"Outer Rubac materialized out of the haze like a ghost. The town had stood for centuries on the edge of the Great Mesa Plateau and seemed, from what he could tell, untouched by time."

Location: Tattooine
Function: Abandoned Mining Colony
First referenced in: Episode 11
Population: None

Long before anyone can remember, an industrious company called Prixus Enterprises was making a move through the Out Rim territories, laying claim to any valuable location that they could and setting up mining colonies before the locals or whatever passed for government on the planet could stop them.
Outer Rubac was their comeuppance. Believing that they'd stumbled on a valuable mineral that they could mine cheaply and sell throughout the galaxy at a hefty profit, the Outer Rubac Mining Colony was formed and production began immediately.
Unfortunately, and what Prixus would have found out from the locals had they possessed a shred of decency towards the local populations, as opposed to stripping their planets and moving on, was that Tattooine ore contains erratic magnetic properties, making it highly unstable.
By the time this was discovered, Prixus had lost a small fortune and the colony was abandoned. Ever since, the city has remained as a ghost town. Occasionally, a new arrival to Tattooine gets the bright idea of trying to move in and revitalize the old Hotel that dominates the center of the town, hoping to rebuild the city from scratch and taking advantage of the existing real estate, but the Tattooine natives steer clear of Outer Rubac, and those ventures tend to dry up. Now it only serves as a location to take a break from sandstorms or when Tusken Raiders are in the area. Many buildings still stand, not yet consumed by the desert though communication via electronic means is sketchy, with all of the ore in the area.
Raptor Squad team members Klux Martin and Lana Fegarn encountered the Violet Vandal and the Gutter Girls in Outer Rubac where Lana was almost killed by a sniper blast.