"The garish holo ads and flashing billboards advertising everything from food to flesh assaulted his senses and he almost hit the viewscreen dampeners to kill the noise. He'd arrived at Jalon Station and while all he needed was a rest and fuel, it was obvious the proprietors of this backwater space station wanted visitors to arrive with no question that there was commerce to be had. Like so many in these hard times, the corporation that owned the station wasn't interested in aesthetics,only profit. "

Location: Celanon System
Function: Space Station
First referenced in: Episode 11
Population: Varies, usually between 10-12,000 residents & transients

Parked in the backwater area of the Celanon Sector, Jalon Station is a refueling station that tries so very hard to be much more. Investing credits into numerous "revitalization" projects, the administrator is merely at this point trying to keep the corporation that owns the station off of his back.
Jalon offers residences for spacers by the day hour month or, for those sad enough to want to, permanent residences are available, as are penthouse suites that get very little use.
A security force keep the order, so Jalon isn't quite as lawless as some space stations, still, enough illegal activity and smuggling goes on at the station to keep them busy.
Locations of note are Headtailz, a Twi'lek owned bar in the entertainment district, along with "Benders Games"- a gambling parlor that houses betting on sports throughout the galaxy, as well as games of skill and chance.
Jalon Station is where Raptor Squad first encountered Khara Doone, who herself was in pursuit of Ket Adkins.