"Adjusting his approach vector, Baal angled the Skull’ into the atmosphere and was soon buzzing above the planets darkened jungle canopy. The landscape was both familiar and foreign to him; after all, it had been years since he last bounded through the planets lush green jungles.
The terrain sped by, marked occasionally with light clusters from the planets more industrialized cities. Several large oceans wrapped around the planet, breaking the land into several large continents."

Fibuili, located in the Coporate Sector, is one of the native planets that the felinoid species the Trianni call home. While the Trianni has had a long standing feud with the Corporate Sector Authorities, they have been able to maintain and prosper on this havily forested planet.

However,the price has been dear, as pollution now spouts into the sky from several cities that dot Fibulis landscape and the attacks by the CSA has increased. Operating off of a new agenda, the CSA has prohibited any aid to Triannis from outside sources and has actively taken to hunting down and imprisoning these noble beings.

It was this activity that drew Raptor Squad team member Balthazar Cochroth back home to Fibuli. There, he found his clan the Mew Tao a victim of the hard times. With Raptor Squads help and the assistance of Dr. Lauren Salias, the Mew Tao were able to hold off a violent CSA attack and relocate to their hidden sanctuary, where they recouped and made plans to move the clan off planet.

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