"While Dega was never an attractive planet to begin with, its bastardization by the Radell Mining Corp certainly didn't help. After raping the rock for all it was worth,they set their sights on another unfortunate planet,leaving behind a graveyard of rusted equipment and a pock-marked monstrosity that barely qualified as an asteroid, much less a planet."

Located just beyond the Degan Gas Clouds in the Elrood Sector is this unfortunate little rock of a planet. Years ago Raddel Mining Corp set up shop and pulled everything worth having in the planet from its very insides. Once they realized the planet was of no further use, they left their equipment and simply moved on.

Now, marked by enormous mining craters, thousands of miles of abandoned tunnels and great lakes of poisonous runoff, Dega is barely habitable but for those brave (or insane) few who choose to call it home. Because of itís unappetizing terrain, many smugglers and criminals have set up bases and hideouts on the planet.

After breaking from Raptor Squad, team member Ket Adkins aka Lotek Skidna invested a princely sum of money turning one of the abandoned underground mining centers into his own private base. It was here that Vic, Klux and their new teammate Koort tracked Adkins down for what they thought would be their final showdown with the insane gunslingerÖ

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