"You're going where? That place is a deathtrap! If some scrounger or stim junkie doesn't kill you for kicks, then some damn piece of rusted hull will fall on you and kill you! Now that would end your little enterprise real quick now, wouldn't it?."

Location: Ord Mantell
Function: Starship Scrap Yard
First referenced in: Episode 12
Population: Various indigenous creatures

Located on the outskirts of Circle City on Ord Mantell, the "Unlucky Seven" Starship Scrapyard is a graveyard of discarded ship hulls, bits and components that stretches on for kilometers. Winds howl through the skeletal remains of over a thousand starships, many towering high into the Ord Mantell sky like misshapen, dilapidated high rises.
Named after the crew of a tramp freighter called "The Flap Jack" , the seven unlucky spacers visited Ord Mantell and suffered devastating losses at the casinos, leaving behind the ownership of their ship, cargo and life savings, the only winnings any of them walked away with was the deed to a local scrap yard.
With no other viable future prospects, the crew took over the daily running and operations of the scrap yard, turning just enough profit to purchase a small group of droids to assist in the day-to-day handling of the operational side of things. Time passed, and the spacers got a little bit ahead, but, as happened before, their luck couldn't hold out, and when one racked up a mountain of debt with a local crime boss, the Unlucky Seven found themselves permanent fixtures of their own scrap yard- residing in seven unmarked graves throughout the facility.
The yard has since sat abandoned, with rumors springing up that the Unlucky Seven still haunt the ruins and burned out hulls of the ships that lay buried there. The fact that criminals use the yard as a dumping ground for bodies, and as an illegal meeting spot adds fuel to these rumors; add to that the fact that most spacers are a superstitious lot and most residents and visitors of Ord Mantell steer clear of the region entirely.
Beyond the maze of scrap, destitute starship hulls and ornery indigenous life that has taken up residence in the scrap yard, there are also numerous "Sludge Pits" throughout the compound. These are pits of highly toxic and in some cases acidic runoff from ships systems that were never cleaned up and allowed to drain into the ground. Before their demise, the Unlucky Seven would try to have these pits filled in, but as it sometimes takes a while for ships to completely drain and the fact that there is no one left to maintain the property, these Sludge Pits have been allowed to grow and expand, adding to an already deadly landscape for anyone unfortunate enough to visit the scrap yard.