"They stood inside JIE's ornate lobby, staring through floor-to-ceiling windows as a freighter slid through the glacial fissure high above, entering the cavern and riding a tractor beam down, alongside massive flakes of drifting snow and towards the landing pad nestled before them."

Location: Garnib
Function: Shipping Business/ Front for illegal Rebellion activities
First referenced in: Episode 6
Population: Over a dozen droids and employees

On the run from the Empire, Vic and former team member Ket Adkins retreated to Garnib, a planet covered in icy wastes and massive glaciers. It was here, under the largest glacier on the planet, that they set up shop in one of the underground cities. Purchasing a freighter, Vic began "Jaded Ivory Enterprises", running Garnib Crystals and seafood to accumulate funds to bankroll the business and as a cover for his rebellion activities. The name was a tongue-in-cheek play on Vic's former military unit, the Ivory Brigade ont eh planet of Vol Kol.
Surprisingly, the business took off, and began to turn a substantial profit for Palisades, who assumed the identity of Rodbo Valance, entrepreneur. Entering into a business arrangement with a Vernol named Bazal Von Seika, JIE experienced a growth spurt, adding several freighters and pilots to the roster along with a handful of droids to deal with the day to day administrative duties Vic couldn't attend to due to his travels with Raptor Squad.
What started out as a side business located in a small apartment grew into a major shipping complex that doubled as a base of operations for Raptor Squad. Lush hallways adorned with regional artwork and sculptures wound throughout the building and into the walls of the surrounding glacier. The facility is state of the art, with living quarters, a rec room, training area and complete administrative suite, in addition to a warehouse and exterior landing pads for the various JIE freighters.
The building went through some major renovations when it was partially destroyed by an attack by Ket Adkins, including the addition of starship refueling tanks, additional living quarters,an underground storage level and two large self-contained geothermal power generators. Stepping in as a partner, the New Republic liaison named Debergi convinced Vic to let him oversee some additional renovations, including the inclusion of "The Raptor's Nest"- a hidden underground base for Raptor Squad beneath the facilites.
The upgrades have dramatically increased the value of the facilities, while the architecture was reinforced with additional shielding and structural modifications, including hidden defensive measures in the event of an attack.
Sitting atop the facility is Rodbo's office, which sports a panormaic view overlooking the landing pads and the city below.