"Despite the swefes being crafted from the thousands of glaciers dotting Garnibs surface, they were surprisingly warm.
Thanks to a series of heated springs throughout the underground communal area and the various private homes and businesses, a warm humid mist hung in the air. For newcomers to Garnib, the atmosphere took some getting used to, and some species used to extremely warm dry climates never acclimated to its environment."

Parked on the outer rim of the Celanon Sector, Garnib at first appears little more than a frozen ball of nothing. However, like the beautiful and alluring crystals that are found on planet, once you take a closer look you find much more than meets the eye.

Housed in the planets glaciers, below the snow-hammered surface, the indigenous inhabitants of the planet, the white furred Balinaka and the amphibious Vernols has created large sweeping cities called “Swefes”. Carved from the very ice of the glaciers and heated by a system of underground springs, the cities are kept habitable and have grown into a haven for artisans of all manner.

It is on Garnib that Raptor Squad team member Vic Palisades decided to set up a shipping company, shipping the beautiful and mesmerizing Garnib crystals across the galaxy. Using a million credits that he stole from Akelish the Hutt, Vic bought several freighters and hired a crew to run the product throughout the stars. After entering into a business arrangement with a local Vernol Businessman, Bazal Von Seika, Jaded Ivory Enterprises opened it’s doors for business.

Shortly thereafter, Vic encountered a Trianni student named Balthazar Cochroth, and both joined up to take on various missions for the rebellion.

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