"Navigating the crowd, they both soon found themselves in a wide concourse that curved around in a spiral. The 'Spires, as the regulars called it, was a derelict mass of durasteel, with its interior a curving spiral that wound down to it's lower levels. The station had seen some years, with dingy walls and a decor that screamed "function" rather than "style". Massive girders and rivets held the station together, and the designer, if there was one, felt that showing the strength of the structure would put visitors minds at ease."

Location: Blue Xenith System, in CSA controlled space
Function: Space Station
First referenced in: Episode 12
Population: Varies, usually between 10-20,000 residents & transients

Located in the Blue Xenith System in CSA controlled space, Giger's Spires has been in existence for several thousand years, though through various changes in ownership and misplacement of files, it is unknown exactly how old the station really is.
Little is known about its history, other than it saw its glory days during the Old Republic. At one point, before new owners relocated the station, it was the last refueling station near Hutt Space before travelers went on into wild space. This being the case, there are many sad memories attached to this station by spacers who went into wild space and never returned. In fact, the corridors of Giger's Spires are adorned with the personal items, messages and articles of those who went out into wild space and never returned.
Superstition and a moderate security force generally prohibits anyone from disturbing the items, as a myth circulates that those who take anything from Giger's walls will be cursed, and bad luck will follow them until the return the item to its original resting spot.
Spacers are required to register in the administration/customs area. Occasionally, random customs checks are made, but with the proper influence this can sometimes be worked around. On this upper level many of the offices and work areas have been turned into storage or sealed off. While a decent sized work force is still required to run the station, many hallways remain empty and an eerie quiet tends to predominate the mood in these levels.
The second sector of the spire is where one finds the bazaar and entertainment district. This is by and large where most activity in the Spire occurs, with one level being an entirely open bazaar where cubicles and kiosks curl around in a spiral like a living thing and beings barter and trade freely. A small tax is applied to every purchase that goes towards the administration of the spire.
Traders of all species and size and shape sell everything from clothing to foodstuffs. Spice and other narcotics are not generally traded above the boards, but a healthy black market does exist in the spire and one can sometimes find highly desired items if they know the right people to ask and have the funds to pay for it.
Set into the exterior and interior walls of the bazaar are shops and nightclubs that have changed hands hundreds of times. This real estate is considered the most lucrative and many of the traders in the bazaar jockey for these shops in the rare instances that they ever come open. Some notable locations:

Mo'Janr's Passion City: A flesh bar/nightclub specializing in live aquatic humanoid entertainment. A giant aquarium hosts exotic "swimmers" for the clientele-Wroonians, Mon Cals, Quarren and other water based species are presented here.

Mornoffs Fresh Food: A market that has been around for hundreds of years. Foodstuffs delivered on a semi regular basis. Good prices.

Unreaks Survival supplies: Just what it says -all manner of equipment for survival in many different climates and terrain.

Below this level is Engineering. This is where a small army of Ughnauts and Verpine scurry to make sure the Spire stays maintained and in working order.

The next level is Residential Apartments. This is where most employees of the spire live. The security force makes a point to patrol this area much more so than the lower levels as many of the administrators and docking platforms officials live here. The apartments are nice but old.

The next level and really the last level is Dyrge Alley. This is low-low rent housing for transients and spacers and those who don't want to stay on their ship. It's a dump. The rooms are small and barely big enough to breath in. They are also cheap and locked and unlocked by an automated system. You pay by the night. And don't expect to find any items or pieces of sentiment on these lower walls-graffiti prevails here.

Beneath this level is a storage area run by a surly Ishi Tibb. Space is available at 2 creds per cubic meter per day.

One final note. The 'Spires are massive, but since it's old and configured of such a unique design, there are turbolifts scattered throughout the facility, but they all don't access all levels. There are also grand winding staircases between levels.
Basically, to get around takes a while, and requires a map or a lot of patience.