"A dry hot wind blew across the surface of Aquanuric IV, kicking up a cloud of thick red dust that seemed to stick to everything it touched. Brushing at his black coveralls, A’sok realized the dust simply moved from the fabric onto his hand, where it married with sweat to form a tacky maroon paste."

The name of this little planet is purposefully misleading. Despite the images it may conjure, Aquanuric IV is dry and oppressively hot. When off-worlders describe the planet and those that live on it, “baked” is usually a word of choice.
Founded as a mining colony prior to the Clone Wars, Aquanuric IV was a lost cause from the beginning. The ore that prospectors speculated lay beneath its surface never materialized and Rallice Mining Corp., now bankrupt and long out of business, never recovered the credits invested. A few other mining companies tried in desperate hope to hit the “ mother lode”. Usually most moved on or went out of business trying to squeeze some value out of this arid rock.

Only a small town, Aquanuric City, remains populated by descendants of the original colony. The only reason this town is still here is a result of the slave trade that operates out of two small storage buildings on the outskirts of town. Aquanuric IV is so small and so remote no authority of any kind ever bothers to come here. So slavers and their interested buyers are free to come and do business right out in the open with virtually no fear of getting busted by the Sector Rangers or the Empire.
At least until Raptor Squad came to town….