"The largest and most familiar Settlement is one known to the Ubese as Key'ucha Yo'toh, translated by offworlders as Crucible. The chief authority of the Settlers rests here, as does the hallowed training ground for the Conservators. In Crucible stands the largest secure starport on the world, and only here can outlanders walk with any illusion of security. Still, even in Crucible, one should be wary of what is said and done, lest the traveler be lost to statistic, and their possessions "granted" to the technical division for dispersement."

Location:Uba IV
Function: Desert Fortress
First referenced in: Episode 10
Population: Varies

Considered to be the only true "safe" settlement on Uba IV, the Crucible is the last bastion of civilization on the cursed planet that visitors can visit directly without having to brave the harsh realities of the deadly Uba IV landscape.
Carved and shaped from the very land surrounding it, the Crucible is a large city surrounded by a massive wall, cornered with armed guard towers that monitor the landscape day and night, warding off bandit raiding parties from the nearby Southern Wastes and the violent indigenous life that prowls the Uba IV deserts.
Admittance into the Crucible is through small guarded doors set into the massive wall, with the large blast doors only opening to admit large hunting parties or vehicles through, and only at scheduled times of the days. The city itself is geographically divided by districts, dependant on purpose. Merchants, entertainment, residential and governmental are all arrayed around a central starport, with entry into the each district through a guarded gate. Weapons are allowed to be carried, as the Uba people are a strong and resilient people who have learned to survive the ravages of their planet- a far worse threat than any mere outsider.
Order is handled by a localized militia, with several outposts arrayed throughout the city. In addition, a legion of Octuptarra combat tri-droids patrol the region surrounding the Crucible, as a deterrent to any attacks or acts of aggression by the various roving bands of raiders and pirates.
Justice in the crucible is swift and decisive, catching many off-worlders by surprise. The governing body is made up of representatives from the ten largest clan settlements throughout Uba IV. This is not only to give the clans a voice and platform to conduct trade deals and settle territorial disputes, it is also to prevent the appointment of one leader, in an attempt to prevent the ascension of another Savax Clan-Vorsazg the War-Master of the Southern Wastes who led an attack on the planet Ubertica which resulted in the genocide of not only his forces but of a large portion of that planets population as well.