"One thing the fat spacer was right about was the planet. While just a temperate ball of mud and water like many planets, when you looked close you could tell that Coyn had a rugged look about it. Vast mountain ranges, broken apart by plains and marshland covered the planet, and if one didnít know any better they might even find it inviting. They would be wrong. In many ways the planet was just like its native population- a violent brutal warrior breed who realized the only way to avoid extinction was to fall in line with the whims of galaxy's governing body-The Empire. ."

Located in the Elrood Sector, Coyn is an impressive world filled with proud and brave warriors who value loyalty and honor above all else. It is ironic then, that Coyn was Kat Adkins first stop on his path to tracking down his former partner Croto the Crusher.
Coyn is like any other planet however; if one looks hard enough they will find the cracks and seams in the planets seemingly flawless image. An underworld does exist, and hwile it may not thrive as it does on other more lawless planets, it still does a healthy business, running like a dark corrupt stream below the pristine Coyne fa?ade.
More information on this planet can be found in: Star Wars: Planets Collection Sourcebook.