"Celanon City's marketplace buzzed with the noise and activity of a Mynock lair. Sitting amid the waving grains and lush fields of the planet, millions of beings called the walled oasis home.
Within the city could be found any necessity or amenity one could want. Beyond it's walls however, Celanon, while beautiful, often proved to be suitable only for those nomads that called it's wilderness home."

Located in the center of the sector for which it is named, Celanon is a beautiful world filled with vast sweeping landscapes and scenic mountain ranges. However, this beauty can be deceiving as anyone who has traveled throughout the Celanon wild can attest. Only the hardiest of natives dare leave the protection of Celanon City, as many wandering bands of nomads exist in the Celanon countryside.

For tourists and visitors to Celanon, most, if not all, business takes place in Celanon City. Mapped out in a circle, the city is divided into various sections: Trade, Industrial, Entertainment and the like have their own area and “feel”, catering to the needs and wants of the city’s visitors and indigenous population.

Given it’s close proximity to Garnib and the fact that it is the largest center of commerce in the Celanon System, Raptor Squad makes frequent trips to the planet to restock, refuel and on occasion, to gather information.