-as long as they produce. Lower level assassins see this as the incentive to work harder and become more deadly, so they can earn an apartment in the "Top House".
While the goal is to remain anonymous, the Director of Operations, a Sakiyan named Nassiris, realizes that the time may come that they may draw undue attention. For that reason, the Crayce Outpost is equipped with retractable turbolaser and powerful shield generator. Should capture seem imminent, seismic charges have been buried throughout the foundation, and once triggered will reduce the entire structure into smoking rubble sinking into the ocean.
Those that come to the Outpost to be trained as an assassin and can’t, for one reason or another, complete the training are quickly and efficiently dealt with. The sea floor surrounding the Outpost is littered with the bodies of those unfortunate beings, and it is said on a clear day you can see the sun glint off of their bones in the shallow waters.
For millennia the Crayce Outpost has taken in all manner of beings, and produced some of the most ruthless and effective killers in the galaxy, and despite the best efforts by law enforcement , their home has never been discovered. Of course this has as much to do with the training Shades of Night Assassins receive-which is to sacrifice themselves before divulging any secrets, most especially the location of the Crayce Outpost.