"Socatoa chose the “Blind Devil Dog Pub” for its busy atmosphere and comfortable booths. The three-story tall building was among several wooden structures nestled near the end of Uniontowns’ main strip, Frostberry Shot.
The street, named after the planet Graymoore's main export, Frostberry Brandy, stretched for over a kilometer; winding alongside a crystalline lake beneath Union Mountains towering snow covered peak, the 'Shot as locals called it, ended in a series of landing pads and smaller independently operated repair bays.

A small planetoid in the Kron System, its elliptical orbit and distance make most of Graymoore one giant glacier. Graymoore has high mountain ranges that span the entire surface of the planetoid.
One village has sprung up on the surface on the lip of a dormant volcano turned pristine lake. The village, called Uniontown, is 100 % committed to the growth, harvesting, and processing of frostberries. These berries are a fruit unique to Graymoore and grow only on the high mountain peaks. The berries were so named because of the curious natural property that no matter what room temperature they are consumed they remain naturally cold to the taste.
The citizens of Uniontown have perfected a method of fermenting the berries turning them into a deliciously potent brandy. This brandy is highly sought after and rumors have circulated that some aristocrats have paid as much as five thousand credits for just one bottle. Seeing the enormous profit potential Akelish the Hutt began running frostberry brandy past customs and selling it at black market prices.
She also sold some legitimately to keep suspicious eyes away from her operations. Through her various contacts, she had arranged “exclusive” distribution rights on certain planets. It was the exclusive deal with Valex III, her home planet, that Socatoa violated and led him and the rest of Raptor Squad down a path of confrontation with the Huttese crime lord.