"Terminus stood in front, helmet filtering out the fine granules of sand that gusted into the small area, carried by a wind that turned his armor into a small self-contained furnace. Beyond the ramp, Farzhul revealed itself; sand dunes stretching to the horizon pockmarked an unforgiving baked landscape bleached white by a brilliant orange sun."

A desolate desert wasteland with barely any Type I atmosphere left. Once Farzhul was the home of a highly advanced civilized society. Then the Sith Empire discovered Farzhul and claimed it.
The peoples of Farzhul continued to see prosperity under the sith and escaped most of the first Hyperspace War with the Republic. In the following centuries as Sith Lords rose to fight against each other and eventually the Jedi during the Draggulch Period, Farzhul was devastated and laid to waste by the ravages of combat.
During the last recorded resurgence of the Sith, prior to Darth Bane’s tenure as the Dark Lord, there was one cunning and vile Sith master vying for the Dark Lord title. His name was Royyod Coba. Master Coba was an excellent swordsman and alchemist, highly skilled in manipulation and deception. Coba mastered the dark art of life force transfer, allowing him to reach near immortality. After many attempts, the Jedi trapped and defeated Master Coba on Farzhul, imprisoning his dark spirit in an special constructed artifact, securing it with light side energy and ensuring that he would be unable to find a new vessel to continue his dark reign.
Similarly, a Jedi holocron detailing Coba's sith powers and how to combat them was locked away. Two special keys were made and imbued with force energy, one light and one dark. The purpose being so that the keys could be hidden and not found through the Force, each one nullifying the others powers. A Jedi Master was selected as “Keeper of the Keys” and hidden away to protect the precious secret. This job was passed down through the years from one Jedi Master to another.
After these events, Farzhul was left to decay until Raptor Squad unwittingly lead the evil forces of High Inquisitor Tremayne there for a “final” showdown…

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