"Clak'Dor VII hung in the black of space like a God’s plaything that was no longer needed; discarded on some deserted timeless field where even weeds were afraid to grow. Through the tinted visor of my helmet the rust colored planet was more menacing and destitute as anything I could imagine..."

Clak’Dor VII is the home planet of the Bith, and besides that fact little else seems important once you lay eyes on the barren landscape. It’s atmosphere is unbreathable without proper equipment, which forced the Bith to construct great domed cities for which to live.

Given it’s location and the peaceful nature of its inhabitants, Clak’Dor VII has become a prime target for criminals and ne’er-do-wells. It is for this reason that the Bith have made great advances in security technology and are very suspicious about those who set down on their planet.

Raptor Squad team members Baal and Vic took a job on Clak’Dor VII early on to make some credits and, to Baals’ way of thinking, “assist” the Bith with a swoop gang problem that cropped up. Dispatching the Gang with little trouble, they earned the Biths admiration and a modest compensatory wage.