"Several fat raindrops fell from the bush above Klux and slithered down the neck of his camo poncho. He would be surprised if the stormies could even see in this mess. The morning showers had grown worse and a fog had come up, covering much of the jungle in a misty haze."

Located in the border regions of the Outer Rim, this unpopulated heavily forested planet was an ideal remote location for the Empire to test a shield projector. This experimental projector would eventually become the projector used to defend the second Death Star during its construction phase.
The Alliance had an idea that the Empire was secretly testing something on Dejer Prime but lacked real intelligence. It was decided that in order to find out what was going on a team needed to be at ground level. Vornskr Pack, an Intel recon team, was selected for the mission. Their objective was to observe, record and report back to High Command any and all activity.
Raptor Squad was selected to re-supply Vornskr Pack. With their ship, the Skullduggery, being equipped with the best sensor mask credits could buy, the team seemed like the logical choice. However, fate took Raptor Squad down a different path and new plans had to be developed and acted upon with the tow teams working together.