"They were racing at speeds that most would consider suicidal along the surface of Etti IV, a temperate paradise sitting in the hub of the Corporate Sector. Varba’s rear engine had begun sputtering for the last several miles; Chance racked it up to the canyon’s high volume of “diggers dust”, a fine particle that lined several of the planet’s canyons."

If there is a bright spot in the Corporate Sector, it may very well be Etti IV. It’s vast plains and shallow seas stretch for miles, making up a landscape marked with beautiful cities and opulent private estates. Due to it’s location near several hyperspace trade lanes, more credits pass through Etti IV than possibly any other planet in the Coporate Sector.

With a thirst for wealth and the good life, there comes a downside. Crime is no stranger to this planet and many crimelords maintain private estates somewhere on planet. Ploovo-Two-For-One is one such crimelord, operating many illegal businesses and essentially running Etti IV’s underworld.

It was Ploovo that Raptor Squad member Chance Mulgrew double–crossed when he took payment to throw a swoop race and instead chose to not only win the race but to make off with the credits himself.
Ploovo, furious at the young swoop racer, placed a substantial bounty on his head and informed all of his underlings that Mulgrew was to be found and dealt with. Unfortunately for Chance, that time arrived when he registered in an illegal swoop race on Ord Mantell, a race sponsored by none other than Ploovo…