"Stopping, Terminus scanned the landscape, the long deep red shadows cast by twisting rock formations, abandoned mining equipment and watchtowers reflecting in his visor; eventually he looked back to Koort. 'We have gone looking for him, and now, we're at the doorstep to his lair. He's like any other animal Koort, beyond the implants, the mask and the insanity, he's a creature of habit like the rest of us. He thinks this is his safe haven, his home, his den. He'll come back, and when he does we'll be waiting."

Location: Dega
Function: Hidden Base
First referenced in: Episode 13
Population: Varies: Generally under two dozen droids & prisoners

After taking a job as a personal enforcer for Akelish the Hutt, former Raptor Squad team member Ket Adkins set up this base in one of the abandoned smelting plants on Dega. Once owned and operated by RMC, the plant was abandoned like so many others, when the nearby mine was stripped clean of it's valuable ore.
Left behind was an administrative and receiving building, with a massive lift that once brought ore from the bowels of the planet to the surface, where it was refined and then shipped off-world. Now abandoned, the facility, built to last for hundreds of years, is fueled by a massive generator that runs on a self-replenishing solar-crystal system that supplies power to the entire complex.
In scouting out a location for his new home, Ket found an old prospector still living in the plant. Befriending the man, Ket found out all there was to know about the base and the surrounding area before killing the squatter in cold blood and dumping his body outside of the plants doors. Modifications soon followed, as Ket had a laser turret defense platform sent in, concealing it amidst the skeletal remains of some long-dead mining equipment. For any unwanted guests, he had a small unit of "Ket-Bots" created, that would monitor and patrol the facility on a round-the-clock basis along with two probe droids that would also monitor the base and deal with any unfortunate intruders.
The lower levels of the planet Ket converted into a shooting range/obstacle course, an armory and a makeshift prison where he would interrogate and torture various individuals. Cameras and sensors were wired throughout the facility, all linked to the main admin office, located in the upper southwest corner of the plant. The admin office had small living quarters for the staff, directly off of the main monitoring room that overlooked the exterior of the base. It is here Ket, when on station, would spend most of his time, taking breaks from training, torture and interrogation.