"With the exception of the small crest they emerged from, the top of the mountain had been ground flat, providing a level perch that extended for at least a hundred meters in all directions, ringed by a low, meter-tall wall carved from the very mountain itself. In the distance, near the far opposite edge, a large open-air temple constructed of great stone blocks and wooden supports stood silhouetted against the pale white orb that now hung low in the sky."

Location: Fibuli
Function: Mountaintop Temple
First referenced in: Episode 13
Population: Abandoned

Set atop a mountain peak in the Grand Feron mountain range in the northern region of Fibuli, Shandor's Summit was constructed centuries ago as a meeting place for eight Yu'nar, heads of Trianni clans that had fallen into war over territory and split due to divergence of religious beliefs. Protector Shandor Muf'raka, a powerful warrior and the head of her clan, coerced the warring Yu'nar to meet at the summit for a series of peace talks. Deliberations lasted weeks while compromises were made and trade negotiations among the clans and off-world interests were worked out.
Finally, the heads of the clans agreed to a truce, leading to the location to be named Shandor's Summit, after the Protector who had the wisdom and foresight to bring the clans together and merge the Trianni as one united front. In addition, Shandor's Summit became holy ground upon Shandor's death, when she fell protecting her people from an onslaught led by a slaver's guild known as "The Silver Cuff". All clans agreed to respect and uphold Shandor's Summit as a non-denominational religious retreat for all Yu'nar, and storehouse for weapons and provisions, to be replenished and added to by all of the clans on Fibuli.
Rumor states that the location was decided on, due to the cold harsh climate and its remote, isolated location from most of the main clans that existed on Fibuli. As such, it is rarely ever visited.
Access to Shandor's Summit is through a narrow pass that winds up the side of the mountain, eventually leading to a cave entrance, and another, internal passage that leads high up through the mountain itself, opening into a massive flagstone courtyard, ringed by a meter tall masonry to prevent an accidental fall down the steep mountainside. A long walkway leads to the main temple and meeting area, which is ringed by twelve statues- in honor of the original heads of the eight clans Shandor brought together. Time and the elements have worn and toppled some of the effigies, but they have remained untouched out of respect.
Beneath the temple floor, over a dozen hidden chambers hold weapons, foodstuffs, clothing and even sacred religious artifacts and treasures, hidden here to prevent them from falling into the hands of any non-Trianni.
When the Mew-Tao were pursued by the Espo's, the Corporate Sector's militia, they took refuge on Shandor's Summit, finally using it as a fortress before being almost completely eliminated by the Espo's. It was only due to the last minute intervention by Raptor Squad that some Mew-Tao managed to make it off alive.